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Contracts . . . . (chapter 18)

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Yanni and I were being contracted out and we were liking it.

The relationship with Yanni was going great. We have accustomed to each other in a very short time and we are very happy together. We are constantly enjoying our sex and we try to find our likes and dislikes. So far as long as Yanni fucks me slow and leaves his cock inside me for some time I am happy. Of course his semen inside my boi – pussy is a fantastic experience. Many times I ask him to try two and three times so that I get a lot of semen inside my pussy. What a sexual pleasure that is. I have tried to do the same for him. We love our 69 and we cum in our mouths.

Yanni and I are two different types of gay. He is the gay that God dealt him the card heavy on “X” chromosomes therefore he is effeminate. And I am the one that found his “X” influence later in life. I am not effeminate. So we are the lady and his beau. Although when we are alone in our room having sex, I like his cock inside my pussy and he likes my cock inside his mouth. But we switch often and we both try to do the best for each other. Neither Yanni nor I are “dominant”. We are both sub in the sense that we are both aware of what the other wants and try to give each of us what we want.


With our mistresses Gabby and Nancy we have also a great arrangement. We are main attractions at the Basement and we are getting contracted out for special customers. Both Gabby and Nancy know well that we would always like to go out together. So far we have done that always. Always is three times since Yanni and I became lovers.


The first time we went out together, our customer was another boi. We were told that he has been to the basement and that he asked for both of us. He saw and he liked!!   When we got to his home we immediately recognized him as one of “us” bois on the basement. As a matter of fact, he reminded me that I had already his semen in my pussy. But tonight he wanted a happy evening with three cocks and three holes. We lubed all the holes and were ready to start at the first suggestion. It came from our host when he asked Yanni to fuck him and for me to get ready so that he would fuck me.


We kissed very passionately. We kind of took turns and the one not kissing was sucking . . . . Once we got everybody pretty high on sex, Yanni fucked his boi-pussy and he fucked my pussy. We had quite a good connection. I felt him coming behind me, and felt his cock positioned at the entrance of my pussy. I moved slightly backwards and he went in all the way.   He had a nice cock and I felt it as he went inside my boi-pussy. I felt his cock filling me up and giving me quite a sexual sensation. His cock went by my “G” spot and I wanted him now to go hard and fast on me. Between Yanni and him I was kind of feeling two cocks fucking my pussy. The push from both made my cum arrive sooner rather than later. Our host dropped his load inside my pussy and I felt in heaven. Yanni also released his cum on his insides and we were all happy, happy.


Yanni and I were liking this threesome. WE rested just enough time to have our cocks rise again to the sexual demands we had. We went to our mouths. I sucked Yanni and he sucked me. Again I was feeling his cock which now I could feel that he was bigger than what I felt inside my pussy. I was able to swallow his whole cock and I began really fucking my mouth. I was moving my head up and down fast so that I could get him to cum and fill my mouth with his delicious salty cum. Oh, I was looking to swallow all his cum. It cum and it was great. I heard Yanni saying the he was cum-ing   and I felt him swallowing Yanni’s semen. We really were having a fantastic sexual pleasure. Eventually we did a DP, taking turns, on him and on Yanni. Oh, yeah, they did a DP on me too. WE spent the better part of the night and morning fucking each other in all possible combinations. One of the activities was when Yanni and him took turns in fucking my pussy. Both moving in and out alternatively and both eventually cum filling my pussy with that warm semen. Let me see, Yanni cum first. Then our host, then I asked Yanni to try again and his cock came right up and I got a third load inside my boi-pussy. By now the semen began seeping out and rolling down my legs. I asked our host to do it again, now it was my 4 th load. We did that for a while. I must have gotten 10 or 11 loads. I was full of cum and my pussy was happy with all the liquid. I felt it like going deeper inside of me.


At the same time that loads were going in, the seepage was also coming out. I felt a lot of liquid/cum running down my legs. What a sexual pleasure that was. I   really was feeling sexually satiated. Then we did it for our host and he got a lot of cum inside his pussy. We rested a bit, got dressed and went home. When we got home our mistresses were already sleeping and we decided to turn in and talk with Gabby and Nancy the next day.        


Then the other time that Yanni and I were contracted out was with a couple that had been to the basement also and that had already fucked Yanni and I while we were at the pummel horse. This couple wanted to have a night with us at their home to have our attentions for them only. That is fine with Yanni and myself.


So we got to their home and we found a very pretty home, well furnished and well decorated. This couple was a couple with money. A lot of effort and money had been spent in their house. Once we were in, our hosts explained to us what they wanted. Their main thing was that the lady of the house wanted three cocks inside her three holes. They were proposing that we should leave everything to develop normally and that at the end we needed to culminate the sexual night with all cocks buried inside the woman. I think that Yanni and myself understood well.


So we, Yanni and I,   first undressed them and us. As we were doing that we touched them everywhere and we began sexual approaches. I went down on the man to suck his cock that turned out to be quite big and with a head/bulb very thick and meaty. Sinceat thgis time it was rather limp I was able to get my lips around that delicious bulb. I felt it very smooth and, I was able to get it all in my mouth.  My lips encircled it and I moved my tongue around the bulb and I began feeling how that massive cock began hardening inside my mouth. Evidently this was not the first time that I had a flacid cock to start and that to my sucking I got it hardened. I have had this fabulous situation before. I don't know the rest of you, but for me this is a great performance for gay sex.  I had to let some of the shaft out of my mouth because it was interrupting my breathing. Now I went to savor the full shaft. My tongue spreading all my salive on the shaft so that it could enter my boi-pusy with ease later on. Oh yes, that huge cock was going to penetrate my pussy. I began sucking like a maniac to drain all possible semen from those two beautiful balls. I wanted to dry his balls and drink all his juices. I wanted all the semn that those balls had inside my mouth. I could not engulf the whole cock but the part I did get in my mouth was delicious!!.


While I was sucking, the lady had put on a strap on and she was fucking Yanni with it. Yanni wanted me to know that he was happy. Yanni was telling the lady, in a loud enough voice, that he wanted her to fuck him well and to fuck him hard and fast. Yanni was telling the lady that he wanted all in and that he wanted to have a huge orgasm. Yanni wanted for me to listen to all that so that I would do a good job on the man’s cock.   Yanni’s efforts worked well. I had the man in a sexual high that even he was asking me to suck all and to take all semen from his balls. He was saying what I was thinking. “Suck all the juice from my balls and drink it all”. I was doing well and he cum. It seems that he had been without cum-ing for a long time because he was spurting into my throat,  globs and globs, of delicious man semen. I filled my stomach and asked the man to rest a bit because I wanted his cock hard as a rock so that he could fuck my pussy with that beautiful and huge cock. Oh yes, I wanted him and his tool inside my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast. I told him that I really wanted to feel split in two by that cock. Yanni interjected that mistress Nancy had a strap on dildo a bit bigger than his cock and that I always asked Nancy to use that dildo on my pussy. Many times when Mistress Nancy is fucking me with that dildo I loose all concept of time because the pleasure is so huge that I only have brains for Nancy ’s cock.


So while our host was recuperating, I asked Yanni to lube my pussy well so that I could accommodate that beautiful and huge tool of love. The lady of the house was also taking a breeder. We still needed to plan the 3P. Yes, that is right a triple penetration. So the host returned and we all saw that he was helping his tool to return to its hardness. He was masturbating on a pre-fuck. His cock was coming to be hard. He said, I am ready for you, bitch. I loved that he called me bitch. That is what I felt. I felt as a whore, as a slut, as a low fruit in the food chain of life and I wanted all that cock inside my pussy. Once I had him inside my pussy then I would feel complete.


I turned around, assumed the position over the backrest of a very comfortable chair, asked Yanni to please guide him to my boi-pussy, and I felt him knocking on the door of my pussy. His head/bulb penetrated me quickly and without missing a beat all of him went in . . . . I felt so full!!. He spread my pussy lips wide.  I could see the lips ofd my pussy how they were wrapping that cock and helping me to feel all in/out that my host would have. Oh, yes, there is nothing more beautifull than the lips of a pussy , male or female, encircling the cock fucking that pussy.  I felt my insides so full of delicious cock that I was almost already cum-ing. I knew that I would have several explosive orgasms.


He pulled out, totally out, and I felt that a vacuum had been created inside my pussy. To have that vacuum filled back up real quick. This time I cum. I asked him to bury his cock as far as he could and to leave it there for a minute, or two, and then to simply fuck me hard, fuck me fast, and to split my pussy open.  I wanted my pussy feeling that sex. I can be insatiable once I have such a cock buried in my pussy. Once I have that cock going in and out of my pussy. And he was doing quite a job. Both Yanni and the lady were simply expectators of a glorious fuck. Outside from mistress Nancy and Yanni, I had never had such a great fuck. In – out, in – out, in – out, . . . . .

After a glorious while he began yelling that he was cum-ing. I answered back, fill my insides with your cum. Fill me completely and don’t pull it until all of your juices/semen are inside my pussy. I felt his cock trembling with the normal spasms of cock cum. And I felt the first juices hitting deep in my pussy. My “G” spot warm with male cum, and more juices spurting. I began feeling that the sperm was getting up my “inner pipe”. I swore that I could get sperm up in my stomach. For a brief second I thought “God, get me pregnant with this semen”. “God make me a child now so that I can deliver this man’s baby in 9 months”. Of course, that was only fantasy. But I felt woman!!. I felt that finally God had given me my full gayness. Yanni made me a proud gay and now I really felt so. A very proud gay man. I was proud to be gay. He stayed inside until “his last drop”. I told Yanni that I loved him much. This host gave me the feeling of a gay man that Yanni had but I had not really experienced yet. Now I was gay.  


He pulled out and again I felt the vacuum of the emptiness his cock left inside my boi-pussy.    


There were several differences with this cock. 1st , it was a real male cock, 2nd , it was not a dildo, and 3rd , with Yanni, I have pleasure because it is Yanni, but nothing like this cock.


We all took a bit of rest. I wanted to get myself ready for the 3P. And this cock had to rest after this marvelous cum. We were having a soda and we began planning how we were going to accomplish the 3P. The husband said that he wanted his wife’s pussy. Then Yanni said the he wanted her mouth. I kept my favorite sexual region, her asshole. The husband would lay on his back and the wife would come to impale herself on his tool. Then she would move forward over his chest so that I could penetrate her back door. Yanni would come on her side so that he could fuck her mouth. We began moving for all to get to the planned position. Once we were all inside her, each one of us began trying to move so that we could establish a rhythm so that there would not be any accidental pull out.


Little by little we all began moving. We got to a comfortable fuck and I could sense the lady really enjoying her 3P. I knew that these things happened, I had never seen one nor participated on one. So this was a first for me and I think also for Yanni. We all cum in all the holes and the lady was very happy. She said that she had about three orgasms. She wanted to assume a orgasm per hole. QWe tresyted a bit and began dressing. Ad we were dressing   the couple asked us if we could do it again. Yanni said we would love to do it but they had to speak with our Mistresses Gabby and Nancy. They understood and they said they would.


Yanni and I were hoping to do it again . . .   soon.           

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