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Business Trip Meetings

Nights at motels on out-of-town business trips don't have to be lonely.
On my business trips to northern Ohio, I have met on several occasions with a middle-aged accounting supervisor at a local manufacturing plant. He is single, and his mom, who has some slight dementia, lives with him. He has an average build with thinning hair, and prefers to top. I have met him about three or four times over a two year period.

On a recent such trip, I was really tired from a late flight the night before, and debated whether to try or not. He was running late also, but it had been so long, and I needed it so very much...

When he arrived at my motel, I was wearing a black thong and short top. We hugged and kissed briefly, then went over to the bed. I turned down the lights to a soft glow as he undressed. We climbed in and were quickly engaged in prolonged, passionate kissing as we hugged and cuddled.

My thong and top were soon discarded as we enjoyed each other’s nakedness. I climbed up and straddled his head and presented my hardness to him, which he relished with much sucking. What a delight it was to do this! I climbed back down, methodically kissing my way down his body, pausing at his hard nipples, all the way down between his legs, which he spread for me.

I lifted his legs and continued my kissing down over his balls and to his puckered orifice, which I teased before burrowing in with my tongue. This elicited a moan, and I spent some time pleasuring him in this way. I climbed back up and kissed him again, plunging my tongue which had just been deep in his ass, into his mouth. He sucked it with vigor. I went back down and took his erect phallus into my mouth, beginning on his plumb-shaped knob, which was oozing clear precum, then taking all of his beautiful, hard, seven inch shaft. He was softly moaning, head back, eyes closed.

After getting him even harder, I squirted a little lube in my hand and then onto him. I climbed up and straddled his hips, placing his engorged knob against my eager opening. I slowly settled down, feeling him slip past my sphincter and into my waiting love channel.

When I bottomed out on him, I waited for just a moment to adjust, anticipating what was coming. I began to move, slowly at first, then with more speed. He was obviously loving it. I leaned down and kissed him as he raised hip hips to thrust into me, over and over. I was in heaven. It’s hard to believe something could feel so good!

After a while, I sat up and instead of moving up and down, I moved forward and back. This had the effect of rotating his cock front to back inside me, massaging his cockhead, but also massaging my sensitive prostate. We were both moaning and gasping. I could sense that he was getting close, and I paused briefly, then resumed. I did this repeatedly over a period of time, edging him with my anal grip. I was torn whether to have him cum inside me, or take him in my mouth.

Deciding on the latter, I slid off quickly, and immediately took him back into my mouth, sucking with great energy. As I continued, I lubed my finger in my own wet ass, then wiggled it into his. My finger found his prostate, and that sent him over the edge.

He moaned and with an upward thrust, emptied his pent-up load into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed most of it, keeping the last remnants. When his last spasms subsided, I slipped off and climbed up to share his liquid essence in a deep kiss.

We lay there in each others’ arms for a while, just enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking. I would have liked him to stay longer for more, but it was really getting late, and we both had to be up in the morning.

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