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Completely Casual

Tags: gay male
Quick story with no build up, Just plain old gay sex. My first attempt at this genre.
"What do you think the team would do if they knew about this?"

I stared down at Joe, completely confused as to why he chose this moment to ask the question. My hands were currently wrapped tightly around my throbbing shaft. His own saliva was sliding between my fingers as I massaged my length, preparing to push deep into his depths.

"I don't know Joe. I honestly don't. We have so many different kinds of teammates. Some would be disgusted, some wouldn't care, and then there's some freaks who would probably love every second of this."

He seemed pleased by my answer as he wiggled beneath me. I took a second to appreciate the beautiful form of my teammate in front of me. We almost always ended up like this, it just felt so natural. After coming off the field so much blood is pumping through our veins. It rushes and goes everywhere, including our cocks. The erections never go down, it's just natural that we would each begin separate masturbation sessions to relieve the aching in our groins.

The first time Joe offered to help me I was alarmed. What kind of boy asks to assist another guy, let alone a teammate. He could sense my reluctance, and it only caused him to act faster climbing into my bed. I opened my mouth to object when his hand wrapped around my length. I decided in that exact moment nothing could be better. It was completely casual between us. There was no romance, just a deep brewing need to spurt our seed deep within someone.

"Nicholas, please."

I refocused on the man in front of me. He was older than me, yet as he was splayed before me I suddenly felt so much control. His form was completely bare and I was mesmerized by his every freckle. His long tanned arms were behind his head, causing his bulging muscles to flex. His eyes screamed, sexual frustration as his swollen lips stared at me. A shiver flew down my spine as it dawned on me, they were so red and puffy because just moments later they had been abused by my cock. His chest was heaving with every breath, beads of sweat were slowly making their way down his abs. His legs were spread far apart, almost like a cheap whore, begging to be taken. The thickness of his thighs were so inviting as he clenched his every muscle, trying to be patient with me. Most importantly of all this, was his extremely erect member. It pointed straight up towards me, I licked my lips wanting so badly to taste him. A trail of precum was sliding down the underside of his shaft, coming together in a puddle on his pelvis.


I looked down at my hands, the angry red head of my penis begging me to penetrate Joseph as well. I nodded slowly pressing forward. The pleased sound of whimpers filled the air as I moved the tips in circles around his entrance. Ever so carefully I moved my hands up his thighs, settling on his swollen balls. His beautiful honey colored eyes slid closed as I massaged them carefully. The intense heat of them inside me pushed me over the edge, I needed deep within him. Taking one last gasp to take control of myself I pushed in.

Immediately my erection was wrapped in a warm sheath of Joseph. A drawn out moan flew out from between my lips as I continued my descent inwards. I was not conscious enough to hear Joe's gasps, his pleads, or his begs. I was in my own world now, desperately trying to reach my own pleasure. My tremblings hands rested onto his chest as his legs wrapped expertly around me. With my eyes clenched shut I began an even steady rate, thrusting deep into him.

It was obvious every time I hit Joe's prostate. His erection would bounce up against my abs, the sweet contact of skin on skin causing him moan loudly. The air was thick with our pleasured grunts as my movements became quicker. He began tightening around my thickness, making my balls tighten against my body.

"Oh fuck..."

I didn't cuss often, but I couldn't help it from escaping in a gravelly voice. The way he felt against me should be sinful... well, it is. That didn't stop me from slowing down my pace at all. The sound of skin slapping on skin got ever louder as I pounded into him. He was completely mine right now, and nothing could make me stop tearing him open with my massive cock. The feeling of his fingernails digging into my skin only made me go harder, his desperate whimpers, his begging, his screams pleading for more of me only made me go even farther.

Before at last with a final climactic grunt I pushed deep within him, releasing rope after rope of my warm cum within him. I could feel everything, the warm feeling of the liquid coming from deep within my body and shooting out, his walls tightening around me with every gush, and my abdomen flexing with every burst. My entire body was trembling as I pulled out, a pool of my semen following my withdrawal.


My eyes focused, their focus no longer blurry from the explosive orgasm. I saw him beneath me, completely trembling. His erection was bouncing rapidly and pouring out precum. His lips were sinking into his teeth leaving various impressions all along the darkened tissue. The normally calm look within his eyes was gone, and replaced by a frantic pleading. I winked at him quickly before sliding down his body and taking the throbbing member within my hand.

He whimpered immediately and thrusted up into my grasp, all I could do was laugh. Joseph had always been the impatient type. My pink tongue flicked out from the bottom of his shaft to the tip of his cock, collecting a delicious amount of precum on the surface. An echoing his escaped his teeth before I pressed my lips forcefully against the tip. His hands flew up and got lost in the mess of curls on my head that I dared to call hair.

Carefully I spread my lips and allowed him to enter the tight confines of my mouth. A slew of cuss words immediately left his mouth as his hips flew foward. My grip stayed tight, allowing him to enter me at a rate I was comfortable. The warmth of his balls, and their tightness against his body were a sign that he was already on that ledge of orgasm. Clenching my eyes shut and pushing away the thoughts of how horrible this was I began sucking with earnest intentions.

The veins of his shaft seemed to be trembling against my tongue as Joe screamed one last time, pushing up violently. I choked on his shaft and slurped heavily, finally rewarded with the first burst of his cum within my mouth. I began sliding my hand up and down whatever length I couldn't swallow. Five more shots fired into my mouth, I swallowed them without thinking. It's what I would want, therefore I gave it to him as his abs clenched repeatedly. His legs kept trying to shut, his thigh muscles clenching with extreme force.

Eventually he began to soften, at which point I pulled off and wiped off my mouth. He was still shaking, it almost worried me that he would experience a seizure with the rate of his tremors. Laughing quietly I whispered, just as I always did,

"Thanks man."

His head nodded slightly as he turned his head to the side, catching his breath slowly. I knew he would fall asleep. Just as he always did. As for me, I slid back into my own bed and slowly played with my softened penis. It just felt too good to quit.
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