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Bath House Adventures, First Visit

The true story of my first visit to a bath house.
I had never been to a bath house before and wasn't sure what to expect. I nervously walked down the stairs with no idea what might happen. As I paid the attendant I asked how it worked inside and what the protocol was, he laughed and said not to worry it was very relaxed inside. He went on to explain the rules and with a wink, said to have fun.

I had rented a locker and was expecting a locker room to change in but found lockers spread through the place, all in the open. I'd never been shy about undressing in front of people but had also never undressed with guys walking around checking out my ass. After undressing and wrapping the towel they gave me around my waist I went to explore what I could find.

I was walking through the hallways past closed doors to the rooms I would later rent, when I passed an open door. Looking in as I passed, I was a little surprised to see a guy laying on the bed pulling on a big cock while he watched porn on the TV in the room. I hadn't known what to expect and thought the guys would have been discreet about what they were doing. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I ended up in the steam room relaxing on my own when this young looking guy came in and gave me a smile. He didn't say much but came over next to me and started playing with my soft cock sucking it into his mouth as it starting getting hard. I closed my eyes and leaned back enjoying his experienced mouth engulfing my quickly growing cock when, just as I got fully hard, I felt his lips come off me and opened my eyes just as he lowered himself onto me sliding his ass down onto my thick hard cock in one quick motion. He sat on my lap for a minute getting used to me being fully inside him before starting to slowly move up and down on me.

I was a little stunned to say the least and unsure how to handle the fact that with out a word this cute guy had sat on my dick and was riding me as I got closer to orgasm. I told him I was getting close and he just grunted as he continued to bounce on my throbbing cock. I grabbed his hips and pulled him down hard onto my cock as I filled his ass with a huge load of cum. After I released him he got off me and thanked me as he walked away with out a backward glance.

"Wow," I thought to myself as I sat there wondering if this was normal or had I just ventured in on a really good day. Eventually I got up and showered off before going exploring some more. I found myself in an area with three glory hole booths and decided to go into one and see what would happen. I sat on the bench in the middle booth and waited as my eyes adjusted to the almost total darkness. Once my eyes adjusted I could see a hole in the dividers on either side of me and noticed there was now another guy in the booth to my left. Having never experienced a glory hole, I wasn't sure what I should do when he stepped up to the divider and his soft cock came through the hole.

I've always enjoyed sucking cock, so I took his soft circumcised dick in my mouth hearing him moan as I sucked him. The stranger hardened in my mouth quickly. Soon he was probing the back of my throat as he rocked back and forth slowly fucking my face with his big cock. I reached through the hole and felt the biggest pair of balls I had ever had my hands on. "Did the huge balls on this stranger mean a huge load?" I wondered.

He grunted and started filling my throat with his bitter load. Somehow I managed to swallow his whole load with out losing a drop and sat there a little stunned as he vacated his stall. As I sat in the dark thinking about how awesome my first time there had been another guy came into the stall and immediately put his cock through the hole. This guy seemed younger than the first guy and had a much smaller dick but I was happy to suck him off until he shot his load in my mouth adding to what I had already swallowed.

After he withdrew and left I left my stall as well wanting a break. I found an area with seats with a TV playing a movie and sat relaxing thinking about my discovery of how much I had enjoyed sucking those anonymous cocks and fucking the young guy in the steam room without knowing who he was.

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