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Changing Lanes

A busted romance and something new

Changing   Lanes

Chapter one


            I’d had it. Another relationship had gone sour. Damn greedy, selfish bitches anyway. Well, tonight I would just get drunk & hang out with the guys. No pussy for me. I was swearing off for awhile. I figured I’d go celibate and get my mind right.

            I walked into a few bars downtown. I finally found one with no bar-fly, flirty women. Yes, I felt at ease here. I struck up a conversation with two construction worker types. Soon we were buying rounds and I was telling them all about my problems with women. They told me that they too had sworn off the damn bitches. Relationships with women just brought trouble.

            They introduced themselves as Bill & Tom. I told them I didn’t know how long I could hold out though as I’d get really horny and would go for the first woman that would have me. “Yeah, that can be a problem.” Bill said. “But, for tonight, we’ll just hang out with each other.” I said I’d like that. Bill & Tom smiled at each other over some private joke. Oh well.

            We played some pool & drank more liquor. I was feeling good. Bill stood there looking at me rubbing a massive bulge in his jeans. “Damn, I need to get off! Hey Tom, let’s take Rick over to the party house.”

            “I don’t know Bill. I don’t know if Rick’s into any of that wild shit.” Looking at Bill’s obvious excitement made me curious, and well a little horny too. “What kinda wild stuff?” I asked.

            “Tonight there’s a party, a guys-only party. There’ll be guys who love having sex with other guys & we could all get our dicks sucked or something. Have you ever let another guy suck your cock Ricky?” I felt both repulsed and excited which surprised me. “Well, no. No, I haven’t.” “How about it? There’ll be plenty of free booze and you can just watch if you want to.” Tom said. He gave me an out. I could just watch and get drunk so I said, “OK. I’ll check it out with you two. After all, we’ll be together, won’t we?” “Yeah we will, all the way. Eh Tom?” “Oh yeah Bill, all the fuckin way. Hahahahaha.”

We all laughed, got into Bill’s car, with me in the middle, and drove to the party. We just walked in when we got there. There were about 15 guys in various stages of nudity lounging about. One guy lay back smiling, sipping his drink as another was joyfully sucking his cock. I felt my own cock swelling at the sight and thought maybe a blowjob wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Tom & Bill took me down a hallway to a bedroom. This is where most people had left their clothes. The three of us stripped. Both Tom & Bill were bigger’n me in stature. They were lean & muscled. I admired their bodies. Both had respectable cockmeat dangling between their legs. As I stood there transfixed they came to me and embraced me, one on each side. I felt their hands groping my body as their swelling cocks pressed against my thighs.

Bill was stroking one asscheek as he pinched one of my nipples. Tom stroked the other asscheek as I felt his fingers curl around my swollen penis and begin to stroke that too. “Ohh!” I’d let it slip out. I was feeling horny & nasty, but this was two guys! Two men were feeling me up, trying to seduce me! “There, there Ricky., Now doesn’t that feel good?” I was losing control. “Y-yesss. It feels good”, I breathed. The next thing I noticed was Tom dropping to his knees & I felt his wet lips slipping onto my cock. Damn!! He was sucking my cock into his mouth! He was gay! But, aawww shit, that sure felt good!

“Tell him Ricky. Tell him to suck your cock!” “Oh, oohh. S-s-suucckkk! Y-Yes! Suck me! Suck my cock! Oh, oh yeah!” Tom sucked and slurped on my cock long enough to get me excited. When he pulled his mouth off my now rigid organ, I moaned in despair. I hadn’t had any sex for about 3 months now& I wanted it so very badly. They had gotten to me. I was on fire & didn’t care if a woman or a man got me off.

Bill held the back of my head as he leaned in and kissed me. I couldn’t have stopped him, I was so consumed in my lust. He pressed his lips to mine & explored my mouth with his tongue. I felt Tom’s fingers slipping between my asscheeks and poke into my butthole. I unconsciously arched my back, allowing him easier access to my virgin asshole. I couldn’t help myself. I was making my asshole available to a man while kissing and making out with another! Tom jammed two fat fingers up into me. “Ungh, oh gawd that feels good.” I whispered against Bills lips. Tom sawed his fingers in & out. Bill was kissing my lips and my cheeks as he stroked my dick. I reached for their cocks & began jacking them off. I’d never felt another man’s dick before and here I was holding two very swollen cocks. Tom’s was about 7” long while Bill had a solid 8 incher. Both were thick and filled my fists as I jacked em.

Neither dick was circumsized. I found a decadent delight in pulling the foreskin over the heads and back down onto the shaft. I was amazed at how warm they felt in the palms of my hands, much warmer than mine felt to me. All three of us had rigid hard-ons. They pulled away from me & got on the bed. “C’mere Ricky. We can be more comfortable here.” I stood there for a second or two looking at them both lying on the bed smiling at me, sporting their very erect boners. I knew this was indeed the point of no return. I was about to change lanes, so to speak and I knew I’d already made up my mind.

Breaking into a wide grin, I crawled up on the bed into the space between them. Tom was lying back, propped up on a stack of pillows. “Let me taste your lips Ricky” he said. I crawled right up, leaned down over him and pressed my lips to his and we kissed. He held my head as he French-kissed me. Bill had squirted some oil on my ass thrust up into the air behind me and was now massaging my buttcheeks. Soon he stuck two of his fingers up my ass & I moaned loudly as I suckled Tom’s tongue. He pushed my face away a bit and looked deeply into my eyes as Bill finger-fucked my asshole.

My mouth remained open & my eyelids were half-closed as my passion was mirrored in my face. “You like that Ricky?” Tom asked. “Oh! Yess! It feels so good!” ”Ya know what I’d like right now Ricky?” “No, OH Tom. Wh-Ungh. What would y-you like right n-now? Ungh , OH !” “I’d like you to slip your lips over my cock & suck me off.” Well I, ungh, I don’t kn-know Tom. Ungh oh aahhh, yes! Oh! Ungh! OK Tom, Unngghh!” Bill had jammed a third finger up my ass and had started to ram them up into me harder. The feeling it produced pushed away my desire to overcome all reason.

With his fingers firmly embedded in my ass, Bill pulled me back til I’d slid down Tom’s body & my face was just above Tom’s throbbing tool. As I stared at it, I felt myself licking my lips. Bill started drilling my asshole again &, moaning deeply, I lowered my mouth down over Tom’s stiff meat. I felt the spongy head between my lips then, gliding over my tongue. I closed my lips around his meaty shaft & began to suck my first cock. The sensations I was feeling left me no room to think about what I was doing. I was sucking on a man’s cock and it felt good in my mouth. Surprisingly good, in fact! So, I sucked harder & deeper. I could only get about half of it into my mouth before I gagged. I was making a game out of it. I’d suck fast for a minute then I’d sink my mouth down as far as I could go, hold it for a bit then go back to some fast sucking. It took me awhile and I’m sure Tom didn’t mind the wait but I finally swallowed his whole cock!

It was as if my body had been overcome with a hunger, a sexual hunger. I’d never imagined myself with another man, let alone sucking a cock & really enjoying it. Here I was savoring its texture, its warmth, its girth and loving it! Ummm! Thinking these thoughts as I worked my mouth down over Tom’s nice dick were making me want it even more. As I was losing myself sucking on my first cock, Bill pulled his fingers from my asshole. “No! No! Don’t stop! Please! That was feeling really good!” Bill came up & lay next to Tom. “It did feel good, didn’t it?” I smiled and nodded. He stuck out the three shiny fingers he’d had up in my butt & shoved them into my mouth. I sucked on em.

“I was watching you sucking on Tom’s dick. Now I want my cock sucked! Suck my cock Rich!” He pulled his fingers from my mouth. I leaned over the other way and slid my mouth down over Bill’s huge prick. My throat was relaxed & lubed from sucking Tom’s rod. Bill was a bit thicker and a few inches longer. It was like a banquet for a starving cocksucker! Ummm, more meat, yea! I gobbled him up, making loud slurping noises as I eagerly sucked his big dick. “Heh Ricky! You look like you enjoy suckin dick! Why, yer just a regular cocksucker, ain’t ya?” Tom said. “Ummm-Hmmm” was all I could manage with my mouth fulla Bill’s stiff meat. I reached over and wrapped my fist around Tom’s cock and stroked it as my head bobbed up’n down on Bill’s penis. After I’d been sucking on Bill’s cock awhile, I switched over to sucking on Tom’s.   They were content to lie back and let me take turns sucking their cocks. Each one felt different in my mouth and I delighted in their separate sensations.

A coupla hours ago I hated all the women in the world & was wondering what I would do with myself. Sucking & stroking two very thick stiff cocks had never entered my mind. Now, here I was, servicing two muscular, well-hung men at the same time and enjoying myself. “Hey cocksucker! I’ll bet yer asshole is feeling left out. Do you want me to fingerbang yer butt some more?” Tom asked. I lifted my mouth from Bill’s cock. My lips were dripping saliva. I smiled. “Yes Tom, I’d like that.” Tom crawled behind me allowing me to concentrate on blowing Bill’s monster dong.

I felt Tom spreading my cheeks and smearing my crack with K-Y jelly. Soon he poked a finger into me. After having two, the three, it slipped in easily. He stroked my hole a few times then pulled out. Bill started to get excited and pulled my face into his pubic hair forcing me to take his big bone down my throat. Then I found out what had excited him so much. I felt the warm spongy head of his prick being rubbed thru my lubed crack and poking at my asshole. I felt it slip inside. It was much thicker than the three fingers I’d taken earlier. I was trapped! Bill’s cock was stuffed down my throat and he had a firm grip on my head. Tom was about to bury his big boner right up my ass! “No! Nooo!” I moaned in helpless agony, muffled around Bill’s cockmeat filling my mouth as Tom slid his tool up my poopchute. He slid in slowly & evenly until his belly pressed against my buttcheeks. My sphincter was being stretched beyond anything it had ever known! Bolts of searing pain shot thru my entire being! Good Gawd! I had a fat cock stuffed up my asshole! Bill held my head down forcefully & Tom gripped my hips & held me against him. They both held their positions and the pain gradually eased & was replaced with that delicious feeling I had with those three fingers reaming me. The difference was I now felt the warmth of a living, fully erect penis filling me up now.

“Well Ricky, I’ll bet when you met us you never figured on bein our little bitch. Did you? Hahahaha. Forgive me. Never speak with yer mouth full. Hahahahaha!” They both laughed loudly at their joke. “Yeah, I’ll bet he loves havin our cocks stuffed into his body.” Bill pulled my mouth off his cock. “You like bein our lil bitch Ricky?” Before I could answer, Tom started humping his cock in my asshole. The feeling was indescribable! A few seconds ago I was mortified at being taken so easily. My ego was bruised as I was reduced to a bitch to service these hot horny men. But, as that warm thick swollen meatpole began to slide out & back into my now-hungry asshole I knew that indeed, I was a slut, a cock-slut, greedy to be used by these two men. “Oh yess Bill! I’m your bitch! I’m just a greedy lil slut and I want to make you both cum! I want to taste it! I want to feel it squirt out in my ass. Oh! Ah! Yes! That feels good, really good!”

Tom was pounding his cock up my ass and I couldn’t talk anymore. I just moaned & groaned my pleasure. Bill sat back smiling. Watching as Tom fucked my ass. “Hey Tom! Let’s switch. I want some of this guy’s asshole too!” “Nnooo!!” Tom had pulled his dick out of my ass and the guys switched places. I crouched there on the bed, my butt exposed and available, wanting their stiff cocks. Tom now reclined in front of me. “Turn over you hot cockslut!” Bill said. “I want to fuck you like a girl!” I obediently rolled over onto my back. Tom sat me up, placed a pillow beneath my shoulders and laid me back down so that my head tilted backwards.

I spread my legs for Bill as he crawled up on the bed, his massive boner leading the way. Bill draped my legs across his arms & poked his insistent pecker right into my asshole. The moment his engorged beefstick slipped up into me I felt that glorious oh-so full feeling again. My thighs quivered. My belly quaked. I shut my eyes, threw back my head with my mouth open & groaned loudly. “UNNGGHHH!” My loud groans were muffled at once by Tom’s stiff meat sliding into my open mouth and right down my throat.

Ummm, tasty, warm cockmeat. Tom’s full, hairy balls bounced off my cheeks as he slid effortlessly down my throat. I found deep-throating his cock was a lot easier in this position. I felt Bill’s warmth buried up in my belly as he banged away at my backdoor. I have an addictive personality & I knew right then that I would crave these glorious sensations for the rest of my life. I wanted it. I craved it. I had become their helpless but willing slave. I would obey their every command & service even their most depraved desires if it meant feeling this good.

At that moment their desires were heating up nicely. As they both buried their meaty cockflesh in my wide open body, they embraced. As Tom’s cock slid almost all the way out of my mouth, only the fat, round, spongy cockhead captured between my suckling lips, I could see them kissing passionately. They were pinching each other’s nipples and tugging at them. Together they rammed their rigid cockmeat into my warm, wet’n hungry holes with only their impending orgasm on their nasty minds.

Bill began to moan & pant loudly. He broke away from Tom, reached under me, grabbing two firm handfuls of buttcheek & proceeded to savagely piston his thick, veiny cock up my slut bitches ass-cunt. I felt his fat boner swell even more as his carnal lust was about to peak. I was being impaled on his joystick as I felt a deep tremor ripple thru my body. I reached up, grabbed Tom’s buttcheeks and pulled him more forcefully into my suckling lips. I tilted my head back a little more & his fat, swollen sausage sheathed itself in my throat. Tom was going over the edge as I gagged on his cock and the convulsions milked his thrusting cock. Both men’s bodies were jerking spasmodically as they drove their sensitive cocks into me. Bill had my legs pushed up and spread wide open to receive his massive prick as it plunged in & out. Tom was humping his dick, fucking into my mouth faster’n faster. Bill pounded my ass. Tom forced me to gobble down his entire meatlog. Both men were pouring sweat all over my body.

I felt their cocks swelling & getting as stiff as steel. Within moments of each other they flooded me with a torrent of warm syrupy sperm juice. I felt hot bursts pouring out into my ass and up into my belly. I struggled to wrap my legs around Bill and pull him deeper into me as he pumped wildly. I had to give that effort up as Tom’s cock began spewing his generous load into my mouth & I gagged on the sheer volume of those splashing gobs of spunk. I gulped as I sucked and swallowed. I was milking his balls with one hand and with the other clamped to his asscheek, I pulled him firmly into my throat. .

I’d never dreamed that cock could be so damn good. I knew at that moment how much I loved & craved it. I wanted these two men to use me to service their pleasures over & over. Both men collapsed against each other, their spent cocks still lodged inside my asshole and gently suckling mouth.

   Versplay142 July 2008

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