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Discovering My Neighbor Online

I accidentally discover that my neighbor is looking online for a man to suck his cock, and I do it.
I am a mid-level executive in the insurance industry, and my wife Margaret and I have lived in the Omaha area for most of our lives. We live in a nice middle-class suburb and have some really great neighbors. We are best friends with one of our next door neighbors, Bill and Helen Tindal, and we are all middle-aged with Bill and me being 52 years old, and Margaret and Helen being 50. Our two children are grown and out on their own, but we have stayed in our home since it is already paid off and the taxes are fairly low. Our wives have a card group and get together socially quite often, and Bill and I usually help each other with yard work and we watch sports together, but really don’t have any hobbies to speak of. Bill is a professor at a community college in the area, and he has a finished basement with a private study that he uses as his office away from the campus. His office includes a big, soft leather couch, chairs and a desk, as well as a 40” LCD TV that we watch most of our sports on.

At first glance, our lives would seem just perfect and the fulfillment of the American dream, and it would be hard to imagine that I wouldn’t be perfectly happy. However, my reality is that Margaret lost all interest in sex several years ago when she went through menopause, and despite her good looks and great body, I’m left sexually frustrated most of the time. I recently began searching the internet for porn to help me relieve my sexual tensions, and I came upon some bisexual story sites that brought back fond memories of my youth. I have always been straight as an adult and like pussy more than anything, but when I was in high school, my best friend and I discovered man-on-man sex.

In the summer before our senior year, my friend Jeff and I went camping almost every weekend and often slept over at one another’s homes. To make a long story short, we soon discovered how great it felt to have our cocks sucked, and that became our main obsession. I have to admit though that I, for some unexplained reason, always enjoyed sucking his cock more than having mine sucked, and I really enjoyed feeling and tasting his cum shooting into my mouth from his throbbing cock. Maybe I just wanted to suck him because my cock was only about four inches long and his was seven inches and thick, and I felt a little submissive to him. This worked out okay because Jeff really didn’t like to suck my cock very much, but he really enjoyed shooting off into my mouth. By the end of the summer, I was sucking his cock and swallowing his cum several times a week, just about every time we were together, but he had completely stopped sucking my cock. This all ended when we started our senior year and got back to dating girls and trying to get some pussy, and I have never done anything like that since then.

Reading those stories about first-time cock sucking experiences brought back all of those memories and really got me aroused, and I pretty soon decided that I would try to find a cock to suck. I did a lot of research on the risks of man-on-man sex and read hundreds of postings in the “men seeking men” sections on Craigslist. Based on the large variety of possibilities there, I knew that I needed to decide on some common sense rules for myself to reduce the risks in finding a cock to suck. I felt that I should restrict my search to mature, married men, since they would have as much to lose as I did, and might be less likely to engage in risky behaviors. I wanted the men, who like me, were not getting any sex at home and just wanted to get their cocks sucked and shoot their loads into a warm sucking mouth, without any reciprocation for me. I also decided that I would not meet with anyone who had done anal sex of any kind, since the risks of catching a disease were much higher with anal sex. I searched the Craigslist postings for several weeks, and was really enjoying the many pictures of cocks and balls, but I still hadn’t found the right situation. It seems that it is hard to find men who just want to have their cocks sucked and not reciprocate. Then I found what I was looking for.

One night I was getting ready for bed and checked the postings one last time, and I saw a listing that got my attention, as follows:

Heading: Mature Married Man Wants a Blow Job, Age-52, Location-Omaha Suburbs

Text: “I am a straight, 52 year old married white male, and I’d like to receive a blow job from a mature, married, straight or bisexual man who is new at this. I will not reciprocate and just want my cock, balls and perineum sucked for a long time, and I want to shoot multiple loads of my thick and plentiful cum into your mouth and watch you swallow it, so no condoms please. I am 6’ and 185 pounds, drug and disease free and am in good shape. I have a nine inch, uncut and thick cock and large, low-hanging balls, and I’m looking for a cock sucker who really enjoys giving pleasure to a dominant man. I’m not too picky about how you look, but I prefer height and weight proportionate men and you must be drug and disease free. This is my first time, so let’s make this a special event for both of us, and if it works out, I’d like to be sucked off at least once a week, or even daily if you’re up for it. We will need to email each other for long enough to establish a level of trust and to get to know each other before we meet, so if you’re in a hurry, you’re not my man.”

The pictures attached to the posting were very intriguing, with one shot of his thick cock soft, another with it hard showing the thick veins and skin covering most of his cock head, and then one from beneath him showing his huge, heavily-hanging balls. I could hardly believe how perfect this situation seemed to be for me, and my little cock got hard just reading his posting and looking at the pictures. I had established a new and secret-from-my-wife email account with the address (not my real address), and I knew that my first reply to this posting would go to the blind Craigslist address. I needed to make it as compelling as possible to compete with the other cock suckers out there who would also be trying to suck him. I replied to the posting as follows:

“I enjoyed reading your posting and especially the pictures, and I feel that I am the perfect cock sucker for you. I am also married, 52 years old and in the Omaha suburbs, and I am your size at 6’ and 185 pounds and I’m also in decent shape. I am drug and disease free and this will be my first time sucking cock since I was in high school. Your situation is perfect for me and I really hope that you give me the opportunity to suck your cock, balls and perineum. I remember from my previous experience in high school the joy of tasting and swallowing cum, and I’d be happy to suck you for as long and as often as you desire. I just want to give you pleasure and don’t want any reciprocation, and my reward is feeling your big cock in my mouth and then tasting and swallowing your cum. I am interested in doing this since my wife has no desire for sex, and I at least want to enjoy giving another man pleasure. I will also enjoy emailing you at length, so please choose me to be your cock sucker!”

I was hoping that my lengthy and raunchy reply would get his attention, and by saying “please choose me” and calling myself a cock sucker, I was trying to appeal to his comment about being dominant. My hand was shaking as I pressed the send key, and I could hardly wait to receive a reply from him. I went to bed that night with the biggest hard on that I have had in years, just thinking about how assertive he was about how he wanted to be sucked and of course those great pictures.

I went to work the next day and checked my personal email about every hour. Our company had strict rules against surfing the internet for porn at work, but they allowed access to personal email accounts and I felt safe doing it. Finally, after lunch at about 2:30 pm, I had a response in my email from the address . I really liked his address, since it was as descriptive of him as my address was of my desires. His email read as follows:

“Hi Hungryforcum. I appreciate your email, and you are the only one of 20 responders who seems to fit my requirements. I’m glad that you are so enthusiastic about sucking me and swallowing my semen, and I can hardly wait to push my big cock into your mouth and fuck your face. I find it interesting and a little arousing that you are so willing to service my cock and balls and swallow my cum, with no reciprocation. I hope that as we chat further, I’ll get more insight into why you are the way you are. I find the thought of sucking a cock and eating cum to be repugnant to me personally, but I’d be more than happy to let you suck me if you’re into that. I need to get my cock sucked mainly because, like you, my wife has no interest in sex, and I have a very high sex drive. Most of the other responders sounded like they were way too active sexually, and I’m happy to find another inexperienced, married man my age to take care of my swollen cock. I’m just a normal professional man in the suburbs who needs his cock sucked. Please tell me a little more about yourself. Also, do you have any ideas on where we can meet? Since we’re both married, it might be hard to find a safe place for you to suck my cock.

Your soon-to-be face-fucker, Bill”

That reply was very stimulating for me, and I like the way he was escalating the excitement by calling himself my “soon-to-be-face-fucker”. I liked the way he so plainly spoke about fucking my face, and I could almost feel that big cock in my mouth spraying his cum into me. I sent him a reply back right away because I wanted to keep our email exchange active so he didn’t get impatient and start corresponding with someone else. I responded as follows:

“Hi Bill, my face fucker. Thanks for your very stimulating reply, and also for giving me your real first name. My name is Ed. I really like your email address, and it is very descriptive, at least based on the pictures you’ve provided. To answer your question, it is hard to explain why I fantasize about sucking cock so much, but I think it is because I have a small, four inch dick, and it is exciting to think about pleasing men like you with big cocks. I’m not submissive in any other aspects of my life, but I really like the thought of a dominant man having his way with me. I was also very oral with my wife when she was active sexually, and I would usually rather suck her juicy pussy than to fuck her, and I always sucked my cum out of her after those occasions when we did fuck. Also my experiences with my friend back in high school really gave me a taste for semen, and I just love feeling it shoot into my mouth and then swallowing it. Like you, he didn’t like to suck cock, so I guess I got comfortable with the notion of just serving others sexually with my mouth. I mostly like the idea of wetness, whether it’s a juicy pussy or a cum-shooting cock. As for finding a place to meet, from what I read on the Craigslist postings, it is always difficult for married men to find a place to meet. But I would rather have it be a little more difficult than to meet easily with a single guy who might be more risky for me. I guess we can figure it out when you decide if and when it is time to let me suck your cock. In case you can’t tell, I want very much to be your cock sucker! If you don’t mind me asking, have you ever considered trying to find a friend or neighbor to be your cock sucker? Then it would make it much easier to meet, although you would need to be more careful in making the initial contact in that situation.

Your cock sucker, Ed”

By the time I sent my reply, it was getting later in the day and I thought that I would not receive another message from Bill until the evening at the earliest. I got home and had dinner, and watched TV with Margaret, and then I checked my email before going to bed. I was excited to see another reply from Bill.

“Hi Ed, my cock sucking friend. Thanks for sharing a little of your past and some of your motivations about sucking my cock. Even though I don’t understand it all, I can certainly see that you are sincere and enthusiastic about sucking me off, and especially about swallowing my cum. I am curious about one thing though. You mentioned that you liked the idea of wetness, and I was wondering if that concept went beyond pussy juice and cum. By that I mean, are you talking about also liking the wetness of piss? I ask because I have recently been thinking about what it would be like to piss in a guy’s mouth and watch him swallow it. Is that something you’d let me do to you? I hope my asking that doesn’t offend you. Oh, and to answer your question about friends and neighbors, I have thought about it. I have a good friend who is my neighbor, and his name is also Ed. He is a great guy and we get along very well, but he has never given me any reason to think he would be agreeable to sucking my cock. We have spent a lot of private time together, but he’s never given a hint about that kind of thing or any interest in porn. It would be pretty dangerous to approach him about it. If he was against it, which would be likely, then I would have ruined a great friendship and made things very tense in the neighborhood. Also, our wives are good friends, and I’d hate to disturb that relationship. I know that you are trying hard to be my cock sucker and I appreciate that , but do you have any suggestions on a way to approach my neighbor?

Your cum feeder, Bill”

This whole situation was starting to sound very familiar, but I put that to the back of my mind. I also did a Google search on the piss drinking issue so I could understand it better, and then drafted my response.

“Hi Bill, my cum-shooting friend. Wow, I really enjoy your candor and comfort in bringing up touchy subjects with me. No, it doesn’t offend me for you to bring up the piss drinking thing, mainly because I want to do everything I possibly can to please you. I quite frankly have never given any thought to taking a man’s piss, but I did a little research on it tonight and found that piss is actually sterile and clean when it first comes out of a healthy man with no urinary track diseases, and there should be no ill effects from drinking it. In fact, there are some fringe fetish groups that drink large volumes of piss as a form of homeopathic therapy. So I’d have to say that if you decided to let a few or even many squirts of piss shoot into my mouth while I was sucking your cock, that I’d probably enjoy the feeling of it shooting in and tasting and swallowing it, just as I’d like to do with your cum. On your other question, I don’t mind giving you suggestions regarding your neighbor. I figure that if I help you and you are successful in getting him to suck your cock, then you might show your thanks by letting me suck your cock too. I know what you mean about it being very touchy, but maybe you could set up a situation where he gets a chance to see your big cock in an innocent situation, and then you can gauge his reaction and decide what to do from there. For example, maybe you could invite him to your health club as a guest, and then see how he reacts when he sees your huge cock and balls swinging between your legs in the shower. Or, you could invite him over to see a ball game or something, and then ask him if he wanted to watch a porn DVD with you. If he agrees, then that will tell you a lot about his frame of mind. If not, then nothing is lost and you haven’t committed yourself in a compromising way. Further, if he does agree to see the flicks, then you can watch his reaction as the different scenes unfold. I hope this has been helpful to you.

Your cum-and-maybe-piss-drinking friend, Ed”

I sent my response and then went to bed and masturbated thinking about taking fluids from Bill’s hard cock. Tomorrow was Saturday, and I was going over to my neighbor Bill’s to watch a ball game, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to read another response from my internet friend until later in the day.

I arrived at Bill’s around noon and he was in a better mood than usual, and seemed to be just finishing up something at his computer. We watched the first four innings of the game and then Helen called him upstairs for something. We paused the game, and when Bill left the room I walked over next to his desk to look at some of his book collection. I leaned over the desk a little to look at an interesting book title and accidentally bumped his PC mouse, which brought his PC out of hibernation and the screen lit up. I don’t consider myself to be a nosy person, but I noticed that Bill was drafting an email and I glanced at it out of curiosity. You can imagine my shock, surprise and delight when I saw that he was drafting an email to someone at the email address ! Holy shit, this Bill was the Bill I had been corresponding with about me sucking his cock! Now all of the coincidences in our names and life situations made sense. I had been emailing with Bill trying to get him to feed me his cum, and I had no idea that he was my friend and neighbor! I immediately stepped away from the desk and didn’t risk taking the time to read the email. After all, I’d be able to read it when he unknowingly sent it to me later.

I sat back down on the couch, and fortunately the computer screen went dark again before Bill came back into the room. I calmed myself down and tried to act like everything was normal when Bill returned, but I was churning inside with the desire to suck his big cock. We watched the rest of the game, and then when I was leaving to go back home, Bill said, “Hey Ed, I’ve got a guest pass to my health club, and I’d be happy to take you with me this afternoon if you’re interested.”

I could barely contain my joy when I said, “Sure Bill, and thank you very much. That sounds like a great opportunity to get some exercise.”

We agreed to meet at 5:00 pm in his driveway to head to the gym, and I quickly headed home to read his email. I turned on my computer and waited impatiently while it warmed up. Finally, his email popped into view.

“Hi Ed, you fluid-swallowing cock sucker. I really appreciate your open attitude about being willing to take piss from my cock. I’m not sure that I’ll want to do that, but it’s good to know that you’d be willing to try it. Your openness and willingness to please me really makes me anxious to feed you my cock and fluids. Also, thanks so much for the excellent advice on my neighbor situation. Ed came over here today to watch a game with me, and I asked him to go to the gym with me this afternoon. When we’re in the shower together, I’ll try to show him my swinging cock and hanging balls in a way that looks innocent, yet being as revealing as I can. I’ll also go out to rent some porn DVDs, so that if he shows an interest in my cock in the shower, then I’ll be ready to move quickly with the movies while he’s still thinking about it. I’ll write to you again after I get back from the gym. Thanks again for your help. I feel like I’m getting a lot closer to getting my cock sucked and cum swallowed.

Your big-cocked feeder, Bill”

I was now very excited at the way things were progressing, and I knew that even though I was the submissive cock sucker and Bill was the dominant feeder, I still had control of the situation and how things would develop, at least for now. I wanted to encourage Bill even more so I wrote him a quick reply that he could read before we left for the gym.

“Hi Bill, my friend with the huge, hanging balls. I’m glad to see that you are moving so quickly on my suggestions. I also think you’re getting a lot closer to getting your cock and balls sucked. Make sure that you give Ed a chance to see your swinging genitals, and also don’t be afraid to bend over and let him see your ass and balls from behind. If he has even the slightest interest, your massive cock, balls and bulging perineum should make him stare at you.

Your sperm-swilling friend, Ed”

I met Bill at his home as planned, and we went to the gym and had a good two hour workout on the track and with the weights. Then we went back to the locker room and got our towels and toiletries for the shower. We both had our towels wrapped around our waists as we got to the shower, and I noticed that no other members were there at the time. We hung up our towels and turned on the hot, steamy water. This was an open shower with six shower heads running along the back wall, and I took the shower right next to Bill. I noticed that he was constantly turning one way and then the other, and his cock and balls were hanging down and swaying in a way that made me almost hungry enough to drop to my knees right there and suck him. But instead, every time I sensed that Bill was secretly glancing my way I made sure to stare at his cock and balls. I tried to give him the impression that I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. Of course, my little cock was an embarrassment for me, and it did start to harden a little, just from looking at Bill’s genitals. At one point he bent over at the waist to wash his lower legs, while facing away from me, and I got to stare at his huge hanging balls and bulging perineum from behind, and I could see him looking at my reaction from between his legs. It was all I could do to keep from sucking his perineum right there. We finally finished our showers, got dressed and went home.

I thanked Bill again for the gym invite and went home to eat dinner with Margaret. I was impatiently waiting for Bill’s next email, and he must have also been excited because it only took him a half hour to write me after he got home.

“Hi Ed, my cum-sucking friend. Damn Ed, you were so right about the gym being a good way to assess Ed’s interest in my cock. I swayed my cock and balls at him the whole time we were in the shower, and he couldn’t seem to keep from staring hungrily at me. He even stared at my ass and perineum when I bent over in front of him. He has a little dick, and I could see him getting a hard on when he was looking at me. I think he has a real interest in my cock, so I’m ready to take the next step with the porn DVDs. If this all works out and he sucks my cock, I promise that I’ll find a way to let you suck me too. I’m going to call Ed right now and invite him to come over tomorrow afternoon to watch another ball game. Then I’ll bring out the DVDs and see how he reacts.

Your face-fucker, Bill”

I was getting very excited reading how excited Bill was to feed me his cock, and I decided to write back to encourage him and to be sure that we didn’t lose the tempo in our emails.

Hi Bill, my soon-to-be-sucked-off friend. This is really exciting and I’m so happy for your progress with Ed. Make sure that when you are watching the DVDs that you rub your crotch at the parts you want Ed to get excited about, and then see if he does the same thing. That way you’ll know whether it is the pussy or cock that is exciting him. You might want to show a straight fuck flick first, just for a warm up, and then show a bisexual or cuckold video that shows a man sucking another man’s cock, or even a gay one if you have it. You should moan loud enough for Ed to hear when the one male actor sucks the other’s cock into his mouth, and you might even want to quietly say something like ‘damn Ed, it would really feel good having my cock sucked liked that right now’. Depending on how he reacts to your moans and comments, you might then ask him ‘have you ever done anything like this Ed?’ If he has any interest at all in sucking your cock, then that should do it. And from what you told me about his reaction to your cock and balls in the shower, I’m pretty sure that you will be fucking his face tomorrow. It might also help for both of you to drink a little beer to take the edge off things.

Your hope-to-suck-you-soon friend, Ed”

Just as I pushed the send key, my phone rang and Bill invited me to come over at about noon to watch the game, and I of course accepted. I could hardly sleep that night, just thinking about the possibilities at Bill’s tomorrow. I didn’t jack off because I wanted to save all of my desire and passion for sucking that gorgeous cock and balls, and I went to sleep almost being able to taste that thick cock. I slept late on Sunday, but was shaved and showered and ready to go to Bill’s by noon.

I arrived and everything seemed normal. Bill was drinking a beer when I arrived and then he turned on the TV and gave me a beer. We sat on the couch about two feet apart and watched the first couple of innings, and I have to admit that the couple of beers I had were giving me a little buzz. Then at the start of the third inning, Bill made his move saying, “Hey Ed, I confiscated a couple of porn DVDs from one of my students last week. I’ve never seen anything like this and I was thinking about playing them, just to see what they are like. Would you mind if we watched them for a little while?”

I could barely contain my joy and replied, “Sure, that’s okay Bill. I haven’t seen anything like that either, except maybe a few excerpts on the internet.”

The first DVD was entitled “Big Cocks for Little Sluts”, and there were a series of scenes where men with huge cocks were fucking these very petite women. The scenes usually started with the woman sucking the big cock, and I watched as Bill rubbed his crotch when the big cock slipped into the woman’s mouth, and I also rubbed my little dick. I could see Bill watching me rub my dick, and he must have been very happy that his plan seemed to be working. Bill then put in a DVD entitled “Cuckold Hubby Sucks Cock”, and I knew that this one would bring the cock sucking to a head. This was a great flick, and both Bill and I were moaning every time the male actor took a cock into his mouth, and we were both openly rubbing our cocks. About half-way through the video, at about the fourth time a man sucked a cock, Bill moaned loudly and said, “Oh shit Ed, I would really love a warm mouth around my cock right now!”

This was now the moment of truth, and when I knew that Bill was watching me, I lifted the front of my sweat pants and slid my hand down to stroke my little dick. I was no longer acting when I breathlessly replied, “Oh man you are right about that! It really gets me excited watching that big piece of fuck meat slip into the husband’s mouth! He must really love the taste of that thick cock and all of the precum on the head. That cock is so big, but not as big as yours that I saw in the shower yesterday.”

Bill was really excited now, at hearing me being so aroused at the big cock on the video and mentioning his from the shower, and he slid his sweat pants down to his knees. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his huge cock was hard and sticking straight up, with precum filling the end of his foreskin. Then he looked me right in the eyes and said, “Oh fuck Ed, I’m so excited that you are turned on by the video. Have you ever done anything like that, sucking a cock I mean?”

I then pulled my sweat pants down so I could more easily rub my little dick and said, “Don’t think badly of me Bill, but I did suck my friend’s cock in high school, but I haven’t done anything like that since.”

Bill then asked, “What did you like most about sucking your friend?”

Then I said, “I loved all of it. I enjoyed feeling his thick cock slide into and out of my mouth, and I also liked sucking his big balls. But, I especially liked feeling his cock throb and pulse as he filled my mouth with his tasty cum, and then swallowing it.”

Then Bill made the final move by turning towards me on the couch and saying, “Well, if you want to relive that experience, just reach over here and stroke my cock, and we’ll just let things happen as they will.”

I was almost out of my mind with lust now, and I reached over and took his cock in my hand and began stroking him. His cock was soaking wet with precum, and feeling that foreskin sliding up and down his thick and vein-covered shaft as I stroked him was everything I hoped it would be. I took my other hand and started rubbing those massive balls, and Bill sat there with a huge smile on his face. I then felt his hand on my back as he gently pulled my torso and head down towards his cock, and before long I had his huge cock-head in my mouth. I had never seen or felt a foreskin before, and it was so arousing sucking that extra, tasty skin, and sticking my tongue into its tangy depths and swirling it around the head of his cock. Bill then moved his hand from my back to the back of my head, and he continued pulling my mouth onto his big cock. Before long I had about seven inches of that thick meat in my mouth and it was starting to go into my throat. The thick veins on the cock shaft felt so good rubbing back and forth on my tongue, but I couldn’t take anymore of his thick meat without choking, at least in this first attempt at sucking him.

I didn’t know everything that Bill had in mind for me, but I was quite certain that he would want to have me take his first load of semen down my throat very soon, to relieve his lust. I had been sucking that massive cock for about 10 minutes when Bill tightened his grip on my head as he began thrusting his hips and forcing his cock repeatedly into and out of my mouth. Then I felt him tense up and push his hips and cock into me and my mouth was flooded by a large load of semen. He cock was pulsing so hard that it was moving my head, even in Bill’s tight grip, and after about 30 seconds of constant bursts of cum, his ejaculation finally subsided and his cock began to soften in my mouth. I swallowed three times to get all of his cream down, and I was surprised at how sweet it was. I kept his cock in my mouth as I looked up at Bill’s face. He was smiling broadly, no doubt thinking that he had definitely found his cock sucker, and having me right next door was an even better benefit.

Bill’s cock softened a little further and then he pulled my head off of his cock. I sat back on the couch and he said, “Holy shit Ed, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had. Helen never did like sucking me, probably because of my size, and I sure hope that you’ll want to do it again. I wish I had known years ago that you were a cock sucker. But, I really hope that this doesn’t negatively impact our friendship. It’s just that I have these sexual needs, and having you close will be great for me, and I hope for you too.”

I could tell that Bill was trying to assess whether I was upset or if our friendship was ruined, so I decided to let him off the hook by admitting that I was also the internet Ed that he had being emailing with. I smiled and said, “Bill, don’t worry about our friendship. I loved sucking your cock and swallowing your cum and will do it for you anytime and every time you’ll let me, even every day if you want and we’re able to get together. I know that it is extremely rare to make a Craigslist contact with someone and then have them be your neighbor, but I am the Ed from Craigslist, and my email address is I discovered that you were the same Bill yesterday when I was looking at your books when you were out of the room, and I accidentally pushed your mouse and saw your email to me on the screen.”

Bill had a shocked look on his face and then replied, “Damn man, you really tricked with all of that talk about the showers and the DVDs. You must have really wanted to suck me badly to go to that trouble. Did you mean everything you said in your emails about what you would do for me? Will you really let me take a dominant role with you and have you drink my piss if I wanted you to?”

I then said, “Listen Bill, every word that I wrote in those emails about my sexual urges and what I would do for you was true. I just tricked you after I found out that you were my Bill since I just had to have your cock in my mouth and I was willing to do anything to make it happen. I’ll do anything you want, with the exception of any anal activities. My only exception to having no anal activities is that I know your asshole and ass crack are close to your perineum, so I would accept getting a little taste of them from time to time, especially if you are clean down there. I just can’t believe that we were lucky enough to find each other right next door. Believe me; I want to suck your cock, balls and perineum as much as you want me to. And in fact, if you are up for it I’d like to take my time sucking your balls and perineum right now, and give your cock a chance to recharge before I take another load of cream from you today.”

Bill then said, “You really are a horny bastard, but probably not as horny as I am. Just lie back on the couch and let’s start round two.”

The couch is pretty wide, so I lie back with my head in the middle of the seat, and after completely removing his sweat pants, Bill sat down on my face, facing towards my head. His bulging perineum was in my mouth and I sucked him there until he shifted forward and placed his asshole right over my mouth. He was no doubt testing my willingness to suck his ass, and fortunately he was fairly clean, but not as clean as he would have been with a little warning about us doing this, and he had a musky odor and tangy taste. It was a first for me to press my tongue into anyone’s anus, and I could tell by his moans that he really enjoyed having that power over me. He then shifted back and dropped his huge scrotum and balls to my mouth. They were the size of small plums, and I was able to take each one into my mouth, one at the time. I could look and see and even feel that his cock was starting to get hard again from all of my sucking on his balls, perineum and asshole, and he soon lifted off of me and I sat up on the couch with my back against the cushion.

I wasn’t sure what he was up to, but then he stood up on the couch, with a foot on either side of my hips, and leaned in pressing his cock to my lips. Then he excitedly said, “Ed I am going to test you a little more on your promise to do anything I want you to do. As you know, we have had a couple of beers this afternoon and I need to piss before I can get completely hard and cum again, so open up and let’s try this.”

I was very apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect, but I obediently opened my mouth, and Bill pushed his cock head in. I then felt his cock pulse a little as the first squirts of piss started. I could taste his piss and it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined, maybe a little of a salty and bland taste, probably a little like the beer itself. I swallowed as fast as I could. Bill must have been holding back a little since I was able to keep up with the flow without spilling it on my clothes. The flow lasted for about a minute, and then it ended. I can’t say that this was my favorite thing to do, but what I liked most was feeling the heavy flow of his fluids into my mouth, and I found myself wishing that cum could have that volume and shoot that forcefully. Bill was looking down at me smiling, knowing that his dominance of me was complete.

Bill then directed me to lie on the couch on my back, with my head hanging slightly over the arm rest at the end of the couch. He then moved in and pushed his now-hard cock into my mouth, and began forcefully fucking my face. His strokes lengthened, and my throat was starting to relax a little, allowing ever more of his meat in me. I could finally feel his balls pressed against my forehead and nose and knew that he had bottomed out in me. This was an amazing feeling being impaled on that big cock. He fucked me that way for at least 15 minutes, and I finally felt him tense up, and he pulled back a little and filled my mouth with his second load of cum for the day.

I sat up and Bill moved back to sit next to me on the couch. He then said, “Ed those are the best orgasms I’ve had in years, and I’m still so happy that you let me empty my bladder into your mouth and stomach. This whole thing just seems too good to be true.”

I then said, “I know what you mean. Margaret is probably going to get curious about me spending so much time over here from now on, but I want to be available when ever you want to use me for your sexual release. I don’t even mind just hanging out to suck your balls while you’re working at your desk or something. I also like the feeling of you sitting on my face while I’m sucking your perineum and asshole. It works out perfectly that I like to be submissive to you and take your fluids, and you are just the opposite and like to feed them to me. So what do you think? Are you ready for round three this afternoon?’

Bill smiled and said, “I can’t take anymore right now, my cock sucking friend, but you can rest assured that I’ll be ready again tomorrow, and every day after that as well.”

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