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Can't Resist the Urge

Sometimes you just HAVE to have a cock to suck!
Ever since the first time I felt the smooth skin and stiff heat of a man’s erection in my mouth I was hooked. When I experienced the taste and scent and throbbing of a cock exploding in my mouth and the pungently salty flavor of cum that first time I knew I would love to suck men’s cocks.

I was reluctant the first time and very tentatively took him into my mouth but that all disappeared very quickly. The skin was so smooth and his erection felt hot. The skin moved with my mouth’s movement and when I took him all the way inside me his musky man scent filled my nostrils. The sounds he made told me I was giving him that wonderful pleasure only sex can bring and it made me feel special and very powerful. When he came, the taste and texture was so foreign it put me off a little but the feeling of him pumping his spasming cock into me and the familiar sounds of orgasm took away any trepidation. I just let myself enjoy being used for his cum receptacle.

After high school, during my single days and through two marriages I always found a way to satisfy that urge. While it wasn’t an everyday urge it never left me. It was always there. Usually it meant a lot of anonymous meetings in clandestine locations although sometimes it was as simple as the front seat of his car. One morning before work I met a guy, also on his way to work, in a secluded park. After we parked I hopped into his front seat, he pulled his pants to his knees and I sucked his beautiful erection until he gave me the milky breakfast I needed. The rest of the day was so much better for it!

Other times I’d go to someone’s house, before or after work or on my lunch. For years during my second marriage I met with Jim at his farmhouse. It was nice to be able to get naked and suck or even be fucked without fear of discovery but there was always the problem of hiding it all from a wife or girlfriend … until now.

Rhea and I met just casually as friends but the smoldering sparks were there. After our marriages ended we let them fan to full flame. During our earlier days as friends we were very candid about ourselves, including our sexuality. She thought (and still thinks) my bisexuality was very hot so encourages it. Sometimes she just wants to watch and other times we’ve enjoyed threesomes but she knows that sometimes I just need a man’s cock to suck.

Through an online ‘dating’ site I went looking for men who just wanted their cocks sucked. I’d done this before years ago with some success and soon had a few guys I was talking with. Most were in relationships of some sort and had to be very secretive so the biggest hindrance to meeting was where to meet. Dennis was one of those men. While he loved to get sucked you had to have a place and then he could make excuses to get away and meet you (which I totally understood.) He also knew other men who liked to be sucked and said he could bring one or more along if we could find a place.

After a lot of plans that fell through we decided to split the cost of a motel room. I would spend the night and he and his friends could visit as their schedules allowed. We posted the idea on the site in a group just for cocksucking and found more than a few men who wanted to suck or be sucked.

I rented a room the following Wednesday afternoon with a fairly secluded outside entrance and through the wonders of wi-fi posted the room number and a special knock to identify friendly visitors. Dennis was there in no time, and very eager, along with another man. I sat down on the edge of the bed and Dennis dropped his pants in front of me. It was a beautiful erection and it quickly disappeared into my mouth. While I sucked Dennis his friend took out his cock and started playing with himself. My hand replaced his, stroking slowly and firmly. Dennis watched all this and soon was grunting and holding onto my head while he shot cum into my mouth. Mmmm, it had been too long, I thought. I hungrily swallowed it all and lovingly licked and sucked all the cum he could give.

My mouth then turned to his friend. While I sucked him I heard Dennis answer a knock on the door. Two more men entered the room. One took a seat next to me while the other began face fucking him. It distracted me enough, watching this impassionate sex right next to my face, that Dennis’ friend turned my head back toward him. He held the sides of my face and started fucking it fast and hard. He began to cum almost simultaneously with the other man standing next to us. As I slurped and swallowed I could hear the same sounds next to me. It was so hot to hear them while hot cum poured into my mouth and down my throat!

When they finished I looked over at the younger man sitting beside me. He was trim and blonde, a nice build but not muscular. He grinned at me and wiped away a droplet of spit and cum at the corner of his mouth. Before we could speak the door opened again. Dennis was welcoming in three new faces while the first two men tucked their shrinking cocks inside their pants again.

“This is going to be fun,” the slender blonde beside me said. “I’m Jeremy. Thanks for setting this up.”

“My pleasure, Jeremy,” I answered. “Now it’ll be OUR pleasure! I think I’m going to get more comfortable.” I stood up and started undressing. I always loved being naked, especially for sex. Jeremy followed my lead.

Completely naked now, we both climbed up onto the bed. The king size bed was a perfect playground. The three recent arrivals also stripped and came over to join us. One man got onto the bed and lay on his back near me. He held up his still semi-flaccid cock, offering it to me.

“You like to suck cock, huh?” he said. I nodded and moved over to him. Jeremy had the other two men’s cock in his hands and began alternating between them, sucking one and then the other.

“You wanna suck this?” he asked. Again I nodded, this time kissing the head of his prick. It twitched in response. My hand took the place of his and I bent over and kissed it again. With a third kiss I sucked his whole cock into my hot mouth. It was still not completely hard and felt soft and warm. I sucked to keep it all inside me while my tongue played circles around it. He began to moan and his cock swelled within me to a rigid hot seven inch beauty. I started moving up and down, slowly at first. My lips pursed tightly around his shaft as I went up and down faster now. Each time I came up my tongue tickled and circled the head and I sucked a little harder.

“Oh yea! You know how to do this, don’t you?” he said between moans. “I’ll bet you’d suck my cock all night, wouldn’t you?”

I smiled to myself as I remembered a night a few years ago when I stayed the night at a man’s house. He watched gay porn for an hour while I knelt in front of him showing his cock my loving attention. In return he showed me how much cum he could shoot. He came again in the bedroom and I had his cock again for breakfast. It was a very good night!

I could hear one of Jeremy’s friends beginning to orgasm. The groans and cries followed by Jeremy’s slurps and muffled ‘mmms’. I could hear the second man getting close too as Jeremy masturbated him.

“Oh yea! Fuck yea! Are you ready for it?” my man near shouted. He clutched the bed while flexing his hips to thrust into my face. I held his hips to follow his thrusts and prepared. With a quick hard thrust into my mouth his cock exploded. Hot cum shot into me, then another hot jet and then another. I swallowed fast and then again but I let the third and fourth shots of his juice linger in my mouth. My tongue swirled around his still-pulsing cock and spread his salty seed everywhere. The sensations were too much for him and suddenly he pulled out of me. His fading erection was covered in my saliva and his own cum.

“It’d just be a shame to waste this,” I cooed. I picked up his cock and slowly licked all the cum from it.

“Holy mother of …!” His body twitched a few times as I licked and he lay back on the bed panting. As I finished I could hear Jeremy again sucking and slurping and swallowing. His second man was pumping his cock into Jeremy’s face, holding Jeremy’s head while Jeremy clutched his buttocks.

I lay down on the bed now, needing a little breather, naked next to the man whose orgasm still flavored my mouth.

“So do you take it up the ass too?” he asked.

“I have. I would. I would certainly take your hot cock up my ass!” I relied.

“You’re going to be here all night, right?” he inquired and I nodded. “Maybe I could stop back later?” He got up and started dressing.

“I’d like that,” I agreed.

All three men dressed, said quick goodbyes and left. Dennis and Jeremy had to leave too and I was left in an empty motel room, alone, but with the scent and taste of cum all around me. I lay down on the bed, pulled the covers over me and fell asleep.

It was dark when I was awakened by the pre-arranged ‘rap-rap’ knock on the door. I threw on a robe and answered the door. It was the man from this afternoon.

“I said I might stop back,” he said. “Is it okay if my friend comes in too?”

“Sure,” I replied. “I was just napping a little. Come in.” He motioned to a man in a car and the two of them came inside. I locked the door and turned around, letting go of the edges of my robe. My afternoon friend took notice and then introduced himself.

“I’m Chris,” he began, “and this is my friend Terry. Terry’s never done this but he’s really curious and wants to explore.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Terry. I’m David. Why don’t we get comfortable?” I said. I walked to the bed, turned and let my robe fall off. Chris was already undressing and nudged Terry to do the same. I sat down and Chris walked over and offered his cock. As I kissed the tip he pulled away.

“I want to try something different tonight,” Chris said. “Do Terry first.” Terry was already very hard when he stood in front of me. I took his lovely member into my mouth and began working my magic on it. Terry moaned and thrust into my mouth. He was too excited to last very long, I thought, while I enjoyed his cock’s head pushing against the roof of my mouth. He was going to come very quickly.

“Oh god, this is unbelievable!” Terry exclaimed. “Oh yea! I’m gonna cum! Oh! Sweet Jesus!”

His first shot was massive, like he’d been saving up for a year just for tonight! I swallowed quickly and the second and third were nearly as big. His cum began to overflow my mouth even as I swallowed as much as I could. I finally pulled his cock from my mouth so I could swallow it all. I stroked the last droplets out of him and spread them across my lips, then licked the tip and my lips seductively.

“So you liked that?” I teased. “You had a lot to give and it all tasted wonderful.”

“My turn now,” Chris interrupted. “Get up on the bed.” He had been stroking himself during Terry’s orgasm and was rock hard. I crawled up onto the bed on all fours and spread my legs wide. Chris put some lube between my butt cheeks and onto the head of his cock. It looked bigger somehow than when I’d sucked him this afternoon. Then I remembered, he wasn’t completely erect when I’d sucked him into my mouth that afternoon. I tilted my hips and spread a little wider anticipating him entering me.

Chris moved onto the bed and knelt between my legs. After a little teasing with his cock up and down between my butt cheeks he held himself firmly against my anus. I relaxed a little more as he gently pushed and then popped inside. Oh the feeling, that wonderful feeling, when a cock first pushes into you! The initial pain that turns into such ecstasy. Chris pushed farther, and then pulled back and then farther yet. I was lost in the feeling of his beautiful cock slipping in, then out, then in again deeper yet. I suddenly realized that Terry had lain down on the bed underneath me and was scooting towards my dangling cock! He took hold of it and massaged it. With Chris sliding in and out of my ass and Terry fondling me I was hard in no time. I tilted my hips more, allowing Chris to penetrate deeper and lowering my cock to Terry’s mouth. He began to suck, aided by the rhythmic rocking from Chris’ thrusts. This was heaven I thought. While Chris increased his pace I felt the familiar sensation rising from inside me. I was going to come, and hard!

My orgasm overtook me in crazy mind blowing waves. Each shot of cum I blew into Terry’s mouth made my cock and sphincter spasm rhythmically. Even on hands and knees I was weak and lay my chest on Terry panting and gasping. I had barely stopped cumming when I felt the familiar hard thrusts and stiffening body of Chris beginning to shoot his wonderful load into my ass. Too weak from my own orgasm, I just relaxed and let him pound his cock into me. I lay on top of Terry remembering the sweet taste of both men’s cum as Chris finished and finally rested against my bare ass.

“I really needed that,” Chris stated as he slowly pulled a fading and cum-covered erection from my ass. “I’d fuck that ass any day. You’re really tight!”

I rolled off Terry’s chest and lay next to him smiling and still tingly from the heat of the sex. All the sensations had overloaded my brain and I just needed to relax and calm. I closed my eyes, feeling the coolness of saliva on my now-flaccid cock and the slow ooze of cum from my ass.

Chris and Terry got up and began dressing. They had told their wives they were going out for a drink together and wouldn’t be late. I understood completely. I got up and saw them out and then walked into the bathroom for a quick shower.

I toweled myself dry and lay back in bed still spent from the intensity of my orgasm. I lay there alone in the dark with only the outside lights through cracks in the curtains outlining the room’s details. I thought about the day, and the night, very pleased with it all. Gradually sleep found me again.

I checked out early and headed home. Rhea couldn’t wait to hear all about my adventure. As I began to recount the events of the afternoon she began unbuttoning her dress. A lovely teal semi-sheer balconette bra held her round pale breasts and I could see her large pink nipples through it. It was very distracting! When I started telling her about Chris and Terry Rhea’s dress dropped to the floor.

“I want some too!” Rhea said in a whispered demand. She took my hand and began leading me toward the bedroom. I watched her round ass move as she walked down the hall. God I love those curves!

“This always gets you so hot,” I stated. Rhea lay back on the bed and parted her thighs.

And so wet!” she added.

I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough!

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