Early Morning Delight

By biguy2play

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I just wanted a cock to suck. Is that so much to ask?
When I knocked on the door my heart was thumping in my chest. We had never met face to face and I had no idea what to expect, or even if I was knocking on the right door! At seven o’clock in the morning, I was hoping I’d gotten the address right. I had been so horny and it had been so long that I posted a personal ad online simply stating I was looking for cocks to suck.

After a couple of responses that didn’t work out, I got a note from a guy who called himself ‘Will’ and after a few notes about when and where, I was standing at his door. He’d told me that if I wanted to come over early I could suck him off before he went to work. Before work always worked out better for me so we agreed on this morning. I waited for an answer, nervous but thinking about once again having the taste of cum in my mouth.

Will opened the door in just a bathrobe and invited me inside. We exchanged a few polite words while walking to his bedroom. When we got to his bed he dropped his robe and sat on the bed in boxer shorts. I began to undress as he watched.

“You like to suck cocks, huh?” he said. I nodded as I slipped out of my jeans. “If you’re really good, I might fuck you in the ass.”

“I’d like that,” I said and moved to the end of the bed. I stood there naked while he slid up onto the bed.

“Take these off,” I told him and began pulling at his boxers. He lifted his hips and they slid down his legs. I tossed them onto the floor and looked at his cock. Only half erect, it was still a beautiful sight! He spread his legs while I moved up between them and kissed his lovely cock, making it twitch with excitement. My hand grasped its base and my mouth descended over his length. I began sucking and tonguing as his cock grew harder and longer in my mouth. With it fully erect, I started moving it in and out of my mouth and each time it slipped from my mouth I squeezed my lips around it and sucked harder. With it nearly out of my mouth, my tongue swirled around his head before letting him plunge his hard cock back into my mouth.

“Oh yea … suck it Baby … yea … oh yea, you like to suck it.” He knew I loved sucking his cock and I knew he loved this. I could feel him getting closer and closer but then he stopped me and rolled me over onto my back. In an instant he was on top of my chest straddling me and pushing his cock back into my mouth.

I gasped with surprise and then nearly gagged as his cock went deep into my mouth. I struggled under him as he forced his cock deep into my mouth. He fucked my mouth harder and faster. I concentrated hard to keep from gagging each time he thrust deep into my mouth and Will could tell. He stopped, then slid back away from my face.

“I’m going to fuck you. Lube me up.” He handed me a tube of KY lube and I put it lovingly around his swollen cock. He leaned over and got a condom, unwrapped it and placed it over himself. I covered the condom with lube. Will moved down between my legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. Expertly, he guided his cock to my anus and began working it into me.

I relaxed and let his cock push into me, each time deeper, as he bent me nearly in half. My legs were pinned between his chest and mine, his arms on either side of me supporting his weight and he began thrusting hard into my ass.

“Oh yes, Will … oh YES! Oh fuck me … fuck me hard!” I rocked with his thrusts, pinned down with his weight and his marvelous cock deep up my ass. When he started to cum I felt him stiffen, hot and pulsing inside me and squeezed my anus as he began to spasm and shoot. “Oh yes,” I thought, “give me every drop.” Spent and breathless, he pulled out of me, his cock still hard and the tip of the shining condom filled.

“Allow me,” I said. I pulled the condom off and slipped his cock into my mouth to suck the last of his cum from it as it melted in my mouth. “I just wanted a taste,” I smiled at him. He left the room to get dressed for work and I dressed. As I walked toward the door, we said goodbye.

“I’d like to do this again,” I told him.

“We’ll see … I’ll email you,” he said.

I walked out the door and drove away. I never saw him again.