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Conference Stress Relief

Businessman enjoys sensual relaxation with local contact after long day at a conference.
As a middle-aged married professional, I can usually only play when I am out of town on business. This was the case when I recently traveled to downtown Louisville, KY to attend a conference. I was somewhat limited, since I traveled with several fellow employees. My hotel was within sight of an adult bookstore/theater, but I dared not go there for fear of being seen. I did however arrange to meet someone whom I had contacted online.

My schedule was hectic, but after the day's meetings and receptions, I did get back to the room mid-evening. My new friend met me soon after at my room. He was 70 yo, semi-retired professional (psychologist), who lived alone (divorced with kids and grandkids) near downtown. I met him wearing nothing but my black thong. He wasted no time in stripping completely and climbing onto the bed with me. He had a large build, not very hairy, with a surprisingly small cock. We were soon engaged in prolonged passionate kissing and stroking. Our mouths soon made their way to the other's growing cock, and we spent considerable time giving one another slow, sensual oral pleasures.

He rolled onto his back with his head on a pillow and I climbed up, straddled his shoulders on my knees, and fed him my throbbing, drooling shaft. I looked into his eyes as the engorged mushroom head of my phallus disappeared between his lips. He was very good, and soon had me at the edge. Not wanting me to cum just yet, he had me get on my knees with my head on the bed and my legs spread. He climbed up behind me and teased my shaved furrow and puckered orifice with his wicked tongue, then proceeded to eat my hungry ass with animal passion. I was moaning and writhing with ecstasy. If he hadn’t had such a small cock, I would have begged him to mount me and fuck me right then. We went back to cuddling and kissing, as I sucked on his tongue, which had just been buried deep in my ass.

After a time of this, I had to briefly interrupt our play with a scheduled call home. As I lay on the bed during the call, he climbed between my legs and gently sucked and tongued my sensitive cockhead. It was difficult to concentrate on the phone call as I watched and felt my swollen knob disappear into his mouth. It took all I could do not to gasp or moan during the phone conversation.

Following the call, I moved down and climbed between his legs, which he spread and hooked over my shoulders. I devoured his cockette. Now it was my turn to tease him. I lubed my finger and played around the puckered opening before burrowing my finger into him and finding his pleasure button. He moaned loudly and gripped my head between his thighs. When he released me, I resumed my sucking, which I continued in rhythm with my finger motions. He would grip my head in his thigh-lock whenever he would get too close, wanting to hold off as long as he could. Eventually, he opened up and with a deep groan, rewarded my sensual ministrations with a mouthful of hot cum. I shared it with him in a kiss (never let good cum go to waste).

After he recovered, he had me lie on my back with my knees raised and spread. He lay on his side next to me with his head on my stomach. He sucked my hard cock as he reached between my legs with his lubricated fingers. As he sucked, he teasingly moved a finger back and forth over my hungry hole, pausing occasionally to barely penetrate the orifice. He was driving me mad, and I was soon begging aloud for him to take me and fuck me with his finger. After what seemed an eternity, he plunged his wet finger all the way in in one thrust.

I was writhing on the bed and moaning unintelligible utterances as he relentlessly milked my male g-spot. He didn’t let up, even when he sensed my prostate becoming rock hard, indicating I was approaching the point of no return. I erupted in a powerful orgasm, accompanied by loud groanings, emptying my pent-up load into his waiting mouth. Returning my earlier favor, he shared his mouthful of fresh male nectar with me in a kiss. We recovered with a relaxed time of intimate cuddling, after which he got up to dress and leave. I enjoyed the lingering aftertaste of cum as I dozed off…..

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