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Dialing for Dick

I suck my black coworker's cock in a hotel while out of town on assignment.

I am a bisexual married white male in my late fifties, and this event happened when I was forty-five years old and had not yet had my first cock sucking experience.   Up to that point I was mainly curious about other men, and really enjoyed looking at the many Yahoo sites with pictures of cocks and balls of all shapes, sizes, and colors.   I also enjoyed a wide variety of stories, including those about cuckolds, creampies and bisexual encounters. 

I was a financial analyst working for a large New York-based service company and was on a four week assignment in Chicago working on a possible merger for our company.   There were fifteen of us from around the country working on the venture, and we were all staying at a hotel in downtown Chicago.   I knew several of the other men very well since they were from my New York office, but about ten of the guys were from other offices. I only knew them from phone conferences and from being with them on the first week on this job.

The first week was uneventful, and we were working twelve hour days.   But on Saturday night of the first weekend in Chicago , we had time to take a break and enjoy the lounge in the hotel.   I had been drinking steadily for a couple of hours and went to the rest room to take a piss, and that’s when I saw the message on the wall of the bathroom stall.   It read, “Need BJ bad, please call room number 4719”.  

The sign made me curious, and I wondered if it was current or if it had been there for a while. Then I reasoned that no one would leave the date since that would identify them to their room.   I had never had an experience with a man before, but since I was a little drunk, and also horny from looking at cock and ball pictures on my PC each night, I decided to go back to my room and call the number, although I had no intention of meeting with anyone.

I was very nervous dialing the number.   It’s one thing to look at pictures and fantasize about sucking a dick, but quite another to take a first step toward doing it.   I dialed 4719 and listened to the phone ring four times before someone picked it up.   When I heard him say “hello”, I came to my senses and quickly hung up the phone before he could say anything else.   I nervously sat there by the phone for a few minutes, wondering what the hell I was thinking, and then my phone rang.  

My phone display was showing room 4719, and at that moment I realized that he was able to see my room number when I called him a few minutes earlier.   I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before I called him.   I decided that I’d better answer the phone so my actions didn’t appear to be any more suspicious than they already were.

I asked, “Hello, who is this and what do you want?”   I was trying to be a little harsh to discourage any questions.

The caller then replied, “Were you calling about the message on the bathroom wall?”

I replied, “I don’t know about any message on a wall.”  

He asked me again, “Are you sure that you’re not calling about my message?”  

I again replied, “I don’t know anything about a message. I must have dialed your room in error, and that’s all there is to it.”  

The caller then asked, “Will you hold on for a second while I get my briefcase?”

He returned to the phone in about a minute and asked, “Are you Ed Langston from the New York office?   I went to the project staffing list and found your room number and name there, and then I recognized your voice from working together on the project.”

I reluctantly admitted, “Yes, I am Ed Langston.   Who are you?”

He said, “I am Mike Brown from the Baltimore office.”  

I could then place the name with his face and voice, and it was a little surprising that he would expose his intentions by leaving his room number on the stall wall in that manner. But I guess that he could always deny that it was him, since the posting wasn’t dated.

Mike is a little older than me, at about fifty years old I guessed, and he is a pleasant enough guy and is of average build and looks. He was also one of the few black men in our firm.   He asked me again if I was sure that I wasn’t responding to the note, and I again told him that I didn’t know what he was talking about.   I asked him to tell me what the note said, and he said that he probably shouldn’t tell me, if that wasn’t the reason I was calling his room.  

Mike then apologized for the mistake, and I apologized for calling his room on accident in the first place.   He said that he would make it up to me by buying me a drink.   Since I recognized him from the project, and he seemed like a nice and sincere man, I agreed to meet him in the hotel lounge in about fifteen minutes.

When we met in the lounge I confirmed that he was the same man I thought he was. While we had several drinks, we had a nice conversation about the project.   After I had been drinking for a while and was feeling no pain, I got the courage to ask Mike again about what the message thing was all about, thinking that would somehow be further proof that I had not called him about it.   He was also about half drunk and agreed to tell me after I pestered him for a few minutes.  

Mike then said, “You have to promise not to tell anyone about what I am going to tell you.   My wife and I have a very active sex life, and we have sex at least once daily and sometimes more than once.   So, I sometimes look for sexual release when I am out of town for over a few days at a time and getting horny.   My wife has agreed that it is okay for me to find a cock sucker to relieve the pressure in my balls, instead of finding another woman.   The sign in the bathroom read “Need BJ bad, please call room number 4719.”  

He seemed a little embarrassed at telling me this and didn’t want to say any more, but I pushed him for more details.  

Mike then said, “I put up the message on the third night in Chicago , and I hadn’t gotten any calls in response to it yet.   I was excited when you called because I thought that I might have a chance to get my cock sucked.    I don’t like to jack myself off and prefer to fuck a pussy or get a blow job.”

I found myself getting a hard on and more than just a little excited listening to Mike’s candid description of his sexual needs, and I thought that it was very courageous of him to tell me these secrets of his personal life.   At about that time the bartender announced last call, and Mike asked, “Would you like to come to my room and talk a little more, since it is Saturday night and we don’t have to work tomorrow?”  

I felt comfortable with Mike and thought that he was a nice guy, so we went to his room.   As we had more drinks, Mike continued to explain that he was usually able to locate a cock sucker quickly in most of the cities he visited for longer stays, but that in Chicago it seemed to be a little harder to find someone.   He then asked me to tell him a little about my sexual background. Because I was getting very drunk, I let down my guard and told him about myself.  

I told Mike, “My wife and I don’t have a very active sex life, and I often search the internet for porn to read.   I enjoy cuckold and creampie stories, but I have recently started reading bisexual stories.”

I knew right after I said it that it was a mistake, because I saw Mike lift his eyebrows and he showed great interest in my choice of reading material.  

Mike kept asking me more questions about my fantasies and whether I had ever acted on them, and he finally caught me off guard.

Mike said, “Come on, Ed; tell me the truth about whether you called about my message.”

I had been drinking so much that I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I said, “Well, Mike, I have to admit that I was curious about your note, but then I realized that I couldn’t ever do anything like that, which is why I then denied it.”

Mike excitedly said, “I just knew that you made the call on purpose, and I’m glad that we had a chance to talk about it together.”   

He seemed very amused then, and he asked, “How are you so sure that you couldn’t suck a man’s cock?"  

We were sitting on the bed when we were talking, and the Mike stood up in front of me and unbuttoned his pants.   He asked me again, “Are you sure you couldn’t suck my cock?”

When I said nothing, Mike unzipped his pants.   He finally realized that I was too stunned to say anything, and he dropped his pants while standing right in front of me.   I then saw the bulge of a very large cock in his tight briefs, and he stepped forward and rubbed his underwear-covered cock on my face.   His musky smell was much stronger than I had read about, and the aroma was intoxicating to me.   His cock must have been about nine inches long and very thick, and it looked huge being right in my face like that.

As Mike continued to press his cock into my face, he placed his hands on the sides of my head and slowly turned me until my mouth was on his covered cock.   It felt so warm against my lips and was a combination of being very hard, yet pliable to the touch.   I felt his pulse as his cock throbbed against my lips.   He then placed my hands on the waist band of his underwear, and guided me in lowering them down to his thighs.  

I then had his hard cock pressing directly on my lips.   His cock has large veins and a big head, and it is nearly as thick as a beer can.   He encouraged me to open my mouth and taste his manhood, and as if in a trance, I found it impossible to resist his directions.   I opened my mouth and moved it down his cock to the head and started licking and sucking him.  

At one point he pulled back a little, so his cock could stand out straight, and then with it pointed at my mouth, he pulled me forward until about four inches of that monster slipped past my lips.   He then told me to start sucking as he began to thrust his cock into and out of my mouth.   I couldn’t believe that I was really sucking his cock. As he continued fucking my face, he slowly pushed me back onto the bed, and followed on top of me with his cock still in my mouth.   He then started face-fucking me in a way that pushed his cock into my throat.   I knew that he was getting very excited because I tasted his copious precum.   He finally pulled back a little to change positions.

After Mike pulled his big cock out of my mouth, he moved farther up on the bed and straddled my face with his legs, facing my head.  His big cock was then lying on my forehead and he began to squat on my face, forcing his very large balls into my mouth.   The musky scent of his genitals was very arousing to me, and I opened my mouth to lick and suck his scrotum and balls.  

He became very aggressive as he pressed his balls and perineum to my mouth, and though hard for me to explain, I became very hungry for his balls, and really liked the feeling of his leathery scrotum in my mouth.   He must have sat on my face for about fifteen minutes, just rocking back and forth and pressing down on me, and his balls are very large.

I could only get one at a time in my mouth, even though I did try to get both in.   He was looking down at me smiling as he continued to feed me his scrotum.   Mike finally wanted to change positions again and he moved my head to the edge of the bed, with my head hanging over slightly, and then he moved forward and buried his enormous cock in my mouth and throat.

Mike began to fuck my face with long and forceful strokes, and I was really getting turned on at the feeling of his large cock head and heavily-veined shaft thrusting into my sucking mouth.   He seemed to be able to last forever, but finally started to thrust faster and with shorter strokes, and I felt his cock begin to throb and pulse as his thick and plentiful semen sprayed into my mouth.   That was my first taste of a man’s cum, and it was a little salty and slightly bitter, but not at all unpleasant.  

I couldn’t believe how much cum he produced, and I had to swallow several times to get it all down.   Mike continued to thrust into my mouth as his cock softened, and he finally was totally spent and pulled out and sat back on the bed.   I found it hard to believe that I had just sucked black man’s cock and balls and swallowed his cum, but it was even more incredible that I enjoyed it so much.   I knew right then and there that I would suck cock and swallow cum every chance I got.

Mike was lying back on the bed as he was recovering from his huge orgasm, and he asked me to crawl up between his legs and continue to suck him as he rested.   I did as he asked and found that his cock was recovering to be about half hard, and it was still oozing the remnants of his tasty ejaculate.   He also wanted me to suck his balls a little longer, and I really enjoyed being between his legs sucking on that magnificent cock and those big balls.

Mike then said, “I knew that you would enjoy sucking my cock if I could just give you a taste of it.   You did a good job sucking me, Ed, and I really like the way you licked and sucked my heavy balls.   It felt so good having you suck on my sack and rolling my balls around in your mouth.   A lot of guys won’t do that for me, especially when I sit on their faces and force it a little, but you took to it like a natural.   I also enjoyed having you sucking my perineum, and most guys won’t do that because it gets pretty close to my asshole.   I’m amazed that you haven’t sucked cock before, and I’m sure happy that I was your first.”

I replied, “This was an amazing experience for me, and now I’m so glad that I responded to your note on that bathroom wall.   I enjoyed everything about sucking you, including the heavy weight of your big cock, the vein-covered shaft, big spongy head, and of course I really enjoyed sucking your huge balls.   But most of all, I loved the huge amount of cum that you sprayed into my mouth.   The taste was incredible, and it felt good going down my throat.   I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I also liked the fact that you are a black man, and I enjoyed servicing your needs.   Many of the stories that I've read are about white men, who for some strange reason, just love to suck a virile black man and be submissive to him.”

Mike got a big smile on his face and responded, “I know what you mean about white men liking to suck black cock.   I’m not sure what it is, but many white guys like to be submissive to strong black men, and you can’t get much more submissive that taking a man’s cock in your mouth and swallowing his seed.   I must admit that I do get a great deal of pleasure feeding a white man my cock, and watching him swallow my cum. I get a special thrill when I am sitting on his face and feeding him my balls, as I just did to you."  

"I'll tell you what, Ed, if you really enjoy servicing black men, there is another black man from my office here on the project, and I know that he also likes to be sucked off when he’s out of town.   You haven’t met him because he’s been working on another aspect of this venture than we are.   His name is Marcus Williams, and he also likes to feed his cock to white men.   I can set you up with Marcus if you want me to, and I know that we will both enjoy having you suck us dry everyday for the next three weeks of the project.”

Mike followed through with introducing me to Marcus, and I found myself in one or both of their rooms every night for the rest of the project.   The longer I sucked them, the more aggressive they became.   That was especially true for Marcus, and he usually fucked me very hard and would often roll over on me in a very dominant way and fuck my mouth and throat until he shot his cum into my throat.  

I really have to thank Mike for being forward enough on that first night to get me to taste his black cock, because those experiences in Chicago started me on the path of being a confirmed cocksucker and cum slut, and I enjoy it all so very much.




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