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Cleaning The Ashtray

Two seniors at boarding school decide to 'punish' a junior caught smoking…

When I was sixteen-years-old and in the eleventh grade, for my sins, I acquired the disgusting habit of smoking cigarettes. At the boys' boarding school I attended there was a gentleman’s agreement with the senior boys, and the smokers had a special area where they would not be ‘prosecuted.’ For us juniors, however, this spot was off-limits. We always had to find secret places to indulge in our nicotine obsession. Sadly, the secret places were not always secret as one wished and resultantly I always had a shitload of detention to contend with.

Fortunately, there was one place where I could enjoy a cigarette without persecution and that became a favourite daily routine in my existence. The hostel I was in was across from the swimming pool, and at eleven at night when the house masters had done their final patrol, I would sneak across and enjoy a leisurely smoke, or two, in the change room. The change room had slatted built-in wooden seating around the internal perimeter and at the far side, showers to the right and toilets and a long urinal to the left.

On one particular warm evening, I decided to put my swimming costume on and with a towel draped over my shoulder, made my way to pool. Once there, I decided that I would first have a cigarette. Relaxing on the bench I lit up, but then as I exhaled a long luxurious puff became aware of someone in the doorway. There was a strong outside light that illuminated the interior of the change room through the long, high narrow windows, which faced the pool. I was therefore clearly able to see who the figure was.

Marc was a senior and one of the studs at the school. He was a brilliant swimmer and water polo player and had the typical body that one would expect of someone proficient in these disciplines. Not only was Marc beautifully built, but he was by far the best-looking guy in our school. Also wearing swimming trunks and with a towel draped over his shoulder, he moved toward me.

Naturally, I immediately tried to hide my cigarette.

“So, are you enjoying your smoke, Mike?” Marc asked.

Before I could answer another voice could be heard from the entrance.

“What the fuck is going on here?” the voice inquired.

It was Josh, Marc's best friend. Josh was also a good water polo player but he was too chunky to be a really good swimmer. Josh, however, was one of the top wrestlers at the school. For a guy of eighteen, Josh was already incredibly hairy and his large square jaw always had a five o’clock shadow. He wasn’t as good-looking as Marc but could definitely be referred to as ruggedly handsome. With both studs now standing before me, I looked up at them with pleading eyes.

“What should we do with this smoker?” Marc asked Josh.

“Well, we have to punish him,” Josh replied, with authority in his tone.

I began to beg them not to report me, reciting the litany of all the detentions I already had on my hands.

“Nah,” Josh interrupted me, “You must be punished.”

Marc then interjected and addressing me, said, “Tilt your head back and open your mouth.”

I did as told. Bending forward Marc sniffed at my mouth.

“Jesus, his fucking mouth smells like an ashtray.” Then after lifting his body up he looked at Josh and said, “Smell that mouth and tell me I’m not kidding.”

Josh now leaned in and concurring replied, “Fuck, bro, you’re right. We are definitely going to have to clean this fucking ashtray.”

I had a vision of having soap being put in his mouth and most probably having my head flushed down the toilet. As anxious as I was about that likelihood, it was infinitely preferable to more detention. Strangely, I found myself quite turned-on by my predicament. Here I was alone with the school's two studs, entirely at their mercy. I really had to concentrate rather hard not to pop a boner because of my ‘dilemma.’

Next, Josh ordered, “Stand up and take your trunks off.”

What surprised me was that both guys also now began to remove their swimming costumes. Following on that, I was led off to the shower area after being gripped by both arms.

Thank goodness it’s not the toilets, I thought to myself.

Once there I was told to get to my knees. Moving behind me Josh cupped my head in his hands and told me to open my mouth. Before me, Marc took hold of his knob and commenced pissing in my mouth. I was shocked initially but incredibly intrigued at the same time because having the best-looking guy at the school pissing in one’s mouth felt like an honour to me. The taste was really not so bad and even though I swallowed a bit of the sap, it didn’t gross me out. It took a good minute and a half for him to empty his bladder.

After he finished pissing he slapped the sides of my face with his dick a few times. Then, bending over, Marc again sniffed my mouth.

“Still smells like an ashtray,” he announced, as he lifted his torso. “Definitely going to need some more cleaning,” Marc concluded.

The guys now swapped positions. With my head in Marc’s hands, Josh took up station before me. Unlike Marc who was cut, Josh had a really ample cock-snout on his fat uncut knob. As Josh began pissing my entire head was sprayed with piss. He was also more animated than Marc and doused my entire body, before frequently returning to mouth.

Josh obviously also had a far larger bladder than Marc because I was drenched by the time he finished. Josh also slapped my face afterward with what was fast becoming an erect cock. Like Marc had done Josh now also leaned forward to again sniff my mouth.

“Bad news,” Josh announced, lifting up afterward, “It still smells like an ashtray!”

“Jesus, bro, what the fuck do you think we will have to do to get rid of that smell?” Marc asked, with a definite tone of playfulness in his voice.

“Do you think we should try cum?” Josh answered Marc, trying hard to suppress a laugh. Then, looking down at me he said, “I’m afraid there’s more punishment on the way.”

Punishment…? I thought to myself, incredulously.

Marc now took a firm hold of my head and pulling it into his crotch I could clearly feel a stiff dick at the back of my neck. Josh then aimed his now rigid knob at my mouth, which I allowed free entry. As his hips stirred he placed his hands on Marc’s shoulders to anchor himself. From the sounds above me, I was sure that the two of them were kissing. After their bodies encased my head in a warm embrace, I reflected upon the fact that I never before been more stimulated in my life. As Josh’s cock took complete control of my mouth I lowered my right hand and began to tug on my knob.

I have no idea how long their sensual dance surrounded me but never before, in my entire life, had I ever felt the level of contentment that their ‘punishment’ was ‘inflicting’ upon me. I was in an instance like no other, and there was not another place in this world where I would rather have been at that moment. Ecstasy, bliss, heaven, call it whatever you like. This is exactly where I wanted to be. After an age in paradise, Josh finally shot his load and the taste was fantastic.

Without the obligatory ashtray inspection afterward, I scouted Josh’s dick for any leftover residue. Next, the guys swapped positions. Marc now took control of my mouth and another era of pleasure followed as the guys continued their kissing and ashtray cleaning. My first load was already on the shower floor and a next was soon to follow. Although Josh had a bigger bladder than Marc, when Marc finally came he unquestioningly stamped his authority in the spunk department. I had to swallow like crazy to imbibe the volume from his nuts. As I stood up after our session the guys suggested that we have a swim. This was done in the nude.

Upon returning to the change room thereafter, Marc fondled his dick as we were drying off.

After lifting his hand to his nostrils and with an impish grin he said, “Fuck, Josh, you would’ve thought that after our swim the ashtray smell would have washed off our knobs.”

After handling his own cock Josh also raised his hand to his nose, “Fuck, you’re right, bro; my dick still smells like an ashtray.”

“What do you think will get rid of this smell?” Marc asked, mischievously.

I stood looking at two pairs of eyes boring into me. I knew that the moment of truth had arrived and that I was about to lose my cherry. I would have been happy to have either guy claim it, but secretly hoped that it would be Marc. My dream was realized when Marc moved behind me and pushed my torso downward. With my hands anchoring me on the wooden slats, Marc prepared for his entry with copious amounts of spit. Shortly, Marc began his excavation.

Uncomfortable as it was, the mental stimulation that overcame me negated my discomfort. I smiled through the pain thinking that I would forever remember this moment. Not long after, with Marc holding still in my butt I glanced backward and saw Josh moving in behind him. As Marc’s torso rested upon my back, I was sure that Josh was penetrating Marc from the low groans I heard emanating from him. Shortly, a train of gratification got underway as Josh began to supply the momentum.

Serenely, a motion of contentment began its inexorable drive toward the next station of fulfilment. Marc was the first to unload given his double stimulation. After he did, Marc moved aside and allowed Josh to provide me with the second helping of jizz. I was particularly pleased when I was incorporated into a three-way kissing ensemble, afterward.

With six weeks to go to the end of that school year, I regrettably only had several more sessions with Josh and Marc in the changing room. Sadly, they would be off to college the following year, but gladly as a senior, I would no longer have to endure the torment of my ongoing detentions.




Several years later, I crossed paths with Marc and Josh in a gay bar one evening. We instantly recognized one another and Josh and Marc had gone on to become a gay couple. For the next hour or two, the three of us reminisced about our antics in the change room. Strangely, I had given up smoking but both Josh and Marc had taken up the habit. After a couple of hours, they asked me if I would like to accompany them home.

As we made our way I reflected upon the fact; that I should’ve had a piss at the bar because my bladder was almost bursting. With a smile on my face, I wondered if I would get to cleanse ashtrays that evening.




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