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eIt was a summer job, something to get a little extra money for school in the fall. We worked in the city park doing mostly cleanup. I was always teamed with another guy named Dave. He was my age and we got along good together. Being the youngest and newest workers, we usually got the dirtiest jobs. It didn't really bother us. We were young and didn't know any better.

That day we had to clean up the ampitheater. They had a show the day before lasting until nearly midnight. A lot of the audience had brought food and beer and god-only-knows what else. Now the garbage that they had dropped was rotting in the summer sun and we had to get rid of it. So we set to work, sweeping the garbage down from the top to the bottom where we would have to bag it for the dump truck to pick up the next morning.

We were more than half way down when we found the beer, a couple of dozen bottles soaking in warm water in a broken down styrofoan cooler. There were only three things that we were interested in back then, sex, booze and money. We had just gotten lucky on one point.

The rest of the day went pretty quick. The beer was warm, but it was beer and we started sucking down suds pretty good, making sure that no one saw us. The boss came by late in the afternoon, wanting to know why we hadn't finished. We told him we wouldn't be long. He was leaving, he said. We would be the last people here. Make sure the maintenance building was locked.

Warm beer and hot sun don't mix well. So it was no surprise that we were feeling no pain when we staggered into the locker room of the maintenance building. We were silly and happy and well buzzed. We sat and worked at finishing the last of the beer and joked as we stripped for the shower. David slipped and fell as he tried to get out of his pants. He lay on the floor laughing as I stood above him doing the same. I let him lay there as I stripped. Standing there above him, I noticed that his cock was a lot longer than mine. It wasn't hard or anything, but even shrunken, it looked to be a good six inches. I wondered how long it would be hard.

While I stood staring at Dave's cock, he was doing the same for me. A puzzled look came on his face and he craned his neck to look closely at my crotch.

"You're not circumcized," he said.

"No, I guess my parents never felt the need or maybe they just didn't have the money.

I wasn't bothered by Dave's remark. I'd heard it before and dealt with the questions more than once.

"I'm Jewish. I've never seen an uncircumcized dick before. Does that skin slide back?"

"Yes, it slides back." I reached down and peeled the foreskin back from the head of my cock while holding it over his face. "Look," I said, "back and forth, back and forth.
I matched my actions to my words.

He sat up on the bench. "Would you show me again?" Dave asked.

 I pulled the foreskin back from the head of my cock and then pulled it forward. I did it maybe a half dozen times, waving it around only inches from his face.


He started to say something else, but before he opened his mouth, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my slowly growing cock. "Here, you try it."

He tried to pull his hand away at first, but I held it there and he didn't try very hard. He slid the skin back and the forward very slowly, staring intently at my cock. He did it once then twice and then a dozen times more.

My cock was more than half hard by now as the swollen purple knob continued to appear and then disappear with each stroke of Dave's hand. I liked what Dave was doing. It felt good and I wasn't really thinking about stopping him. More surprising yet, I knew that he liked it too. I looked down to see that the six inch limp dick that had dangled between his own legs was now a nine inch rock hard erection.

I sat beside him, reached down and wrapped my own hand around the nine inch fuckstick of another man. He smiled at me as I began to stroke him. His smile grew as I slid my hand faster and faster up and down that enormous thick veined cock. He began to match me stroke for stroke. My hand slipped under his ball sac and gently massaged his nuts. He copied my move and as I grew closer to orgasm, his hand moved further under me and slipped his finger into my ass. I never felt so good as when my cum began exploding from my cock. Less than a moment later, he began to cum as well. We continued to stroke each other as two geysers of cock cream erupted into the air and splashed down on our arms and legs and bellies.

When we could move again, we walked into the shower. We washed the cum and the sweat and the dirt from one another as we explored each other's body with eyes and hands and lips. When Dave's cock grew hard once more, I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth. I slipped my lips up and down that rigid cock trying to take it deep into my throat. I feasted on it an enthusiasm I never felt before for anything, until I was at last rewarded with a blast of warm white cum flowing down my throat.

We went back to the locker room where I lay on the bench. Dave sat in front of me and leaned over to satisfy his own hunger for manmeat and his thirst for cum. I had barely finished feeding him the last blast of jism when he pulled my legs up over his shoulders.
"I've always wanteed to do this to someone," he said, white cream still dripping from his lips.

He entered me slowly, struggling to ease every inch of his long hard cock deep within my ass. It hurt as he stretched my asshole impossibly wide. I yelled in pain and pushed back with anticipation and desire as I felt him slide deeper and deeper into my ass. Then he was in, his belly pressed against the cheeks of my ass, his balls gently bumping against mine. I had a cock in my ass, well deep into my ass and I was in heaven. His first strokes were slow and easy, but as I grew accustomed to the monster inside of me, his strokes grew stronger and faster and I pushed back against his violent thrusts again and again. I came twice as he fucked me. I found myself collapsing on the bench from weakness as he finally deposited his load of warm cum in my ass.

We dressed quickly and left. We were hours late and would be in real trouble if anyone came by. I was limping when I got home. My mother asked me why. I told her that I had a real workout at work.

"That's good," she said. "It will make a real man out of you."

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