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Bending the Straight barman

I had not been at university more than three months when I started to get into trouble. Not trouble with my studies, which were going well. Not trouble with relationships; I had made friends of both sexes. No, my trouble was financial; I just couldn't survive on my student grant.

In the summer before going to Uni I had worked in a bar, and was hoping to get evening bar work to help my finances. Unfortunately, bar work was at a premium and there were no openings anywhere.

In desperation, I answered an advert for a barman in a gay bar in the city. I didn't expect to get a reply but the owner phoned me up and offered me the job, despite the fact that I wasn't gay.

"I don't know if you can hack it," he said. "All our barmen earn good money, which they can double in tips. You have to work naked apart from a little black leather thong and matching sandals. I have to warn you that some of the guys will make personal comments, some will proposition you, and some will take every chance to grope your young body. If you let a guy stroke your ass, then he could well slip a banknote into your thong, it all depends on how much you need the money. Being straight won't protect you from wandering hands; in fact it is likely to inflame the guys even more. So if you are willing to give it a go, be at the club on Tuesday night and we'll try you out."

I felt very worried when I appeared behind the bar virtually naked, while every eye in the club was turned towards my body. There was a mirror at an angle on the bar floor, so anyone buying a drink got a good view of the barmen's little asses. Luckily, it was fairly quiet that night and apart from a few comments like, "You have too perfect a butt to be straight," and, "You might be straight now, but in a few months you will be on your knees sucking cock, like the rest of us," the members were well behaved.

On Saturday night, however, it was a lot different; the club was crowded and the guys were rowdier. Every time I went to collect glasses from the tables, I had to run a gauntlet of wandering hands. Hands that stroked my legs, bum and cock, and even tried to pull my thong down. I felt like packing the job in, until I counted up the money that I had made in tips.

Over the next few months I got used to all the handling, all the remarks and all the propositions. To be honest, I started to get turned on by the fact that all those guys lusted after my eighteen year old body, it gave me a feeing of power.

One night, I was so worked up by all the stroking and fingering that I got a hard on, which was pretty obvious under my little thong. All the members started laughing and someone managed to pull my thong off, leaving me nude and sporting a large woody. I ran back to the bar with my erection bouncing up and down, I couldn't hold it and a tray of glasses.

The manager called me to his office. "I normally fuck all my barmen," he said. "But I've let you off so far, because you were supposed to be straight. Now I find you causing uproar in the club, which could cause us to get closed down. So if you want to keep your job bend over my desk and pull your ass cheeks apart, because I'm going to fuck you legless."

What could I do? I needed the money, and to be frank, the idea of being fucked up the ass by a good-looking guy had become a bit of a fantasy with me. I bent over his desk while his lube-laden fingers explored my virgin bottom. I felt the fingers being replaced by his cockhead and begged him to be gentle.

I experienced a bit of pain as his weapon made its way up my ass, until I could feel his pubic hair against my ass cheeks. He started fucking me, slowly at first, then gathering speed and power. Then he slapped my ass cheeks as his cock powered into me. The feeling of being shagged was too much for my already excited cock and it suddenly gushed jism all over the carpet. After about ten minutes of solid fucking he pushed deep into me and gasped, spraying my insides with hot cum.
 What was more exciting than the purely physical pleasure that I was getting being shagged, was the idea that this guy was in total charge. I didn't have to make any decisions, I just lay over the table while his substancial dick rubbed against my prostrate, turningme on as never before.. I was allowing him to dominate me, and I loved it. He then told me to come to his office on my next duty night and he would teach me to suck cock. "Yes Sir," I replied. "I can't wait."

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