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Close Your Eyes

Tags: dream,
A night of fun, films and friendliness turns into much more.
I walk in the door, and I'm instantly amazed at how luxurious his house is. It's weird, for him being my best friend, this is the first time I've ever set foot in his house.

He takes off his shoes and kicks them to the side, but if I were to do it, it'd feel too informal for such a grand house. He nods to the stairs and I'm guessing he's telling me to go to his room. "I'll be up in a minute, do you want a drink?"

"Anything will do me." I say smiling at him.

I walk up the stairs and as I'm doing so, I can't help but admire the paintings that I can see at the second floor, and as I'm doing so I trip. I put my hands out, catch onto a step, and pull myself up with a blushing face of embarrassment, even though no-one saw me.

I head into his room, and he joins me quickly, he places his drink beside him, and hands me mine, I place it down and quickly put in the disk. I've always been a fan of zombies, and Sci-Fi movies, so he was surprised when I picked the Resident Evil franchise, I doubt we'll watch all of the films, but we can get through a few, and then watch the few he picked out too.

Pretty much all of the sweets have been eaten, I'm full to the brim, shattered, and we've seen about 5 movies in the one day. "Want bottom or top?" he asks as he's laying out the pillows and fixing the sheets.

"I don't mind being bottom or top." I say, and then notice how sexual it sounds after I've said it.

"Fine, I'll go bottom" he says, and replies with a little wink.

I reply with a yawn, and get settled in. I've never been one for pyjamas, or even shorts and a t-shirt, and I've told him this several times, but he didn't mind. So here I am, in his extraordinarily comfy bed, with nothing but my well-toned body and a pair of tight boxers on.

My eyes open as I feel a warm presence against my back. But it ventures around my body as his hands stroke my abs, my legs, my ass. His hands have touched pretty much my whole body, before he decides enough is enough and puts his hand down my boxers, and starts stroking my cock. Surprisingly, it's not long before it's hard. Of course I'd dreamed of this, I'd loved him, but had he loved me? Had he dreamed of this?

His hands stop touching me, but his warm chest is still pressed against my back, I go to pull his hands back onto my body, but he does this quickly enough on his own, and I can now feel his naked body against mine. He'd took no time to pull off his t-shirt and boxers. His left hand rubbing along my body, ranging from my pecs, abs, to my ass, and his other hand rubbing off my cock.

"I'm going to fuck you now." He whispers into my ear, and has me begging for him to do so. He pushes his cock against my hole, and it's not willing to budge. "We're going to have to fix that now, aren't we?" His hand comes off my body, and quickly pulls out the bedside drawer, and reaches for a bottle of what I can only assume is lube.

He's squeezed it out onto his hand and rubbing it into the other, before using one of the hands to rub the lube onto his cock, and the other to rub it onto my ass. After minutes of preparing with a little tender love, care and fingering, I'm wide enough for his cock. It's so exciting, pre-doing it for the first time. His head pushes against my ass, and enters slowly, I want to scream for almighty God, but it'll wake his parents, his sister, everyone in the neighborhood. So I bite my lip, squeal quietly, and allow myself to become used to his cock, and once I've done that I nod slightly, enough just for him to get his cue, and push in until his stubble of a pubic hair touches my tail bone.

A load of pushing in and pulling out happens, which releases pain and pleasure into my body. This results in some loud squeals and quiet moans. He keeps rubbing my cock, kissing my neck, and rubbing my body.

Within minutes, I've came over his bed, and he's came inside my body. We both breathe loudly, and gain our energy back through sleeping.

I wake up, and no one's behind me, but my feet have heat against them. I feel my boxers, and either I've pissed myself, or had a wet dream. And I think I know which it was. But... How is my ass sore then?

His body cocks up at the feeling of the duvet moving, and he looks at me. "How was last night?"

"Erm..." I say nervously, remembering my little dream. "Good, how about for you?"

"Well, you were definitely not bad yourself."

And that's when I know I never had a wet dream, I just had my virginity taken.

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