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Budapest Encounter

Visiting a dark room in Budapest
Budapest encounter

Traveling around the world for my work, spending endless nights in hotels, from the absolutely beautiful and impressive to low-end shit holes, I have encountered many people.

One of my encounters went like this.

I had spent the last few days in Budapest. It was mid-January and freezing cold. I was tired after three days of driving around the country meeting clients. Even though the highways were pretty good for an ex-Communist country, the local roads were terrible. It was snowing constantly which made driving difficult and slow. Also my local General Manager did most of the driving. To put it mildly, he was not very good at it. I hate it when other people act as back seat drivers when I am driving. So I try to avoid being one myself. However in his case it was a matter of personal survival to be constantly alert.

My GM dropped me off at my hotel. We said our goodbyes and he left. I would be going home the next day. I had an early afternoon flight and no more meetings in the morning. As usual I was staying in the NH Hotel in the city center. Hotels in Budapest were expensive and most of the local ones quite shitty. The NH had European management and provided a good level of service.

In my room, I took a quick shower and changed into jeans and a sweater. Even after the shower I was still feeling cold. I decided to stay in and ordered a room service dinner. Whilst waiting for the dinner to arrive I made myself a rum and coke from the mini bar. I like my drinks quite strong, so I mixed the rum and coke in equal parts. At least my stomach started to warm up. I turned on the television and watched the BBC news channel. Passive entertainment was just about all my brain could manage.

Dinner arrived and I made myself another drink. The annoying part of mini bars in hotels is that of each drink there is only one small bottle. I decided on the whiskey, knowing that the vodka and the cognac would also follow. It made me smile. Knowing I would drink all the booze in the mini bar made for an illusion of choice.

After finishing my dinner I put the tray in the corridor. I mixed another drink and continued watching television. The dinner and the booze had re-energized me. The idea of spending the rest of the evening in my room started to lose appeal. Also because at the rate I was drinking, the mini bar would be depleted very soon.

I switched on my laptop and got on the internet. I scanned the nightlife pages of several sites. One of them included a listing for gay bars in the city center. I suddenly felt hungry for cock. It had been a long time since I tasted cum. Or had a hard cock in my ass for that matter.

After reviewing the gay pages of several sites, I decided to go the Action Bar. I had never been there, but its promise of a cruising area and a large dark room appealed to me just fine.

Even though it was snowing again I decided to walk. According to the map I had found in my room, it should be an easy walk to get there with little chance of getting lost.

The cold outside cleared my head, reducing the effects of the alcohol. For a minute I had doubts if my plan was really as smart as I thought it was in my hotel room. However the swelling of my dick convinced me it was. Just the thought of a dark room full of hard cocks made me walk faster.

I found the Action Bar, went in and paid the entrance fee. There was a guarded cloakroom and I got rid of my coat. I walked down a few steps into the bar area. It was quite busy with probably thirty men inside. The interior looked like as if the owner had gotten a good deal on a truckload of cheap timber. The bar was made of wood, the walls were covered with and the barstools were wooden. Not really a trendy gay place at all. I had serious doubts if my choice had been the right one.

I walked over to the bar and ordered another rum and coke. Having walked thirty minutes in the cold and snow I decided that at least I deserved a couple. I had made the rookie mistake of not writing down the names and addresses of other gay bars in the city. And the only thing my hotel was promising was an empty mini bar and a hand job. So I decided to stay.

I took my drink and went looking for the cruising area and dark room. Another couple of steps down led me into another room, again everything made of and covered by wood. The room was dimly lit. A couple of TV screens were mounted on the walls showing cheap gay porn. On one side there were wooden cages for a lack of a better word. Small wooden cubicles without doors connected by large windows covered by steel bars. Inside the cubicles were barstools. In some of them, there must have been five or six in a row, were guys sitting with their legs open, looking invitingly.

On the other side was a big wooden wall with a small opening. I walked through and realized I had found the actual dark room. Obviously I couldn't’t see a thing, but I heard the distinct noises of some guys having sex. The room also smelled of sex. My cock reacted immediately on the sounds and smells. It erased any doubts I had about going to this place. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I went back upstairs to the bar and ordered another drink. There were still some thirty guys in the bar area. Some were standing alone, some were in groups of two or three. Listening to the language they spoke most of them were Hungarians. But I also heard some English and German being spoken.

I sat down at the bar and scanned the crowd. A few of the men gave me smiles which I returned. With men I am much more reluctant to make the first move then when I am chasing women. I have no idea why that is. Maybe it is because I am more bottom than top and like to be chased myself for a change. After a while a guy walked over and sat beside me at the bar. He smiled at me, said hi and told me his name was Frank. I smiled back and also introduced myself. Frank was an English businessman and like me on his last night in Budapest.

He was a little bit younger than me and very gay. He was a bit smaller and boyish. He had a nice open face and personality. I am six foot tall and broad-shouldered and pretty fit for my age. Our communication was immediately intimate. Frank told me about the very gay lifestyle he was leading back in his home city in the UK. He had been in a couple of relationships. However he told me he was suffering from the “new cock syndrome” which made being in a committed relationship impossible for him. I told him I was a bisexual, liking men as much as I do women. In my experience some gay men hate bisexuals. Traitors to the cause I imagine. Frank did not seem to mind and asked me to tell him of some of my bisexual experiences in the past.

Frank and I were both very physical whilst talking. Our legs touched, we put our hands on each other’s legs and arms when telling something funny. Frank and I were having a great time, truly enjoying each other’s company.

Our conversation became more and more sexual. Even though he could top, Frank was a real bottom. As well as a real slut. He liked to be fucked in his ass by as many men as possible. Lying on his back, or an all fours, Frank liked it all. As long as he was being fucked, long and hard.

The atmosphere in the bar, the booze, Franks stories, all of it made me so horny, I almost started to drool. My dick was getting harder and harder. I could not take my hands of Frank at a certain moment. I started to stroke his leg and arm continuously. Frank found my hand, and held it, softly playing with my fingers. The conversation fell quiet. Frank got up from his barstool and stood between my open legs. He looked me in the eyes and started kissing me. I put my arms behind his back and pulled him closer. I could not feel his body enough and stood up as well. We pressed our bodies against each other. We were still kissing and caressing.

After a while we broke off and I asked Frank of he wanted to go downstairs with me. His reply was another hard kiss on my mouth and we left the bar area. The dimly lit area downstairs had filled up considerably. We walked through the crowd and walked behind the wooden wall into the dark room.

In the dark room we continued our kissing. By the sounds of it we were not the only ones. The smell of sex and cum was heavy in the small area. Frank and I kissed and groped. I put my hands in the back of his jeans and cupped his nice round ass. Frank loosened my belt and started to unbutton my fly. My dick was very hard and started to become painfully restrained by my jeans and shorts. My jeans were open now and Frank slowly put his hand down my shorts. He pulled my dick free and started to stroke it. I grasped and a low groan escaped from my throat.

I turned Frank around and pushed my cock against his ass. From behind I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it down. The feeling of my dick against his naked ass was wonderful. He pushed his ass back into my hard dick whilst bending over a little bit. Frank was really getting into his slutty bottom role. He rubbed his ass up and down my cock. He was bending over to open his ass cheeks a bit further.

I knelt on my knees now having his nice round ass in front of my face. I kissed and licked his cheeks. Frank responded by bending over even further, clearly inviting me to rim him. My tongue found his nice smelling ass hole. I licked him up and down his crack making him wet. I started to really lick his ass hole, pushing hard with my tongue to get in a bit. After a while when I thought he was wet enough, I added a finger. Very slowly, not wanting to hurt him, I tuck my finger in deeper and deeper. I did not feel any resistance going in. Franks’ stories about being a slut were no lies. His asshole was well used and no stranger to being entered.

I fingered his ass, pushing in and out. Frank started to move his hips in harmony with my finger, pushing it deeper and deeper. Frank turned his head around and whispered urgently he wanted me, my dick, in his ass, right now.

I stood up, opened his cheeks a bit further with my hands and put the tip of my dick against, his ass hole. Apparently I as too cautious as Frank started to push his ass against my dick. By doing that he made me enter him. He gasped taking in my very hard 8 inch cock, but continued to push until I was fully in him. I put my hands on his hips and started to thrust. Slowly at first but harder and harder after a while.

Our fucking had attracted other guys as well. I felt a hand on my ass squeezing my buttocks. As I was fucking Frank really hard by now, I needed my hands on his hips. I could not respond to the guy feeling me up even though it was a great feeling. Frank had more luck. His free mouth had found a free dick. I could hear him taking it in his mouth. Between his gasps resulting from my deep and hard thrusts I heard him gag. It must have been a big dick he was enjoying.

The guy standing next to me had found my hole with his finger and was slowly trying to get in. But because of my fucking Frank I tightened my ass with each hard thrust, making it impossible for him to get in. As I really like assplay I started to feel frustrated. Another man stood to my right and had his hands on Franks' ass, squeezing and caressing him. I decided to let him have a go at Franks' hole and pulled out. Frank moaned as I did, sounding disappointed. However I turned his ass to the right whilst pushing his back down so he could not get up. The guy next to me got the message and pulled Franks ass to him. Frank grasped again as he was entered by this new dick. He now fully understood that he was going to be fucked by more men than just me.

In the meantime I turned to the guy who had tried to get his finger in my ass. We started to kiss and pushed our dicks against each other. He started to kiss and bite my nipple. It hurt slightly which I love. His hands were on my ass and his finger was again seeking my hole. It entered easily and I felt a warm feeling in my stomach. Almost as much as Frank I also wanted to be fucked, there and then.

I turned around and bent over slightly. The guy took my meaning immediately. I felt the tip of his hard cock pushing against my hole. He entered me slowly which was great. I am not such as slut as Frank and my hole needs to be stretched a bit before I start to feel comfortable. This guy was skilled and after entering slowly picked up speed. His hard thick cock felt wonderful. I suddenly felt a warm wet sensation on my dick. Apparently another guy had found my hard cock and wanted my cum.

Being fucked from behind and getting a blow job at the same time feels like heaven to me. Both guys were doing a great job. The fucking was intense. His cock filling me up the same time my cock was filling another guys’ mouth.

I have no idea how long it took, in my memory it was a long hard ass fuck and mouth fuck. At a certain moment I could not hold any longer. My balls tightened and I exploded into the guys’ mouth. He swallowed every last drop of it. Whilst I was in the afterglow of my orgasm, the guy fucking me let go as well. I heard him groan and after a few very deep thrusts came in my ass. I felt the spasms of his dick as he was releasing his cum. A small trickle of his sperm dripped down my leg.

He pulled his dick out and I slowly got up. My ass hurt slightly from the pounding it had received. I was spent and decided to go back to the bar. I pulled up my shorts and jeans, buttoned up and left the dark room.

When I got back in the bar area, I found an empty stool. I sat down carefully and ordered another drink. My eyes slowly got accustomed to the light. I looked around and Frank was nowhere to be seen. The little sluts’ ass was apparently still being used by multiple cocks. At least I hoped for Frank it was.

I suddenly felt very tired and decided it was time to go. I thought about waiting for Frank, but decided against it. We had a great time but there was no need to prolong being together. And in any case I knew the city he was living in. Who knows, maybe someday I would go over and prowl the gay bars. It’s a small world, who knows we might meet again.

But that’s another story. Maybe one day I will tell it.

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