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Coach said, training always pays off

There is always something new to learn.
With bags in hand we got in the elevator and headed up to 4th floor and room number 415. Coach Jim slid the key card and opened the door. Bob and I ran in and jumped on a bed, claiming this bed to be ours. Both coaches just laughed, told us that bed assignment was left up to them, and it was time to clean up and get ready for bed.

Bob was my new best friend. We had a lot of things in common. We even had birthdays in the same month. He and I are both going to be eighteen next month. Also, his swim coach had seduced him. Plus, both our coaches had said that we could pass for brothers, because of our size, height, and lengths of our cocks.

Coach told me that he and I will shower first. Stripping off my clothes, I made my way to the shower. I started the water and Coach stepped in behind me. As I was bent over to adjust the water temperature Coach started to rub my ass. We both stepped in the shower, and let the water cascade over us.

Not sure if it was the warmth or the feel of his hands, but my cock was hard again. I closed my eyes as he rubbed soap all over me, taking special care washing my ass and my cock. After I rinsed off, he knelt down in front of me and took my cock in his mouth.

He started sucking me very slow, and I enjoyed the softness of his touch. He then told me to grab his head, and fuck his face. I reached and grabbed his hair and started to thrust my cock, in and out of his mouth. With his moaning and sucking urging me on, it wasn't long before I was shooting cum down his throat.

Coach was holding my cock in his mouth. I told him I needed to pee. He just moaned and nodded his head for me to piss in his mouth. I thought that his request was strange, but I complied. I was amazed how good it felt, for someone to hold my cock in their mouth while I pissed.

I had just learned something new. Coach then stood up and rinsed his face off. He then kissed me softly on my on my lips, and I tasted a slight salty tang. I asked him, if he was ready for his turn. He smiled, and said, "oh, I'll get mine in a minute".

I took a wash cloth and started to bathe him off. As I was washing him, I took special care with his cock, balls, and his ass. I even tried to make him come. He just held me off and said, "later". We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. Then we let Coach Jim and Bob know, that it was their turn for the shower.

My body was totally relaxed, and I knew, I would sleep like a baby tonight. Coach had me check in with my folks, letting them know we made it safely, and that everything is fine. After, I lay down on the bed and Coach slips in behind me, spoons with me, and whispers in my ear, "now, it's my turn". With that, he softly bites and kisses my neck.

I felt something cool on my ass crack, and then a finger started pushing some lube up my ass. First one finger, and then two fingers. Now, I had three fingers up my ass. The pain had subsided, and it was starting to feel good. I couldn't wait till he put his cock up there.

Coach finally pulled his fingers out, and I felt his cock head pushing against my ass. I slowly push back, and his cock slid in easily. What a wonderful full feeling it was. Now Coach Jim and Bob, finally come out of the shower. They both asked, "what are you two doing"?

Bob lifted the sheet, and started smiling. He then came over to my side of the bed, and started playing with my cock. Coach Jim went over to Coach's side, and they started kissing. Bob took my cock in his mouth. He started bobbing up and down on my cock, at the same slow pace that Coach was using to fuck my ass.

Bob then turned his body, so I could also suck on his cock. The bed was getting a little crowded. Nobody was trying to hurry things up. We were all, either fucking or sucking slowly, trying to make things last. I looked and saw, that Coach, now had Jim's cock in his mouth.
The only sounds that were heard were soft moaning, and the slurping sounds of sex happening. I was wishing that I could lay there all night, enjoying feel of Coach's cock in my ass, and Bob's mouth on my cock.

It was Coach Jim, who first broke the silence. He started moaning louder, and finally screamed out, "I'm coming". Shortly after Jim started coming, Coach started picking up his pace of fucking my ass. With the faster assault of Coach's cock massaging my prostate, and with Bob, skillfully sucking on my cock, I knew that I would go over the edge.

I starting coming. I had even tried to hold back, but it was no use. With the help from the spasms in my ass while I was coming. Coach started his orgasm, and began shooting come, deep in my ass.

It was like a chain reaction. Jim came, I came, and Coach came. Bob, had not yet come! I started sucking Bob, a little faster. Soon he started moaning and shouted out, "I'm coming". All I could think about, was how good all this had felt, and tasted, and knowing, that I will do this again.

I felt Coaches cock slip out of my ass. My last thought, before I drifted off to sleep was wishing that I had Coach's cock back in my ass.

There is more to come, but that is for another story, and another time.


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