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Confessions of a Straight Guy - Part 3

A continuation of the series, how an online request turned into a quick blow job.
As I'm walking in to work, I check my phone one last time. This new website that I've signed up for has opened me up to a whole new sexual world and it's hard to not keep a constant eye on it. I'm working overnight at a grocery store to decorate for Christmas; not used to the overnight shifts, before I even start, I'm already feeling sleepy. I have a few new unread messages on my online profile.

I open up one of the messages and see: "I have a short amount of time until my wife gets home. I can't host often but have until midnight tonight. I want to drain every last bit of you and let it drip down my throat." I click on the guy's profile and see that he's a bodybuilder in his mid fifties. He's already made it apparent that he can't host often but I have to email him back and explain that I'm stuck at work overnight.

Throughout the night I send a few messages with him back and forth. I tell him I'm still fairly new to the whole sexual world of online male hookups. I'm trying to nicely discourage him from pursuing me but at the same time, I can't stop looking at the pictures of this muscular being with hair in all the right places, nipples that are long and pointy and actively after me. Each time I check my phone and see his pictures my cock starts throbbing and swells up. By the next morning when I get home, I find a small pool of precum in my boxer briefs.

It isn't until later in the morning, when I'm unable to get myself to fall sleep, that I pull up my online profile again. I see a message from him with an address and the time that he is available. It happens to be right now. I message him back that I'll be leaving my house in a few minutes and that he lives about five minutes away.

As I arrive in his neighborhood, a McMansion community ever prominent in our area, I have no trouble finding muscle man's large house. As I get out of my car I take a deep breathe, preparing myself for my third male sexual encounter in less than two full days.

I cautiously make my way up to Muscle Man's door and ring the door bell. I watch through the semi-opaque glass door as a large figure approaches. Too late for me to go, I take a deep breath and tell myself everything will be okay.

Muscle Man opens the door and graciously welcomes me into his house wearing a tank top that barely covers anything with his nipples popping out of both sides, pecs the size of small melons, and short gym shorts without anything underneath.

There seems to be something hiding behind that sinister smile of his, the outline of his cock showing through his thin shorts. He closes and locks the door behind me and says, "My daughter may stop by so we'll have to do this in the basement. There's plenty of places you can hide down there if she comes over."

Before we make our way downstairs, Muscle Man goes over to his computer and opens some kind of bottle and snorts the contents of the bottle up one nostril then the other.

At this point, I wish I had just stayed home. I'm running on three hours of sleep in the last 36 hours and have now witnessed this guy snorting something (which I later realized are "poppers"). Muscle Man leads me down to my basement, taking extra precautions along the way to make sure no one sees me.

Once in the basement, the sliding glass door lock and the blinds closed, he strips off his shirt (as if it were covering much anyway) and gets down to his knees.

One, two, three. My pants are unbuttoned and sliding down my legs. My cock is still soft as I'm somewhat intimidated by this large, muscular, hairy creature kneeling down before me. He pulls down my underwear and quickly slurps up my flaccid cock. Unsure of what to do I moan a little and thrust back in forth.

At some point in the next couple of seconds, sexual inhibition takes over and my cock starts to grow larger and larger. I feel him start to struggle at fitting all of me inside him. Muscle Man starts to choke on my growing cock. I'm not quite fully erect but it still proves to be more than he can handle. He continues to aggressively slurp on my cock while I start to feel more and more comfortable. I reach down and play with his large, pointy nipples. I'm amazed at how large they are and I think to myself he must have spent years and years stretching them or something to make them that long.

It's only a matter of minutes until I start to feel the urge to come. Most likely because of the intimidation I feel at the way he's snarling as he manhandles my cock. I tell him in a hurried breath that I'm about to burst and he continues to go up and down along my shaft at such a rapid pace his stubble starts irritating the sensitive skin on my cock. Whether out of fear, pleasure or both I release my load into his mouth. He swallows it down and continues to suck my quickly flaccid cock, making sure to get every last drop out.

Before I know it, Muscle Man tosses me my shirt and is flashing me that sinister smile again. Glad that this encounter is over, I quickly dress myself as he watches, still stroking his erect penis. "Don't worry about me, I was just happy to be able to choke on your cock and swallow you cum," he tells me.

He shows me out the house and I walk back to my car. As I sit in the driver's seat, I let out a little bit of a laugh as I realize the ridiculousness of the situation. The fact that I was intimidated by this guy who was at least 250 pounds of hairy muscle and all he wanted was five minutes of my time to suck me off and swallow my load.

I drive home and shower. I have two different people's saliva on my cock so I make sure to scrub well in that area. Washed of the last two encounters, I ease on into my bed satisfied with my encounters. Thinking I'm all sexed out, I do what any guy in my situation would do, I turn on my computer and log onto the website that, two days ago, I never even knew existed.

Part 4 will be available soon...

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