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Deaf, Dumb Blind

Three wounded soldiers get to live together with their disabilities, and two falling in love with ea

The second one I do recall. I had not long joined my regiment when there was a ball. I was one of the most junior officers of about sixty. Many of the senior ones had brought their wives and some their daughters too, so there were nearly a hundred people there. Us officers all dressed in our best uniforms while all the ladies wore a variety of ball gowns. It was after dinner that the dancing began and I know I danced with quite a few, some twice. One of these, Stephanie Marlow, about in her early thirties and wife of one of our Majors.

It was during our second dance that she kept pressing her body up to mine and with me seeing quite a quantity of tit, got a hard on. She was showing so much tit that if she hadn’t been pressed so close to me I think I would have been able to see her belly button, which I did later.

With her constantly pressing herself up to me, she couldn’t help but feel how hard I was inside my trousers. In movements of the dance when we turned, her leg would come in between mine and it would press at my groin for her to feel this and she smiled up at me and licked her lips.

It wasn’t until the dance came to an end, she whispered in my ear that I was to go outside and she would join me in a couple of minutes. I’m sure I blushed at this but after leading her back to her table, did as she asked and went outside. The cool air didn’t make my tumescence go down and my heart was beating faster than normal in the anticipation that she would come out and we would go somewhere for sex.

My heart jumped when I felt her touch my arm, not having seen her come out, and she led me away from where the ball was being held and knew her way around, for we were soon in the sick bay. There were two beds in there and after pressing herself up to me and kissing me, feeling that I was still hard, quickly undid some clips at the back of her dress to let it slide to the floor.

She was all woman, standing there in just a wispy bra that was overfull with her tits and a scanty pair of panties that didn’t hide the small bush of hair between her thighs. She quickly helped me off with my uniform until I was naked, my cock sticking out like a conductors baton. Then off came her bra and panties and she took hold of my erection and pulled me to the bed.

She fell onto her back, pulling me down on top of her, squashing my cock between our stomachs as I squashed her tits as she voraciously kissed me.

Soon, she pushed my head down to one tit, the nipple standing out proud from the big fleshy orb and I sucked on it as my hand fondled the other one. After a minute or two, she pushed the massaging hand down towards her crotch. My fingers soon found the entrance to her sex and found that it was quite wet in anticipation and with twiddling my fingers inside this wet orifice, made her squirm about beneath me.

I must have been doing the right thing for she was soon groaning and moving her hips about. Again it was only a few minutes of doing this that she pulled my hand away.

‘Now!’ she gasped. ‘Put it inside me.’ She was panting away as I moved my body down as her legs opened and my throbbing cock slid down between her thighs as I rose up onto my elbows and moved myself back up slightly, my cock finding its own way up the slippery trail until I entered her fully to a big sigh from her.

Her legs came up by the side of my thighs as I pushed in deeper and felt her inside muscles begin to flex themselves round my shaft and I began to fuck her. She was wet, hot and rather slack, nowhere near as tight as Tony had been, but this I didn’t know at the time as I moved myself in and out in my fucking.

She crooned away as I shafted her, her fingers digging into my back as I humped away, her legs tightening themselves against me.

‘Harder! Harder. I’m coming,’ she cried out, and I began ramming myself at her, mashing our pubics together as she began to buck beneath me and making me start to come inside her. I think we both came at the same time, me shooting my load as she had her orgasm, and I think we both shuddered at our release and I fell back on top of her as she held me tight to our now sweaty chests.

She gave out a small cry as I pulled out of her, recalling that it now sounded just like the noise I made when Tony pulled out of me earlier, and realised that it was because of the loss of a male organ that had just given one pleasure.

We quickly got dressed and after another swift but passionate kiss, we returned to the ball, and that was my only recollection of having fucked a woman. I never did see her again.

Remembering this while lying alongside Tony, gave me another erection and also thought of the difference in the fucking of a woman and that of a man, the latter being tighter, giving you more feeling in the fucking, but also her cry of loss at the withdrawal. The same kind of loss that I had felt when Tony had pulled out of me and felt that I would like to have him fuck me again.

I moved down the bed and found that he was up and hard again and guessed that he was of the same mind as me. I felt his body stiffen when I took his balls into my mouth and rolled them around in their sac, loving the reaction. On releasing them, I nibbled away at the underside of his shaft, slowly moving up until I was gently chewing on the head of his erection. It was only a quick suck that I gave the head before moving right back up to kiss him.

‘Will you fuck me again?’ I whispered into his ear, something I never dreamed of ever saying to another man. I felt his finger give me a big tick on my back and so I rolled off of him and let him get another condom as I got myself up onto my knees to be ready for him.

As he got back onto the bed behind me, I shivered again and still flinched as I felt the cream being put in place before his hands came up onto my hips. I flinched again when I felt the head of his cock touch and press up to my backside and took in a deep breath and tried to force my body to relax.

It was with one big push that I felt him expand my ring piece and had him enter me for the second time, loving the feel of his hard cock slide smoothly inside till his thighs came up tight to the cheeks of my bum. What a lovely feeling of having that throbbing lump of flesh beating a small tattoo to my insides and squeezed him with the one muscle I had there. Then came the pleasure of feeling him move himself backwards and forwards, his cock moving in the same way, giving me an inordinate thrill at having this done to me again

I crooned again as he shafted me, smoothly moving his cock in and out of me until I felt his fingers tighten themselves on my hips as he began to pull me back to his forward thrusts, ramming himself tighter to my backside as he started to come, his hips just jerking away as he did so.

I could hear his rasping breath as he leaned over me when he’d finished and felt a few drops of sweat drop onto my lower back. I tried to hold him there with my muscle as I felt him begin to pull out, giving out that little cry as the head finally slipped out.

‘Get the condom off and let me suck you,’ I gasped, wanting his cock back inside me, even if it was only the head, I wanted it and wanted the taste of him. He was quickly off the bed and I heard the rustle of the tissues he used to pull it off of himself and then felt the head of his cock touch my lips and I opened my mouth and took the head in, the foreskin having rolled right back and got that taste I wanted, sucking out the last of his coming. I licked him clean and gave the head a last kiss before getting up and sitting back on my heels, my own cock really throbbing now and wanting to fuck and give him the same pleasure he had just given me.

It didn’t take long for him to get on the bed and give my cock a quick suck before rolling a condom down over my shaft and move on the bed into the right position. Knowing what to do now, shuffled up between his open legs until my cock touched him and felt again his fingers guide me to the right place.

I now appreciated the difference as I pushed myself into that tight backside as opposed to the slackness of a vagina, feeling the head being compressed and the all round pressure as the shaft filled him till I was fully inside and my thighs tight up against the cheeks of his bum.

I now knew that I did in fact love Tony, loved having him suck and fuck me and able to do the same to him as I began to move and fuck him. It was only as I was moving myself in and out of him did I realise, having handled his erection, that he wasn’t as big as me in that department and wondered if he got more of a thrill with me being somewhat bigger than him. Not having had another man fuck me, I couldn’t tell, but his was big enough to give me pleasure. I really did like the sucking and fucking of him and gave myself up to the joy of what I was now doing and came with some rather hard ramming of his backside.

I didn’t realise how exertive it was until I leaned over his back, feeling the sweat drop off my forehead, panting as though I’d just run a mile in under four minutes. His muscle fought against the withdrawal of my cock and I’m sure that if he could utter a sound, he would have given out the same cry that I did at the loss of a throbbing cock from the backside.

I fell back onto my heels, still panting as I pulled free from the tight hole of his backside, feeling him move off the bed and a moment later having the condom pulled off and him sucking on me.

‘Let’s have a shower,’ I said when he’d finished licking on me, ‘for we’re both rather sweaty,’ and got off the bed and made my way into the bathroom, managing to get there without walking into the wall. I even managed to unerring find the sliding door of the shower cubicle okay and stepped inside. One thing I was very pleased about was that it was big enough for both of us to get in there, and had Tony get in with me.

With the spray on, we could use the hand dispenser to get the liquid soap out and both had the pleasure of soaping and washing each other, each taking an inordinately long time of attending to the genitals. We found out later that it was even possible for one of us to kneel down and give the other a blow job whilst in there though not for a fuck.

After carefully drying each other, we returned to the bedroom to get dressed, well me, for Tony put on his dressing gown and went back to his own room to get dressed. Dressing for me whilst in the flat consisted of just a pair of shorts, going out of the apartment was different.

Which we did later, after breakfast. We went off to the college of sorts for our lessons. Mine being Braille and for the others it was to learn the hand signals that deaf people use to communicate with each other, these being for two hours in the morning. We would have a snack lunch in their canteen before another two hours session in the afternoon before returning home, sometimes doing some shopping on the way.

This then became our daily routine for five days a week though I got fed up with my lessons and didn’t go to finish my course but stayed at home. Because I missed out on the exercise of walking out, decided and got the other two to buy me an exercise machine. One with the moving foot belt that you could jog on. It didn’t take me long to know where all the different buttons were on the console, and I had it installed in my bedroom. This I would use then for an hour each morning while they were at the college. Being on my own for the rest of the day, I soon got used to making myself coffee and something to eat from the fridge.

I would quite often sit out on the balcony to listen to one of the audio books and if the sun was good, strip off naked and just lie there in the sun.

I went and over done it one day by falling asleep and got really sunburnt all down the front of my body. Tony, bless him, laid me out on my bed and covered my front with a soothing cream. This meant that for the next couple of nights, we could only have sex with us standing up, being bent over a chair and being fucked in this position.

It was just as good in this position as doing it on the bed on your knees. Tony would now spend every night in my bed, only coming in when Bernie had gone to his room for the night, and would leave before he got up for breakfast.

Bernie, it appeared, got a girl friend of sorts whilst at the college and quite a few times left Tony to come home alone but he would turn up later for dinner. Then after a few weeks, began to go out after dinner which was a bit of a drag for Tony and myself in respect of Tony being unable to come into my bed until he returned home. Though with him not being in the apartment meant that Tony and I could have sex in the lounge. Here we christened each piece of furniture. One place that was good was the coffee table in front of the fire. It was just the right height to lie on your back with the legs up high, resting on the shoulders of the other as we fucked. It was a good position, lying there like that, his hands round my thighs as he kept pulling me back onto him as his cock slid in and out of me. The only disappointing thing about having it this way was that even though he could see the expressions on my face, I couldn’t see the joy he was getting when he was fucking me.

One morning, I got up, leaving Tony still asleep in the bed, and went off to the kitchen to make us both a cup of coffee. He had found in a shop, a small tray that had indentations inside so that you could carry special mugs that fitted into these slots so that I could carry these cups without spilling them. Even if I did, the coffee would stay in the tray and not land on the carpet.

Well, I went off to the kitchen and over to the cupboard to get the tray out when I heard a strange voice speak.

‘Good morning. You must be Bryan.’

I gasped and whirled round, dropping the tray for it was a woman’s voice speaking and there was I bollock naked. Panic set in and I stumbled across the kitchen to get out. With my whirling round as I had done, I was not in the right position to know exactly where the door was. I moved quite fast but hit a chair and went arse over tit, almost knocking myself out as my head hit the edge of the door. Not being sure what happened next, I can only say what Tony wrote on me later.

He heard my cry as I hit the door and getting out of bed, put on his dressing gown and rushed into the kitchen. Here he found me lying on the floor with my head in the lap of this woman, who turned out to be the girl that Bernie had brought home the night before and her name was Margaret.

Between the two of them, they got me to my feet and helped me up and got my staggering body back into my room. Here they got me onto the bed and she told Tony to go as she would see to me. There was nothing he could say, so he left though he did look in later. She must have got a wet flannel from the bathroom for I started to slowly come round as she gently sponged the huge bump that had blossomed out on my forehead.

I know I heard the whisper of her gown as she moved and the next thing I knew, she was getting into the bed with me, naked, for I felt her breast against my arm.

‘There, there Bryan,’ she said stroking my head with this flannel. ‘You’ll be alright soon.’ Her hand moved down my chest and began to stroke my penis. Now what with her doing that and feeling her tit move against my chest, started to get an erection. ‘My, you are a big boy, aren’t you,’ she said as my cock was now up big enough for her to grasp and move the skin up and down.

Before I knew it, she was astride of my body and I felt my erection being enclosed inside her body as she sank down on it. I couldn’t help but gasp, my mind still in a whirl at having her in this position. With her sitting on my thighs with my cock throbbing inside her, she took hold of my hands and raised them up to her tits and mashed them hard against them as she began to move up and down, fucking herself on my erection. All I could do was mould her tits myself as she rode on top of me, exciting my balls enough for to finally come inside her. I could feel her shuddering on top of me as I came and I’m sure she had an orgasm for I could feel a moment later, fluid seeping down the inside of my thighs to coat my balls.

Tony knew this for he had come into the bedroom and had watched as she fucked herself on my cock. He knew that she couldn’t hear him because she was in the same class for deaf people. So he saw the whole performance and by being behind the girl, standing near the door, she couldn’t see that he was there in the room.

She only knew of his presence when he gave her a hefty smack on the backside. I heard the slap and her cry of alarm and felt her suddenly rise up, my erection falling out to a wet sucking sound as her vagina had squeezed itself tight around my cock at the sudden shock of the slap. My cock smacked onto my stomach as she fell off the bed to another cry from her and Tony told me later that he had thrown her dressing gown at her and had pointed to the door, pushing her after she had got up, out of the bedroom, grasping her gown. He slammed the door after her and came over to the bed and to my surprise felt him lift up my still hard cock and take the head into his mouth and suck on me.

He told me later that he didn’t like seeing her take advantage of his lover this way and so kicked her out of the room. Also that with him then sucking on me was the only way that he was ever going to get the taste of a woman. I couldn’t object to this for I liked him sucking on me, even though it wasn’t really his place to say who I could have a fuck with or not, but I could see his reasoning and therefore didn’t say anything.

After sucking me clean, he went to the cupboard in the kitchen where one of them had thoughtfully bought a bottle of witch hazel which he then used to treat the large lump on my forehead. He also wrote on my chest that it wasn’t my fault that the woman had taken advantage of me.

That was the last we saw of Margaret, for Tony told, in his fashion, Bernie what had happened and it was him that kicked her out even though he had fucked her himself the night before. It was just that he thought her a slut for going and having sex with me when she should have only been with him.

I stayed in bed for the rest of the day, being pampered by Tony and not going off to class with Bernie that day. Mind you, Tony also took advantage of me with us being in the apartment alone for during the afternoon, I was up and ready and had the joy of being behind him with my cock stuck up inside him to get rid of the excess sperm that I had in my balls.

He got rid of his too by pushing himself into me and giving me the pleasure as well by having him soothingly shaft me.

Life went on with the three of us in harmony with each other and it still continued to be so, even after Bernie found out about us two.

It was one morning. Tony and I woke up and we kissed each other a good morning that became rather passionate and both of us were up and hard with the need of wanting to use the erections we had. We had laid in plenty of condoms and Tony used one now before getting back onto the bed behind me and giving us both the pleasure of him pushing himself into me and fucking me like a rabbit, really moving himself hard and fast into me as he gripped my hips tight when he came. I really loved him when he was fucking me, both of us enjoying the process and then it was my turn to have him.

He rolled the condom down on my shaft and got into position and I didn’t need his fingers now for my cock now knew exactly where it had to go and unerring found its target and I pushed myself up into his backside. I was just getting into the rhythm of fucking him when I heard the bedroom door open and I froze.

‘Bryan. I….er….I. Sorry,’ he stuttered, seeing me up on my knees with Tony’s thighs tight up to mine with him knowing exactly what was going on. ‘Sorry. I…I’ll see you later,’ and heard the door close as he left. It was the first time that he had ever come into my room without knocking first, but it wouldn’t have made any difference I don’t think. But it had happened now and there was nothing I could do about it.

Tony, on having heard the door open and hearing Bernie speak, had turned his head and seen the shock on Bernie’s face and was also frozen in place like I was. With the door closing, he started to move forward but I stopped him by gripping his hips hard and pulling him back onto me. My cock had wilted somewhat with Bernie’s entrance but just this action brought it up hard again.

‘Too late now Tony,’ I said, moving myself again in and out of his backside. ‘We’ll talk to him later,’ and so carried on in my fucking of him till I came and had the release that I needed.

I slowly pulled out of that cavern of joy and went off to the toilet and used some toilet paper to pull off the condom and drop it into the toilet pan. I cleaned my teeth and washed before having a pee while Tony did the same at the basin. Not peeing, but washing himself, he used the pan later for that.

I got dressed in a pair of shorts which was now the only thing I wore while at home as I heard Tony pull on his dressing gown and went we off to the kitchen to face Bernie.

I could now manoeuvre myself quite confidently from my bedroom to the kitchen and went and sat down at my usual place. I knew Bernie was there and could smell coffee and felt a mug being pushed against my hand by him as I heard Tony sit down at his place.

‘Thanks Bernie,’ I said before having a sip of coffee.

‘About…About this morning Bryan,’ he began, with a slight stutter. ‘I’m sorry I barged in like that. I’m sorry. I just didn’t realise…realise that…that you and Tony…..’

I tapped the table and pointed to where, roughly I knew the pad was and made a writing motion which was for Tony to write down what I was going to say to Bernie. This was our usual method and it always took a little time for I spoke slowly for this to be written for Bernie to read.

‘Don’t worry about it, for I’m now glad that it’s out in the open. Yes. Tony and I are lovers.’ There. I’d finally got it off my chest for I’d been wondering how and when I could tell Bernie.

He spoke again after reading what I had said. ‘How long have… have you been…lovers?’

‘Since the old flat when we had to share that sofa bed. It…it wasn’t something that I intended, but, well, it happened.’ I went on to tell him that Tony had fallen in love with me at first sight when I joined the regiment, without me knowing this, and it wasn’t until we were forced to sleep in the same bed that he told me this and, well, I came to love him too. Not just because he was my eyes but also came to love him as a person and, well, there was only by us joining could I show my love for him.

‘I hope this doesn’t cause you any problems, moral or otherwise?’ I said, having to wait till he had read the previous bits and then for him to read this other added part.

‘No. No. No problem there for me,’ he stuttered with a little laugh, ‘as long as I’m not asked to join in.’

‘I wouldn’t dream of asking you to,’ I told him and waited till he spoke again and found that it was an extra piece for Bernie from Tony.

‘Yes, it would,’ Bernie said.

‘Would what?’ I asked.

‘Tony suggested that I should find a woman and then we wouldn’t have to cook breakfast as well as the other meals,’ he said with a laugh, which broke the ice in the respect of Tony and I being lovers. I think that with Tony having taken hold of my hand helped in this.

It also helped that after dinner that night, I had no qualms about saying that I was going to bed and took hold of Tony’s hand to take him with me instead of waiting till Bernie had gone to bed to wait for Tony to come to my room.

‘I’m glad that he knows now and it hasn’t caused a rift between us,’ I said to Tony when we lay naked in each other’s arms, having a kiss and cuddle.

‘So am I,’ he wrote. ‘It’s a pity you couldn’t see his face this morning, all red and I think he was a bit flustered.’

‘We can now start doing what I like doing earlier at night,’ I said, moving round on the bed to lay in the opposite position. Tony knew what I was talking about and moved himself further down the bed for me to then feel his erection touch my face and I took him into my hand and the head of it into my mouth as he did the same to me.

I now loved sucking on his cock, pushing the foreskin down with my lips to that I could tease the bare flesh of the head with my tongue and teeth, having the same done to me, giving me that thrill as he worked on the erogenous part.

We tongued, teethed and sucked with our hands slowly working up and down on the shaft until we both came at the same time. Taking in the fluid to roll around the mouth saying to myself, round the mouth, teeth and gums, look out stomach, here it comes, before swallowing his semen.

After resting for a while to build up more of this life giving substance, we then went and fucked each other to the pleasure of us both. And did so every night as we had been doing for the past month or two since moving into this apartment.

It was a couple of weeks later when the phone rang one evening after dinner. This was a surprise for it seldom rang as I usually only used it to pass on an order to the store for our food delivery. It was on the side table by the side of the sofa where I sat. Tony came and sat down beside me as I picked it up.

‘Hello?’ I said.

‘Is that Bryan Shorthose?’ came a woman’s voice.

‘Yes,’ I replied, wondering how she knew my name and telephone number.

‘You won’t know me, but my name is Helen Jones and I work for the Samaritans. Tony has contacted us through the internet and has asked me to speak to you. She has…..’ Suddenly shocked, I pulled the phone away from my ear and clamped a hand over the mouthpiece and turned towards Tony alongside me.

‘She?’ I asked him in a strangled voice. I felt his fingers touch my lips to be silent and push the phone back up to my ear.

‘Er… I’m sorry Helen. I didn’t catch the last part, I got distracted by Tony.’

‘I said that Toni has contacted me because of being unable to speak because of the loss of her vocal cords.’ I learned afterwards that Tony had spelt his name different on the internet and this Helen had assumed because of what I was going to hear that Tony was a woman.

‘She didn’t say as to how she lost her vocal cords but did tell me that you are blind, and that she became your eyes and you became her tongue. It sounded so romantic that you came together with your afflictions and now love each other. She told me how she communicates with you and how difficult it can be at times in not being able to really convey by only using her finger to write on you, how she really loves you. So she has asked me, as a woman, to read to you the letter that she would have loved to have you read but cannot, nor can she say the words herself.

She told me that you have a cassette recorder so I have also spoken the written word onto a tape which I will be posting to you later. Here then is the letter from Toni to you.’

‘My dearest Bryan,

How I have longed to be able to say these words to you, to say that I love you, love you. It is only by using this format that I can say how much you mean to me.

Of how I fell in love with you from the first moment I saw you. At the time and even later when we would meet, I could not bring myself to say the words that I loved you. You could see then but I was just one of the hundreds of people you met and spoke to and yet I could still not utter those three words that I can now use and say to you.

For you, the blindness was a calamity and I really cried for you but could not say the words of comfort. I could only hold you in my arms to try and let you know that I was there for you. You and you alone.

I think I helped you out of your despondency and that you could rely on me and it was only later that I was able to write on your hand that I loved you. Loved you with all my heart, body and soul. You were the man for me.

I think God made you blind so that when you came to love me, it was for the person inside the body and not the disfigured one that was caused by the accident that I was involved in.

It was an injustice that you should be blinded and me to lose the power of speech, but it brought us together for which I thank God. To whom I pray every night that he has given you to me and me to you.

I love you and will keep on loving you as you now love me and I hope that we will never be parted. I quite often cry at the disability that you suffer and hope that the love I can give you, helps. For you have made me very happy and I treasure every moment that I am with you, loving you and hope that you will keep on loving me.

I love you darling, love you, love you, love you.

Your dearest Toni.’

I was sitting there, crying as she spoke these words to me. Tony was holding my hand and giving it a squeeze and had to break off the contact to wipe my running nose on my arm. I felt a handkerchief being put in my hand and I was then able to wipe my eyes and blow my nose.

‘I can hear that the letter has affected you,’ I heard Helen’s voice speak on the phone. ‘It affected me too when I first read it.’

‘Yes, it did,’ I sniffed. ‘Tony is sitting here now beside me and…hold a minute. Tony is writing on my hand….to say…thank you…very…much Helen. I thank you too for taking the time to do this for….’ I nearly said “him.” ‘For us,’ I quickly had amended. ‘I also thank you in advance for the cassette and will listen to it often, believing that it is Tony who is actually speaking. Thank you again, very much. I don’t think you know just how much this has meant to me.’

‘I do Bryan, I do, and I hope that you both will continue to love each other and that I have been able to help you both.’

With that, we said our goodbyes and put the phone down. I turned to Tony and opened my arms into which he came and we both cried together as we held each other tight.

‘I do love you Tony. As much as you love me,’ I sobbed and had to use his handkerchief again when we broke apart. I didn’t know at the time, that when the phone had first rung, Bernie had been in the room and it was only when he saw the tears running down my face and Tony holding my hand, knew that it was a personal thing and so had gone off into the kitchen to leave us alone.

When fully composed, we went into the kitchen and had Tony give him a brief written resume of what the phone call had been all about. I think he knew when Tony stood and pulled at my arm that we were then going to bed to make love to each other in the only way that men can. I suppose I was glad that I couldn’t see his face to show either compassion or disgust, but what the hell. It was my life and if this was the only pleasure I was going to get, so be it, for I enjoyed making love to Tony and having him make love to me in the same fashion.

And we did. I loved having him with his cock up my backside, soothing my insides with his steady movement as he slowly shafted me. Bringing my own cock up to a full erection at the pleasure I was getting though now hating the withdrawal of Tony after having had him come albeit into a condom and wondered what it would be like to actually feel his sperm coat my insides. We did this the next time we coupled and we fucked each other bare backed and I groaned in pleasure at feeling his seed spurt into me as he came. There was no sucking after this way of having sex for the deflating erection had to be carefully washed afterwards.

After Tony had finished having me, I had my turn and simply loved putting myself inside him and giving him the same pleasure as I moved in and out of the tight orifice, telling him over and over again at how much I now loved this man I was fucking.

We eventually did have a woman move into the apartment what with us now having a spare room with Tony now sleeping in my bed.

At the college where we would go for our learning, where Bernie and Tony were getting on very well in their class, they had a new teacher. Her name was Mary Collins, Irish, a widow of about thirty years of age. Her late husband had been deaf and she had learnt with him at being able to speak by the use of the hands. He had since died, due to an accident at work and so she decided to become a teacher to other deaf people. She didn’t suffer from this and could also speak so she was also teaching them to lip read at the same time.

Bernie got to know of her asking another teacher about where to find accommodation and told her that he had to speak to me first as we had a spare room. He told me of this and mentioned about how this had cropped up earlier about having a woman staying with us.

I got to meet her and liked her voice, low and melodious with a slight Irish brogue because she was actually English, but having been married to an Irishman, had picked up the lilting speech.

I asked at the outset if she would be offended to know that Tony and I were gay and shared the same bedroom which gave us a spare one. That wasn’t a problem and understood that with the afflictions we both had and, though she didn’t say it in words, that Tony was unlikely to find a woman with sight, who would take him on.

Also that she was a good cook and I said that the cooking side would be part of her rent which would be a mere pittance really, having to contribute exactly what we did to the kitty for food etc.

So it was agreed that she would move in for a month to see if this worked and then it was left open as to whether she wanted to stay on or we wanted her to leave.

Well it worked. She got used to both Tony and I going off at night to the bedroom we shared while she had hers and Bernie still in his. The meals she cooked were far better than what the other two messed up and she fitted in quite well. So well that she wanted to stay on and we wanted her to too.

One day, she came home with a small artefact that she had bought in a charity shop. It was a figurine of the three wise monkeys and it was placed on the mantelpiece above the fireplace.

‘I don’t see it as being monkeys’ she said. ‘One with hands over his ears, one with hands over his eyes and the other with hands over the mouth. I see three wise men who hear no evil, see no evil or speak no evil.’ I was quite touched by that.

I think it was about three months later that she finished up spending the night in Bernie’s room. So we were like one big happy family. Bernie and Mary going to bed together while Tony and myself did the same. Though our method of making love was different from theirs and were not ashamed at talking about it. So while Bernie was fucking Mary, Tony and I were fucking each other. I don’t know which couple were getting the best deal but I think that we were.


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