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Bookstore Arcade - Crossing the Line

Needy married man's curiousity about gay sex leads to anonymous encounter at adult video arcade.
It happened quite some time ago when I was under pressure at work and with a chronically ill wife. I really had no sexual outlet other than periodic masturbation in private, since my wife was unable to participate in sex over a period of several years.

Perhaps I should have been satisfied with solo sex, but I felt I needed something more. I did not want to get involved with other women, even though I had nothing against sex with women (I guess it was a marriage thing.) I had never really allowed myself to consider sex with men. I wasn’t attracted to men, at least in any romantic way. I think there was a deep-rooted, unconscious fear of being gay. I had been jacked off once by a male masseuse, and found that experience very enjoyable. But, I had not really pursued this any further, until now.

I was on an overnight business trip to Nashville, and I was aware of an adult bookstore with video arcade not far away. The bookstore is no longer there, but I vividly remember the occasion back then. I had visited the establishment on a couple of previous occasions, but had not engaged in any sex other than jacking off while watching the straight videos.

I had noticed gay videos while surfing through the video selections in the booth, but had not paused to watch them with the idea of becoming aroused. This time was different. I went with the intent of watching the gay videos. I wanted to find out if gay sex would do anything for me.

I was very nervous, my mouth was dry, and my hands were cold and clammy as I pulled up. I feared being seen and found out by someone who knew me as a respectable, church going family man. For that reason I could never do this in my own city. The store smelled of a combination of magazine plastic, disinfectant, and stale cigarette smoke. I tried to act cool and casual, even though I was a basket case inside.

I paid for five dollars of tokens, and headed for the video arcade. The hallway was dark, and there were a couple of seedy looking guys standing against the walls. I avoided eye contact and headed to the end, and quickly entered a booth and locked the door. (This was before most arcades were made to remove the doors.)

The concrete floor was rather sticky, and there were several puddles of what I suspected to be fresh cum on the floor in front of the screen. There was a circular opening about three inches in diameter in the side wall of the booth about waist high. Below the opening were streaks of something that I could only imagine. I deposited some tokens, and scanned through the channels to a gay selection.

I wanted to lower my pants so I could play with myself, but I did not want them to fall down onto the sticky floor. So, I removed them completely along with my shorts and put them in the chair. My shirt came off next. (I guess I’m a nudist at heart.)

I can’t even recall now specifically what the video was about, but I did become aroused and hard as I stroked myself while watching the male action on the screen. I noticed motion out of the corner of my eye, and turned to see a finger in the opening in the wall. I was startled, but also excited about the idea of being watched.

At that time, I was so naive I did not know what the gesture meant. I continued stroking and pretended not to notice. I glanced over again, and this time saw a tongue in the opening. Even in my inexperience, I knew pretty well what this meant. My heart was pounding. Here was a total stranger wanting to take my manhood. How did I know he didn’t have a disease or something? What if there was to be a raid by the police?

I moved towards the wall, as if compelled by something outside of me. I slowly fed the engorged plum-shaped head of my hard cock through the dark opening. I immediately felt a wet warmth bathing my sensitive knob. I fed the rest of my shaft into the darkness until I rested against the wall.

What followed was overwhelming. I moaned aloud as I was consumed by an unseen mouth and taken to heights of pleasure with powerful sucking actions I had never before experienced. (My wife, probably like most, would not participate in oral sex.) I could not, did not, move away. I had no idea that anything could be like this. I was groaning in unspeakable pleasure with each motion of his head.

It didn’t dawn on me at the time that anyone in the hallway could clearly hear and know what was going on inside. My orgasm was quickly building, and all I could do was manage to gasp, “I’mmm cummming,” before I blasted a torrent of pent up cum into my partner’s throat. He continued to suck and swallow until my spasms subsided.

I pulled away, totally spent. I sat down, breathless and lightheaded. I managed to dress, stuff my still partly hard cock into my pants, and step out. The hallway was now empty, and I quickly made my exit through the store, but not before seeing the guys from the hallway joking with the clerk and looking my way.

As I drove away, I felt dirty and ashamed of what I had just done. It went against everything I had been taught. I now had carnal knowledge of a new kind. I was afraid, not necessarily of being caught, but that I would not be able to resist the temptation to seek more of such pleasures. Having crossed the line once, it would be all that much easier to cross again.

How quickly would this prove to be true, for I returned to the bookstore the next night. This time I occupied a booth with two holes, one on either side, one with a white finger, and the other with a black finger. So, after removing all my clothes as before, I alternated between the two unseen men. The owner of the black finger had the better mouth, so he was eventually rewarded with my cumload.

I realized I had been forever changed by these encounters, but little did I know that it was just the beginning.

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