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Coming out

Casey and I had been friends for our whole lives.  Out mothers were best friends when they were pregnant.  Casey and I were both eighteen.  In the ninth grade I started to notice that he was different than the other guys around us.  He didn't like to date girls or play sports.  In the locker room at the gym I often noticed him looking at other guys.  At the time I thought nothing of it.  

One night we were sitting in my bed watching a movie.  Casey had been acting strangely quiet.  He looked over at me.  "Hey Sean?"  He said slowly.  He picked at his finger nails.

"Yeah?"  I replied.  He hesitated.

"Have you... Never mind..." He said.  

I looked at him.  "What Casey? You can ask me. I won't judge you, man."

He glanced at me.  "Have you ever, you know, thought about, um, doing stuff," He gestured to his cock, "With other guys."  He seemed really nervous.  

"Maybe a few times. Why?"  I tried to make it not awkward.

"I was just wondering, if you'd want to try it with me..?" He said the last part quietly. 

I thought about how Casey was my best friend, and I knew he'd do anything for me. I could do this one thing for him couldn't I?  Part of me wanted him bad.  I looked at him.  "Sure."

He gave me a small smile.  He got closer to me.  "I don't want this to change things between us, okay?"  I nodded.  With that he leaned in.  His kiss was like none other that I'd ever experienced. It was passionate and hot and sweet.  When he put his soft tongue in my mouth could feel myself get hard.  We made out for a long time.  After about forty-five minutes he started to massage my hard dick through my jeans.  I moaned into his mouth.  He stopped kissing me.  

"Let's take our clothes off."  He was breathing hard.  I saw lust in his eyes.  We took off our clothes fast.  He kissed me one more time and smiled.  He got on his knees and sat me back on the bed.  He licked the tip of my dick.  Then he slowly put his lips around it. He sucked and licked my cock. I moaned. He deep throated my cock until I came.  When I did cum, he swallowed all of it.  He came up and kissed me again.  "Sean," He whispered in my ear.  "Will you do anal for me?"  I nodded.  He got in doggy style position.  I licked two of my fingers and slowly pushed them into Casey's asshole.  He moaned.  My dick was already hard again.  I took my fingers out and put my tip on his asshole.  I slowly pushed.

"Damn Casey your asshole's so tight!"  He moaned in response. I massaged his dick as I pumped in and out of him.  He moaned again and again.  

"Yeah baby, yeah.  Keep fucking my tight virgin asshole."  He said. I was nearing climax.  

"I'm going to cum Casey." I said in a faint moan.  I came in his ass.  He moaned loudly and collapsed under me.  I pulled my dick out of him and laid down beside him.  He kissed my neck and thanked me.  I grabbed his hand. 

"Let's get a shower."  He smiled and agreed.  We ran to my bathroom holding hands. I turned on the water.  He kissed me hard before we stepped in.  We washed each others bodies.  When we were done washing he put his arms around me.  He put his lips on mine and put his tongue deep in my mouth.  My half boner became whole.  I could feel his hard dick on my leg.  He stopped kissing me.  He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick and put his on mine.  We started to jack each other off.  He kissed me again.  We moaned together.  His dick felt great in my hand, warm and soft.  I loved the way his hand felt on my cock.  I came first, all over his belly.  He came shortly after me on the shower wall and on my dick.

After the shower we dried each other off and laid in my bed, naked together.  We cuddled.  While we cuddled Casey told me he'd wanted this for a long time.  He also admitted that he was gay. Casey and I started to date, and it came as a shock to everyone around us.  But we didn't care what people said.  

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