Craving You In The Night

By luvkissnmen

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Tags: gay, anal, bisexual

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My late-night yearnings for you and your hard, deep-reaching dick.
In the dark, forbidden night, my wanton, feverish flesh
Craves your hardness, reaching in and violating,
Even as my greedy fingers curl around and clutch my own,
Pursuing the carnal joys of getting fucked while masturbating.

I hold my breath as your darling, searching knob quickly finds me,
And your fingers sink deep into my willing hips;
Your stiffly-jutting ardor, asserting itself, begins to push,
Bringing mewling sounds of pleasure pouring out my parted lips.

How well you know and love how much I love you and adore
That special moment, and its overwhelming gratification
When my body suddenly yields in sweet, electrifying surrender
To your unrelenting lust's in-rushing penetration.

To be awakened by your touch in the middle of the night,
Wanting more, leaves nothing to be said;
How it thrills my heart and soul more than words can ever say
That you simply cannot get enough of me in bed.

And so I lie, ever ready and so willing to satisfy
Each time I see lust for me in your hot eyes --
To rush into your arms and give my deepest inner reaches
Up to the feelings swelling and rising from the juncture of your thighs.

I lift my leg and reach back to lift and spread my buttocks,
So ready am I for you to come inside and 'do' me;
My tightness suddenly melts away, and I cry out in the night
As the head of your big dick snaps through and up into me!

So kind and gentle and caring, you give me time to catch my breath,
And savor the shivers racing up and down my spine
That accompany the swelling feminine emotions that I feel
For the sweeping joy of having your naked body back in mine.

The quivering subsides, the chill bumps fade away,
And I can feel you gathering your strength,
But you wait until I whisper, "Darling, yes ..." to your unspoken question
Before filling me with your beloved cock's fully extended length.

I feel the warmth of your belly pressing close against my bottom,
Your pubic hair crushed against my derriere;
My eyes and mouth are open wide in silent and eloquent tribute
To the way the full length of your dick lays my nakedness so bare.

I push myself back against you, spreading and grinding my cheeks,
Eager to help you get it in really deep;
The pressure up inside me as you push and strain and reach
Makes me want to laugh and cry for joy and wail and weep!

But you're still straining so hard against me and pulling me back so hard against you --
You know how much I love to feel you reaching in;
Oh, God, I can feel your dick stretching bigger and longer,
Touching me inside where no others' have ever been!

Oh, your unrelenting obsession with total, engulfing possession
Of my naked body with your randy, rutting erection
Thrills and fills my swelling heart with sexual joy so intense
I can feel it melting and flowing in and out in all directions!

You roll me over and mount me, your dick thrashing around inside me,
Your furry mound grinding hard against my spine;
Mewling and gurgling into my pillow, I weep for joy for your weight
On top of me, your testicles, warm and heavy on top of mine.

And so I lay spread-eagled and helpless beneath you across the large, firm pillow you placed beneath my hips as you rolled me over, your warm, moist body so very close to mine, your powerful thighs pushing me down, your dick buried to the hilt, so incredibly hard and oh, so deliciously deep inside me. I can feel the stubble of your beard against my cheek and neck, your warm breath upon my ear as you whisper breathless love words to me ...

And then you start, so slowly and lovingly, to fuck me ....