Camping Truth or Drunk

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Me and my friend go camping, but when we start drinking our desires come out.
When I was 16 me and my best friend wanted to go camping really badly. We finally decided to go rent a cabin in the woods and go camping just the two of us. At the last minute we decided that it would be more fun if we drank that night as well so we took a twelve pack of beers and some hard liquor and drove off.

Jeremy had just broken up with his girlfriend and on the ride up he explained all the sex they had. He explained how the anal was the best hole to go in and it felt so nice. Almost like a warm glove and because it was so small it made him cum even harder. Now I had never thought of myself as gay or bi. When I was younger I experimented playing doctor but never anything past that. But damn, being a virgin and hearing about your friends sexual encounters really started to get me off. But I forgot about it shortly enough and before I knew it we arrived at the cabin.

The cabin was small. One table big enough for beer pong, 1 full bed, and one couch. Jeremy claimed the bed and I said I would sleep on the couch. We started making dinner and started a fire. As the fire warmed up we played one round of beer pong. I was always better then Jeremy but I let him catch up to me so he wouldn't be way more drunk then me. After eating dinner we played two more rounds of beer pong and then did a couple of shots. By this time it was 10 and we were pretty drunk. Jeremy spilled a beer all over himself and me so we took off all our clothes but our boxers.

We got bored of beer pong so we started to just shoot the ball into each others cup, and if you made the shoot you get to decide a truth or dare for the person. By then I was feeling pretty horny for the liquor and was about ready to fuck anything. I made the first shot and I asked Jeremy if he was horny right now. He replied that he was super horny right now. He made the next shot and he asked me the same question. I told him that I was horny. Jeremy then asked me how long my dick was. Caught off guard I said I didn't know. He asked if we could measure. We had no ruler so he said lets just stand next to each other then look. Jeremy took off his pants then his 5 inch penis flopped out onto his hand. It was about the exact same length as mine with a dark hairy bush. I couldn't help but just stare at it. His penis looked just so perfect.

We went back to the game and I made the next shot. I dared Jeremy to go run around outside naked. Jeremy took off his boxers and ran around in the snow. I watched as his hard dick flopped up and down with each step. Jeremy came back inside and we decided to just play straight truth or dare because we were both really drunk. Jeremy asked me if in my real horny state right now if I would fuck a guy in the ass. I thought about it, I didn't like dick but I wanted to fuck something. I thought that if I just closed my eyes I could fuck a guy in the ass and pretend it was a girl. I replied yes. Jeremy said he would too.

I dared Jeremy to play the rest of the game naked and he dared me to as well. The two of us alone in a cabin naked sort of turned me on more. I dared Jeremy to stick a finger up his ass and he did. Then he dared me to let him stick a broom handle up mine. He started to put it in and it hurt like hell he got it in a half an inch and I said stop. He pulled it out. I dared Jeremy next to let me sick my finger in his ass, he agreed. I stuck two fingers in and he let me shove them all the way up. I then turned to him and said that we had already gone this far lets just finish it. I then told him that if he let me fuck him up the ass I would let him fuck me. He agreed.

I looked down and his little white asshole squeezed tight. I grabbed my dick and started to rub it between his cheeks. I could see his dick growing harder by the second. I forced Jeremy onto all fours and I started to slowly push my hard-on into his little ass hole. His ass felt so warm on the inside and his virgin asshole squeezed on my dick so much that I felt like I was already about to cum. I put it in all the way and started to pound ass hard.

He squealed a little at first but then his sounds turned to pleasure. The harder I pounded him the more he enjoyed it. I kept slamming my dick into his little ass until I came. I came harder that day then I ever had before. I pulled out and a thick stream of white cum came out of his ass.

Jeremy looked up at me the said that he was tired and he fell asleep. I thought that was the best night I ever had. I got free anal sex and I didn't even have to return the favor. When we woke up the next morning Jeremy said he didn't remember anything. We went camping again later that year but never again did we have sex. Now I'm married and have children and I still have yet to cum as hard as I did in Jeremy's ass. Even my daughters tight ass doesn't take me to the orgasm that Jeremy did. I will never forget that camping trip for the rest of my life.