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Building a relationship

One Builder and One Uni Student, see what they get up to
It was a hot Australian summer afternoon. I'm home from university for the summer and I can't wait. Beach parties, drinks with friends, will make up most of the time. But hanging out at home with the family also takes a certain degree of importance. So anyway, I was spending the day at home. It was a scorcher of a day outside and because the pool was "out of use" for me today, I was confined to the house. The day progressed slowly. I later found out that the reason I wasn't allowed to use the pool was because a builder was finishing up with the tiling and putting a fence around it.

The builder arrived at about 11am and started on the job at hand. At about 1pm my mum went out to check on the builder’s progress, she came back into the house. "I think I might go into town for the afternoon. I said that the builder could have a swim if he got too hot so don't yell it him," she said in a humorous manner. I smiled at her and she left.

After another hour of bored TV watching and internet browsing, I decided to go out and see what the builder was up to. I went out to the pool and was surprised to see that the builder failed to match the typical builder stereotype. Instead this guy was topless, showing off his nicely shaped abdomen and pectorals. He had blonde hair and short stubble on his face and a nice trail of hair running from his belly button to below his belt line. I could only imagine what I would find down there and longed to find out. He walked towards me and introduced himself; we talked away for another five or so minutes about general conversation.

"Feel free to use the pool if you get too hot," I said to him as I began to walk away.

He smiled back at me and said, "Thanks mate, will do."

As I walked back to the house I was bewildered by what I felt. No guy had ever made me curious of what it would be like to fuck another man, I had always been straight. I knew nothing was going to happen, but imagining wouldn't hurt. After another 30 minutes of doing nothing, I noticed the builder putting his stuff into the van. I decided that he must be done so I grabbed my towel, took off my shirt and headed out to the pool. When I got there I discovered that in fact he hadn't finished and had decided to take up my offer of a swim. He was just unlacing his boots when he noticed me sneaking up behind him.

He turned around and beamed up at me, "Knew you couldn't resist, the day's just too hot. I’m Matt, by the way." For a second there I thought he had me worked out until I realised he was just talking about swimming. I noticed the builder looking at my body. "Do you work out?" he asked.

"Oh, hi, I’m Tom, and yeah, I'm on the university swim team so we're made to stay in shape," I replied while running my hand across my washboard abs. "What about you?"

"No not really, just the workout I get from the job, but now I am going to swim," he said with a smile.

He then took off his socks while I lay down on my towel at the side of the pool. He was just about to jump in when he decided to also take off his shorts as well. He dropped them to his ankles and revealed his tight white boxer briefs. His nice bulge pushed against the stretchy fabric. I instantly got an erection, which I tried to hide as he jumped into the pool. I watched him swim around for a while as I lay in the sun.

He yelled to me from the side: "Come on in, mate; the water's great."

I decided to oblige and took off my shorts so I was only in my Speedos. I noticed him checking me out so I decided to milk the situation. I stretched my arms up into the air and then rearranged my cock and balls. I noticed him watching with a cheeky grin on his face, and then I dived in, at once relieved as the water hit me. I swam around for a bit and floated around for a while until I reached the edge and sprawled myself onto my towel. Matt made his way to the edge and pulled himself out of the water. I looked up at him as he allowed the water to drip off himself and noticed that his underwear were now virtually see-through. It was now easy to define his cock and balls. I got another erection but this one was a lot harder to hide due to the fact I was wearing Speedos and also because I was sprawled out on my towel. I definitely knew that he had seen this one so I didn't even bother to try and hide it. I looked down and noticed that the fabric of my Speedos was barely containing my cock, it had even started to lift the fabric away from my crotch and it was probable that he could see part of my cock. I noticed that the cock within his wet underwear had also started to grow, it wasn't quite hard but it wasn't completely flaccid either.

Matt then did something that really surprised me. He pulled down his underwear and took them off and went over to place them in the sun to dry. He must walk around in his underwear quite often as there were obvious tan lines just above has mass of pubic hair and 3-4 inches down his leg. As he walked back towards me I took into account his dark blonde curly pubic hair, his nice cock which was half erect and his nice big balls which hung extremely low. My mouth dropped at the sight as he came and lay down beside me. His cock lay against his stomach and almost reached up to his belly button. He put his arms behind his head, and said, "So do you like what you see?"

I nervously replied, "For sure."

He winked at me, stood up and went over to his van. He leaned into the front seat and brought back a bottle of sun screen.

"Would you mind?" he asked me. He handed me the bottle as I stood up, and lay on his front. I squeezed some sun block onto his back and began to rub it in, over his toned back muscles. When I had finished doing his back and neck he said, "Don’t forget to do my ass, stud; I wouldn't want that getting burnt."

I squeezed more sun block onto his smooth, white ass cheeks and rubbed it in, my fingers sometimes slipping in closer to his sphincter, Matt squirming at my touch. I continued to apply the sunscreen until I finished his legs and feet.

"Do you want me to do the front as well?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure thing bud," he replied, as he rolled onto his front. His cock had grown a little more but still wasn't hard. I tipped more sunscreen onto his chest and rubbed it in over his pectorals and hard nipples. I moved down to his abs and rubbed the cold white sun block over his six-pack. He lifted up his limp cock, so I could get to his thick snail trail and the rest of his lower abdomen. I squeezed some more sun block onto my hand to do his legs when I felt his hand grip my wrist. Before I knew it my hand was in his crotch, entangled in his pubic hair and resting on his large warm balls. I was surprised at first but then realised what he wanted me to do. First I cupped his nice sac in my palm and rubbed in the suntan lotion. Once it was nicely covered I wrapped my hand around his now hard cock, which must have been at least 9 inches in length now and curved in shape, up towards his chest. I worked my way from the bottom of his shaft, over his protruding veins and finally to his knob. As my hand ran over it he let out a dull moan of pleasure. I pulled my hand away and collapsed back onto my towel, aware of the fact that my cock was now begging for some attention and the head of it had protruded from the side of my Speedos.

I lay there for around 15 minutes until my cock got soft again and Matt’s heavy breathing died down, causing me to forget he was beside me. He got onto his knees and knelt above me and said, "Now it’s your turn."

Before I could object the cold sun block was applied to my stomach and his strong hands were gently rubbing it in over my abs, slowly making their way up my body to my hard pink nipple, which he circled with his finger. My cock grew hard once again. He took his hand off my chest and I felt his hands grab around the top of my Speedos and pull them down to my ankles, exposing my now 7-inch, hard, thick cock and shaven balls. Matt made a noise of delight and grabbed my cock with his hand. He pulled back my foreskin to reveal my nice pink head and squeezed more sunscreen onto his hand and then applied it to my cock, lubing it up. He started with slow strokes up and down my shaft. Every time he passed over my knob, I would let out a small satisfying moan. He started to quicken his pace and I could feel the pressure within my balls rise, he noticed my body start to stiffen and slowed down again. I couldn't hold my load in any longer and let it go. I went into spasms and delivered around 10 shots of pearly white liquid onto my stomach and chest. I looked up to see Matt grinning at my face, looking satisfied with himself. He bent over me and licked some of my cum from around my nipple, sending shivers down my body.

"Nice," he said. "Have you ever given a guy a BJ?"

"Nope," I replied.

"You wanna try?"

I laughed and said, "I'll give anything a go once."

He stood up and pulled me to my knees. His cock was directly in my face. I grabbed his nice piece of meat, pulled back his foreskin to reveal a large purple knob, and placed his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head and decided that he must like it due the increasing amounts of moans. I took my mouth off his cock and licked from the bottom of his shaft up to his knob while massaging his big balls. The moaning coming from Matt was increasing and by the time I took him back into my mouth he was gently fucking my face, his cock going deep into my throat and his balls slapped into my chin. His moaning became steady and I felt his balls harden and cock swell in my mouth. With one final swirl of my tongue, Matt's warm semen shot from the end of his penis and filled my mouth. I swallowed what I could however some spilt from the sides and ran onto my chest. Matt removed his cock from my mouth and lay down beside me.

"That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had," he said in a somewhat surprised tone. I didn't really know how to respond so I just sat there, the pleasant after-taste of Matt's semen lingering in my mouth. Eventually I decided that I was going to take action and rolled Matt onto his stomach. I grabbed the sunscreen tube and squeezed some onto my hand. I slid my hand between his muscular ass cheeks and rubbed it into his hole and massaged his sphincter until I felt it give way a little. By this time Matt was pushing back against my hands, trying to urge my hands inside of him. I pulled my hand away and gripped them around his waist and pulled his ass up off the ground and towards my torso.

I pushed my cock into his crack and rubbed it up and down to lube it. I then pushed it up against his sphincter; Matt let out a groan of pain but urged me to keep going. I pressed harder and finally entered him. I immediately started thrusting; pulling my cock out almost completely and then pushing it in as far as it would go. The satisfying sound of my balls slapping into his ass turned me on. The pleasure intensified and I started groaning; Matt could sense me nearing my orgasm and started pushing back against me. I couldn't handle it any longer; I let out one final moan and emptied semen from my ball sac into his ass.

I pulled my cock from his ass and lay down on the ground, Matt sat up from when he was lying, grabbed my cock and massaged the rest of the semen from my shaft. He leaned his head over my cock and put his mouth over my knob, sucking away. I started shooting once again, Matt’s mouth catching most of it, but some of the cum ran down my shaft, giving it a sticky coating. Without saying anything he rolled me onto my front, I felt his hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his stubbly cheeks on my ass. He then spat the cum that he collected into my ass and started teasing my sphincter with his tongue, my ass now craved his cock.

"I think you would find it easier standing," he explained. So we stood up and headed over to the wall where I braced myself with my arms and bent over, exposing myself and making me feel vulnerable. I felt Matt's hands grab my hips and his hard cock rubbing up my crack, just as I had done. I started to feel pressure as he pushed in harder, his hand's massaging by ass cheeks, urging me to relax.

My ass finally relaxed enough and Matt's big cock painfully made its way into me. He started out slowly and built his way up to a moderate speed, his balls slapping against mine. With each thrust he did, I could feel him rubbing against my prostate and I once again had a hard cock. With another three thrusts I found myself having yet another orgasm, my cum shooting onto the tiling, each spurt synchronising with Matt's thrusting.

Matt's moans built up and I felt his cock swell inside me. I felt his grip on my ass tighten and then his hot spunk spewed into me. He pulled his dick from my ass and I heard him vigorously wanking until he let out a dull final moan and came over my back.

He walked over to his shorts and put them on, then walked over to his van and hopped into the driver’s seat.

"You can give me my underwear when we fuck next time," he said cheekily before driving off.
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