Cruise Control

By 1941aaa

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Three couples go on a Mediterranean cruise and two of the pairs split up.

So it was some surprise to the men to see the two girls enter the lounge and came over and sat themselves as they said they would, splitting Gary and Frank apart and talked to them, ignoring their two late partners.

‘No, we didn’t go on a tour but wandered around the town and I’m sure I saw you two,’ Carol said. ‘We’d just had lunch and were walking along and saw you disappear down into what looked like a cave or a dungeon. What was it called Fiona?’

‘The Rue Obscure,’ she replied, knowing that she was baiting the other two.

‘No, I don’t think it could have been us,’ Gary said. ‘I don’t recollect the name, do you Frank?’

‘No. It doesn’t ring any bells with me, but then, I wasn’t taking much notice of street names. I was more concerned about the quality of the paving or cobble type stones and being careful where I put my feet,’ he replied.

‘Then it must have been two other people,’ Carol said, dismissing the obvious and was secretly delighted when she saw Adam squirm in his seat.

‘Well we should be leaving quite soon. The time for departure was said to be eight o’clock and it’s nearly that now. Have you ever been to Corsica?’ Carol asked Gary.

‘Only through the medium of film. The Godfather, part two. Or was it Sardinia, I can’t remember,’ he replied.

‘I pretty sure it was Sicily,’ said Fiona. ‘What do you think Frank?’

‘No idea, but I think that part of the film you’re talking about, was filmed in Spain, but I’m not sure,’ he replied.

I know, Adam said to himself, but the bitches won’t ask me.

‘Ajaccio. Sounds like the French word for ejaculation, don’t you think Paul?’ Adam asked of him.

‘I don’t really know. I’ll have to write a French letter to the Times to ask,’ he replied.

‘I can’t stand smutty talk,’ said Carol quite haughtily as she stood up. ‘Would you escort me down to dinner Gary?’

‘Certainly madam,’ he replied, standing up and offering his arm.

‘Would you do me the honour Frank?’ Fiona asked, now getting up too.

‘Certainly,’ he said, offering his arm which she took and put it through hers.

‘Bitch!’ both Adam and Paul said under their breath but loud enough for both of them to hear and they laughed.

‘Will you let me escort you down to dinner,’ Adam asked Paul, standing up and offering his arm.

‘We can both go down, after dinner,’ he replied with a smile, the innuendo not lost on Adam, and they linked arms and followed the other two couples out of the bar.

They sat down as before and ordered their meal as well as some wine. The conversations were again being held between the two girls and Gary and Frank, excluding Adam and Paul though both Gary and Frank tried to draw them in.

‘Oh, were moving,’ Carol said. ‘Can you feel the vibration?’

‘Vibration?’ queried Adam in a loud aside to Paul. ‘Isn’t that caused by a battery held thing that women use instead of having a man.’

‘Will you shut the fuck up,’ Carol hissed across the table at him. ‘Leave the smutty talk for the men’s locker room!’

‘At last! A direct conversation, albeit a pithy one, but one addressed to me alone. For Christ’s sake woman! Grow up and understand that what has happened, has happened and we’re going to have to live with it. We’ve been separated for nearly a year now and I need sex as much as you do. I thought that by seeing you on this ship that we might get back together again, but I was wrong. I got the cold shoulder from the word go.

What was I to do? Paul gave me a shoulder to figuratively cry one and being bi-sexual which you all know, gave me the relief and solace that my body cried out for.’

‘But he’s a man!’ she replied.

‘You don’t put your hand between the legs when a shoulder is offered to cry on. Yes, he’s a man. The same as I am and he gave me the solace and relief that you’ve been denying me.’

‘But I’m your wife and Fiona is Paul’s…..’

‘Wife!’ Paul butted in so that she couldn’t utter the words that he didn’t want Frank and Gary to hear. ‘That she walked into the cabin where, yes, Adam and I had had sex together. Giving him the love he’s been missing for so long. And what does my “wife” do? Runs straight to you and there you had sex together!

Don’t try and deny that, so it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I saw the need in Adam and supplied it. I’m not ashamed of that! You already know as we do that Gary and Frank are lovers. Do you castigate them for it? No! So why should you be casting stones when you are doing exactly the same thing.’

The confrontation came to a halt as the first course of the meal was served and there wasn’t any more reference made during the rest of the dinner and to give Carol and Fiona their due, went with them to the lounge for coffee, as well as to have a drink.

‘Now not really wanting to be, being an outside party as it were, I can see that I’m being somewhat of an arbiter in this case. So let me lay my cards on the table to start with, though my credentials as it were, are for Frank’s eyes alone,’ and Gary chuckled though the others didn’t at his attempt to lighten the atmosphere.

‘Frank and I have known each other since childhood. That we became lovers is because of the affinity we felt between us. All men have a certain amount of female hormones in their body, some more than others. Like us, Frank and I. He has more than me and regards himself as being my wife, the female part of our relationship. This hormone discrepancy also appears in females, them receiving more male than female hormones and so become lesbians. The difference between them finally results in one being the male and one being the female in this relationship.

That two men become attracted to one another can result from two things. His rejection by a female,’ he held up his hand to stop Carol from interrupting, ‘and in his finding of the solace he requires is from that of another man. Now this also applies to the female of the specie so don’t think it’s unique or wrong because it isn’t!

Sodomy has been practiced for far longer than female prostitution and lesbianism and began in the middle east when a man could have an untold number of wives, some of whom never ever got to have sex as it was ordained, but turned to each other for the love and affection that all people need at certain times during their life.

It has been those people that have had the good fortune to be given a properly balanced amount of the right hormones that have decreed the laws that has outlawed the practice of sex among those of the same gender. But notwithstanding these laws, they are never going to change human nature!

They might in years to come in the field of medical research which is going on constantly, but that sort of research is low on their list of priorities. They’re more concerned with finding and getting rid of the heredity genes that cause cancer in its many forms. As I said, to try and alter the hormones so that one doesn’t overpower another in respect of the person’s sex, is way down the list.

So we make do with what we have at present, inside our own bodies. Now Paul has already found that he is bi-sexual and is happy to have a relationship with either sex. Adam, I believe has suddenly found that he too has hormones that are affecting his outlook on a sexual plane. Whether he has more than one of the other, only time will tell. Will he be the female partner of Paul or will Paul be the female? Again, only time will tell.

Now this applies to you two too. You have both shown that you have more of the male hormone than normal, so who will become the male in your relationship? The answer is the same, we don’t know until it finally shows itself.

Now I’ve pontificated long enough on the subject and I need a drink but I will say this. Adam is now having a relationship with Paul that could be short lived, or it could last for years if not forever, like Frank and I. Or it could be brief. Only time will tell and this same credo applies to you Carol and Fiona. But all I can say is accept the way that your past partner is feeling and respond in the way that you are feeling now.

Now that little diatribe would have cost you well over a hundred guineas if I was a practicing therapist. Which talking of pist, I’m in need of a drink.’ There was a long silence after this discourse on human nature from Gary as they all drank deep and emptied their glasses and got refills almost instantly such was the service from the attending stewardesses. It was Frank who broke the silence.

‘Well,’ he began with a shaky little laugh. ‘I can’t say that I really understood all that Gary has said, but I’m just going to say what I feel. I love that man. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. In bed or out of it. We are partners in a bar in Torrevieja and have made our life together. I think he loves me as much as I love him. I am the female in our partnership and have never regretted having made that decision,’ and he reached out and took Gary’s hand and kissed it.

‘That’s lovely,’ Fiona breathed out.

‘Well speaking as a bi-sexual, I’ve found that I could really come to love Adam,’ Paul said and here Fiona snorted to which he looked at her but ignored it. ‘Now as to who would become, as you say Gary, the female part of the relationship, I wouldn’t be averse to the role.’ Again there was another snort from his sister but it was counteracted by Adam taking his hand and squeezing it.

‘You Fiona,’ he continued, ‘have been the most domineering person in my life and I’ve always played that role of the one under your thumb, but now I’ve come out from under. If I now come under Adam’s thumb, it’s a position I’m not going to argue with for he’s shown me, in our short relationship so far, that he thinks more of me than you ever did.’ Boy, was that laying it down on the line and Frank even clapped his hands at that statement. ‘All I can add to that is God help both of you to be as happy as I feel at this present moment at having cleared the air.’

The girls looked at each other in silence.

‘I couldn’t…..’

‘I wouldn’t….’ they both said in unison and they were not pressed by the men to voice the thoughts that they both had in regards of their future relationship, unlike the way Paul had stated his position in respect of Adam.

‘I think one more round of drinks is called for as I don’t think we should go any further in what has been said here at this table,’ Adam said. This was agreed on and with one more drink each, the talk became more of the last two days of the cruise and what might they see in Ajaccio and the final port of Mahon on the island of Menorca.


‘That bloody diatribe from Gary was over the limit,’ Carol declared when she and Fiona got to their cabin. ‘Am I domineering or subservient to you?’ she asked and got a snigger in reply.

‘Both, but I’m not complaining,’ Fiona replied. ‘Ignore what he said and let’s get to bed and make love and not argue who’s going to be on top first.’ This made Carol laugh and so they undressed and went to bed and both strived to be the first one on top of the other as they began their sexual game.


‘I’ve never heard you so eloquent Gary,’ Frank said as he helped Gary off with his clothes. ‘You certainly have given them a lot to think about.’

‘They’ll learn in time,’ and gave a gasp as his trousers fell down and his prick was taken into the waiting mouth and sucked upon. ‘They’ll find their own level in time as we have my sweet little wife.’

‘Mmmm,’ was the only reply from Frank with a mouthful.


‘I understood what Gary was trying to say and agreed in a lot but,’ Paul said before pausing, as he began undoing Adam’s shirt buttons, ‘what will be our relationship? Who will be the husband and who the wife?’

‘I think,’ Adam began as Paul began to kiss and nibble at the nipples of Adam’s chest that had been revealed, ‘that you are answering your own question,’ pulling up Paul’s head and kissing him on the lips. ‘By what you are doing or started to do is your answer.’

‘I think you are right and what Gary said is right. I am acting as a female would in undressing her man, and so,’ he lifted up his head and kissed Adam on the lips, ‘Will you take me to be your wife?’

‘Oh Paul,’ Adam cried as he crushed this younger man to his chest and kissed him. ‘Either way, I don’t care as long as you fuck me and I can fuck you. Let’s not start putting labels on how we feel about each other. Now, come and fuck me with that hard tool I can feel.’ So with clothes flying about, Adam was quickly up onto his knees and had Paul mount him from behind and both revelled in the lovely fucking experience they got from this union.

But it was true as Paul had said, that he would become the wife of the partnership and would go along with whatever Adam wanted to do even though Adam kept protesting that Paul should have some say in what they did or didn’t do, but it all boiled down to the same thing, that Paul then became the wife to Adam that Carol had not.


The ship docked the next morning in Ajaccio and they all, having declined the tour, went ashore to stroll around the town. They didn’t all go together for obvious reasons, but found many shops that they could browse through and also a Saturday market. This was really for the town’s inhabitants for it was mostly of fresh produce but it gave them an insight as to the difference in the economies of their own places of residence. It was only Carol and Fiona that bought any gifts, and they were more for friends back in England.

Ajaccio was really just another French seaside town in a different setting as far as they were concerned and were all back on board well before it was time for the ship’s departure.

Adam went up to the bar and got two drinks and took them to his cabin where Paul was doing copies of the original drawings he had done. In fact, he actually made them even better, but this wasn’t told to Gary and Frank so they were finally presented just before dinner with the original ones, Adam and Paul holding back the better ones.

They had all met up in the lounge bar and Frank was not ashamed to let the girls see the one of him sucking on Gary’s prick, but refused to show them the others which he thought might upset them. Paul had signed it for them but at Adam’s suggestion, used the name Paulus. Makes it sound a bit more exotic he explained, so that’s how he began to sign his drawings.

Gary and Frank both thanked him for the picture and on the way down to dinner, stopped off at their cabin to leave it safe. The other four stood outside the cabin for a few moments, self conscious at being left alone together, but the time was brief so no words were spoken. They went on to the dining saloon for dinner and at least one question was directed at Adam by Carol, mundane as it was, enquiring if he was going ashore at Mahon in the morning. The answer was yes but to just stroll round the town though he added that he would be up on deck for the arrival.


It wasn’t until Gary and Frank were in bed together did they kiss and move into each other’s arms to embrace and feel that both were getting an erection.

‘God, I love you Frank,’ Gary said, kissing his partner quite forcibly on the lips. ‘I wish this cruise could last forever with just us two and not have a bar to worry about.’

‘So do I Gary but I think something has come up between us.’

‘What’s that?’ Gary asked in alarm.

‘Our erect pricks,’ Frank said with a giggle, moving his hand down to grasp hold of Gary, and not letting go, wriggled out of the arms holding him and disappeared under the covering sheet to take Gary’s prick into his mouth.

‘Oh Frank!’ Gary gasped and hoarsely told Frank to turn round on the bed, which he did so without releasing Gary from his mouth and gave out a groan himself as the head of his cock was taken into Gary’s hot mouth.


It’s trite but true, Carol and Fiona undressed and it wasn’t until they too were naked and in bed did they move into an embrace to kiss, their breasts pressing up hard to each other as Frank and Gary’s cocks had done.

‘Did you really, really mean it when you said I could move in with you, and you would find a position for me with your magazine?’ Fiona asked between kisses.

‘Of course I did darling. Then when at home, we can do this every night,’ Carol replied.

‘Ooooh you darling,’ Fiona gushed and began to move down Carol’s body, kissing every inch she covered, taking time to kiss and nibble on each nipple before going down and moving in between Carol’s opening legs.

‘Aaaah,’ Carol crooned as she felt Fiona’s tongue begin to touch, caress and stroke all that was held in between the labia lips.

‘Turn round,’ she said as hoarsely as Gary had said to Frank. She shuffled round and swung a leg over and presented her sex to Carol to delve into with her tongue and fingers.


Adam and Paul were in each other’s arms kissing as soon as the door to the cabin closed. Fingers fumbled with buttons as they strived to keep the contact of their lips together as they undressed each other, having to break off to get the remnants off before falling onto the bed in an embrace. Like Gary and Frank, their cocks clashed and was a trifle uncomfortable as they tried to weld their bodies together.

Breathing heavily, they broke apart so that their hands could play with the erection of the other.

‘Do you know, I’ve never handled a scrotum as big as yours Adam. I swear that your balls are the biggest too. As for this,’ he remarked as his hand then took hold of Adam’s erection, down at the base so that it showed that he would need two hands to cover the shaft. ‘This too is the biggest I ever had in my hand,’ and then he giggled. ‘In my mouth and up my bum too.’

‘You’re just saying that to please me,’ Adam said as he then stroked Paul’s cock. ‘As for yours, I’ve only seen, felt and tasted Gary’s and Frank’s, and you come out tops of all my three experiences.’ Paul gave Adam’s prick another squeeze before moving down the bed and taking it into his mouth.

‘Oh Paul! If you do too much of that, I’ll come,’ Adam said.

‘Well do the same to me,’ Paul said, lifting his head up briefly from his licking and sucking of Adam’s cock head. So with both of them moving about on the bed, they finished up sucking on one another and took in and swallowed what they both let issue from their throbbing pricks.


‘You really did mean it when you said I could come and live with you Adam?’ Paul asked as they held each other in their arms after their oral session.

‘That I did Paul,’ he replied, stroking the other face on the pillows next to him. ‘In this short time I have come to find out the difference between heterosex and homosex and found that I prefer the latter of the two. When I first came aboard this ship I was a heterosexual man and in one short day, I found out about the homosexual side of life, and after sampling, if you can call it that, Gary and Frank, I preferred you far way above them.

I’d often wondered when I was writing my books if I really knew what I was writing about and now, being with you, can now write with authority and will let people know through my writing that I wouldn’t swap you for a harem of women.’

‘Oh Adam,’ Paul sighed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. ‘I’ll be your harem then.’

‘No you won’t! We will live together and share everything together. Both of us sharing at being the woman for I’ve found that I like your cock inside me as much as you do so I think it‘s now ready to be used to that purpose.’


Adam was on deck early as he said he would be and watched as the ship entered the narrow channel that led to Mahon. It was quite a long inlet with an old half ruined fort nearly halfway along. He could see why they needed a pilot for the channel was very narrow and there were several villas close to the water, built on the rocks and there were a few sailing craft and power boats at moorings.

The harbour itself was quite small yet big enough for the cruise liner to swing round and be gently nudged by a tug to the stone quay. This was near the bottom of a large set of steps that went up to the town that, like the last two ports, was built up on the hillside, though not as high.

Paul had joined Adam at the rail and rested his hand on that of Adam’s as they stood side by side watching the ship dock. Gary and Frank joined them and as they were up on the Sun deck, went along to the Lido buffet for breakfast. This time, the girls joined them though the conversation was still a little bit stilted at this meal.

They had all carried their plastic landing cards and so went ashore later to walk about the town. Of course it had to be a Sunday and so most of the shops were closed though the few open cafes did quite a bit of business. Though most of the strolling passengers used the cafes not only for a coffee but to also use the toilets.

There really wasn’t much to see in the town and so they soon made their way back to the ship for a snack lunch and parted to go to their respective cabins for a siesta, though for all of them it was for far more than this.

For the girls and Adam and Paul, the time was spent in the constant touching and stroking of their partners body, kissing and fondling until roused to such a state where sex took over. For Carol and Fiona it was cunnilingus the whole way while with Adam and Paul, it was oral to begin with and then anal sex. Gary and Frank didn’t waste time on foreplay but got straight down to sucking each other’s erection and taking in the emissions before resting to gather their strength to complete their afternoon by taking each other from the rear.


They met up in the lounge bar for drinks before dinner and the girls learnt that Paul was going to work with Adam in the writing of his porno books and do illustrations for them. Adam went on to explain that there would also be some blurb about readers being able to buy copies of any of the illustrations for a small fee, each one being numbered and signed by Paul.

With this second breaking of the ice between Carol and Adam, made for a most convivial evening at their last dinner of the cruise, and like every other evening, had a trio playing two guitars and one trumpet to entertain or annoy the diners. Also, all the stewards and stewardesses gave an impromptu parade about the saloon carrying candles and singing some Spanish song that none of the six understood. It was quite a festive party affair for the passengers last dinner of the cruise.

The sextet, a word which is quite appropriate considering that they had the first part of the word nearly all the time in their cabins when not sleeping; went up to the lounge bar for their final late night drinks and coffee before going to their cabins to say goodbye to their beds.


Carol and Fiona took their time in undressing each other, kissing the erect nipples as they were exposed as well as giving them a small bite with the teeth to rouse them up even harder than they were already. Fiona lay down on her back on the bed and Carol crawled up over her and lowered herself down to kiss Fiona.

‘I’m going to like working under you,’ she giggled as they kissed, ‘in both senses of the word.’ Carol smiled and kissed the side of Fiona’s neck before slowly moving down to kiss and stroke the heavy breasts before letting her fingers wander down to part the pubic hairs and insert them into Fiona’s vagina. By using the first two fingers, it left her thumb free to move itself over the budding clitoris. It made Fiona croon and she gave Carol’s head a gentle nudge for Carol to move further down and use her mouth and tongue as well.

She kissed the flat stomach and ran her tongue through the sparse bush, smelling the heady scent of sex and quickly carried on to taste the juices now seeping out from Fiona. With fingers, mouth, teeth and tongue, it wasn’t long before Fiona thrashed about as she had an orgasm, letting Carol suck and swallow what she could catch.

After forcing Fiona’s legs apart so that she could catch her breath, Carol licked for a little while before moving up Fiona’s body to give her a wet kiss and held her tight as she rolled over onto her back, pulling Fiona up on top of her.

‘Now for my turn darling,’ she breathed, and so Fiona began the downward passage to give Carol the same pleasure and release of an orgasm too.

They had three each before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Gary and Frank because of their long association, were slow in comparison to the other two couples in their need for sexual gratification. The undressing and putting away of clothes, packing their cases for leaving them outside for collection during the night, only keeping out their travelling clothes, the girls doing their packing rather hastily as did Adam and Paul, whereas Gary and Frank took their time.

Then it was into bed, naked as usual before they began to make their form of love. Frank, always the instigator, being as he said, the female of the pair, starting things moving by kissing Gary most tenderly whilst stroking his chest before moving his hand down to stroke the growing erection.

With an unwrapped condom in his hand, he would slide down the bed, kissing Gary’s body on the way down till he was able to take the head of Gary’s prick into his mouth to suck and chew on. He would nibble the underside of the head where the G string had been, this being the most erogenous part of the penis, making Gary groan with pleasure before rolling the condom down over the pulsating hard flesh that he wanted up inside himself. With the condom on Gary, he would turn and roll over onto his stomach and rise up, keeping his upper body down as far as he could, making his backside stick up in the air.

Gary rose up and got between the open legs and with one hand holding his tool out straight, his other hand on Frank’s hip. With the rubber clad cock in position at Frank’s ring piece, he let go of his prick and held the hips under him firm and pushed forward, slowly letting Frank’s arsehole expand to accommodate him before he slid in completely till he could go no further.

Frank would either groan or chuckle with delight at being filled again by his lover and let Gary take over in the thrusting forward of the hips to fuck his erstwhile lover beneath him.


Adam and Paul had got their suitcases out and threw in the contents of the drawers and wardrobe, putting in those that they had just taken off, leaving out what they would wear the next day. With those packed and put outside in the passageway, they soon went into a clinch to kiss and run their hands down the opposite back as they held each other.

‘I’ve got an idea,’ said Paul, breaking off the kisses and moved away from Adam, their cocks clashing like two swords in a fight. He got out his digital camera and set the timer sequence and put the camera on the dressing table, angling it as best he could and made Adam stand sideways to the camera. Paul pressed the button to set the timer working and quickly knelt down and took the head of Adam’s erection in his mouth, just before the camera flashed.

He grinned up at Adam as he released the cock from his mouth and picked the camera up and checked the shot he’d just taken. The angle was wrong and you couldn’t see what he really had been doing. It took three goes before he had a good shot of himself with Adam’s prick in his mouth.

‘Now I can do a drawing of myself sucking on you with this, he said, having deleted the two that weren’t good enough. ‘Let’s take one of you doing it to me,’ he said and set the camera up again. It took another three again before the image showed Adam’s open mouth with Paul’s cock stuck deep inside.

They spent nearly an hour of taking pictures in various posed positions of having their cocks up the other’s arse as well as some of them just standing upright, their erections sticking out proudly in front of them.

The camera even had the means to shoot a small movie of them in action and Adam, for the first time, saw himself taking Paul’s dick up into his backside and was delighted at seeing this.

‘It would look even better when seen on the television set,’ Paul said, ‘Though it would be better if we got a tripod to fix the camera on,’ and so they spent an hour of making these mini movies.

Adam got onto the bed into a position for the camera and Paul set the timer and when it started, got behind Adam and guided his erection up to Adam’s backside and slowly pushed himself in. Adam gave a small cry at the expansion of his arsehole and then gave out a big sigh as the head slipped in to be followed by the thickening shaft. The delight of seeing the film afterwards was to see his own erection and balls swinging backwards and forwards as Paul fucked him, his body creating the movement of Adam’s parts.

As Paul held him tight and jerked himself hard up to Adam’s thighs as he came, Adam was delighted to see dribbles of sperm coming from his own cock at the same time.

Adam promised Paul that he would buy one of these cameras so that one could be used for the close up shots of one of their cocks actually moving in and out of the other’s arse in the processing of their fucking. It was a long time before they were really fucked out having had each other twice, not counting the sucking out of the residue that followed each successful coupling.


They were all up early in the morning and after having their showers had got dressed and Alfredo, their ubiquitous cabin steward had knocked on each cabin to see if the cruise had been a pleasant one, and got the expected tips from them all. This was in spite of them all having signed over to the cruise company, sixty five Euros per cabin to cover tipping, which would be pooled and shared out amongst all crew members. That’s because the backroom boys, engine room staff, kitchen hands and all those who did not have direct contact with the passengers, got a fair share to supplement the low wages that they were paid in spite of the huge profit the company made from each cruise.

Having tipped Alfredo, Adam and Paul were surprised when opening the cabin door at the next knock to find Carol and Fiona standing outside.

‘Oh, er, come in,’ Adam stuttered at this sudden showing up of the two women. ‘We were just about to go up to the Lido for breakfast.’

‘So were we, but stopped off here first,’ Carol said.

‘Adam,’ said Fiona moving up close to him and surprised him by giving him a kiss on the cheek. ‘Look after Paul for me.’

‘I…I most certainly will,’ he stammered, his face flushing.

‘And you look after Adam,’ Carol said to Paul as she too moved in close and kissed him on the cheek, making him blush also.

‘I will, and both of you really take care of each other,’ he said and there was then a sudden silence with each not really knowing what else to say at this parting of the ways.

‘You’ll be taking Paul back to the villa?’ Carol asked. She always called it the villa in Spain whenever she was talking to somebody about it.

‘Er, yes. Will you and Fiona be, er, living together?’ Adam asked in return.

‘Yes, in Knightsbridge. Fiona will be selling her flat, er, hers and Paul’s, and will see that Paul gets his half share when all is settled,’ she said. The question both wanted to ask but were afraid to bring up the subject of them getting a divorce, was not mentioned. Let sleeping tigers lay said Adam to himself.

‘Well let’s go and have our last breakfast on the ship,’ Paul said with a half laugh, somewhat embarrassed at what had just been spoken about. Which seem to be a good idea and so they left the cabin that Fiona and Paul had started off the cruise in but finished up with it being Adam and Paul as the occupants.

They met up with Gary and Frank and during the meal, the ship was nosing its way into the harbour and docking place in Valencia. They also exchanged full names and addresses as well as telephone numbers, promising, as people always do, to keep in touch.

Now each deck had been issued with luggage labels with different colours and this was how the baggage was sorted down below during the night so that those passengers on the upper deck were to be the first off along with their baggage to be collected from a carousel like at an airport. Then the next deck down and so on, so that those who had the cheapest cabins were the last off.

With their meal over, they waited for the tannoy announcement to say that it was time for disembarkation and they got up and went down to the deck where the gangway was. Here, they handed over their plastic cards and walked through a covered walkway to where their baggage would be delivered for collection.

The time getting off the ship was slightly later than advertised but Carol then found out that she had the same flight booked as Fiona from Valencia airport to London. So their bags were hauled off the carousel and Gary and Frank offered to carry them out to the taxi rank.

Fiona gave Adam another kiss and told him again to look after her brother and Carol surprised Adam by kissing him on the cheek too before he kissed Fiona goodbye. Gary and Frank got their cheeks kissed too as the men returned into the building to collect their bags.

‘How were you thinking of getting home?’ Adam asked Gary as they began to take their bags off as they came round.

‘We’ll get the train,’ he replied.

‘Why don’t you come in my car? It’s no problem for me to drive down to Torrevieja. It’s not far off my route to home. I’ve got the car parked here and I’m sure we could all squeeze in. What do you say? We can then stop and have a drink and maybe a plate of tapas,’ Adam said. Frank and Gary both agreed that it was a good idea and so they carried their bags out to the parking compound where Adam collected his car, having paid the seventy euro parking fee on his arrival there.

It was a squash of getting the bags in the boot but it was managed and it wasn’t long before they were driving off towards where Gary and Frank had their bar and lived. It took them nearly thirty minutes to get out of the city and onto the motorway south which was relatively clear and were soon turning off for Torrevieja where Gary had to start giving Adam directions.

Carol and Fiona had just taken off in the aeroplane for Gatwick as the car pulled up outside the Flamingo Bar. The sign being a big pink flamingo that showed up quite clearly against the black background. Gary and Frank got their cases out of the boot and invited Adam and Paul inside. Paul laughed at the small sign above the door that read, “Come inside”.

There were squeals from the bar tenders at the sight of Gary and Frank who dropped their bags on the floor to be welcomed with open arms and a few kisses. Adam noted that there were at least twenty or more people already sitting at various tables in what was quite a large space considering the false impression one got from the outside.

Adam and Paul were introduced and given a large beer each straight away and they went and sat down at a table, many greetings being shouted out to Gary and Frank by the other patrons of the bar. Frank got one of the other barmen to take Gary’s case and they disappeared through the door at the rear of the bar.

The cold beers went down a treat and the glasses were soon refilled and Adam and Paul went and selected some tapas that were on display which they both enjoyed with fresh bread to help mop up the delicious sauces. Frank and the barman had been missing for nearly half an hour before they returned.

‘Rupert has just been given his bonus for looking after the bar,’ Gary chuckled and Adam noticed the flushed faces of the pair of them as Frank then began showing Paul’s drawing to some of the other customers. After about fifteen minutes, Frank came over to where they were sitting, his face still flushed.

‘They all really loved your drawing Paul.’ he gushed. ‘So much so, that several of them want you to do a drawing of them.’

‘I haven’t got my pad or crayons with me, besides,’ he gave a quick glance at Adam, ‘we can’t stay here all day.’

‘Couldn’t you do the drawing from a photograph?’ Adam asked, thinking of the photos already in the camera of them having sex in both forms.

‘Yes, I suppose I could,’ he replied.

‘How much will they cost?’ Frank asked. Paul looked at Adam.

‘What do you think Adam?’ he asked.

‘That ball’s in your court but I don’t think it should be less than thirty Euros, but it’s your call.’

‘Thirty sounds okay to me,’ Frank said. ‘Let me go and see,’ and off he went and spoke to four of the other men and was soon back at the table, sitting down. ‘They all said yes. If you’ve got your camera, we could go upstairs and you can take the pictures and send along the drawings when you’ve done them.’

Adam passed over the camera to Paul who sighed and got up as Frank scurried off again and told them to follow him upstairs and Paul followed.


‘They didn’t mind stripping their clothes off as soon as we got into Frank’s room,’ Paul said later. ‘They all seemed to want to have their pictures taken in different poses though, of them with their erections fully up. Here Frank helped out by going down on them and giving them a suck until they were up and hard. So I’ve got them all in the camera and they’re prepared to wait for a week or two till I’ve posted them back.’

‘Well, you haven’t moved in yet and you’ve already started working and bringing in some money,’ Adam laughed and Paul blushed because he knew he would be living off of Adam until he did start getting some revenue in for his keep.

Adam had only accepted a small beer for he still had a couple of hours driving yet to do and it wasn’t long before they said their goodbyes to Gary and Frank, giving and receiving kisses, oblivious to the other males in the bar.

So Gary and Frank were the first pair from the cruise to get home.


Carol and Fiona had got to the airport in time for checking in and had an argument at the desk about getting a refund on the return ticket of her brother that wouldn’t be used.

‘Then that seat next to me had better stay empty, or else,’ she exploded. ‘For I’ve paid for that seat and if anyone tries to sit there because you’ve sold it twice, I’ll sue unless I get a refund.’

A supervisor had been called over and a compromise was reached and Fiona got back half of the fare paid.

The plane took off at twelve noon and after two and half hours, landed at Gatwick, though the time there in England was now only one thirty because of the time difference. After collecting their suitcases, they got to the station platform with tickets through to Victoria Station. Carol said that they would take a taxi from there and so they arrived at Carol’s flat in Knightsbridge half an hour after Adam and Paul had left the Flamingo bar.

‘This is now your new home,’ Carol said as she opened the door to their second floor apartment. They walked in and dropped the cases in the hall as Carol showed her over the place.

‘It’s magnificent,’ Fiona said. ‘It’s much bigger that it looks, going by the outside. Oh Carol, I’m so pleased you asked me to move in,’ and went into her arms and they kissed.

‘Let me show you the bedroom,’ Carol said huskily and they broke apart and went in and Fiona was delighted to see the large bed that was there with its pink cover that Carol quickly pulled off, as well as the blanket and sheet.

‘Can we christen it?’ Fiona asked, licking the partly opened lips of her mouth. Carol gave her a smile instead of speaking as she began to undress. Fiona too began to take her clothes off and with them both running their hands over the others body, sank down onto the soft mattress and began to make love.


Adam had opted to take the longer route home going on down and through Cartagena and not taking the new motorway to Mazarron. He wanted to go over the mountain where halfway down on the other side, was a lay-by where he pulled off the twisting road so that Paul could have a good look at the view of the bay outside of the Port of Mazarron, a small town of its own. The view was spectacular being surrounded on three sides by the mountain and this panorama spread out before them.

They got back into the car and carried on and took the by-pass of the port but stopped at a large supermarket at the other end of town and did some shopping before carrying on past Mazarron and just the few more miles on to Camposol.

It was an urbanisation that was still not quite finished even though it had been started twelve years earlier and Adam drove on past the golf course up through some small hills to the last sector where his house was and soon pulled up outside this gleaming white Spanish style villa.

He parked on the side road for the place was situated on a corner with the house surrounded on three sides with walls of about seven foot in height. They carried the shopping in first and while Adam was putting the supplies away, Paul went back out to the car and returned with their cases.

The inside of the house was compact and more than enough for two persons and Adam quite proudly showed him the main bedroom on the ground floor with its own bathroom. The next downstairs room which was originally a second bedroom but he’d turned it into an office with two computers and four bookcases and artifacts up on the walls. The dining room off the lounge which was open plan had a table to sit six next to a nice size kitchen.

He led him upstairs to where there was another bedroom with its own separate bathroom and a big sliding door that led out onto the sun terrace, giving them a wide view over what was designated as a green area, small mountains being seen in the distance.

Back downstairs and through the kitchen led to the steps down into the rear garden that had a sparkling blue pool that looked so inviting. Small shrubs and trees were scattered about with the ground being covered in a red and white gravel.

‘What a marvellous place to live,’ Paul said, giving Adam’s arm a hug. ‘I’m surprised that you even left here, just for a cruise.’

‘Well the cruise was booked over a year ago and it seemed a pity to waste the money. If it hadn’t been all paid up, I wouldn’t have gone. I like the peace and quiet and it helps when I get down to some serious writing.’ From the kitchen door, you could just see over walls to other pools in some adjoining properties but as Adam took Paul’s hand and took him down to the poolside patio, Paul noticed that they now couldn’t be seen except for the most immediate villa next door.

‘Let’s have a swim before dinner,’ Adam said. ‘Let’s get the sweat off of us from the drive,’ as he began to take his clothes off and drop them onto a plastic patio chair.

‘I’ve no costume,’ Paul said, hesitant about stripping off.

‘Skinny dipping here. There’s only next door’s house that can see the pool, besides, they only use the place for the odd holiday and they’re not here now,’ Adam said as he was now naked and standing before Paul and helping him to undress. He couldn’t help but run his hands over the solid shoulder muscles and marvelled at how firm his body was and ran his hands down Paul’s back and caressed the tight firm cheeks of his bum.

‘Come and swim,’ he said and dived into the deep end of the pool, surfacing and shaking his head to clear the water from his eyes. ‘Lovely and refreshing.’ Paul went and jumped in.

They swam up and down the ten metre pool for several minutes before Adam stopped and stood up at the shallow end, the water level just coming up to his waist. Paul stopped and stood next to him and Adam could see that in spite of the coolness of the water, Paul had an erection the same as he had. Adam took Paul into his arms and gave him a kiss, rubbing his front against Paul’s.

‘Fuck me Paul,’ he whispered. ‘Here, now, in the water,’ grasping Paul’s erection and giving it a rub before releasing him and turning round and half bending over and held the side of the pool.

This is so erotic, Paul thought as he could see the tanned cheeks of Adam’s bum shimmering beneath the surface of the water as he moved behind him. With one hand guiding himself, he placed the head of his cock between the cheeks of that tanned bum and pushed forward. They both gasped. Adam from the widening of his arsehole and Paul from the sudden change from cold water to the internal body heat of Adam. His cock slid right in till his thighs were up against those of Adam.

‘That’s lovely,’ sighed Adam, flexing his sphincter muscle, tightening around Paul’s throbbing cock up inside him. Paul held the hips firmly as he began to fuck Adam, feeling the water swirl round his balls as he moved himself in and out of Adam, loving the change of heat and coolness along his shaft as he fucked him.

‘Too soon!’ Adam cried as his hips were held tighter and the ramming into his arse increased in pace.

‘I can’t help it,’ Paul groaned as he held on tight as his hips really began pumping away as he came inside Adam, sending his seed straight up to be killed off by being sent into the wrong place.

‘Oh Paul, that was great,’ Adam said after having the hard cock pulled out of him. He’d turned round and was now washing Paul’s cock in the pool water, pushing the foreskin right back to clean him properly.

‘My turn now,’ Paul said, assuming the same stance that Adam had done and he too gasped at the rough entry but welcomed it just the same and crooned as Adam then fucked him who got the same pleasure that Paul had got from fucking this backside in the cool water.

After washing himself, Adam got out of the pool and opened a locker by the house wall and pulled out some towels and they dried themselves. Paul went to start to get dressed again but Adam stopped him and just collected up their clothes and led the way back into the house naked. They stayed that way as they prepared and ate dinner before going to bed to make love again.


To Gary and Frank, the cruise had been a welcome break from the seven day a week chore of running a bar. The added bonus being of getting their hands on a heterosexual man and taking him into the delights of male sex and virtually turning him almost instantly into a homosexual.

As soon as they had got in the bar, Frank had taken Rupert upstairs to give him his bonus by letting him fuck him and then after pulling off the used condom, going down to suck and clean him up. Both pleased, Rupert in fucking Frank and him pleased at having Rupert being the one to fuck him.

When dressed, Frank got out the drawing of Paul’s and showed to all in the bar on his return downstairs and got orders for Paul to do drawings of those that wanted one done. It was an added pleasure of getting to suck on four different cocks to bring up to a full erection so that Paul could take the pictures he wanted for the drawings he would be doing later.

Frank later took Justin, the other barman upstairs and let him fuck him too. Gary saw to the two evening barmen later and they too enjoyed the extra bonus they got.

Life for them carried on as before without much change and were delighted when the drawings arrived and got even more commissions for Paul.


The cruise had been the cause of a dramatic change of life-style for Carol now that she was sure that she was a confirmed lesbian. She now knew what she had been missing and in some strange way, now forgave Adam for having sex with Paul but at least it had solved the problem of their marriage. There would not now be a messy divorce for she was content enough to let sleeping dogs lie for she had the flat in Knightsbridge and he had the villa in Spain. She was earning good money and Adam made enough from his books to survive.

She was glad to get back to her desk at the magazine and being the editor, could hire and fire people and so put Fiona on the payroll to write up a beauty column. Her writing wasn’t up to scratch but with someone else taking the draft, put it together that was acceptable for printing.

Fiona carried on with whatever commissions she could to appear in adverts though she was shot down when she started to try and promote any specific products by saying they were the best. Carol said that their magazine was not like Which magazine, for they couldn’t come out and say that one product was better than another. That would upset the other firms that advertised through the magazine.

Though with Fiona’s contacts with the people who used her for showing off their products, mainly beauty items, she brought them round to using Carol’s magazine to advertise them.

Their love grew slowly as time went on and found that their sex life also increased to a most satisfying degree as they got on most harmoniously whether at work or at home.


Adam also had found a new lease of life with Paul and was glad that he had taken that cruise and had found the courage to ask Gary to help him in his quest for the understanding of the male side of sex. It was a sudden and traumatic change of lifestyle and habits that he wouldn’t have dreamed of before.

He could now write his pornographic stories with this insight and really describe the feelings of a homosexual in the throes of being fucked or of the one doing the fucking. Paul with his input which was basically heterosexual in respect of his sister Fiona, incestuous as it was, it was his knowledge of the lesbian way of having sex that helped.

He had more than once made up a threesome with his sister, getting to fuck both of them and then watching two women make love. Fiona had also related to him exactly how she had felt in doing this with another woman, and at night in bed with Adam, he would relate this while a cassette recorder was on for Adam to later transcribe and it added to the knowledge for his books.

But the crowning part was that his books were now being illustrated by Paul, and it was without a doubt that this increased the sales and though it took well over six months, orders started to come in for copies of the drawings that had appeared in the books published.

Paul had done those for the Flamingo bar and other orders slowly began to follow, and was now drawing at least ten sketches per book that Adam wrote. The lowest number for any one book where they got orders for copies of the sketches, was two hundred. So at forty Euros a pop, Paul was making more money than when modelling.

Adam had always been an early riser and would work at his computer during the morning and knock off around mid-day, Paul doing his drawings in this time also. Then it would be a light lunch and down to the pool for the afternoon. Swimming and lounging in the sun. Paul keeping fit by his swimming, Adam by having Paul fuck him as and when he could get it.

* * *

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