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Danny, my forever

want to have a look? he asked, just like that!
Danny, My Forever

by alexcarr

I must be honest and admit it has come to the point when I absolutely crave for Dan, my Danny.

Being a month without him - he having a short overseas contract - I miss him to the core and what we do over the mobile phone or even on the web-cam bears no real significance to the real thing, in fact yesterday we both agreed to refrain because it did not seem personal or [private doing that over the net like someone was watching.

Maybe that's okay if you are a bit of an exhibitionist and that is your turn thing. But with Dan and me, well we like to he absolutely private to indulge in our mutual passion.

I remember the first time he asked "would I like to have a look?" - just like that - like it was the normal thing to do when two guys of our leaning meet. Well I had seen it before, not in real life - only when Danny sent me a picture online, and yes it looked even better in the flesh, and just as gorgeous and well developed too.

I told him that and he laughed and said it made him sound like he was part of a building project. That's what I like about Danny his sense of humour - as well as everything else about him, as far as I was concerned he was a real star and he could always shine on me.

Talking of shines, he said from the first time we exchanged on the chat page he felt drawn to me, and from then onwards our relationship blossomed and that first time we met, in his car in a designated meeting place, a supermarket car park, it was instant touching. And when he asked me that question I felt so absolutely excited and beguiled watching him gently unzip, like he was teasing me, was a real thrill.

He smiled and gradually worked himself out from beneath his opened jeans and boxer shorts, and letting them slip down to his knees he just sat there on display for me to relish.

In my mind who would have thought a guy showing that to me in the past would have done anything for me. No doubt the reverse because any other guy would have probably repulsed me, but this was Danny - a very special guy and just looking at him like that made me instinctively sink to my knees, him joking even then that he was no God, that I didn't have to go down on my knees to him.

This moment had taken time to arrange via our warm conversations in the Utopia chat room. The reason being that I had formerly arranged to meet guys who seemed really keen but never turned up. It seemed to me they just wanted all the dirty chat and picture exchanges online but backed off when the real thing was an option.

I naturally thought that Danny would be the same but when I mentioned the others he said if he made a promise he would keep it, and anyway he really wanted to meet me.

Now all the nervousness of that first meeting was gone, Danny was so pleasing and I felt comfortable with him He just looked so absolutely gorgeous and appealing sat there like that, his gloriously stiff and oval well cut cock standing to attention like a guard outside Buckingham Palace, his firm pink balls hanging approvingly beneath like they were big juicy berries waiting to be tasted.

Kneeling there on the car floor mat , almost touching his erection with my lips, I felt his scent enter my nostrils and it was like I was being sent me into a beautiful trance.

"This okay like this," Danny asked, "or would you like me another way?"

I whispered that it was fine for now.

"You like, Pete?"

He was so considerate like he was striving to make it right for me.

But I couldn't reply because not being able to hold back any longer, my mouth was full of him, it was like an utter dream, his appendage spreading my cheeks as I deeply sucked him. I felt him writhing in his seat and heard his approving moans. It was so lovely to suck a new guy - but the only thing was we could not be absolutely private Danny having to keep an eye out that nobody saw us coming and going with their cars.

Of course I had sucked cock before, many times, but never ever like this, for one thing the circumstances were never quite the same. The feel, the smell and the taste of it was simply delightful and I took time just to enjoy it to the full, until he moaned and moaned - his hands cupping my head, pressing and turning to enable him to feel my sucking of him in different positions, sometimes it popping out of my mouth for me to gather again, cupping his firm warm balls which was absolutely so stimulating as I sucked and sucked him, until he could not hold back any more, he yelled he was going to cum, that I'd better stop or else ... but I wanted that, to actually feel for the very first time a shot of warm spunk, because I had never wanted to go that far with anyone else, to experience the actual happening of a hard firm throbbing cock shoot its cream into my mouth.

Danny had held back a while waiting for me to stop suckling him dry, I looked up at him still sucking, then he simply nodded, he'd got the message and we were in business again.

My mouth was taking it like a steam piston, then a short pause, then a tremendous surge or pure unadulterated sticky fluid spurting over my tongue once more and filling my mouth. It was magic; my mouth full of his spunk then, rolling it around inside, swallowing a little at a time the second offering, it was fine but I needed some water and stopped a while, Danny still sat there, his eyes closed in a trance, I took a quick drink from a bottle of water in the glove department and swallowed, it went down a treat and I felt somehow I was now complete, having done something that surely could not have been more intimate.

That was not the end of it, because with a little more touching and feeling he was hard again.

Like a baby I took him in my mouth once more but his hands closed on my shoulders pushing me back.

"Let's save him for the finale, shall we" he grunted holding and squeezing himself.

“I want to show you just how good it will be inside you as you bend over for me, but for now let me do something for you - and then maybe we can arrange for a home meeting later.”

When I felt his hands explore me over my corduroys it was so good to feel someone else doing it, and then watching him unzip and eagerly go down to me and sniff me.

“You watch now huh Pete? He said meaning for me to make sure no one was around for what he was about to do with me. And I enjoyed the most sensitive and so wonderful pampering, and when his warm mouth sucked me It was heaven, nice and slow and indulging, and when I felt a finger rim me at the back I knew what he had in mind and I wanted that.

We had to bond very quickly while the juices were hot and he drove me to his flat saying that now he felt he could trust me.

After refreshment he prompted me to remove my corduroys which he said did everything for me, that they made me look so very alluring and sexy - then he had me bend over on all fours, now it was his turn to look -see he told me, breathing heavily as he held his cock up high. I saw that he kneeled on the thick carpet, urging me to spread my legs so he could kneel between. Then for the first time I was all ass for him, and that felt good, my mouth still tasting of him after my earlier suck. I was ready for what he would do, I felt him moving his hard cock across my cheeks, telling me how good that felt and what a great ass I had.

Soon I would be full of him, that certain wonderful feeling when a guy enters you, but this guy was special, it was Danny. Danny my forever.

And afterwards, I wanted it again and again.

"would we be doing it with me on top" I asked to which he replied he wanted me every way and would aim to be up inside me just as much as he could, and to feel his strong throbbing erection deep inside me was beyond words can describe.

When first we next fucked it was in his bathroom. this new guy was a wonderful new experience and I was pleasantly surprised with the size of him not to mention the thickness. I estimated it to be eight inches of pure unadulterated stinky cock.

"Sorry about that" he said like he could smell it too, " but on the way to meeting you I just couldn't help pulling into a lay-by and frigging myself at the thought of our meeting so it got a bit messy I'm afraid."

At ;east he was honest!

He really needn't of worried, I had some wet wipes knowing I would possibly need them if Danny turned out to be a willing party so he got the best of both worlds as I wiped him clean and wanked him at the same time, I had a feeling he wouldn't be clean for long though the throat noises he was making as I started to tinker with the idea of sucking that gorgeous appendage after our together shower, the feel, the scent was enticing so I let myself go once more and went down on him, feeling his stiffness fill my mouth. Gorgeous! I just couldn’t get enough of Danny this way and every way.

It seemed natural sucking cock yet again but I was in my element, taking him on the full ride and releasing on that occasion just as he spurted.

So there we were in the bathroom stripped and playing with each other, rubbing our cocks together like wild things to really get to know each other. With Danny I soon learned that I had to always make the first move, that's just how he was, even that first time in the car it was me who bravely had a quick feel to spur him on. but that was okay with me. I asked him blatantly if he would fuck me, that I would bend over the edge of the bath to give him good leverage. I rubbed lots of lubricant up there in his full view, wanting to see his reaction. There he was squeezing his huge upright erection and me then knowing I was soon to feel its pulse inside me.

. He soon got it worked well into me, I remember it hurt some when he reached full penetration, I moved my hand back so I could feel exactly how deep he was inside and sure enough it was almost to the hilt, there I was being fucked by an eight inch cock and did I know it!

I yelled and asked him could he stop a moment to give me time to adapt, he said to wiggle my hips and that would help. It would also give him the impetus he said to fuck the ass off me! I did wiggle, he slapped me twice firmly and sure enough it felt more comfortable working up me and I started to enjoy and savour his thrusting deep fuck .

He grunted and groaned as he came inside me, after asking if he could - I wanted that.

The next time he had me was over the dining room table after a gentle lashing with his belt which, I discovered was another of his kinks, but the slight pain was worth it for the passion he enjoyed afterwards, my ass has never been so well pampered!

But what made it really delicious was his impromptu sucking of me before every bonding - the way he rimmed me too, slowly stretching my hole as he licked and tasted me - and when he did get inside me he was well and ready for a good rough stiff fuck, but what was special is the way I discovered was unique with Danny, like the way he liked to stop awhile in mid-fuck, just standing there, his cock wedged into me, feeling the wonderful sensation of each others response, a gentle ass movement from me procuring a heavenly feeling inside, it was simply lovely and when he continued to fuck me we soon came to a very wonderfully satisfying climax.

And this was only the start to all sorts of wonderful things we would enjoy.

Watch this space!

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