Dirty Little Secret

By Jesscaaaa

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Mark gets his mouth round his best friend's rod.
It was the day before my 21st birthday and I was getting ready for a weekend camping with the lads. I was especially looking forward to seeing my good friend Kane. When we was 17, he told me that he was gay when he was drunk and that he fancied me but we never spoke another word about it. Now growing up I always knew that I was gay or at least bi. I'd had relationships with girls but that was mainly a quick fuck and nothing special, but I'd always wind up fancying their brothers or sometimes their dads.

Me and Kane picked up the rest of the lads and set off out, Kane was looking hot today, as per usual; he had a white vest on, showing his well tonned arms and low slung jeans showing off his boxers, he had a mighty fine ass. We arrived at the camp site rather later on and the other guys decided to head to the local bar and me and Kane said that we'd crack open our own beers and set up for the weekend.

After a couple of beers, we decided to head into the tent to change into our sleeping gear and jumpers and sit around the fire. Whilst in the tent I couldn't help but check him out, he had an amazing body, the best I'd ever seen. I took my top off and routed round in my bag for my hoody.

"Wow! You've been working out!" Kane said, taking me by suprise.

"Why have you been looking? Want a piece of this?" I said, just joking around.

"You bet I fucking do!" he replied and with that he took me in his arms and began kissing me roughly. Our lips were locked, he was the best kisser I've ever had. Our breathing was getting heavier and I knew I wanted things to go further.
I ripped off his shirt and ran my hands up and down his chiseled body. I could feel myself getting hard and judging by the bulge I could feel against my leg so was he. He started rubbing my bulge through my jeans.
"Fuckkk yes," I moaned.

And with that he took off his pants and I followed suite. Out of his boxers came a thick, hard cock, must be at least seven inches. I began licking his chest and sucking his nipples slowly working myself down to his cock. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, then taking the head of his cock in my mouth, I just heard a low, animal like grunt come from his soft lips.

I took this as a sign he was enjoying himself and carried on. I began taking more of his cock in my mouth, working my tongue around his shaft. I couldn't take it all in my mouth it was that big. He began playing with my hair, then he started face fucking me. I couldn't stop gaggging but I didn't want to let him down. I worked my hand round to his ass, stopping for a second to wet my finger before I stuck my finger into his ass, delving deep into his ass while he was face fucking me. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier, and he was fucking my face faster and faster. I slowly worked my second finger into his ass and boy was he tight!

He began groaning:

"Fuck I'm going to cum!!!!!!!!"

"Cum all over my face baby, I want your cum on me!" I replied. And with that he shot his load all over me.

 "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk," he shouted as he came. I swallowed the first wave that came in my mouth and licked the rest from around my lips. I removed my fingers from his ass and licked them clean.
"My turn!" I said. And with that he got on all fours to take my cock in his ass, I wet his asshole with my saliva as we had no lube, and pressed the head of my cock against his ringpiece. I began to work my cock into his ass, I entered him slow at first, kowning he hadn't had a cock up his ass before.

He gave a groan of pain when I entered him but once I was fully in and after a few thrusts he turned to me and said:
"Fuck me hard baby," so that's exactly what I did. I loved how tight he was around my swollen cock. I began thrusting hard and fast, my balls slapping against his balls. I was deep in his ass and fucking him rough and hard.
I could feel myself coming close to cumming, I sped up causing him some discomfort but at this point I didn't care. My dick hardened and jerked and with that I shot my hot load up his ass.
"Urghhhhhhh," I groaned whilst slowly pounding him. I withdrew my cock from his ass and he licked my cock clean for me. We slowly kissed and with that he whispered;
"This is our dirty little secret," in my ear and put his clothes back on.

Please be kind this is my first story, let me know what you think!