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Colin's Noisy Neighbour

For the third night that week, Colin lay awake, staring at the black ceiling, alone in his small dorm room, unable to block out the noise from his neighbour's room. He was 'entertaining' a lady friend, a different one from the last time, and the time before. Colin could tell from the tone of her squealing and moaning and the way she yelled, "Stephen," as she audibly climaxed.

He could feel his own cock ache with envy from underneath his duvet. He hadn't been with anyone in months and longed for the feel of someone's hot flesh against his skin. He had hoped the start of his third year at university would see the end of his dry spell, but the first few weeks had proved fruitless. The most action he'd gotten was some girl grinding up against him on the dance floor at the Student Union and, though Colin would never have said it, she was no prize mule, even if Colin was that way inclined.

Much to Colin's grave annoyance, the only person he had been remotely attracted to was the person whose bed-springs were now squeaking at an ever-increasing rate in the next room. From the moment he saw the tall, athletic figure of the first year, he knew he wanted him. And what was, at first, purely physical attraction soon became an infatuation as he got to know this funny, intelligent and jaw-droppingly good-looking guy. They were friends from the start, but Colin quickly found that it would never be anything more.

After only two days in town, Stephen virtually had a procession of girls, usually drop-dead gorgeous, wearing out the hinges on his door and the headboard on his bead. Stephen was the definition of a guy's guy. He loved to play sports (Colin often tortured himself by going to watch his basketball games), play CoD and drink beer with his buddies. He was beautiful, but not in the least bit vain. It seemed to Colin that the less effort he put into his appearance, the more fantastic he looked.

A pause in the proceedings and murmurings of how amazing it was. Heavy breathing relaxes until Colin's room is almost silent. Maybe I can get some sleep now, he thinks to himself, still ignoring his throbbing member, almost ashamed to be turned on by the sound. He pulls the covers over him as he rolls onto his side.

Colin himself was no bad-looking boy. He was shorter than average, but well-proportioned. He was slender and quite fit, and he was always well groomed. Thick-framed glasses normally featured on his clear-skinned, shaven face. In fact, his sexual drought was a bit of a mystery to both him and his closest friends, who were mostly female. Even his impeccable fashion sense and inevitably irresistible scent couldn't bring so much as a one-night stand his way. So unlike his first year, when the traffic through his room could have rivaled that of his current love interest. That was back in his bisexual phase. Surprisingly, he had quite a way with the ladies in the bedroom, and there was some disappointment when he finally shut and locked that closet door behind him.

Colin was just beginning to doze when, evidently, it was time for round two. They began to go at it again with renewed vigour, and with increased volume. He could hear Stephen's grunts and groans as he slammed his cock into the girl (Georgina, apparently) and couldn't help but imagine himself in her position, being pounded repeatedly by that blonde hunk that he wanted so bad.

Colin reached down under his duvet and felt the tip of his penis, oozing with pre-cum just at the thought of Stephen. He pulled down his cover to his knee, exposing his naked torso and his hard dick. He stroked it softly at first, but was soon masturbating rapidly to the rhythm of the energetic couple next door. It didn't take long for him to ejaculate all over his hairy chest and belly.

Wiping himself down with a nearby towel that was destined for the laundry room already, he got up and groped about his desk for his iPod. The noise from next door had ceased, but Colin had known Stephen to go up to four times in one night, or at the very least continue to orally pleasure his 'friend' until the wee hours, so he pushed in the headphones and before long had drifted off with the sound of Ultravox (his favourite) in his ears.


The next morning, Colin woke with a beam of sunlight spilling in through a gap in his curtains hitting him squarely in the face. He yanked out the now silent headphones and tossed them with his lifeless iPod onto the bedside table. After pulling on a pair of running shorts (not that he had been running in a while), he grabbed a clean towel and headed for the shower. The shower was shared between him and the three other guys in his corridor.

Usually he didn't have any problems getting straight in, but this morning someone had beaten him to it so he went and took a piss before waiting in the corridor, towel over his shoulder. He heard the water stop running and someone quickly drying themselves off on the inside of the shower room door. The lock clicked and out stepped Stephen, wrapped only in a towel that was, frankly, too small. His bare chest still glistened from the steam of the shower, his hair tussled and, in Colin's eyes, sexy as hell.

Stephen flashed a smile at his half-naked neighbour standing across from him and Colin could do nothing but clear his throat awkwardly. There was a visible bulge in the thin towel, evidencing the rumours of Stephen's generous endowment, and a portion of his muscular thigh was in plain sight. Colin noticed this and felt his face flush momentarily as he turned his head upwards towards the piercing blue eyes of the man, not boy, that stood there.

"Sorry I was so long in there, I needed a nice long shower after last night." Colin responded to Stephen's wink with a half laugh and a look towards his feet.

"That's alright, I just came out," he said whilst mentally telling himself to stop acting like a bloody schoolgirl with a crush.

"I didn't keep you up last night, did I? I know how thin these walls can be." He grinned broadly at Colin, whose knees nearly gave way. He was not prepared for this so early in the morning.

"Nah, didn't hear a thing," he lied.

He didn't really feel comfortable telling a guy he liked that he had heard him having rampant sex the night before. A few moments of silence passed before he decided to make a move past Stephen toward the shower. Stephen stopped him with a gentle hand.

"Hey, listen. You work out right? I wondered if you fancied hitting up the gym with me later, say around three?"

Colin didn't really work out, but he had been to gym a few times, usually to try to pick up guys. As a teenager he had been a swimmer, but he hadn't done that in a long time either.

"Yeah, sure, sounds great. Make it half three though, so I can swing by here after class to pick up my stuff."

"It's a date." Stephen shot another wink his way and headed for his room. Colin watched him as he went, very much liking what he saw. When he got into the shower, he turned the temperature right down and stood for a while, cooling off.


Stephen was standing at his door, talking to the cleaner when Colin returned from his afternoon class. "Hey, geek," he smiled, as Colin came through the corridor door, "You good to go?"

"Yeah, let me just grab my gym bag."

He let himself into his room and exchanged his brown leather book bag for his old disused gym bag. With one deep breath, he returned to the corridor and smiled up at Stephen. This was all he had thought about all day, silly as it seems. His lectures had not been spent taking useful notes, or even paying much attention, but thinking of witty conversation starters and funny anecdotes to tell, should the need arise. They had only hung out together half a dozen times or so, and never just the two of them. Colin knew this wasn't actually a 'date', but he was just as nervous as though it were. Saying their goodbyes to the cleaner (and Stephen his apologies for the state of his room), they set off for the Sports Centre, about five minutes away.

No one said anything for a couple of minutes and Colin felt the awkwardness in the silence. He had to break it.

"So," he started bleakly, "When's your next basketball game? I was thinking I might come along again, I do love to cheer on the home team."

"Next Tuesday," Stephen brightly responded.

This had the effect of putting the whole situation at ease and Stephen started rambling on about basketball and the team and the coach. He seemed in his element, and Colin was more than happy to listen. He listened so intently, in fact, that Stephen had to stop him from almost walking into a lamppost. They both laughed as they headed up the ramp into the Sports Centre.

The locker room was almost empty, with just a couple of guys on their way out. Colin sat down on a bench and started removing his stuff from the bag. Stephen sat opposite and did the same. They had begun to talk about their courses and Colin scoffed at Stephen's complaints of a heavy workload, remembering how easy his first year had been compared to now.

"Yeah, but it's hard to find time to do the work when your 'social life' is as hectic as mine, if you know what I mean," Stephen said with more than a hint of innuendo as he pulled his t-shirt off, giving Colin another good look at that magnificent torso.

He knew exactly what Stephen meant, and let out a short laugh by way of reply. He wanted nothing more than to jump him there and then, a thought cut short by some hairy, overweight guy entering from the shower room, who proceeded to remove his towel to dry himself off. Stephen, behind him, mimed vomiting at the sight and Colin fought hard to stop from bursting out laughing, instead concentrating abnormally hard on tying his trainers.

They worked out together for just over an hour, talking for most of the time. This is so comfortable, thought Colin, it's like we've known each other for years. Stephen was much fitter than him, but he tried not to let it show. He waited until Stephen went into the weight room and then rested for ten minutes, panting and guzzling water. He thought of what it would be like if Stephen were his boyfriend, what it would be like to kiss him, to fuck him…

Colin snapped out of his daydream and could feel he had a semi. He quickly scanned the room but the gym was practically empty. Double checking that his slight boner wasn't visible, he hopped on a treadmill beside some sporty-looking girl with a look of unwavering determination on her face. Earlier, he had watched with envy as Stephen checked her out. She stopped running and wiped the sweat from her face as she headed for the female changing room. As she came up to the door of the weight room, Stephen emerged and nearly collided with her. Colin could see him begin to chat her up and pumped up the incline on his treadmill, his jealousy and anger growing. Stephen emanated confidence and the stunning red-head was powerless to resist his advance. There was audible laughter and they exchanged numbers before Stephen headed towards the treadmills.

"Well, I now know what I'm doing tonight," he said smugly as he took up the girl's place on the neighbouring treadmill. "I'll just do ten minutes on this and we'll go, alright?"

Colin nodded, but didn't say anything, still running at full pelt. Eventually his anger ebbed and he remembered that Stephen wasn't his and was free to do what, or who, he wanted. They were laughing again as they walked back to the locker room. He would just have accept Stephen's sexuality and make the best of being his friend.

It dawned on Colin, as Stephen peeled off his sweat-soaked tank top, that he was going to see him naked in the shower. For some reason, this had never crossed Colin's mind until now, and the thought excited him. But he was going to have to try hard to keep his 'excitement' at bay, to avoid an awkward situation. He retrieved his towel from his locker and began to strip off himself. After untying his trainers and slipping them off, he sat up and looked across.

And there it was, Colin's holy grail, dangling there, almost close enough to touch, or suck… He snapped back and continued to undress with a forced nonchalance. But it never left his mind. It was bigger than he had heard, probably bigger than any he'd had before, even flaccid. He breathed a sigh of relief when Stephen walked off to the shower room without him, he had to try to get this erection to die down a bit before he went in. This is going to be tough, he thought.

He hung up his towel and stood under the shower with only an inconspicuous semi. Colin was quite well-endowed himself, but nothing like the awe-inspiring dong of the man opposite. Stephen was already lathering himself in soap and fondled his genitals as he did so. Doing his best not to stare and putting all his energy into not getting hard, Colin began to wash himself. At one point he looked up and saw Stephen's perfect ass before he turned round and flashed his own semi-hard cock. He gave it a few absent-minded strokes as he continued to rinse himself off, inadvertently taunting his admirer.

Colin faced the wall and turned down his shower's thermostat, resolving to have a good, long wank as soon as he was back in his room. When he turned around again, Stephen was just standing, enjoying the water pour over his body. Their eyes met, and then Stephen turned his shower off and went to grab his towel. I should get a fucking medal for that, thought Colin, sad it was over, but relieved.

Stephen already had his underwear on when Colin joined him in the changing room again. He wasn't so chatty now, Colin noticed, probably tired from the workout.

"I'm heading into town to pick up a book from the library, wanna come with?" offered Colin.

"Nah, I'm just gonna head back to hall and get ready for tonight," he grinned back, although he seemed less enthused than he usually did when he was meeting a girl. "Maybe see you at dinner, yeah?"

"Yeah, sure." They left the gym together but barely said two words to each other as they walked the fifty yards before parting ways. Great, Colin thought, another torturous night with stud-boy next door, just what I need after that.


Stephen didn't come to dinner that night, and no amount of staring at the dining hall door was going to change that, Colin realised. Was he avoiding him? He hoped he hadn't said anything to upset him. His mind raced through the day, but he couldn't think of anything. Maybe he had caught him looking in the shower. Colin had tried his best, but had snuck a few surreptitious peeks. Eventually he decided he was being ridiculous and he was probably just preening before his date tonight.

Colin sat up late that night, not having any classes the next day. He caught up on some TV shows online and phoned some of his girlfriends, none of whom fancied grabbing a drink with him, but all of whom wanted to hear the juicy details of his gym date. He hadn't heard Stephen go out and so was conscious to keep his voice down, just in case.

Just as he had stripped off and was preparing for bed, there was a knock at Colin's door. Who on earth is at my door at 3 in the morning, he grumbled as he crossed the room, pulled on his boxer shorts again and went to the door.

He opened it just wide enough to poke his head round, and there stood Stephen. He had a distressed look on his face and stood awkwardly, shuffling his feet. Colin opened the door wider. Stephen was the first to speak.

"I, uh… I'm not really sure why I'm here," he said quietly, "Only I… when we were… I always just, umm… " He was visibly nervous and couldn't finish a sentence. Colin looked on, confused but interested. He had never seen Stephen like this, distressed and awkward.

"Stephen, calm down. What's up? I thought you had a date tonight?"

"No," he replied quickly and then paused. "I, uh… never called her."

"What's the matter? What are you doing… " Colin's sentence was interrupted as Stephen lunged forward and kissed him. Stephen stepped back and the two men stared at each other, illuminated by the light from the corridor.

"Sorry," said Stephen to the awe-struck Colin, "I've wanted to do that for a really long time now." He seemed almost frightened of what Colin's reaction might be.

Colin grabbed his hand and pulled him in for another kiss, this time longer and more passionate. Stephen kicked the door shut behind him and put his arms around Colin's almost naked body.

Colin couldn't believe what was happening. He thought for a moment that he might have been dreaming, but no, this was the real thing. He began to fumble at the buttons on Stephen's shirt, growing desperate to feel his warm body against his own. Stephen undid the last button himself and Colin pushed the shirt forcefully from his shoulders. He ran his hand slowly down the body of the adonis in front of him, pausing for a moment on a nipple and feeling it harden, then over his hard abs. Stephen had pushed his hands under the elastic of Colin's shorts and was now caressing his hips and buttocks. Colin's cock was rock hard.

He ran his hand softly over Stephen's crotch and felt his enormous bulge. They looked at each other and Stephen nodded to let him know that this is really what he wanted. There was a softness in his stare, but an obvious desire. Colin forced his back against the nearby wardrobe and dropped to his knees. He couldn't wait to taste that cock.

Colin unfastened another couple of buttons on the jeans and slid them down Stephen's legs, grazing his thigh as he did so. Stephen's erect cock sprung out, nine inches long, Colin reckoned, as his tight boxers were whipped off and flung across the room. Stephen gasped as Colin put his lips to the tip of his cock and licked at the slit. Colin could taste the pre-cum and licked his lips before taking most of the shaft into his mouth. He started to suck him off, taking more of the huge dick in his mouth with every bob of his head.

Stephen leaned back hard against the wardrobe, his hand clutching at nothing at his side. He let out a moan of pleasure as his cock hit the back of Colin's throat. Colin stroked the saliva-drenched cock a couple of times and then looked up at Stephen, grinning mischievously. Stephen closed his eyes and braced himself.

"Oh GOD!" Stephen shouted as the entire length of his cock slid into Colin's mouth and down his throat. Colin didn't like to brag, but he was an amazing deep-throater. Stephen grabbed the back of Colin's head and started fucking his throat, the wardrobe rattling as his ass pounded off of it. After a while, he indicated he was going to come so Colin retracted his mouth, keeping his lips firmly around the shaft and started jerking him off.

Stephen's entire body convulsed and Colin's mouth filled with his hot seed. He squirted his load into Colin's mouth for about ten seconds, and every last drop was enjoyed and swallowed. Colin gave a satisfied sigh as he sat back on his haunches. Stephen slouched down against the wardrobe, his knees weakened, with delight on his face.

"That was the best head I've ever gotten, it honestly was." He stared deep into Colin's eyes before leaning down and kissing him again, tasting himself on his lover's tongue. He reached down and stroked Colin's throbbing member a couple of times. "Can I return the favour?"

But Colin had something else in mind for his hard-on. "You ever been fucked?"

Stephen shook his head. "No. I've used a few things to help get myself off before, but nothing the size of that" He nodded to Colin's penis.

Without saying anything, Colin led Stephen onto the bed and lay making out with him for a while. Stephen was already beginning to grow hard again and Colin could feel the two cocks rubbing together as their naked bodies heaved against each other. Colin began to gyrate his hips a little to heighten then sensation.

"Okay," said Stephen, gazing up at Colin, "I want you to fuck me. But take it easy, okay?"

Colin chuckled. The guy who had kept him up so many times with his sexcapades, with countless girls, was asking him to be gentle. "Alright then," he said as he rolled off of Stephen's chest and got a condom and some lubricant from his bedside table.

Stephen took the condom out of Colin's hand and removed it from the packaging before slipping it over Colin's cock. He kissed him on the lips, and then his neck, his chest. Colin reached around and grabbed his tight ass, desperate to fuck it. He applied some lube to his anus and slipped a finger in. Stephen was quite tight, but nothing Colin couldn't work with. They continued to kiss deeply as Colin fingered his ass, first with one finger, then two, then three. Stephen was ready.

Colin forced him down onto his back and grabbed his legs around the back of his thighs. He admired the muscularity of them for a moment, and then put Stephen's ankles over his shoulders and spread his ass-cheeks. He rubbed the tip of his cock over Stephen's anus and gently eased it in. Stephen gave a few groans of painful pleasure and closed his fingers tight around the edge of the bed. Colin's cock was three-quarters of the way into his ass. Colin looked up for the final 'go ahead'. "Do it!" Stephen yelled.

Colin began to fuck him, just like he had dreamed he would for weeks, shallow at first to let Stephen get used to his girth. Then he began to take long, deep lunges into Stephen, his balls slapping against his firm rear. He increased the tempo, and the intensity, until Stephen was gasping for breath. Colin fucked him mercilessly, to no complaints. Stephen begged for more, harder, faster, and wanked himself, releasing another massive load all over his chest and face. Colin leaned forward and licked some of the come off his neck. Colin was close, too.

"Come on me," came the voice of Stephen, taking the ass-pounding of his life.

Without hesitation, Colin withdrew and removed the condom. He only had to jerk himself for another few moments before he erupted. He spurted creamy goo all over Stephen, even in his hair. Stephen sat up and licked the last few drops from the end of Colin's deflating cock. Then Colin pushed him back and ran his tongue the length of his torso, tasting the delicious mixture of both of their loads, culminating in a long kiss.

"That was… " but Stephen didn't finish his sentence, leaning back with Colin in his arms, at last.

They lay there for a while, enjoying the intimacy. Colin loved Stephen's scent and could have lain in those arms forever. This was undoubtedly the most amazing thing that could have happened to him. He was in heaven.


They never slept that night, talking instead until the sun came up. They talked about Stephen's repressed sexuality, and how he had always over-compensated by seeing girl after girl. They talked about their mutual attraction, about how they had both been unknowingly dying to be with each other at the gym earlier, about how Stephen "couldn't help but notice that beautiful cock of yours." All night they laughed and they kissed, and they made love again.

Stephen soon became open about his sexuality, and his relationship with Colin, his boyfriend. They were no longer only neighbours, they were best friends, and lovers. And they were happy to lay in each others arms night after night, falling in love.

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