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Confessions of a Straight Guy: Part 2

Now that I've fucked a guy, it's time for my first experience as sucking a cock.
I've been living on this website that I signed up for only 3 short days ago. I can't keep off it when I'm not at work and at work I'm sneaking away to check and see if anyone interesting has contacted me.

A new guy has caught my eye and it just so happens that he's fairly close to my place of business. I usually work during the day but due to some special circumstances I was going to go in that night and work overnight. At first, I tried to convince him to hang out after I got out of work the next morning but he kept insisting that he was too horny to wait until morning. After a little back and forth I obliged and told him I would stop by for a little before heading off to work.

Even though I'd already crossed the line with being a complete virgin in the area of gay sex and having my cock sucked by another guy, I had still not ever sucked another guys cock. On my ride over to his apartment, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. I had checked out his pictures online and he was in his mid thirties, in good shape, fairly short at 5'6", and had a good amount of blonde hair on his chest and stomach. His eyes were what caught me though, they were stunning in the pictures and it felt as though he was staring at me through the computer.

When I arrived at his apartment, he greets me at the door with a big smile, those blueish-grey eyes looking up at me. He invited me in, asked if I would like a drink. I asked him for a water as I had to go to work after finishing up here. He led me to his living room couch and sat down a comfortable distance away from me.

We talked for what seemed like forever. I kept trying to inconspicuously glance over his shoulder at the cable box to check the time. The TV was playing in the background, some country music award show. I hadn't noticed while we were talking but as we were talking he had slowly started to inch near me.

It wasn't until his face was about six inches from mine that I leaned the rest of the way in for my very first guy on guy kiss. His prickly stubble felt similar to sandpaper against my freshly shaven skin, yet I liked the feel of it at the same time. My tongue played a version of hide-and-seek with his as we were lip locked until he had me pinned on the couch. He moved from my lips to my neck which made me quiver, much like my girlfriend does when I do it to her.

He got up to take off his shirt and reveal his well toned body and his good amount of, well maintained, body hair. As I took my shirt off I felt him play with my nipples. Flicking one with his tongue while pinching the other with his hand that wasn't stroking the outline of my now very hard cock through my jeans.

We both then stopped and stood up to finish taking all articles of clothing off. Up until this point I hadn't seen his cock in any pictures on his online profile and he hadn't made any mention of size. As he undid his jeans and slowly, seductively slipped off his Brazilian style boxer briefs, I realized why. His cock was not impressive by any means. It was maybe 4 inches at most with a little bit of thickness. I breathed a sigh of relief in my head because I knew I could get some good practice on a cock that small without having to unhinge my jaw in order to take it.

As I slipped off my jeans, the moment my cock was exposed it was in his hand. He swirled the precum that was building around the head of my cock and then licked his fingers. Next thing I knew he was on his knees kissing my cock, fondling and licking my balls. He pushed me back onto the couch and, lying down, I moaned and panted as he deep throated my entire cock with ease as if he had no gag reflux.

What his cock lacked for in size he sure made up for in his experience of how to suck a cock. He was able to go minutes without coming up for air, each downstroke I was hitting the back of his throat. Finally, he worked his way back up my torso, kissing random areas, stopping at my nipples to suck each one of them and then coming up for a kiss.

At this point I assumed that it was my turn to suck him for a bit. I flipped him over on the couch, which was fairly easy with a guy his size, and started working my way down in a similar fashion as he did to me. I flicked his nipples with my tongue, kissed his torso as I worked my way down to new territory.

"Please be patient with me," I said, "this is my first time."

He looked down at me and smiled, his eyes relaxing me, and said, "I'll let you know if something hurts or anything."

Reassured by this brief exchange of words, I grazed the top of his cock with my tongue, licking off the salty liquid building at the tip of his penis. I opened up my mouth and slowly allowed the whole cock down into my mouth. I made sure that my tongue wet the underside of his cock, where I know I like to be licked. Almost instantly he was moaning and panting. I took his whole cock in my mouth multiples times, up and down. When I went up after multiple times, I stayed with just the dead of his cock in my mouth and flicked it around with my tongue. This drove him crazy.

He pulls me off his cock and says, "fuck my face now."

I positioned myself in front of his face and before I knew it I was thrusting as if I were having sex. If felt so good, he would occasionally graze his teeth under the tip of my cock. It wasn't but a minute or two after I started slamming my cock into his face that I came hard on the back of his throat. He continued to suck my cock until it grew completely flaccid in his mouth. As I withdrew my cock he smiled, a cum and saliva mixture leaking out the side of his mouth.

I quickly worked my way back down to his cock and continued the pattern and rhythm that I'd found the previous time. He moaned and groaned as he got ready to cum. I backed my head away and started to rub his cock with my hands as his hot white cum started to poor out of his cock. I aimed the cum over his stomach because I wasn't ready to get a mouthful of cum just yet.

Once he sat up, he looked at his cum that was all over my hands and lifted my hands into his mouth and slowly licked all of it up. He grabbed a towel and handed it to me to dry off with. Soon after, I was dressed and getting ready to leave his apartment and head on in to work. We said our goodbyes and that's the last I've seen of him.

Once I got to work, I got an email from another guy...

But that's a story for next time...

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