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Discovery on Neighborhood Watch Patrol

I join a neighborhood watch patrol and suck my black partner and other black cocks.
My name is Ed, and my wife Joan and I have lived in the Pittsburgh area for the last 25 years. I have a good job in the medical supplies industry, and we moved to an area on the fringe of the city limits right after we graduated from college. Joan and I are both 47 years old and met in our junior year in college, and our two children are now grown and out on their own.

We have seen many changes in our community as the population matured and our urban area grew and became surrounded by adjacent subdivisions, and our neighborhood has become racially mixed over the years. There has been a measurable increase in crimes in our area, and it seems like our neighborhood has become a travel route for inner city thugs going to the suburbs to commit crimes. Our neighborhood was not governed by a home owners association like many of the suburbs had, but we did organize a community meeting to discuss the increase in crime and look for solutions.

Our first community meeting was held in the basement of a local church, and I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out. Over 80 residents of all races showed up, as well as a local law enforcement representative. We discussed a variety of options to reduce the crime, including sending a petition to the police commissioner to increase patrols in our area, and the formation of a neighborhood watch group. The police officer attending our meeting let us know that regretfully, with all of the budget restraints, the city could not afford to increase patrols in our area. After much discussion, we decided to create a neighborhood watch group, to include citizen patrols during the late evening and early morning hours.

We had another planning meeting for the neighborhood watch group in the church the following week, and after looking at the details of the crime statistics to determine the times of greatest vulnerability, we decided that we would have two, three hour patrol shifts. One shift would be from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am, and the other would be from 1:00 am to 4:00 am. Most of the residents were working full-time jobs like me, but we had enough volunteers so that each person would only have to do one shift per week, which would really not interfere too much with our sleep. We were also concerned about our safety, especially due to the racial mix in the area, and we decided to have two man teams of mixed races, and the police would provide us with hand-held radios to contact them if needed. The plan was that we would patrol our 30 square block community on foot in milder weather, and by car during times of rain and cold weather.

During the meeting we informally selected our patrol partners, and since a black man named Thomas Williams and I had been talking during the meetings and had developed a good rapport, we chose each other. Thomas was 52 years old and 5’10” inches tall and weighed about 170 pounds, and he looked fit and lean, probably due to his job as a warehouse supervisor that required some physical labor. I sensed strength and self-confidence in him that was sure to give me a better feeling of safety on our patrols. I wasn’t in too bad of shape myself since I worked out several times per week, and I was 6’1” tall and weighed 185 pounds.

It was late summer when we started our patrols, and the weather was mild enough, even when we had the late shift, that we were comfortable covering the community on foot. We talked constantly on our patrols, and were getting to know each other very well. I learned that he had three sons who were married and living in another area in the city, and his wife Yvonne was a little overweight at 180 pounds and 5’7” tall, but she was still pretty, and he even volunteered that she had huge breasts. He also knew that my Joan was 5’4” tall and weighed 125 pounds, and she was in good shape from frequent workouts at the gym, and since he was so open with me about Yvonne, I let him know that Joan had D-cup breasts that looked big for her small frame. Most of our patrols were uneventful, and we knew that just our presence on the streets was a big deterrent for the gangs that might be thinking about committing robbery or other crimes in our area. We often saw groups of young men that went the other way when they saw us.

We continued making our patrols on foot until late fall when the temperatures were dropping and there was more chance of rain. Then we started taking my minivan, since Thomas’ small, two door sedan was not that comfortable for our long shifts. We had gotten to know our community very well, and I could see familiar patterns in the lives of the families in our area, and any variations came quickly to our attention. I began to notice, especially on the earlier 9:00 pm to midnight shift, that we would see a few black men going to the same white homes at about 10:00 pm, and in other cases we would see those same white couples going to the same black men’s homes. And sometimes it would just be a white man going to a black man’s home. Thomas never made any comments about this and one night we were parked at the curb and I decided to find out more about it, asking, “Thomas, what do you think is going on with those white couples visiting the same black men and vice versa, on a pretty consistent basis? Do you think they are just friends, or is something else going on?”

Thomas and I had become very good friends, and I guess he felt comfortable answering my question candidly, saying, “Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. Don’t take offense, but I think the white couples and white men are meeting with those black men for sex.”

I must have lived a pretty sheltered life sexually, and I had never heard of this kind of activity going on and I said, “Holy shit Thomas, are you saying that the black men are fucking the white wives? Are the white husbands actually okay with that, and are they just watching it happen? If so, what are the white men doing there sometimes without their wives?”

Thomas smiled and continued, “I don’t know about any of this first hand, but some of the guys at work were telling me about white couples who liked to have sex with black men. Have you ever heard of cuckold couples? There are a lot of white men who like to see their wives fucked by other men, and they seem to have an especially big desire for black men to fuck their wives. I don’t know if it’s just the mystique of being a different race or if it is true that black men have bigger cocks than white men, but a lot of those couples can’t get enough black cock. And there also seems to be many white men who just like to suck black cock, and they especially like to taste and swallow that thick black cum. Many of those men also suck the cum out of their wives’ pussies after they have been fucked b the black men. So I think that is what’s going on.”

I was really surprised at hearing about these white couples fucking black men, and from the activity we had seen on our patrols, it looked like a fair amount of it was going on, even for our small community. I was also surprised that Thomas seemed to know so much about all of this, so I had to ask the next obvious question, even though it was kind of personal. I finally got up my nerve and asked, “Thomas how is it that you know so much about this cuckold stuff? Have you done any of it yourself?”

Thomas smiled and looked over at me and said, “No Ed, I have always been faithful to Yvonne, and at least up until a couple of years ago, I was getting all of the sex I needed at home anyway. I only get sex with her about once a month now, so I do get a little horny sometimes. I’ve just heard a few of the younger guys talking about the cuckold thing, and that’s how I know about it.”

I was intrigued by all of this and continued, “I have never heard about any of this, and I have to admit that my sex life has always been pretty normal. But like with you and Yvonne, Joan has not had any interest in sex for a few years, so I only get it every couple of months when I beg for it.”

I went home that night and tried to process in my mind all that I heard from Thomas. Over the next several days I started researching cuckold porn sites on the internet, and I found out that everything that Thomas said about cuckold couples was corroborated on those sites. This was a whole new world that I had stumbled upon, and I started reading the stories and looking at the pictures. I had never even thought about looking at other men’s cocks before I started going to those sites, and I was surprised to learn that I enjoyed looking at those big, black cocks and their big, hanging balls. I felt a little embarrassed to myself for thinking this way, but I was starting to wonder what Thomas’ cock looked like and how big it was, but I knew that I could never ask him about it. I also knew that I could never touch him or anything like that, and I was surprised at myself for even thinking about it.

The next week when I was on duty with Thomas, we drove around the neighbor hoods for the first hour or so, and then I parked the minivan for a few minutes to save a little gas. I started talking to Thomas and said, “You were right about that cuckold lifestyle. I did a little research last week, and found hundreds of sites about black men fucking white women and men, and I have to admit that I had never seen anything like it before now. How do you think those white couples got started doing that stuff?”

Thomas replied, “Yes, I thought the guys were telling me the truth about that stuff. They told me that many of the white couples got interested in this by the husband discovering those cuckold sites, and then all of the stories and pictures got them excited enough to involve their wives in their fantasies. From there, it was just a matter of time before some of them tried to find some black cock for the wife to fuck. So be careful about going to the websites too much, you don’t know how they will affect you.”

We continued going on our patrols for the next several weeks, and we had no further discussions or acknowledgement about the cuckold activity we were seeing, except just to smile at each other when we saw it happening. Then one Friday night at about midnight, we saw a group of three black boys, who looked to be about 17 years old, walking out of an alley near a little strip mall area. We had no police powers and were warned by the police not to engage any suspicious people, but we sometimes approached people to get a sense of what they were up to. And normally, there couldn’t be much good happening that late at night. I pulled the van up next to the boys at the curb, and Thomas lowered his window and asked, “Hey guys, what are you doing out on the street this late at night?”

Then one boy who looked like the leader said, “We’re just going over to Lamont’s house, and we were taking a short cut through the alley. What’s it to you anyway?”

Then Thomas said, “We are on neighborhood watch patrol, and it’s our business when we see activity so late at night.”

Then the boy continued, “Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s nothing bad going on here. And by the way bro, I see that you’ve got a white boy with you, and I sure hope he’s taking care business for you.”

Thomas smiled and said, “It’s not like that boys, he’s just my partner on this patrol.”

Then the boy said, “Whatever you say bro, but you might be able to train him.”

We then pulled away from the boys, and after a few minutes driving I asked, “Thomas, what was that boy talking about when he asked if I was taking care of business for you?”

Thomas laughed and said, “Well, I think some black people just assume that when a white man is alone with a black man, it usually means that the white guy is looking to either suck the black man’s cock or get fucked in the ass by him. Don’t worry about it; he was just being a smart ass and trying to stir things up.”

I then said, “That’s really fucked up that he would just assume that kind of thing.”

We continued our patrol that night and then went to our homes without talking further about what that boy said. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and decided to go back to the porn sites to satisfy my curiosity. I was discovering something about myself that was pretty scary, and I was really thinking about what it would be like to suck a black cock. Going back on the internet just increased my lust and curiosity about black cocks, and I could hardly wait until next week for my patrol with Thomas.

The next week on patrol I talked with Thomas about all of the cuckold stuff he told me about, and about the comments that boy made. I also told him that I had gone back to those porn sites, and was intrigued by a lot of what I read and saw there. Thomas could easily sense that I was hinting at something and he asked, “What are you saying Ed? Do you have an interest in seeing and touching a black cock?

I didn’t expect Thomas to jump to that conclusion so quickly, and I was getting nervous about where this was heading. But I was the one who started talking about it in the first place, and I knew that I needed to answer his question. I then said, “First, I need to tell you again that I have never heard of this cuckold stuff before my conversations with you, and I’ve never even seen another man’s cock in person, except in the showers at school, and none of them were hard. But I have to admit that those stories are pretty arousing to me, and I did enjoy looking at the pictures of those hard, black cocks, especially when they were fucking those white pussies. Since Joan lost all interest in sex several years ago, I know that I would never be able to try the cuckold lifestyle. So, I guess I’m a little confused about what I’m feeling right now.”

Thomas had a big smile on his face and said, “Don’t worry Ed, it’s perfectly understandable that you’re confused about this. Most white men are probably confused when they first learn about it and see pictures of hard, black cocks for the first time. I haven’t been getting much sex at home, so I’d be happy to let you satisfy your curiosity with me.”

Thomas’ talk was getting me very aroused, and I knew that I at least wanted to see his cock, without necessarily committing to suck him off. I then had an idea and said, “I have to admit that I am curious about how big your cock is and what it looks like, and I was hoping that I could at least see it. I don’t think I’m ready to be a cock sucker, but is there a chance that I could at least see it? Maybe we could go into the alley behind the church and I could watch you piss or something.”

Thomas looked a little surprised, like maybe I was turning into his cock sucker much sooner than he expected, and he said, “That sounds like a good idea Ed, and I have to piss badly anyway. But I have to warn you, the guys at work told me that white men sometimes get turned on watching a black man piss, and then they find it hard not to suck his cock right afterwards.”

I thought that I would surely be able to watch Thomas piss and still keep my desires under control, so I drove the van down the alley behind the church. It was dark, except for the light of a full moon, and private there since we were able to park behind a corner of the building near the trash container. Thomas opened the front door on the passenger side on the van and I went around to his side and opened up the big sliding door and sat in the back seat. That would allow me to see Thomas pissing in the light of the open door, while still being out of his way. I held my breath as Thomas unbuckled his belt and button, and then lowered the zipper on his pants. He then lowered his pants and underwear to his knees and I got my first look at his cock and balls as he turned towards me.

His uncut cock must have been eight inches long, and almost as thick as a soda can, and it was still soft. He had a dark complexion, even for a black man, and his cock and balls were coal black and shiny in the light. His black balls were as big as eggs and they swung heavily in his scrotum as he turned my way. I was excited seeing my first hard cock other than my own average six inch white one. He then held his cock and aimed it away from the van but still in the light of the door, and I was surprised to see and hear such a strong stream of piss, especially from a man in his 50s. He was slowly stroking that big piece of meat as he pissed, and I could see his thick foreskin sliding back and forth over the mushroom head of his cock, and splashing in the stream of pee on the out stroke. He continued pissing for about a minute, and I could see that his cock was getting harder and longer due to the stroking, and maybe also because I was watching him. When he finally stopped pissing he said to me, “Come on over here and hold my cock if you want to. I won’t shake any of the wetness of my piss from the head and foreskin, so you can feel it if you want to. Come on Ed, I know you want to. You have a curious look on your face, so you might as well experience my big, black cock for yourself.”

Thomas was right that I was mesmerized watching him pee, and I did want to hold his cock and feel its weight. I stepped out of the side door and over the puddle of piss, and reached down to take his thick meat in my hands. It felt so heavy and thick, especially when compared to my thin, cut cock, and I couldn’t reach around it with just one hand. I unconsciously started to stroke his cock, and that was my first experience feeling a foreskin as it slipped back and forth on a thick cock. His cock was now almost fully hard, and I’m guessing that it was 10 inches long and had even gotten thicker than before, and I could easily see why those white couples wanted to fuck black men.

I stroked him for a few minutes, and could feel his dampness on my hands, and then Thomas took further control of the situation by saying, “Come on Ed. I’ll go sit in the back seat of your van so I can close the front door and turn off this light. I’ll just sit on the edge of the seat with my legs on the ground, and you can stand in front of me and stroke me some more if you want to.”

I could not resist Thomas’ directions, and we moved to the back seat as he suggested. I was able to switch off the door light, so I was then standing there in front of him in the dim light of the moon, and I continued stroking his big, black cock. I really had not planned on sucking his cock and didn’t know the first thing about doing it, but as I continued to stroke his damp meat, I felt Thomas’ hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me down and guiding me to his cock. I felt my knees bending with no resistance, and then I was fully on my knees, staring at that huge, black cock. Now was the moment of truth as Thomas placed one hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth to his cock. He then said, “Go ahead and taste my cock Ed, you know you want to. I haven’t had a blow job in years, and I’m anxious to be the first black man to fuck your mouth. Come on, just taste it, and if you don’t want to go further, then I won’t try to force you.”

I was unable to resist the lure of that big cock in front of me, and the smell of his manliness was also very arousing. I opened my mouth and reached out my tongue to taste his tangy foreskin and cock head, and I sensed that the wetness was a mixture of his pre-cum and the remnants of his piss that was held in his thick foreskin. His cock head felt large and firm, yet pliable as he pulled my mouth onto his meat. I could also feel his thick veins as the foreskin slid back, and I then had four inches of that big cock in my mouth. Thomas then said, “Oh yes Ed, go ahead and start sucking my cock as I push more of it into your mouth. It’s been so long since I’ve cum, and I’m looking forward to filling your mouth with my nut.”

When I heard Thomas mention that he was going to cum in my mouth, I panicked a little. I had only thought about seeing and maybe feeling his cock, so the realization that he would be cumming in me was something new to handle. But it was too late now, as Thomas was pressing more of his cock into me and was filling my mouth with it. My mouth was stretched to the limit, and I continued to suck him and reached up to feel his large balls. They were hanging heavily in his scrotum, and he must have liked me feeling them because he started to gently thrust his hips.

Thomas had good staying power, especially since he mentioned that he hadn’t cum in a long time, and he must have fucked my mouth for 20 minutes, finally getting six thick inches of that huge cock in my mouth. He quickened his thrusts and was starting to breathe heavily, and he leaned down next to my bobbing head and said, “That’s it Ed, keep sucking. I’m close to nutting and filling your mouth with my thick cum. You’ll just love the taste and thickness of it.”

He continued to press into me and then I felt his cock stiffen further, and his big meat started pulsing and jerking as I felt the first ropes of his cum fill my mouth. He pulled his cock back a little until just the head was in my mouth, and I could feel his squirts on my tongue as he filled my mouth repeatedly with his semen. I continued swallowing, and then as he finished cumming in my mouth, his big cock started to soften. Thomas then leaned down and said, “Oh man, that was a terrific blow job, and I’m surprised that was your first time. You really seemed to enjoy sucking me and swallowing my cum. Tell me how you feel about your discovery of black cock.”

I was still on my knees in front of Thomas, enjoying the taste of his cum in my mouth and I said, “Damn Thomas, I guess I hadn’t thought this through and didn’t realize at first that I would be sucking your cock and swallowing your cum. But now that I have experienced it, I have to say that I enjoyed sucking you, and I especially liked the smell and taste of your cum. It is so thick and plentiful compared to my little, thin loads. I’m glad you liked it and hope that you’ll let me keep sucking you on our patrol nights.”

Thomas laughed a little and said, “Hell yes Ed, we can do this every time if you want to, and I have another treat for you too. Lean forward and suck my big nuts. I just love to feel them sucked and licked, and I think you’ll enjoy the feeling of my sack and nuts in your mouth.”

I leaned forward without hesitation, and tasted his tangy sack. I sucked his balls into my mouth one at a time, and then Thomas laid back on the seat and lifted his nuts, exposing his perineum to my view. I knew that he wanted me to suck there as well, so I dove in and had another new experience. This was getting a little too close to his asshole for me, but I continued sucking his balls and perineum for another 15 minutes, until he had enough and pushed me away.

We got dressed and continued on our patrol, but our conversations had taken on a new sexuality. He talked about how great it was to get a good blow job from me, and I reiterated how much I enjoyed sucking him. I continued sucking Thomas’ big cock on all of our patrol nights, and I even went over to visit him when Yvonne was out of the house. I was enjoying sucking his black cock so much that Thomas eventually introduced me to some of his friends from work, and one or two of them would come with us on our patrols. Many nights Thomas would drive my van as I sucked off his friends in the back seat. I had now tasted at least six black cocks, and even though all of them weren’t as big as Thomas’, they were all thick and shot huge loads of cum. I had become a real cum slut for black cock and cum.

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