Double Delight

By biguy2play

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A visit to a video booth with a pleasant surprise
The video booth at the adult bookstore was tiny. With a chair taking up space in one corner it was even smaller. When he entered the booth and locked the door behind him, there was nothing else we could be but close, intimately close.

We started touching, rubbing, and groping immediately without a single word. It was pretty obvious we both had experience in these little booths. I reached over and dropped in a few quarters to start the movie. I knew everyone outside the booth had seen the two of us go in here but they didn't need to hear everything we did.

We fumbled with each other's belts and zippers until hard cocks were found and we began to mutually masturbate each other. I felt his hand reach inside the back of my jeans to cup my bare ass. I never wore underwear on these occasions, just another annoying layer to get in the way. In the close, dark room lit with the flickering of the video, he pushed my jeans off my hips and I felt them fall to the floor.

"Will you let me fuck you?" he asked. Usually my visits to these booths were far different and almost always ended with a man's cock in my mouth and me swallowing his cum. I was surprised by his question, and very aroused!

"Yes," I said enthusiastically. "Yes, god, I would love that!" I hadn’t had a lot of experience with anal sex but times I’d had a cock inside me I had loved it! He took a condom from his pocket and slipped it over his hard cock. He stepped behind me and I felt him lube up my ass.

I stepped out of one shoe and pulled my foot out of the leg of my jeans so I could put one foot on the chair. I'm very tight and this would let him get his cock into me easier, and deeper! He pushed against me until he found his mark and then I braced myself as he pushed into me. First just the head...I let myself relax...then a little deeper...I relaxed a little more and drank in the sensations as he penetrated deeper. Then he grabbed my naked hips and PUSHED!

His cock went deep into me and I could feel his balls against mine. He started moving back and forth, holding my hips and groaning with each thrust. He reached around me and handed me the tube of lube.

"Lube your cock up, too," he told me. I didn't know why but complied. My erection glistened in the odd light.

“Jack yourself off. I want to feel you come, too,” he told me. I didn’t need to be asked twice! I grasped my engorged prick and started stroking up and down my shaft as I had so very many times. The sensation of him behind me, his hands on my hips while he pushed in and out of me and I stroked myself, was something I had never experienced before.

With his cock sliding against my prostrate and my masterful hand on my slick and swollen prick I was ready to explode. Helpless to move and nearly too weak in the knees to stand I came...and came...and came. I could feel my asshole pulsing with each shot of cum from my cock, and so could he. The feeling was sending sensations through his cock and he straightened up to pound it into me fast and hard and then stiffened up like a statue as his orgasm gripped him.

I tried to rock myself against him to make it last for him but he was impaled inside me with a grip on my hips that would not allow it. I caught some of the last of my cum and raised it to my lips, sucking it up into my mouth for a taste. Slowly his grip loosened and he bent over my back, spent but still inside me. I had been fucked a few times but my god! Never with that kind of energy and never while I came! We both caught our breath and regrouped our clothes.

"That was incredible," I said.

"I'd been watching you here for a while," he said. "You come here pretty often."

(Actually, it's usually someone ELSE who's doing the cumming, I thought.) He turned to leave the booth.

"I'm sure I'll see you again," he said.

I hoped he was right. I PRAYED he was right!