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Cocksucker's Booth

True experience in an adult arcade
OK, if you are like me you like true stories, simply because you know it happened... This was a few years back and happened pretty much the way I describe. I will try to leave out some of the non-interesting stuff...
 I was out driving through this town outside of a big city and I knew there were some titty bars and adult shops there so I exited and drove on up the road a mile or so until I saw the ADULT signs. I was already a little hard just thinking about slurping down a nice cockmeat sandwich.... So I pulled into the parking lot and there was this yellow building. Hmm, hope they have gloryholes...

I stepped inside and nodded to the girl behind the desk and noticed in the semi darkness that there was a hallway to my left and one pretty much straight ahead. I opted for the one straight ahead and it turned right and it was pretty much really dark except for the red lights above the booths. There were three or four guys just standing on the right leaning against the wall.
I guessed that the booths were full and they were just waiting. I'd say there were five booths.

The first one was empty but I saw no hole either. The next two were occupied and so was #5, leaving #4 empty. Just as I got there one of the guys went in and closed the door. He was only in there about two minutes but I saw as he went in that there were gloryholes on either side, well, if you could call them gloryholes.

They were cut about 24 inches high and 18 inches wide. Since the connecting two had lights on this seemed like the "cocksucker's booth". Damn. I was just about 30 seconds too late!

But, like I said, he came out after about two minutes and just left. I looked to see if anybody else was going in (hey, it was not my turn) but nobody did, so I went in, locked the door, and fed 20 into the video machine. It was going to be all or nothing here. I had figured he had wanted to suck cock but #3 and #5 apparently did not want to feed theirs to him. I sat down and looked to the right.

#5 had a middle aged man with a 7 inch somewhat thinner cut cock and he was slowly sliding his hand up and down to the music coming from his video. OK, does not seem interested...

Then I turned to the left and this guy was probably 30, standing up facing the screen, and had no pants on whatsoever. I could see he had a big tuft of red public hair that just shot out from above his almost seven inch thicker cut cock. OK, if they don't want blowjobs I can get hot just watching these guys shoot their loads.

Not expecting anything though, I slowly put my hand up to the bottom of the hole and just laid it there.

As I watch, he turns toward me, then brings his whole body up to the hole and lets go of his cock so it just kind of dangles there slightly, staring me in the eye with it's one eye..

Sigh... I slip out of the chair onto the (oddly enough) clean floor. I lean forward and just lick the head of this cock and get a cool drop on my tongue. He spreads his legs lightly and I make a fist with my left hand and start masaging under his balls. I lick forward and back on the shaft and then all of a sudden he grabs my head by my ears and pulls me onto his cockshaft down about half way. I have to gulp to take it in.

Then, he slowly starts pulling my head into his booth and all the way onto his cock until the pubic hairs start tickling my nose. He then slowly starts to facefuck me. After about a minute he increases the speed and you could hear the noises fairly loudly.

I am sure the guy in #5 heard them and was probably watching, and they heard it outside too. GAG, as the cock went in my mouth, SLAP as his balls slapped my chin with some force, and SLURP as I held my lips tight and he pulls it out. GAG-SLAP-SLURP.

At this point I use both hands and grab his naked ass to help steady me as he fucks my mouth in and out. Right now I am just a mouth pussy as I see his pubic hair come forward to my nose and eyes and I feel his low hanging balls slap against my chin. He was fucking hard now, buring his cock down my throat as far as he could get it and I could feel his nutsack on my lips.

I really did not have too much time or control for technique at this point... All of a sudden I hear the door try to open, but I had locked it pretty well. The guys in the hall wanted to see the show.... I felt his balls get tighter as they slapped my chin, then his cock got really hard and I felt it pulse. He pulls it out about half way and then I think I tasted the sweet cum slightly before I felt the load hit the back of throat.

He pulled out a bit, then slammed hard in again and shot another stream straight down my throat. Next, he started doing some short, fast thrusts and his cum just sort of splashed out on my tongue. I was starting to wonder if he was going to run out before I drowned in cum when he slowly pulls out for the last time and just stays standing there. I took my tongue and wiped all around his cockhead and shaft, cleaning up and finally licking the last drop off the top of his cockhead.

So, he pulls up his pants and walks out and I can see in booth #2 that this guy was watching me. He had thick black hair, lots and lots of pubic hair and an 8 inch cock (really don't see many of those in a gloryhole despite the stories).

As I watch, he dresses and leaves the booth. OK, glad I was an inspiration to somebody...

OK, now just as soon as I look, the guy in #5 has his big cock damned near touching my ear on the right. OK, I guess he watched and knew what kind of a cocksucker I was. I got down again and looked up at his stiff cock standing almost straight up. A drop of precum was sliding down the underside so I just leaned in and licked it all the way back up where it belongs.

"Suck it" he says, so I just start massaging his balls with my left hand like the other guy and simply opened wide and slid down his cock.

This guy was not going to do anything so I did all the work. One of my techniques is using my lips from the side of a cock and jacking him off with my mouth. A couple of these got him even harder and I got up again and started bobbing up and down on his meat in earnest.

"Yeah, good, suck that cock you a minute I'm going to cum in your mouth".

I love it when guys talk dirty. I swallowed all of my spit to make room for his sperm just in case he was telling the truth. Sure enough, about a minute and half later he all of a sudden tenses up and just starts shooting cum all over in the inside of my mouth and down my throat. It was coming out of the sides of my mouth as he came so fast and I could not hold it all. This cum was not quite as sweet but was really thick and slippery as I swallowed it down. He says "thanks", dresses and leaves.

Then I notice that the guy that had been in the #2 booth with the big hairy cock was offering it to me on the left side. I still had cum in my mouth from the last guy when I turned to the left and started licking his hairy nuts...

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