Birthday Surprise

By PhatAndFabulous

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A crazy birthday present, but the best.
I was sitting at my computer, on a day just like any other. No shirt, of course. A warm breeze swept in through my window. It felt wonderful on my bare chest, and I wondered. I took off my boxers, and when the wind swept through again, and hit my cock, I felt amazing. Everyone was out of the house, my mom at work, my little sister out with her friends, my older brother at the lake with his girl.

Alone on my birthday, just the way I like it. I hated when my family made a big deal out of it, I could have gone to the lake with Jerry, but I just did not want to be with anyone but me, myself, and I.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Chase. I’m not the MOST attractive person, but I get along. Brown hair, blue eyes, which were enough to snag me a few girls here and there. Nothing special.

I figured that my friends would ambush me at some point, and I was beyond right. I’d forgotten that I was naked, and they grabbed me by my bare shoulders, and they tossed me on my bed. There was nothing unusual except my bare cock and balls flopping around. We always rough housed, and as we got older, it only got worse.

“Looks like something special’s gotta happen, since it’s your birthday. Hold him down, Mitch!” Dane yelled. While Dane restrained me, Mitch climbed onto my bed. “Since you’ve already got them out, happy birthday.” He engulfed my flaccid cock into his mouth, and I couldn’t believe it. I squirmed.


“Don’t move or he’ll bite it off!” Dane warned.

“I’m not a fag!” I objected.

“Neither are we, Just enjoy your present.” Dane whispered in my ear. Hey started rubbing on my chest. Mitch was rapidly sucking my cock now, and it had grown to its full seven and a half inches and was near choking him, but he persisted. We’d all been friends for near eight years. We met when we were eleven, I’d just moved in, and I was swimming in our pool, naked. They appeared suddenly and introduced themselves, I was embarrassed and turning red. “No worries, Kenny used to swim bareass too.” Referring to the family that had moved out. Then they stripped and hopped in with me. Those two added flair to my life, and we’ve been best friends since that day.

Dane got down to start flicking his tongue over my nipple, and it sent shivering pleasure down my spine. Mitch had moved to suck on my nuts, and then to lick my asshole. It occurred to me that they had have done this before. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was doing it well. He teased my asshole with his finger, and then that finger slipped inside me. I jerked in protest. “Relax, it feels good, right Dane?”

“Oh yeah, you won’t believe how much better cumming is gonna feel, bro.” He said as he gently pulled at my fully erect nipples. Meanwhile, Mitch continued sucking my cock while he fingered my ass. As promised, I came harder than any time before then. It was so violent that Dane had to hold me down, and that made it even better.

“Shit, why the hell did you two do that?!” I asked as Dane licked at my cum.

“Well, we figured you would deserve it, since it’s your birthday.” He started stroking my asscheeks.

“So, you two do this… often?”

“Only when we’re horny.” Mitch said.

“Which is all the time…” Dane added.

“So what else do you do for ‘fun?’” Mitch took off his shorts, his cock was rock hard.

“We’ll show you.” He got on his hands and knees. It was like they’d rehearsed it before they got here, because Dane took off his shorts and positioned himself behind Mitch. And then Mitch’s face contorted into a mask of ecstasy and acute pain. I wondered about my friends. Dane started fucking him, nice and slow. And it was making me turned on, my cock started to harden again. Especially when they started talking dirty to one another. Moans and groans flew about. “Dude, a little help?”


“My cock, milk it.” I started to stroke him and he sucked me off again, until we were yelling at each other. Cum flew… everywhere. Mine in the air and onto Mitch’s face, Mitch’s went onto my bed, and Dane’s flew over Mitch to hit me in the chest.

“Christ! What a mess!” I yelled, “Anyone up for a swim?” We were having a great time, rough housing, and they showed me that they even made out sometimes. I even noticed my next door neighbor, Mr. Ralph enjoying himself.

Maybe, just maybe, I could get a present from him, too…