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Britain's Got A Naked Singin' Boy Wiv A Boner

A naked aroused singing boy enters a talent contest.
All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over.

This talent contest has come to town. It’s something like Britain ’s Got Talent. I thought I’d give ‘em something totally different. It hasn’t been done before. I’m gonna sing Unchained Melody naked with my cock on bone. Keep my erection all through the song. Not as easy as it sounds. Takes some doing. Practised it a few times in my flat. I find the best thing to keep my dick hard is to think of Gareth Gates while I’m singing it. I did try thinking of Robson Green but I lost my erection straight away. But Gareth Gates keeps it well stiff. Yeah, he’s well sexy. The judges, they’ll be well impressed if I manage to keep my cock up all through the act, just like I was well impressed with Grace Jones when she kept that hoola hoop going all the way through Slave To The Rhythm at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. What a boring concert that was. Fuck me, where was Morrissey or The Sex Pistols?

Anyway, back to my little talent contest. I walk on naked. The audience cheer. Then I start singing Unchained Melody. Then my dick starts growing without me even touching it. Dead easy for me to get an erection. I just have to concentrate on my dick and it gets hard. With all the audience looking at my dick the sexy feelings start to tingle and it gets well stiff. The audience are proper shocked, stunned into silence.

I hear a gasp from the fit woman judge in the middle.

“He’s got a hard-on! The boy’s got a hard-on!”

The smiling judge with the nice hair, he winks at me and gives me a thumbs-up sign.

The older bloke on the left presses his buzzer. He doesn’t wanna see no fit teenage boy singing naked and flashing his hot boner. Probably jealous of my fit body and my big cock.

The woman judge, she says I’m dead sexy. She says she wants to take me home with her. She says I have balls. Yeah, and I show ‘em to everybody. She says if it was up to her I’d win the competition but she says there’s no way she can put me through to the next round. She says there’s no way she can put a naked boy showing off his erection through to the next round.

“I know. I’m only doing it for a bit of fun.”

I just want to stand there naked showing my stiff dick to the judges and the audience.

The older judge who’s pressed his buzzer, he says, “If we could put you through you’d not only drive the girls crazy but you’d drive some boys crazy as well.”

He says that’s why he pressed his buzzer. He says it’d be too much for the audience to bear.

My dick is still hard and I’m feeling well horny just standing there showing it off to the three judges. The fit woman judge, she says I’m a naughty lad. I don’t wanna get dressed.

Then the judge with the nice teeth and hair, he says, “Are there any other songs you sing?”

“Yeah. I can sing I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.”

“Can we see you maybe playing with yourself while you’re singing it?”

The other two judges give him a funny look. I ask the other two judges if they want to see me playing with myself while singing and they tell me to go ahead. So I start singing and as I sing I stroke my hard cock. This has never ever been done before. I’m singing I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight while tossing myself off. I walk closer to the judges, wanking my cock, pointing it at the judges.

The audience are going, “Cum! Cum! Cum!”

I look at the three judges and I’m thinking: which one should I spunk my load over? There really is no contest. It has to be the judge with the nice teeth and hair coz he is well fit and he fancies me like fuck. Can tell by the way he’s looking at me. And the way he’s gone all alpha male like, unbuttoning the top two buttons on his shirt and pushing his chest out. And the fit woman judge in the middle, it looks like she’s…yeah…she’s wanking him off. The older judge, he looks a bit left out. It’s his own fault for buzzing me.

I get up real close to the judge with the nice teeth and hair and I get up on top of the judges’ desk. The audience are going wild. The judge with the nice teeth and hair looks a bit embarrassed. I sit on the desk facing him with my legs spread. I’m still singing and wanking my cock, pointing my purple-headed dick right at the horny bastard. The fit woman judge in the middle, she’s wanking him off under the desk. And now she’s wanking the older judge off as well.

I spread my legs as wide as I can. My smooth tight balls are up inside my body. The fit judge with the nice teeth and hair, he puts his hands on my thighs, slowly strokes my thighs up and down as I thrash away on my hot dick.

I keep singing all the time I’m jacking my hot boner. I wank my cock harder, faster. Will Young wouldn’t do this. Or Gareth Gates. I’m thinking about Gareth Gates though while I’m wanking my dick. Yeah. Thinking about rubbing my dick all over Gareth Gates. I wank my cock faster. I carry on singing and I change the words as the fit judge with the nice teeth and hair strokes my thighs.

I’m singing, “I can feel it coming in the judge’s hair tonight!”

And…oh fuck…I spunk the biggest load ever, squirting my thick white boy jizz over the fit judge with the nice teeth and hair. I get a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. The two male judges, they stand up and their dicks are sticking out of their trousers.

After the applause dies down the judges sit down. It’s time for the voting.

“It’s a hundred percent yes from me. Well done, lad.”

“It’s a thousand percent yes from me, sexy!”

It’s all up to the judge with the nice hair and teeth, and even nicer cock.

“That wasn’t good.”

The audience boo.

“That was outstanding!”

The audience cheer.

“And I’m not just talking about your cock. It’s a billion percent yes from me.”

The audience go crazy.

The judge with the nice hair and teeth and even nicer cock smiles.

“Well done, singing boner boy, you’re through to the next round.”

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