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Cocksucker's Booth 2

Again a true story...
I am guessing this was about three months later I went back to the yellow adult arcade/bookstore. I pulled in around dusk and was somewhat surprised to see only about five cars. Oh well, as always, I could always wank it while watching blowjob videos. I came in and got some change (the machines took bills) and kind of looked around. The main room on the right after you enter the hallway looked dead, no lights on over the booths, nobody waiting. Oh well, would have to check out the left hallway area so I went that way. There was a big "party booth" on the right and there were three booths on the left with only the middle one unoccupied. Cool. Probably teo guys looking for a hot mouth... mine.

 I went in as casually as I could, locked the door (I was once at an arcade and had just started sucking a good old fashioned 6 inch cut cock through the hole when some asshole opened the door on me and just stared). The booths had glory holes, but they were not the size of toilet seats like the other hallway, more like square cut through areas about the size of an average hardcover book. I looked to the right and some guy was just standing there fully clothed playing with himself. OK, not quite yet... I looked to the left and there was this black guy with a no kidding 10 inch cock sitting there slowly stroking it and watching the video. He did not see me nor look my direction. I put 10 in the hopper and selected whatever was playing, I don't know. I then sat down on the chair and leaned over and ran my finger along the bottom edge of the hole. There was no response. I kept doing this for about two more minutes and then it became obvious to me he was not interested. OK, so I decided to turn around and see how the other "customer" was fairing getting himself hard. Holy shit! he was fully naked now with a red-haired bush and rock hard seven inches or so staring right in the direction of the my gloryhole. Well, I licked my lips and got my mouth wet and kneeled down at the hole with my lips covering my teeth ready for a face fucking. I did not even have to put my finger through the hole as he stepped forward, thrusting his meat into my mouth. Almost gagged as he kept going and his balls slapped against my chin and the bottom of the hole.

I pulled back a bit and he just held there pressed against the wall as I started working my tongue up and down his shaft and every once in awhile licking the precum off of the piss slit and head. His cockhead was kind of pointy if you know what I mean. After a bit he told me to hold still so I did and he started moving his hips, fucking my mouth in and out. I could taste and feel the precum sliding down my throat. I had no way to massage his balls (and feel when he was about to cum) as the gloryhole was not big enough so it was a bit of a surprise when he just stopped and thrust himself as far as he could into mouth and started shooting his load. I could hear him moan a bit and I thought he was never going to stop cumming as I just swallowed as fast as I could. His cum was actually pretty good and sweet tasting and I had no problem swallowing it all down. He left pretty quickly after that and I decided it was time to go.

I left the booth about 30 seconds after he left his and there was this tall, thin, dark haired guy wearing a baseball cap just standing there in the hallway area by the party booth. He looked at me and I guess he knew that I was probably the cocksucker of the two guys leaving the booths so he said "Hey, does anybody ever use that big party booth?"

"I dunno..."

"Wanna check it out"

"Sure" I said.

We walked into this larger booth (no gloryholes) and he put money in the hopper and port started to
pour out into every corner of the place. He started rubbing his cock through his clothes so I asked him if he likes to give or receive. He said he would like to receive and pulled his pants down as I got on my knees in front of him.

This guy had the biggest bush of black hair and a thick 7.5 inch cut cock sticking straight out of it. I tried first to see how much I could swallow and was able to get it all in but I could not breathe so I just opted for the gobble-suck-pull method (you open wide, take as much cock as you can, then clamp down with really good suction and slowly pull it out of your mouth). After about the fourth gobble he stopped me, saying that if I kept up he was going to cum buckets in my mouth. I told him not to worry and that was the idea of the whole (or is it hole) thing. I started up again and he started moaning so loud I thought people were going to hear it outside. Then all at once he grabbed my head and shoved it down my throat and started squirting his semen. He then pulled it half way out and kept on dropping his load on my tongue. I was doing my best to swallow but this fucker was not stopping! Also, his cum did not taste quite as good as the earlier guy and I was just about drowning in it when he finally stopped, rubbing the last drop over my lower lip.

"I warned you....." he whispered....

"Glub" was all I could say....

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