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Dave feeds me my first

I get my first taste that makes me an addict
Dave feeds me my first

When I started looking for porn on the Internet, it was really difficult for me. Like so many other inexperienced surfers, I battled to find the right sites. Most were pay sites and there was no way I was giving my credit card details away on the net. There were constant pop-ups and sometimes it became so bad that I had to switch the pc off to stop the pop-ups. I did however finally get a tip from our IT guy (I am sure I often left tell-tale signs of what I had been doing on the net).

At last I could surf and perv to my heart's content. I was very inquisitive, naive and extremely hungry. I was turned on by almost everything I found (but I do not like illegal porn, scat, pain, rape - I prefer when all involved are enjoying themselves willingly). There were women, mature women, grannies, 3somes, orgies, groups and so forth. I even stumbled on some gay porn that I made a berth around (I was initially not interested).

At first I did not notice, but the pictures focused largely on the women being totally exposed, cameras would zoom in on their orifices. This focus extended to scenes where the women were depicted showing how much they enjoyed servicing hard cocks. Snapshots showed them with cocks on their foreheads, cheeks, tummies, in their mouths, in their beautiful cunts or arses and mostly in their hungry mouths. I couldn't help but wonder whether they really enjoyed it. For some or other reason I started to wonder how they felt when doing this. This obviously got me to wondering if I would smile as broadly if I had a cock in my mouth and cum all over my face. I was repelled by the thought, but could not stay away from the porn site my IT friend had shown me.

I stopped worrying about what the women thought and looked at hard-core porn, wishing I was the one getting serviced. I was single and had not gotten laid in months. I furiously wanked off to these scenes and left load after load after load on the office floor. I wonder if anybody noticed. I am sure a few of my colleagues must have known that I surfed loads of porn.

As I surfed, I discovered an advert for an adult "dating" site. They claimed to have willing and available women in my area - yeah right! Obviously I could not resist and eventually signed up. It was extremely difficult to make up a profile, but I managed to get the basics loaded and had a look around. I was very surprised that there actually were a few people from my area, but almost all were men seeking sex - figures! Some married guys were even seeking action with other men. This was not what I was after, but I felt better knowing I was not the only one in this one-horse-town that was desperate.

My fav site was getting a little lame after a few weeks. I must have looked at just about everything they offered. The only pages I ignored were the gay and tranny pages. I ventured in and at first was uncomfortable. It was only after I discovered some truly stunning gurls that I became more curious.

Days went by with me surfing and jerking. I still looked at gorgeous women indulging in blatant unadulterated hot steamy sex yet, as time progressed I found myself sneaking more and more into the tranny sites. Now I was having fantasies of having one of these women and having hot sessions with her. I slowly started yearning to taste a clit like theirs and progressively my hunger and obsession grew. I wanted to taste a pussy on a stick! Slowly I accepted that I had a hunger and that a guy would be able to satiate my curiosity. 

I started frequenting the "dating" site more often and soon got hit on by people from the US and even by a few from where I lived. One chap who lived in the same town as I did offered to educate me. It took me a long time to finally meet this guy to try my hand at pleasuring another man. I had fantasized about this so often. Our first meeting resulted in me having a few whiskeys and nothing happening. We promised to meet again and this time around he went straight for my crotch. Before I knew it I had a guy blowing me. It felt really good. Knowing from experience that I lose interest after I have ejaculated, I stopped him. I need to return the favor before that happened and I chickened out.

So there I was in my bedroom with a naked fella I hardly knew lying on my bed, waiting for me to apply my virgin mouth to his essence. He had a beautiful uncut cock nestled in a small tuft of blonde hair. His pubes were obviously trimmed and I also noticed that his nuts, which were tucked snuggly in their ball bag against his body, were shaved clean. I tentatively reached out and touched his semi erect cock. No thunder and I certainly was not struck down by lightning. It felt nice to hold his manhood. I bent forward and took a sniff. He was clean and did not in the least smell unpleasant. I lifted him up and lowered my lips over his helmet. Well, no turning back now. I remember that my legs felt like jelly, my stomach fluttered at the knowledge that I was doing something so taboo, so frowned upon in this community. Here I was with another guy's growing cock in my mouth. It was not dirty. It was not disgusting. It was fabulous. His cock felt hard, yet spongy. Hot but very inviting. I love having my cock sucked and at last I was experiencing what it felt like on the other end. Instantly knew that I wanted more, much more. This was awesome! By now his love muscle had grown to about six inches. I slipped his hardness from my mouth and rubbed this fantastic tool over my cheeks, over my eyes, over my nose and then back into my starving mouth.

This was a moment I had to savor. I had to capture it to relive this moment whenever I needed. I asked Dave if I could take some pics. He laughed and said he didn't mind. I pulled my camera from the cupboard and set it up on the pedestal. The self-timer was set and I dove onto his hot flesh as the flash went off. I took a few more shots of me with my first mouthful of cock before going back to seriously servicing Dave's manmeat again 

I certainly noticed some pre-cum leaking out of his piss-slit. It made his manhood seem a little more slippery and slimy before I devoured it. I did not mind licking it up and swallowing. After a little more fervent sucking and jerking he warned me that he was about to explode. This was a threshold I was not yet ready to cross. I let him slip from my mouth but not from my grasp. I continued to stroke him and he finally shot a large jet of hot, white cum in an arch over his belly and a part of my bedding. Knowing that my cock quickly turns sensitive after ejaculation, I just held him gently. He sat up and said it was my turn. I stood at the edge of the bed where he knelt in front of me. He sucked me off and I shot a huge load across the room.

Somewhat embarrassed and awkwardly we said our good-byes. We promised to stay in touch and that we would meet again. After he left I charged for the fridge and pulled out a beer. I downed it in no time. Then another and finally I settled on the couch in front of the TV with my third beer in fifteen minutes. I let the events of the past hour run through my mind.

I had truly enjoyed myself. I could smell his cock long after he left. I was hungry for more. I had just sucked my first cock and realized that I was desperate for more. I turned on the telly and watched porn late into the night while stroking my cock, licking my fingers clean until I had no liquid left.

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