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Convinced to Suck My New Friend from the Park

I met an overweight man in the park near my home and ended up sucking his huge cock and balls.
It was a traumatic experience for my wife Cynthia and I when we had to leave our beautiful home on the ocean in San Diego, and move to Atlanta. I am the Group President for a business segment that was sold by our parent company and we needed to move for me to keep my lucrative job.

My name is Ed and at fifty years old, Cindy and I didn’t expect a move like that but we made the most of it and searched for the best neighborhood we could find. We finally settled on a restricted-access development that is known for its parks and wooded trails. I was looking forward to continuing my evening runs on the trails. This story describes a life-changing event that occurred several months ago because of a man I met on one of the trails.

I’m a pretty normal guy at six feet tall and weighing 180 pounds, and I am in good shape from my running and workout regimens. I consider myself to be more of a hard-charging alpha male type. It is important to me to stay in shape. Cindy is beautiful, trim and fit, and we have had an active sex life from before we were married. Therefore, I never have the desire or the need to look for any kind of sex elsewhere.

We got settled quickly in our new home, and I resumed my evening runs. There is a particularly beautiful and hilly trail, that wasn’t heavily used by others, and it winds through thick, mature woods. I really enjoyed the solitude that allowed me to think and solve my problems of the day. I seldom saw anyone else on the trail, except a couple of very attractive women with big breasts and overall beautiful bodies.

After several months running there, I started to see another man running, or rather more like walking fast and trying to run. He is a big, white guy who looks to be about six feet three inches tall, and I’m guessing that he weighs about 270 pounds. He isn’t what I would call morbidly obese, but he probably needs to lose at least 50 or 60 pounds to be at a healthy weight. He isn’t particularly handsome either, but he must have a good job and income to have access to the trails in our community.

The other man and I must have had similar schedules, because I saw him out there almost every evening. He was always huffing, puffing and working hard to keep moving as fast as he could. Then one night I stopped and sat on a bench to rest and enjoy the reverie of the woods, and he came up and sat on the other end of the bench. We exchanged the usual pleasantries. I found out that his name is Maxwell and he doesn’t live too far from me.

Sitting on the bench, I saw that his belly was rather large and his thighs were heavy and thick. Altogether wasn’t a very attractive fellow but he seemed very intelligent and was somewhat soft spoken. We continued to meet on that bench most days and I think we got to know one another pretty well. I enjoyed talking with him and learned that he was a forty-nine year old psychiatrist, which made sense judging from his calm demeanor and probing blue eyes. When I found out that he is a doctor, I sometimes called him Doc. We also enjoyed watching those two women run by when they are in the area.

After several weeks meeting like that, we were comfortable enough with one another to talk about some personal things and even make off-color comments. One day when those two attractive ladies ran by us, they smiled and waved. We got a perfect view of their big breasts bouncing in front of them. I was perfectly happy with my sex life at home, but after they passed us, I suppose I was just trying to seem like a guy’s guy when I said to Maxwell, “Holy shit, that is really some prime pussy. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a piece of either one of them?”

Maxwell kind of groaned and said, “You can say that again Ed. But I’d be happy to get a piece of any pussy these days.”

I looked at him and said, “Come on Doc, you’re a married man. You must be getting something at home.”

He looked down at the ground and said, “You’d think so Ed, but my wife is withholding her pussy until I lose at least fifty more pounds. I had an accident two years ago and was laid up for a year. I gained over 110 pounds from the inactivity. Before that, I weighed around 200 pounds. She’s using her pussy as a weapon to give me the incentive to lose more weight.”

Then I was feeling bad about bringing his wife up, and I wanted to say something to help him feel better. So I said, “Maybe one of those pretty ladies who run by here would like to help you out.”

He laughed and said, “Come on now Ed. Do you really think women who look like that would want anything to do with someone who looks like me? Fuck, I’d be lucky to get a guy to suck my cock at this point.”

I have to admit to being naive about men having sex with other men at that point, and it seemed pretty repugnant to me. So I asked, “Do you mean that you’d let another man suck your cock? You’d really want to be around gay guys like that?”

Max looked at me and said, “In the first place, men don’t have to be gay to have a desire to suck cock. There are a wide range of bisexual persuasions between being either purely heterosexual or homosexual. Secondly, there are more men than you might imagine who enjoy sucking other men’s cocks, and even swallowing their semen and sperm.”

I must have forgotten momentarily that he was a psychiatrist, and said, “Whoa Max, how do you know so much about that stuff?”

He responded, “I have seen quite a few men in therapy who are struggling with their desires for other men. Most of them are just normal married guys like you and me, and they don’t have any desire to kiss or otherwise be romantic with other men. Usually something has happened in their lives that make them realize they are attracted to other men’s cocks. It sometimes happens when their wives go through menopause, or lose interest in sex for other reasons, and they aren’t getting satisfied at home.”

I was curious about this and said, “I’m confused Doc. If they are looking for sex, why wouldn’t they just start looking for other women to fuck?”

Max laughed and said, “That seems logical Ed, but some men feel like it would be cheating if they fucked other women and they still have enough respect for their wives not to do that. Besides, things can get complicated pretty quickly with romantic entanglements if a married man starts fucking around with other women. So these men will turn to internet porn for some relief, and eventually to other men, and not feel guilty about that.”

I was still confused and asked, “So how do those men become interested in cocks?”

Max thought for a moment and replied, “Some of my patients have told me that they first started looking at straight porn, and then came across bisexual and cuckold sites. For some of them it was the first time they had seen other men’s cocks sexualized that way. It stirred strange feelings inside them.”

He paused for a minute to gather his thoughts and said, “You see Ed, most men have seen other men naked in the showers in high school, college, or in the military services. Although there is some kind of unspoken code that men don’t look at other men’s genitals in those situations and rarely see another man with a hard cock. So when they see men’s hard cocks in the pictures and videos, it can affect some men in interesting ways. Some patients have told me that as much as they like looking at naked women, they are also aroused by seeing men with hard or semi-hard cocks and low-hanging balls.”

I was more interested in this than I thought I should be and asked, “So given all that you have said, how do those guys make a transition to actually sucking cock?”

Max responded, “Some of them said they were on porn chat sites, and saw messages from men looking to either suck or be sucked by other men. It got them thinking about it. And if they had gone without sex from the wife for long enough, then those requests to meet could be tempting.”

I then asked, “But how would a guy know if he wanted to be sucked or to suck a cock? I don’t see how it would happen.”

Max nodded and said, “Now you’re getting to the interesting part of this, psychologically speaking. Some men are looking to suck and to be sucked. Others are either mostly dominant and just want to be serviced. While still others have a more-submissive personality sexually, and just want to suck other men with no reciprocation. Many of those sexually-submissive men are normal, macho guys in all other aspects of their lives, but for some reason they enjoy giving oral pleasure to other men. Most of my patients with these types of sexual issues are the submissive type, so I have a lot of knowledge about them.”

This whole thing was getting more interesting, and I asked, “I’m not asking you to reveal any specific personal situations Doc, but how do you approach therapy with those types of men?”

He looked serious for a few seconds and said, “Therapy is a little different for each of my patients, but they are all usually conflicted and embarrassed about having those desires. Many of these men are alpha male types, and those bisexual yearnings sometimes make them hate themselves for having such sexually-submissive feelings. My main goal is to try to explore their minds to identify the source of their feelings and desires, and to convince them that it isn’t their fault. After we understand the source, we then work together to find ways for them to control those emotions. Some men actually come to enjoy providing sexual pleasure to other men, and I try to give them advice on how to do it safely.”

I don’t know much, if anything, about psychology, and couldn’t validate that Doc’s analysis was correct, but it seemed plausible to me. There was still something that I didn’t understand, so I asked, “But Doc, how can you convince them that it’s not their fault, just by talking with them?”

Doc replied, “Well Ed, that is the essence of my approach to therapy, but we do have some useful tools. Hypnosis can sometimes help me delve deep enough to find the answers, but I also have a device and analysis technique that gives some interesting results. It’s called a plethysmograph or phallometry measurement. It reveals the amount of blood flow to the penis. The results of that test provide clinical evidence to some of my patients that their sexual desires are involuntary and difficult to control.”

I had never heard of that type of test before so I said, “Please tell me more Doc. That sounds interesting.”

Doc responded, “This can get technical, but the type I have is called a circumferential transducer. In simple terms, an electromechanical strain gauge is placed around the penis shaft to measure changes in circumference as the blood flow changes. In this way, the amount of arousal can be measured when I present differing visual stimuli, and we can see what excites the men sexually. The legal system uses these devices to try to prove or disprove the urges of sexual predators. But it also works well in my practice.”

He paused for a minute to gather his thoughts and said, “I install the device on a patient’s penis and show them a variety of photographs. I usually start with women in various states of dress and nudity to get a base for comparison, and then move on to showing men’s cocks. I begin with photos of soft dicks like those that you might see in a typical shower scene and progress to different shapes, sizes, and colors of hard and semi-hard cocks. That way I can record the phallometry measurement under each photo, and provide the results to my patients.”

I think I understood everything Doc had explained, but I still couldn’t help thinking to myself that his patients were weak and perverted for desiring men’s cocks. So I was feeling superior in the knowledge of my masculinity when I said, “No offense to you or your work Doc, but I still don’t see how your patients could have those kind of innate desires. I know that I would pass that test with flying colors.”

Doc smiled, and looked at me saying, “You might be right Ed, but I’ve seen many alpha types like you show bisexual desires on the test. You won’t know until you try it though. Would you care to place a little wager on it?”

Still feeling cocky I said, “Sure Doc, I’d hate to take your money, but I’m game if you are.”

Doc’s primary office is in the city, but he also has a study at home where he sees some of his patients from the suburbs. We made a $100 bet, and I was saying that none of the cock photos he showed me would cause arousal, and he took the other side. We met in his home study on the following Saturday. We had a lot of fun during the week teasing one another about the bet.

I arrived at his home mid-morning on Saturday, and met his wife Sandy at the door. She is very pretty with a fantastic body, and I could see why Doc was so horny and working hard to lose the weight and get back to fucking her. I still couldn’t picture her being married to him, just based on his appearance. His money, personality or something must attract her. I had assumed that the purpose of my visit would be confidential, given that he routinely met patients at home. However, Sandy’s cagey smile made me feel like she knew what I was there for.

Sandy showed me to Doc’s study, and he was preparing the device for our test. He motioned for me to sit on his couch and said, “This might be a little awkward for you Ed, but you need to unfasten and lower your shorts and underwear so I can attach the transducer. I’ll only need to touch you for a few seconds, so don’t let it bother you. I’ve got a slide projector so we can see the photos together on that white wall. I’ll be recording the measurements next to each of the small photo icons on this sheet."

My cock is a decent-sized five inches long and reasonably thick when soft, so I wasn’t too embarrassed as he attached the device on me. Then he turned down the lights and began the slide show, starting with a very pretty woman who was fully clothed. The next nine slides showed the same woman with less and less clothes, until the last one of her was a close-up of her spreading her very wet labia with her fingers. I felt my cock expanding about half way through that sequence, and I was almost fully hard and seven inches long on the last one.

Doc waited for a few minutes until my dick returned to its soft state, and then he began showing the cock photos. The first one was of what looked like several college boys with soft dicks in a shower and it was hard to even see them through the water and steam. Then there were five shots of black and white men with increasingly-large, soft cocks, and I didn’t think that any of them had aroused me so far. The seventh photo was of a half-hard, white, uncircumcised cock, with low-hanging balls. It looked to be about seven inches long and of medium thickness. I was feeling uneasy when my cock stirred on that one.

I noticed a little smile on Doc’s face when he wrote something down on number seven, and then he showed number eight. It was of a black cock that was uncircumcised and a little thicker than the previous one. I felt my cock tingle a little more. Number nine looked like it could have been an uncircumcised Latino cock about the same size as the black one and I felt my cock harden further. Then came number ten.

The last slide showed what looked to be a mostly-hard, white, uncircumcised cock that was at least nine inches long and about seven inches in circumference. The foreskin covering the cock head was thick and damp. The way it was so thick and hanging at a slight angle from his body made it very attractive to me. Whoever that was also had a long, hairy scrotum, with egg-sized balls that hung down even lower than his cock. At that point, I felt the transducer squeezing tightly around my cock. I knew for sure that Doc had won the bet. Here I was looking at another man’s cock and getting completely hard from it.

Doc was chuckling to himself as he turned off the projector and brought his photo checklist with him to the couch. We waited a minute for my cock to soften and then he removed the device. Then he showed me his list. I could see that my cock had hardened in just about the same pattern with the cock photos as it did with the woman. However, the amazing thing was my cock was harder on the last cock photo than it was on the last one of the woman’s widespread labia.

He gave me a couple of minutes to absorb the analysis, and chuckled again as he said, “I don’t feel very good about taking your money on this Ed. Based on my experience with patients, I was pretty sure you’d have that reaction.”

I must have had a bewildered look on my face when I asked, “Tell me Doc, how could you have guessed that? And even more importantly, what does it all mean for me?”

He took a more serious tone, as if he was giving counsel to a patient and said, “I have found that truly alpha males would not have kept asking me questions like you did about how my patients sucked cock. You were way more interested than most men. Most of them would never have agreed to this test in the first place. And as for what it means, I think you would suck a cock, given the right circumstances.”

I looked at him and said, “Well thanks a lot Doc. Thanks to you I learned that I might be a cock sucker. So what do I do now?”

Doc smiled and said, “Maybe I can help you with that Ed. Not that many days ago, you seemed to want me to find a solution to my problem by suggesting that I fuck one of those women runners. That led to this whole discussion about how some men sucked cocks. What if I told you that I continued those conversations with you in hopes that it would lead to this moment? And what if I also told you that the last cock photo you saw, that made your dick harder than even the open-pussy shot, is actually my cock?”

I just stammered for a few seconds trying to think of a response, but Doc cut me off and continued, “Come on Ed. Don’t let my weight and appearance stop you. You’ll be down there sucking on my cock and balls anyway, and won’t see much of anything else. Now that you know that deep down you really do want it, just help a buddy out. I haven’t cum in several weeks, and it will be good for your first load to be big and tasty. I won’t think any less of you if you start taking care of my cock for me, and I want to see how good you are Ed.”

Maybe I was being influenced too strongly by the fact that he was a doctor, and thinking that he knew what he was talking about. Maybe I just realized deep down that I did want to suck his cock. Why else would the photo of his thick cock have been so appealing to me? However, whatever the reason, I fought through the embarrassment and humiliation of my new friend knowing that I was a cocksucker and I started to move between his legs.

Doc stood up, dropped his shorts and underwear, and sat back on the couch. As I got on my knees, his belly looked big, but his cock still looked huge resting across his beefy thigh. He saw me looking at his big balls that were partially resting on his thighs, and said, “Go ahead and get a taste of my scrotum and testicles first Ed. Most of my cock sucker patients have told me that they love the taste and texture of a ripe, hairy ball sack in their mouths, and I love to have my testicles sucked.”

I looked up as he was smiling down at me before I took his scrotum into my mouth and started tonguing and sucking it. I loved the taste of his genitals and it all seemed so much nastier and degrading since I was sucking an unattractive, over-weight man. He spread his legs wider to give me better access, and then tilted his hips up saying, “Damn Ed, you’re taking to this pretty well for your first time. Now just move down a little farther and suck behind my balls for me. My patients always talk about that being a tasty area, since it is so close to a man’s ass.”

As I started sucking on his musky perineum, he wrapped his heavy, but strong thighs and legs over my shoulders and behind my back, holding me firmly in place to suck him there. The nastier things got and the more dominant he became, the more I liked it. I eagerly sucked him there, thinking that in the future he would probably want me to suck his fat ass crack.

While I was sucking him, I sensed some movement in the room and periodic flashes of light. I was curious about what was happening, but I was so engrossed in sucking a man for the first time, that I wasn’t concerned enough about it to pull away to investigate.

He finally removed his legs from around me and held his cock to my lips saying, “Okay buddy, that’s enough for down there for now. Get to work on my cock now so I can get my rocks off.”

The taste of his oozing foreskin and fat cock head were amazing, and I liked the feeling of his thick cock in my mouth. I instinctively knew how to move up and down on his shaft, while sucking him at the same time, and he was moaning and pivoting his hips in time with my strokes. My cock was hard, just from the idea and reality that I was sucking Doc’s cock. I kept sucking him for what seemed like 15 minutes to me, and I kept sensing those light flashes in the room.

My dick is a nice, thick seven inches, but Doc’s cock is over nine inches long and so much heavier and meatier than mine. His large, low-hanging balls made him seem so masculine. I was enthralled to be serving him orally like this. I had never before felt submissive to another man, and I realized that I enjoyed being subservient to Doc.

I continued sucking his cock for a few more minutes, and when Doc firmly held my head with both hands and started thrusting faster into my mouth, I knew that he must be close to having his orgasm. I had never even tasted my own cum before, but for some reason I was anxiously awaiting his ejaculation. Then I felt his thick cock begin to throb and jerk, as the first sprays of his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as best I could as he continued convulsing and said, “That’s it Ed, keep sucking and make sure you swallow all of my cum. I just love the feeling of having you suck the semen right out of my cock like that.”

As his ejaculations diminished, and his cock began to soften, I was able to taste and feel the texture of his thick cum in my mouth. As much as I enjoyed sucking his cock for the first time, I realized that I also liked eating his cum. There was just something about taking the baby-making fluids of a man into my mouth that was really turning me on.

When I finally pulled away from his cock and looked up, Doc was smiling down at me and Sandy was standing behind the couch with a camera in her hand. She also smiled at me and said, “We got some really great photos of you worshiping Max’s balls and cock, and some nice close ups of you continuing to suck his cock when it was softening. You really seemed to enjoy tasting and swallowing his semen and sperm. Good job Ed, especially since this is your first time.”

Then Doc said, “You see Sandy, I told you that I could get Ed to suck my cock.”

I spoke up to say, “What are you saying? Is this something you have been talking about and planning?”

Doc laughed again and said, “Let me explain. When Sandy refused to let me fuck her again until I lost some weight, I jokingly told her that if she wanted to be that way, I could get some men to suck my cock. I told her that I have a lot of horny cock suckers that I provide therapy to, and knew that most of them got the hardest seeing the photo of my cock in that test.”

I then asked, “So you began letting your own patients suck your cock?”

Doc replied, “I know it is a little unethical, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. They were hungry to suck cock and swallow cum, and I needed my cock sucked, so it worked out well for everyone. Then I told Sandy about meeting you in the park and she bet me that I couldn’t convince a stranger to be a cocksucker for me. The bet was that if I won, I would get to fuck her without losing all of the weight. So thanks to you Ed, I’m going to get some pussy tonight.”

I was stunned that I was the object of such a perverse bet, but at the same time, I was enjoying the additional humiliation I felt at having his wife involved in it. I asked them what they intended to do with the pictures, and Sandy replied, “Oh don’t worry Ed, we’ll give them to you as a memento of sucking your first cock.”

Sandy did give me a thumb drive containing the digital photos. While that didn’t necessarily mean they had erased them from their camera and computer, I wasn’t too worried about it. If I ever found out that he had used them inappropriately, he had to know that I would cause trouble for him professionally.

After that first time sucking Doc’s cock, we continued to meet in the evenings in the park. Only now, we went down a small side-trail and I sucked his cock and balls almost every time. I was becoming addicted to not only sucking him, but also tasting and swallowing his big cum loads. Over time, he even started inviting me over to his home to suck the cocks of some of his strongly alpha male patients, as part of their therapy in dealing with their dominant personalities.

So now, thanks to my new friend Doc, I have become a committed, submissive cocksucker who just loves to taste and swallow semen and sperm.

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