Cruise Control. Part Two.

By 1941aaa

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Three couples go on a Mediterranean cruise and two of the pairs split up.
‘So what were you and er, Carol talking about?’ Paul asked as he began to get undressed.

‘People we both know and of others. It’s surprising at how many there were,’ she replied, also taking her clothes off. Paul was now naked on the bed as he watched his sister finishing taking the last pieces off to then pose in front of him.

‘Just what I like to see,’ he said. His eyes running over her figure that was still on the slim side with a thin waist but having breasts that were slightly larger than they should be compared to the rest of her body. At thirty six years of age, she was extremely fit and her face still held its former beauty and was always in much demand for that as well as her shape.

‘You could do with getting something of a sun tan,’ she said to Paul as she looked down at his thirty eight year old body, slim but with muscles. No paunch as yet and still as good looking as when he was a teenager and was surprised that he didn’t get many modelling jobs now. His drawings and sketches didn’t bring in much money and it was her that really supported him now financially.

‘I’ve been wanting to use this all day,’ he said to her as he lifted up his erection that had grown up along his stomach as he’d watched her undress. It was big and hard with the fiery red top half exposed from under its foreskin. ‘Come and give it a suck.’ She licked her lips and with a smile on her face, got onto the bed and moved in between his legs that opened for her to take hold of him and lower her head to take him in her mouth.

‘Mmmm,’ she mouthed as her tongue roved over and round the head as he gave out a groan of pleasure at what she was doing.

‘Not too much,’ he gasped as her head bobbed up and down on him.

‘No,’ she said, releasing him and letting him feel the cool air that swirled round the now fully exposed head where she had pushed the foreskin right back. ‘I want it inside me but only after you had your turn of sucking on me.’ She rolled over his leg and lay back and opened her legs for him to rise up and move in between them. His arms went up under her thighs so that he could just reach the lips of her sex to part them with his fingers. Her clitoris was a hard little nodule, already up in anticipation and shuddered when he rasped it with his tongue. She loved it when a tongue was doing this, between the darting in and out of her vagina, making her tremble all over as the heat started to rise up deep down in her belly.

‘Now Paul, now,’ she gasped after a couple of minutes of his tonguing, pulling at his ears which she called his love handles. ‘Put it in now and fuck me,’ she panted, and he moved up and over her, letting his hard throbbing cock slide up inside her.

She gave out a crooning sound as she felt his hardness begin to fill her and grasped his shoulders firmly when he was fully inside and had his weight on top. They moved in unison after many years of practice as they sought to give as much pleasure to each other as they fucked.

Such was their urgency, they were soon bouncing on the bed as they reached their climax together, coming with grunts from him and groans from her. Panting heavily as they heaved at one another, him pressing down to her pushing up, Fiona loving the pulsations of his cock as he came in his short, sharp bursts.

He squashed her breasts as his chest came down onto hers, their sweat mingling as did their juices which she could feel to begin to ooze out round his prick still up inside her.

‘You’re still the best,’ he panted as he kissed her lips.

‘And you’re still a good stud,’ and gave out a whimper as he pulled out to flop over onto his back. She lifted herself up and gave his cock another suck, liking to taste her own juices as well as to pull out any sperm left inside the tube of his penis. Then it was off to the small bathroom to wipe away their juices that was now running down the inside of her leg. Washed and dried, she got back into bed where they had a kiss and a cuddle before saying goodnight to each other.


‘Did you see Adam’s face?’ Frank laughed when they were in their cabin, taking Gary into his arms and giving him a kiss. ‘Stuttering and going red?’

‘Yes,’ Gary laughed with him, ‘and without him saying it, I think he’s had a taste of it in the past, but not enough to know exactly what to write. Do you think we should let him know how we feel about having sex in our fashion?’

‘That’s for you to say, after all, you are my husband and have the last word,’ Frank said, going all coy as he began to undo Gary’s shirt and loosen the buckle to his trouser belt.

‘What about letting him have the full experience too?’

‘It’s your decision darling,’ Frank said as he pushed the shirt fully open so that he could kiss Gary’s nipples and give them a gentle chew. Gary pondered on this as he pushed his trousers down to his ankles along with his underpants for Frank to then sink to his knees and take Gary’s throbbing piece of meat into his mouth to suck and chew on.

‘Slow down,’ Gary said after a couple of minutes. ‘Let’s do it properly on the bed,’ lifting him up and kissing him as he undid the buttons of Frank’s shirt. He too was sporting an erection that was revealed when his trousers came down and they left both pairs on the floor as they got onto the bed and went into the sixty nine position.

It wasn’t exactly head to tail, though it would be if you called their pricks, their tails. For lying like this on their sides, the throbbing organ of each other was just before their eyes though it was the mouth and tongues as well as the teeth that was used as they took each other in and began oral sex.

This also included taking the scrotum into the mouth and sucking gently on the balls contained inside, moving them about with the tongue. On release, they nibbled up the underside of the penis they were handling until they reached the top to blow into the eye of the cock before Gary could work his tongue down between skin and flesh to run round the head of Frank‘s cock, catching the erogenous zone where the foreskin was attached to the flesh, known as the G string. Frank could only nibble at this place because Gary had been circumcised.

Such was their experience in cocksucking, that they were able to make it last for over half an hour before, by mutual consent, they came together, filling their mouths with the semen of the other, to hold until they had finished coming, moving it around inside, getting the taste before swallowing and then licking the fiery head clean of any residue.

Where a woman can have multiple orgasms in a short period of time, it takes a man a lot longer. So they turned round to kiss, cuddle and stroke each other till roused again. Now it was for anal sex and Gary went first and rolled a condom down over his cock as Frank went onto his knees leaning forward to rest himself on his flat forearms, his arse up in the air. Gary used one hand on Frank’s hip to steady himself and the other to place his cock at the target of the hole he was going to fuck. With it held in place by his body, placed his other hand on the opposite hip and pushed himself forward, still after all this time, revelling at the tightness that surrounded his prick when inside.

Frank had given out a groan at the expansion of his ring piece as the head widened him enough for it to slip inside and sigh at having the hard and solid shaft following until their thighs met and he could feel the pulsating cock beating inside him.

So Gary fucked his “wife” until he came for the second time that evening and after the withdrawal and disposing of the condom, let Frank have his turn in the fucking of his “husband”.


The three couples, at different times, made their way down to the dining saloon only to find that they didn’t have the same table as the night before for dinner, but were herded into the centre of the saloon to be seated for breakfast. This way, they all sat at different tables for breakfast with Spanish people, and it was also in the non smoking section which didn’t help the smokers amongst them.

So it was a quick meal and up to find another dining place called the Lido buffet. Here, others, those already pre-warned, had gathered for their breakfasts, unlike the Coral dining saloon where they had dinner, for here it was self service and they could smoke as well with their coffee. This buffet style place was on one deck above the Pacific bar and it was partly open to the fresh air. There was also a small pool but at this time, was empty of water and not in use.

‘Well I’ll be dining up here every morning,’ Gary declared and Frank nodded.

‘So will I,’ Adam said, inhaling deeply on his cigarette.

‘Well I won’t,’ said Carol. ‘I don’t smoke and I came on this cruise to be waited on, not have to help myself of half cold food. I’ll continue to use the dining room.’

‘I’ll keep you company,’ Fiona said.

‘Desertion! Mutiny!’ cried Paul. ‘It looks as though I’ve been cast adrift so I’ll join you fella’s up here in the mornings then.’

‘Are you going on the tour tomorrow?’ Carol asked Fiona. Rome being their first port of call on the cruise and that this present day was to be the only full day at sea as they would then be in a port every day afterwards. For Rome, it didn’t exactly dock there but at the port of Civitavecchia, a good three quarters of an hour outside of the Eternal City. On Thursday they would call at Livorno where there was a choice of two tours, one being to Florence and the other Pisa. Next, on Friday, they would be calling at Villefranche for again, two choices, they being Monaco or Monte Carlo, this being the week after the famous Formula One road circuit.

Saturday was to be Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica and Sunday, the last day to call at Mahon on the island of Menorca. Monday being their day of arrival back at their starting port of Valencia.

‘I’ve always wanted to visit Rome,’ Carol had continued.

‘I’ve been here a couple of times,’ Fiona admitted, ‘but they were for photo shoots and so never did get to see anything for it was all rush, rush, rush.’

‘We have to book the tour down at the reception,’ Frank said.

‘I hope that we can get an English speaking guide on the coach,’ Adam put in, ‘though it’ll be all right for you two speaking Spanish,’ he said, addressing Gary and Frank.

‘Hey, we’re not that good,’ he laughed. ‘We only know enough to get by in running a bar.’

With that and the coffee being finished, the six of them went down to reception to book the tour. It wasn’t cheap, seventy Euros a head. Here they had to give over their credit cards for they didn’t take cash, nor did anywhere else on the ship. Drinks and food were all inclusive but not anything from the boutique, photography shop, masseur, and cigarettes etc. This also applied to the casino that the ship had, signing for any chips to play the tables with.

Carol was dismayed to learn that the coach left the ship at eight thirty in the morning, the same time that they would begin serving breakfast in the Coral saloon, so it would mean her and Fiona having to have the buffet if they didn’t want to go hungry all day. It turned out that there would be ten coaches and one would have an English speaking guide for they found out that they were the only six English people on the ship and their coach would have eighteen Dutch who all spoke English and would be on the tour with them.

Of the four tours on offer, they opted for the full Rome tour which consisted of driving round, not stopping at the Coliseum, other sights and stopping near, a short walk away, from the Trevi Fountain, made famous from the film of Three Coins in the Fountain which also featured briefly in Roman Holiday. Then it was onto the Vatican to see the museum there as well as visiting the famous Sistine Chapel.

They took away brochures for tours of their other stops but Adam, after looking at his, decided not to go on any others as he’d already been to Florence, Pisa, Monaco and Monte Carlo and didn’t feel inclined towards the other two.

Before they could get to the bar for a drink, the tannoy announced that they would be having boat drill in fifteen minutes and all passengers were to return to their cabins and get their lifejackets and study the notice on the inside of their door as to where their boat station was.

They being on the Promenade deck, found that their boat station was one deck below and so when the bells started ringing, armed with their lifejackets, were checked against a list and then shown how to put their jackets on. Each with their cabin number stencilled on as well as their station which made the identification easier. There was a general hubbub of noise as some people made a hash of putting their belts on wrong and the whole thing took half an hour before they could disperse to return their jackets to their cabins to meet up in the bar afterwards.

The two women declined to join them as they wished to visit the ship’s boutique and stretch out on a lounger in the sunshine. So the four men sat together with their drinks and cigarettes on the table and talked of the forth coming tour before they got round to what Adam had asked the previous evening.

‘Adam, as to you asking at how we feel by having male sex, I can only say that it’s really hard to convey exactly how we feel in the doing of the act. It can be many things ranging from exotic, exciting, indescribable and can even be rather traumatic.

It affects different people in different ways. If it was the latter, there wouldn’t be many gays around and let’s face it, homosexuality is even older than female prostitution or lesbianism, though that comes quite close in second place in what they call a vice.

To Frank and myself, it’s a thing of pleasure and enjoyment, well Paul, saying that he’s bi-sexual should know that.’

‘Yes,’ Paul said. ‘You’ve got to really have the experience because, as Gary has said, it…it’s really indescribable.’ His eyes were alight at saying this and Adam noted this, for he could guess the way things were being said that he was going to be asked the very question, which wasn’t long in coming.

‘I could spend hours talking about how it feels but you still would not be able to comprehend the full depth and meaning of male sex until you’ve actually experienced it. Would you be willing to try it with me?’ he asked quite softly. ‘I don’t mind and won’t take offence if you say no.’

‘I’ll get you another drink,’ said Frank getting up, which broke the tension that was hanging in the air. Gary and Adam eyed each speculatively, Gary asking himself if Adam would go for it and Adam wondering if he could do it. It was all very well fucking another man in Thailand, but to be the recipient? That was the question. Frank came back with another round of drinks and sat back down to await Adam’s answer. Adam looked at Paul and got a slight nod of the head, telling him to go for it and so after a hefty swig of his drink, spoke.

‘I’ll try it Gary, and thanks,’ Adam said, feeling his face go red as he spoke.

‘It’ll be me thanking you,’ Gary said, placing his hand on Adam’s knee and giving it a gentle squeeze. ‘It would have to be in two parts because neither of us would have the stamina or the time to do it all in one go. Shall we start now?’

Adam could only nod now that he’d made the decision and quickly finished his drink, not being able to look the other two men in the eye as he stood up, picking up his cigarettes and following Gary out of the bar.

Adam walked rather woodenly behind Gary, wondering what the hell he was doing, agreeing to having sex with another man. You’ve done it before, a voice inside him said. Yeah, but I was doing the fucking, he answered it. He then noted the backside of Gary in front and wondered what it looked like without any clothes on. Would his backside look the same?

They went up a deck and along the passageway, noting that the cabin Gary stopped at was only three away from his. The door was opened and they went inside and Gary threw the key onto the dressing table and sat down on the end of the bed. Adam, for want of anything better, sat down in one of the two chairs that were there.

‘We’ll cut out the kissing for that only really comes into it when you are compatible and comfortable with the other person. Frank and I would usually kiss and undress each other, stroking and sometimes kissing the flesh that is revealed, but again, we’ll leave that for the time being, though you should get to know how to undress the other person. So I’ll start the ball rolling,’ and he stood up and quickly took his clothes off and stood there naked in front of Adam, who’s eyes instinctively looked down at the erection that Gary had. He’d seen pictures of naked men with erections but this was the first time he was going to actually handle one, and a circumcised one at that. He hadn’t touched the man that he’d fucked a couple of times in Thailand.

Gary smiled at seeing where the eyes had gone. ‘It’s no bigger than the average man,’ he said as he moved close to Adam and began to unbutton his shirt and help him take it off. He bent his head and kissed both of Adam’s nipples making Adam flinch at the first touch. ‘Just relax Adam. You’re too tense,’ he said as he undid the top of his trousers and pushed them down over his hips. Adam automatically lifted each leg for them to be pulled off, his shoes slipping off at the same time.

‘Lift up your feet,’ Gary said as he knelt down and peeled off the socks, his cheek brushing against the front of Adam’s underpants which covered his growing erection. With the socks off, Gary looked up and slowly pulled down the white underpants until the throbbing erect penis of Adam sprung free and bounced about the face of Gary.

‘Now that is one big healthy looking organ you’ve got,’ he said, slowly bringing his hand up and folding his fingers round the vibrant shaft. He had moved slowly so as not to alarm or frighten Adam with any sudden movement, but still, Adam gave a shiver when the fingers closed round his throbbing cock.

He gave out a gasp as Gary’s mouth closed over the head and he felt the suction that was being created around the head and gave out another shiver as he felt the tongue move over the flesh sticking out from the foreskin.

Without thinking for it seemed automatic that his hands came up and gently held the head that was bobbing on the end of his prick. It was only for a few moments before he was released to feel the cool air waft round the hot end of his cock and Gary stood up.

‘There. I’ve now said hello to the fella down there and now it’s for you to do the same. Just be gentle and don’t use the teeth yet,’ he said as his hands came to rest on Adam’s shoulders and give him a gentle nudge.

It was as if he was outside of himself for Adam could quite clearly see himself slowly bending his knees until they were on the carpet and his head and face were now on a level with the outstanding circumcised prick just inches away. He lifted his trembling hand and took into his palm and let the fingers move round to grasp this solid bar of hot flesh that pulsated with a life of its own.

Gary said nothing but let Adam take his own time and gather up the courage that he knew he was dragging up from within himself to do what had just been done to him. From the head movement, Gary knew that Adam had just taken a big swallow of air before opening his mouth and taking the head of that throbbing cock in.

It was very hot, Adam thought as his lips closed round the head, now feeling it pulsate in what would be the same rate as Gary’s heartbeat. I’m doing it, he cried to himself as he began to move his tongue over the flesh. I’ve got another man’s cock in my mouth and I’m starting to suck on it, which he began to do. Sucking and licking and found that it wasn’t at all unpleasant and rather like having a hard piece of hot rubber in his mouth. He didn’t even feel the hands of Gary come and hold his head as he moved it back and forth over the cock head.

‘That’s enough of saying hello,’ Gary said, giving Adam’s head a gentle squeeze and it seemed as if it was with reluctance that Adam took his mouth off of Gary’s prick and looked up at him and smiled as he stood up.

‘That wasn’t bad,’ Adam said with a shaky laugh as Gary held his shoulders though he did flinch when their two cocks touched each other.

‘Now they are saying hello to each other,’ Gary laughed and made Adam laugh too. ‘Come, let’s get comfortable on the bed and we’ll handle each other first as I show you where the erogenous zones are. Just put your fingers where I put mine and I’ll tell you the names and, well, you’ll see or rather feel for yourself.’ He pushed Adam to the bed and watched him get on and then went and got on himself but the other way round.

Adam, lying on his side saw Gary’s prick just a few inches away from his face as Gary made himself comfortable and didn’t flinch this time when he felt the hand take hold of him again.

So for fifteen minutes, Gary showed him by touch, all the points to concentrate on, how to handle a pair of balls and how to stop an ejaculation by pressure of the fingers.

‘I’ll be using my teeth this time, but be as gentle as I will be and don’t really rake the skin and definitely don’t bite or Frank will be most upset for it’s his favourite toy you’re handling.’

So for the second time, he had the head of his prick taken into a hot mouth and took Gary’s into his and copied all the actions of what was being done to him at the other end. The gently rubbing of the soft silken skin over the hard muscle beneath, the soft and yet hard piece of flesh that he gently chewed on in his mouth. Releasing it into the air to start nibbling from the base upwards until reaching the tip for a kiss and suck. Not missing out on the sucking of the ball sac between the thighs on the return journey.

‘I don’t think I can last much longer doing this,’ Adam gasped out, releasing Gary’s prick. ‘I’m liable to come at any time now.’

‘Well let it go,’ Gary replied, speaking round the head of Adam’s cock.

‘Will you be coming in my mouth?’

‘Yes. You can either swallow it when I’ve finished like I will, or spit it out, though it does tend to make a mess if you do. It’s far better to swallow and breathe through your nose when I do start coming and don’t try to swallow the first lot.’

It was only a matter of minutes before Adam came into Gary’s mouth and didn’t feel him lift his head up, but kept on sucking as well as rubbing his hand up and down the shaft. It was only a few strokes later that he felt the cock of Gary expand just that little bit more and could actually feel the sperm come rushing up the tube of his cock to spew out into his mouth like the lava from an exploding volcano.

He nearly gagged as it hit the back of his throat but managed to keep his lips tight round the head as another surge came to join the other and remembered to breathe through his nose as two more gouts came erupting out of the eye to add to the rest already collected there.

He could feel the copious amount of semen washing round over the head of the cock and took a deep inhalation of breath through his nose and closed his eyes as he then swallowed Gary’s out coming.

‘Bravo,’ Gary cried, releasing Adam’s cock from his mouth for a moment. ‘You swallowed it. Now lick it clean,’ and promptly took Adam’s cock back into his own mouth to suck and then lick till there was no residue left to taste.

They appeared to release each other at the same time and Gary was quick to turn round and take Adam into his arms and gave him a big kiss on the lips which didn’t seem to affect Adam in the slightest of being kissed by another man in whose arms he was now lying.

‘For a first timer, that was very well done Adam,’ he said, giving him another kiss to which Adam now responded and returned the kiss with as much pressure as was being given to his lips. It was a hungry kiss for it was his first with not just a man but also he’d not kissed another woman on the lips ever since he’d parted from Carol nearly a year before.

They lay back on the bed, Gary’s arm underneath the neck of Adam who moved just that little bit closer the whole length of his body touching that of Gary.

‘So what do you reckon to oral sex then? Can you now write about it?’

‘I think it would be with great difficulty as it was almost indescribable,’ and Gary laughed with him at these words.

‘Well that’s what we said up in the lounge. To which I think we should be going back and we can carry onto the next part after lunch, if that’s alright with you? Having anal sex I mean?’

‘Well I’m not going to learn without trying it, am I?’ Adam replied, lifting himself up and getting off the bed at the same time as Gary. They dressed and Adam didn’t object to the kiss that Gary gave him when they were ready to leave the cabin.

‘Thank you Adam, it’s been a pleasure.’

‘Thank you too, for it has really been an experience.’

‘Wait till this afternoon’s then,’ and they went back down to where the other two were still sitting.

‘Well how was it?’ they both asked Adam at the same time.

‘Indescribable,’ he said and they all began to laugh as Gary went and got a fresh round of drinks. ‘How I’m ever going to find words to describe my feelings, I don’t know.’

They spent the rest of the morning telling stories about themselves and drinking till lunch time.


The two women, Carol and Fiona had left the men in the lounge and went and looked at the boutique and after twenty minutes of looking what was there on sale before giving their opinion of what was on offer. Tat and gauche were just two of the words to describe what they wouldn’t be seen dead wearing or carrying. So it was back down to their cabins to change into something that wouldn’t be out of place for them to wear whilst laying out in the sun on loungers.

The evening before, they’d already torn to shreds half of the people they both knew or had heard of and this morning began to tear the other half apart. Each giving what they had heard on the grapevine, the gossip and affairs that they knew of. It was only Fiona having mentioned some of those they talked about, saying who was a lesbian and was quite frank about those that she’d had a fling with.

This caused Carol to admit that she too had had a couple of relationships before she’d met Adam.

‘I couldn’t help but notice last night at dinner that I don’t think that you two are getting on well together,’ Fiona said with that intuition that some women have for minutiae.

‘You’re right in that,’ Carol said after she’d given the steward an order for drinks. ‘We’ve virtually become separated for nearly a year now. We’re only on the cruise now because I paid for it a year ago and I definitely wasn’t going to miss it because of him.’

‘But you’re sleeping in the same cabin,’ Fiona said.

‘In the same bed with a big sign saying trespassers forbidden on my half,’ Carol said bitterly.

‘So what do you do for sex?’ Fiona asked, sipping at her drink that had been placed next to her. Their loungers were almost touching and so their drinks had been put either side on the small tables there for that purpose.

‘Nothing. Zilch for over a year now,’ she said mournfully.

‘You poor thing,’ said Fiona, her hand moving over and stroking the bare arm of Carol. ‘When was the last time you had the touch of another woman then?’ she asked softly.

‘It was that long ago I can’t remember,’ she answered truthfully.

‘Would it be of any benefit if I was to help in relieving the tension you must be feeling?’ Fiona asked, still in this soft voice. ‘I have had the experience.’

‘How could we? We have separate cabins and whichever we used, one of the men could walk in at any time,’ Carol said, her heart starting to beat fast at this offer of the soft and sensual sex that could be had that she suddenly found she needed right now.

‘No problem there. I’ll just tell my broth…., er Paul to stay away for an hour or so,’ Fiona stuttered to an end.

‘Oh Christ!,’ Carol said sitting up, almost spilling her drink. ‘You were going to say your brother? Paul? I thought he was your husband.’

‘No,’ said Fiona, eyes down and her face bright red. ‘Shit! That’s the first time I’ve ever slipped up with that. Yes, you’re right,’ she said in a low voice. ‘He’s my brother and we’ve been lovers ever since we were able to have sex.’

‘Bloody hell!’ Carol breathed out.

‘With us having the same name in our passports, people assume that we’re married. Godammit! I’m so angry with myself for letting it slip. Please forgive me,’ she asked, grasping Carol’s wrist tight. ‘Don’t breathe a word to the others, please?’ she begged.

‘Of course I won’t,’ Carol replied, freeing her hand and taking hold of Fiona’s hand and giving it a squeeze. ‘I’ll keep it a secret as I would if the offer you mentioned still stands.’

‘You are a darling Carol. After lunch?’

‘I’m getting wet already thinking about it,’ was the reply.


The girls went and got dressed again and then up to the lounge to tell the men that they were going down for lunch and if they were coming. It appeared to be a general consensus that the men would just and go and pick up a sandwich or something from the buffet at the Lido. Fiona went over and whispered into Paul’s ear, telling him to stay out of the cabin during the afternoon. He looked up at her in surprise and his glance flicked across to Carol and saw the gleam in her eye and knew why she had asked this. He agreed and mused on this after they had left and he went with the others up to the Lido buffet.

It was a lovely spread and choice of hot or cold food and there was plenty of it, but with the prospect of another dinner like that of the night before, only chose small pieces to tide them over. They spent an hour there though they kept the drinking down to only one during that time before going back down to the bar lounge for coffee to try and dilute the alcohol.

The coffee had been drunk and Gary suggested that they took a drink to the cabin with them he said to Adam. Red faced at the other two knowing what he was going to the cabin with Gary for and could only nod, not trusting his voice. So with a fresh drink in their hands, they left the other two in the lounge again. Adam had a stomach full of butterflies at what was going to happen. He hadn’t felt like this in Thailand, but then, it was him doing the fucking and not being on the receiving end of a big prick.

So it was with a lot more trepidation than last time, he went into Gary’s cabin and had the door closed behind him. He took a gulp of his drink and set the remainder down on the table.

‘Relax Adam,’ Gary said, having put down his drink and put his hands onto Adam’s shoulders. ‘Now give me a kiss and undress me.’ It was not an order, but it was the subtle tone that said he was in charge and so Adam slowly moved into the open arms and kissed the man before him.

It was a firm embrace and the kiss was one of tenderness and it made him respond and found that he’d already got an erection just from this brief contact. He broke it off and began to unbutton the shirt and soon had it off and kissed the chest of Gary, taking his time to stave off the inevitable by kissing and nibbling on the nipples before starting on the trousers.

It was a repeat of the morning where when undressed, it was a kiss and suck of the exposed erection and then having the same done back to him. Gary took Adam’s hand and led him to bed and let him get on as he brought out two condoms from a drawer and a small pot of cream. He explained that the latter was for him to use when it came to Adam’s turn for he wanted Adam to fuck him first. To get in the mood, he said.

On the bed, with Adam up on his knees, Gary gave his cock a suck and then pulled the condom out of its wrapper and expertly rolled it down Adam’s shaft.

‘Now I don’t need to tell you what you have to do now,’ he smiled before he turned round on his knees and leaned forward onto his forearms.

Adam looked at the bare bum that was raised up, the legs slightly apart giving him room to move in between. The cheeks of the arse were slightly fuller than those of that other young man he’d fucked, but the place would be the same. He shuffled forward on his knees between Gary’s legs and with one hand on the bent hip and the other holding his cock straight forward, pushed in between the white cheeks.

He could feel the puckered flesh as the tip of his cock found the entrance as his other hand took hold of the other hip. There was a brief resistance as he moved his hips forward, feeling the body under his hands begin to relax as the head of his prick suddenly was inside the incredible body heat of Gary. The sphincter muscle was twitching as he continued to push forward and he heard Gary give out a gasp as he was stretched and Adam too gave out a groan as his thighs came up to the bum cheeks. His whole throbbing member felt as though it was on the inside of an inferno the heat was so intense surrounding his cock.

‘I’m sure that you’re bigger than me,’ Gary grunted. ‘Definitely bigger than Frank.’ Which somehow pleased Adam at this comment. ‘You can be as rough as you like for I’m used to it,’ he gasped as he felt Adam begin to move inside him. ‘That’s great, just great. Keep going like that.’

Adam did just that and kept pushing himself in and out of the tight orifice he was fucking, closing his mind to what the anal passage was really used for. He didn’t learn till later that another term for fucking a person up the arse was called shit shoving.

Meanwhile after being almost a hermit sex wise for over a year and only having had that morning really exercised his prick, was thoroughly enjoying this fucking of a man in this way and wished he could last longer than he was going to, for he felt his sap beginning to rise.

He held Gary’s hips firmly as he ploughed his way in and out of him, pulling him back as he thrust forward and really rammed himself up tight to the cheeks of his bum as he began to shoot his load. He pumped and pumped away as his seed seemed to keep on coming until he felt that that was that and felt himself droop forward onto Gary’s back, panting and not really remembering at how exhausting those few minutes were in fucking somebody.

Gary gave out a gurgle as he felt Adam pulling backwards and knew that it would soon be out of him. It was with a sweet sucking sound as Adam leaned back as his cock sprang free from that tight restrictive hole he’d just been fucking. He didn’t need telling what to do next and got off the bed and staggered to the bathroom and used some toilet paper to pull off the condom and dropped it into the toilet bowl and flushed it.

He walked back out into the cabin, his prick still up and erect but not as hard as before as it was slowly beginning to wilt. Gary was lying on his back now, his erection laying up onto his lower stomach, looking hard and the sight made the butterflies start to flutter again inside Adam’s stomach.

‘Well I think I can safely say that that wasn’t your first time of fucking another man. Am I right?’ Gary asked. Adam couldn’t help but grin and still look a little bashful.

‘I did once, no twice in Thailand, but that’s as far as I went while I was there,’ he admitted.

‘Anyway, it was a bloody good performance and I meant it when I said that you’re bigger than Frank,’ he said as Adam got onto the bed and leaned on his elbow and looked down at the weapon that would in the next few minutes, be stabbing him in his backside.

‘Don’t back down now Adam,’ Gary said softly. ‘You’ve come this far. I’ll be as gentle as I can. Now give me a suck first and then roll the rubber down onto it.’

As if he was again outside of himself, he watched as he picked up the wrapped condom and tore it open and pulled out the tightly rolled rubber and held it in one hand as he used the other to lift up the waiting prick. He bent his head and took it into his mouth and sucked on it for a few moments before releasing it back into the air and really fumbled with the condom. It was apparently obvious that he’d never done this before single handedly. Gary used his own to hold himself erect so that Adam could use both his hands to put the cap over the throbbing cock and roll it down, covering the shaft.

‘I’ll put the cream on,’ said Gary as he moved and got up onto his knees, Adam looking at the swaying rubber sheathed cock that was about to be shoved up his arse. ‘It won’t hurt if you let yourself relax. Don’t fight it because it could be painful if you do. It will hurt a little I must admit, the first time, but the pleasure you will get will soon out-weigh that. The secret is to relax.’ Adam had now turned round and was on his knees and bent himself forward as Gary had done and rested his head sideways on his forearms, knowing that his arse was now up and open for the onslaught he was about to receive. He crossed his fingers and hoped that Gary had been right and that it wouldn’t hurt. Well not much, anyway.

He didn’t see the cream being applied to the top of the condom but flinched when he felt a cold blob being put to the crack of his arsehole. He trembled as he felt a hand take hold of a hip and he said to himself, for what we are about to receive. The moment of truth.

He not only trembled, but shivered when he felt the top of the covered prick touch his backside and was held there by the pressure of Gary’s body as the other hand came to his other hip.

‘Now relax, Adam. Relax,’ Gary said and suddenly moved his body forward, quickly so as to not give time for Adam’s body to fight this sudden intrusion into his backside. He gave out a gasp at this sudden widening of his anal passage and felt the head of the cock slip inside and felt the smooth and somehow soothing passage as it slowly filled him. His whole body seemed to throb and pulsate in time with the heart beat of Gary as his cock swelled and he thought it was forever going to slide inside him until he felt Gary’s thighs come and meld up tight to his own.

‘Christ! It’s incredible,’ Adam cried as he felt the whole thing twitch and throb inside him. ‘What a sensation. You must be able to feel even more without a rubber being used.’

‘That’s true,’ Gary said, his voice sounding so far away as though he wasn’t actually there, but he was there, there inside Adam and filling him as he never dreamed possible. Setting alight ever nerve that he had inside him. Those of which he had many but only the one major muscle which he was now flexing, feeling it grip completely the hard shaft of flesh that was deep up his arse.

He even cried out at the colourful sensations he began getting as Gary moved himself backwards and forwards as he gave Adam his first ever fuck. He was drooling and quickly tried to slurp this back into his mouth as Gary reamed his backside and also realised that even though he’d only a few minutes ago had fucked Gary, found that he’d somehow touched a nerve inside his own body for his own cock was up again and really throbbing and bouncing about and his balls were swinging like a pendulum to every thrust that Gary made into his tight aperture.

He knew this glorious pleasure was coming to an end when he felt his hips being held firmly and the thrusts becoming more pronounced and cried out as he felt Gary ramming hard into him as he came, the cock head swelling slightly at every emission until he came to a panting stop and leaned the same as he had done, over his back, somehow not minding this weight from the pleasure he’d just received.

The cry he gave out was from the loss of this throbbing piece of meat, not the slight expansion of his arsehole which went un-noticed with this withdrawal. He suddenly felt empty, bereft of meaning and sobbed for this feeling and didn’t notice the soothing strokes that Gary was giving him, knowing exactly how Adam felt at this first time of one minute having a live piece of flesh inside giving him heat and pleasure and then feeling the sudden loss. He even went as far of giving both cheeks of Adam’s bare arse a kiss before getting off the bed and going off to dispose of the condom.

It was Adam who demanded the kisses that they had when Gary had returned to the bed and he knew that he’d been satisfied with what he’d received and now could write about it with some authority. Adam couldn’t find all the words he wanted to express himself, using many superlatives and actually behaving like a child who’d just been left alone in a toy store.

He couldn’t kiss and thank Gary enough for such a wonderful experience, one that he would never forget. He even suggested that that was must be how a young girl feels when she loses her virginity because he had certainly been one in this case.

They eventually parted from their embracing and got up and showered before getting dressed again to return to the others. Frank and Paul both sniggered at the behaviour of Adam.

‘We can see quite clearly that the cat has had the cream,’ one of them said. Such was the haze that Adam was in, he didn’t know which one had made the remark, but it was right, for that was exactly how he felt. He didn’t know it then for it took a day or two to sink in that he was hooked on this form of sex as will be revealed later.


There was quite a bit of hand touching as Carol and Fiona had their lunch down in the Coral dining saloon, eating a light meal, both for their own reasons, looking forward to the afternoon that they were going to share in Fiona’s cabin. So the meal in itself was a rather short one and it wasn’t long before they left the dining saloon and went back up to the deck where Fiona shared a cabin with her supposed “husband”. Like Gary and Frank’s and hers and Adam’s, it was in the same passageway, only a few cabins away but on the starboard side.

‘It’s been years since I last did this,’ Carol giggled as they began to take their clothes off. ‘I feel like a schoolgirl again.’

‘Delicious isn’t it,’ Fiona said, being the first to reveal her breasts to Carol’s gaze who licked her lips in anticipation of sucking on the nipples in the middle of the darkened skin of the aureoles. Fiona too had the same thoughts as Carol’s were revealed but paid more attention to the neat triangle of hair between the upper thighs.

‘You’ve got a lovely figure Fiona,’ Carol said, moving close for them to move into each other’s arms.

‘You could have been a model too with yours,’ Fiona remarked as their breasts touched and became squashed between them as they kissed. The kiss was held as they fell onto the bed, only the bouncing fall broke them apart to girlish giggles. But they were soon together again, rubbing their bodies hard up against each other, legs scissored so that their upper legs could press against their mounds that concealed their sex as they squirmed to get the utmost from this contact.

Their hands never still, roving about the body, touching, stroking, caressing, feeling and moulding when a breast came within reach. Both hands coming into play when they held the opposite face to kiss every available inch. Fiona appeared the more hungry for it was her that moved first to turn round and begin to kiss her way down Carol’s body finishing up on top and diving down in between the open thighs to smell and taste the heady delights of another woman.

There always appears to be a greater urgency when a woman is performing cunnilingus, the tongue moving faster than that of a male. Constantly flickering across the clit in between the licking of the inner lips before darting in and out of the vagina. Doing this to the woman beneath while the other is doing the same in reverse though having to reach up and keep the one above from pressing down too hard as to smother her.

They brought each to an orgasm before rolling over so that Carol was on top now and carrying on without a pause to bring each again to another one as powerful as the first. It was only the need for a few deep inhalations of fresh air that caused them to break apart, sweating, or as they were women, perspiring heavily, their bodies covered in this shining film that caused them to slide easily in each other’s arms as they kissed with wet mouths.

‘I haven’t come like that in heaven knows how long. It was fabulous,’ Carol said, her chest heaving and giving Fiona cause to stroke the full breasts that moved under her hand.

‘I too haven’t had such a coming for a long time, darling. It was sheer heaven. If only we could do this longer,’ Fiona replied. A statement that gave Carol something to think about for the rest of the cruise.

They stayed on the bed, cooling down though they carried on with their kissing and stroking until they felt it was time to get dressed before dinner.

‘Not just dinner,’ said Fiona. ‘It’s the Captain’s cocktail party before that.’

‘Oh yes, I forgot that, but what difference is that for the drinks are already free and paid for by us,’ Carol giggled.

So they got up and took it in turns to shower before getting dressed and returning to the bar where the men were and told them of the cocktail party. This broke them up for the men to get going to their cabins to get dressed after having a shower.


Though it wasn’t a cocktail party as such. What it really was for the shipping line to squeeze extra money out of the passengers by turning it into a photo shoot. All couples having their photos taken, first in front of a back drop showing a rising staircase and then standing either side of the smiling Captain.

Pictures were already on display in the shop for as everybody prior to boarding was stopped by a board holding one of the ship’s lifebelts with a placard giving the date. The name of the ship already emblazoned on the lifebelt and as Adam and Carol had embarked separately, they therefore had just themselves in these photos, so Adam bought the one of him. These were selling at four and a half Euros whereas the ones with the Captain were six Euros.

Nevertheless, it was all good fun and everybody joined in the spirit and queued patiently to be shot as it were before going down to dinner. It was a good job that the Captain stood in between all couples otherwise Carol wouldn’t have agreed to having her picture taken with Adam. She could always cut that part out she thought as the camera flashed to the false smiles on all three faces. Carol bought the picture where she was with the captain because she could get Adam airbrushed out back at the magazine.

The seating was the same as the night before, Carol sitting between Paul and Fiona, having the leg of the latter occasionally rubbing up against her thigh to which she was not averse to. There was a certain vibrancy to all there at the table this evening that wasn’t there the night before and Adam, to Carol’s eyes, seemed to be in rather high spirits which seemed unusual for him, but dismissed any thoughts of him as her mind dwelt back on that afternoon session with Fiona.

Adam’s backside was still tingling and he had to admit to himself that he had enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t say no to having it again. Gary had also enjoyed having Adam with it being his first time of having a cock shoved up his arse but still preferred the fucking of Frank and had asked Frank if he wanted to have Adam next for he guessed that Adam wouldn’t say no. Frank had said yes, though he would have to wait until Adam did the asking. Other than those thoughts which were unspoken, they talked of the next day’s tour during the meal which was as good as the night before.

After the meal they all went back to the Pacific lounge bar for coffee and drinks and though just past the bar was a seating area for one of the nightly shows that were put on. They didn’t attend any of these because it was all Spanish orientated, the songs and jokes being in that language.


Paul asked Fiona as they got undressed for bed, how it had gone between her and Carol.

‘Well for a woman who hasn’t had our kind of sex for a long time, she did very well and I wouldn’t mind another session with her before the end of the trip. Pity that Adam isn’t that way inclined for you,’ she said, naked and now getting into bed. You don’t know the half of it, he said to himself, now getting an erection at not only the sight of his sister’s lovely body but also of the thought that he just might get to have Adam later.

She lay back on the bed as Paul got between her open legs and began to plate her as she thought of the likelihood of having Carol doing what Paul was doing again and have the softer body come up and cover her instead of the muscled one of Paul as he moved up and entered and fucked her. This was the only thing that would be missing she thought before the sensations took over and she had an orgasm as Paul came inside to the noise of his grunting.


‘It wasn’t a bad fuck,’ Gary said as he slowly moved his prick in and out of Frank’s backside while on their bed. ‘But I’d rather be doing this with you. I think you should have him at least once just to appreciate what we have together.’

‘It doesn’t matter how many times for I’d rather have you doing this to me you lovely man,’ Frank crooned as his back passage was being gently reamed by that hard piece of flesh that he couldn’t get enough of.


Adam and Carol undressed in silence and though he’d got an erection before he’d got into bed, it wasn’t the sight of Carol’s body that had turned him on but the erection of Gary’s that was in his mind. He got into bed and relived that day’s two episodes of male sex and knew that he wanted it again. He lay there stroking his hard erection on one side of the bed at his thoughts and Carol on the other side was touching herself, thinking of Fiona.

‘Do you know that Paul and Fiona are not married? They are brother and sister,’ she said, breaking the silence.

‘What!’ Adam exclaimed in surprise, rolling over onto his side. ‘Brother and sister?’

‘Yes. She let it slip this afternoon,’ she replied, leaving out that they had actually gone to bed together for sex that very afternoon.

‘Well as Gary and Frank have admitted that they are gay, Paul came out and said that he was bi-sexual. Is she the same?’ Adam asked.

‘Possibly,’ Carol said, a little shiver running through her body as she said this. ‘In spite of them having sex together.’

‘Well, well, well,’ Adam said, making a mental note to ask Paul if this was true.

The only other words they spoke was to say goodnight to each other as they drifted off to sleep with their sexual thoughts in different directions.