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Employees Must Wash Hands

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I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before my group showed up for our reservation and checked in with the hostess. She showed me to our table while I waited for my five dining guests to arrive. This was a dinner event to celebrate a friend’s birthday so we chose a special restaurant that happened to be near my apartment downtown. The usual white table cloth, mood lighting, and finely dressed staff type of place in Denver, CO.

To my pleasure our waiter arrived to introduce himself to me while I waited. He introduced himself as Jay and handed me a menu and wine list. Jay made that amazing first impression. Within five seconds my mind wanted to know what he looked like naked. Jay was tall and athletic with broad shoulders. A beautiful black man with milk chocolate skin that was smooth and perfect. His thick dull lips accentuated his white teeth when he smiled. I know that my eyes instantly diverted to his crotch and Jay seemed to pick up on that quick glance as he went away to help another table.

After the group was fully assembled at the table, Jay returned to take drink orders. While he walked around the table I couldn’t help but eye his trousers around his crotch. Something interesting caught my attention during my glance. I wasn’t sure with the dim lighting in the restaurant however, I thought I detected a very visible bulge in his finely pressed trousers. When Jay came to me to take my drink order I pretended to look at my drink list and went back to looking at his crotch. Jay was standing quite close to me so it made the discovery and confirmation very easy. I now saw a thick tube of man meat hanging down his left leg. Jay did not have an erection however, I could see the soft flesh of his shaft move around inside his pant leg. From what I could tell he had to be eight inches long, maybe more, with a thick head. Jay took the last drink order and I was able to focus my eyes on what I saw a moment ago and confirmed in my mind that Jay was well endowed.

After drinks and appetizers Jay went around the table once more to take our dinner orders. I prepared a clever question to ask Jay when he got to me to take my order. This question would be flirtatious enough to get my point across that I was attracted to Jay as well as appropriate for the setting. The active conversations around the table would continue during my order and allow me to ask Jay my question without detection from my friends. While looking directly into his eyes I asked Jay “…which one the steaks has the biggest cut of meat tonight?” Jay smiled that amazing smile once more. With one hand Jay tilted my menu up and pointed to the steaks on the menu. His thick index finger randomly touched the menu while his other hand went down behind the menu and covertly touched his penis and said “this one is your best bet tonight; and will be your new favorite…” Enough said by Jay. I ordered the fillet and a glass of wine and re-joined the dinner conversation with my friends from my college days.

Jay came back to the table after the meal was served. He asked the usual questions to ensure each of us was having a good time and each meal was satisfactory. Jay came around the table a few more times during dinner and desert. Each time he passed me he would put his hand on my back just below my shoulders. I saw that thick pipe hanging down his leg several more times during the meal. By this time Jay knew that I had made the discovery and made it easy for me to continue my viewing pleasure throughout the meal. My penis got hard and soft several times that evening and I had some copious amounts of pre-cum oozing out into my briefs.

As we wrapped up dinner and paid the bill the conversations turned to the standard goodbyes and then the hand shakes as everyone left the restaurant. This place was just a few blocks away from my apartment but still a little long of a walk to make without visiting the restroom first. As I approached the men’s room door I saw they closed it for the evening; it was late and we closed the place down and the crew must have cleaned the bathrooms already. The manager noticed I was trying to find a restroom and asked if I would be alright using the staff restroom behind the wine bar. O.K. by me. I went into the staff men’s room and stepped up to a urinal. I wiped the last of the pre-cum from my cock and rubbed it into my cock head thinking I was going to be alone for a moment. I decided then to head right home to my apartment and toss off with my new Jay fantasy images as I finished my business at the urinal. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another man step up the urinal next to me. It was Jay. Jay smiled and made eye contact with me while he unzipped his trousers and reached in…

Jay hauled out that amazing cock that I had been thinking about the last few hours. It was a beautiful site to see. Thick and black soft flesh with heavy veins running along the shaft. He let it hang down and out in the light right next to me. Jay is what I call a “show-er” versus a “grower.” The show-ers usually have large soft cocks that don’t grow too much longer or thicker when hard versus growers who are smaller when soft and grow into their length and thickness to greater proportions when getting hard. Jay had a beautiful dark black smooth skinned cock with a tightly trimmed bush. His thick piece hung down over freshly shaved balls. His cock head was covered with foreskin and I could see his pre-cum leaking out of the opening in the extra skin. Jay skinned back the foreskin to reveal a thick purple head. It looked like a baby’s arm holding a plum! Jay saw the look in my eyes and smiled; he almost chuckled silently.

Jay unbuttoned the bottom button on his shirt and gently touched his belly. His smooth hairless milk chocolate abs provided a nice contrast to his darker cock meat and trimmed kinky black pubes. Jay didn’t have to touch his member to get the effects I saw next. His cock began to twitch and pulse and the head seemed to swell in front of me. Jay was flexing those muscles to get himself hard without using his hands. I just stood and enjoyed the show. His cock was still hanging down and got a little thicker but not longer. It began to curve upwards towards the urinal and bounced a little as it stuck straight out with a semi-hard on. His foreskin was now taught beneath his head which swelled stretching the skin. Still without use of his hands he was getting harder each second. Jay got a full erection in about two minutes of this amazing show.

His foreskin had covered the head again and Jay finally reached down with his hand to skin back his cock. The shinny globs of pre-cum kept flowing and he began to massage the head of his cock with his own lube. Jay had to be well over eight inches long and looked as thick as a can of red bull energy drink. His proud head capped off one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. I looked back over my shoulder and saw the empty stall behind us. I motioned Jay to step inside. By the looks of his full erection and the pulsing feeling in my own cock this might only take a moment…

I had Jay unbutton his shirt the rest of the way so I could see his pecs, abs, and shoulders. He had nice little patches of hair in his armpits and his muscles were well defined on his hairless torso. I stroked my cock three or four times and shot my load all over his shaft and cock head. I sat down while I lubed up his cock with my cum and stroked him for a moment. The sight of my white cum lubricating his black shaft turned me on even more. The aroma of my cum in the air going into my nostrils only further encouraged my next move. My lips wrapped around his thick head and my tongue swirled under his sensitive foreskin. I could taste myself and smell his manliness. I licked the rest of my cum off of his shaft in slow deliberate strokes making sure to tickle his skin under the head and along the thick tube running along the underside of his shaft.

I felt the base root of his cock thicken and twitch in my hand with my lips pursed around his head. His balls tightened up and his hips moved forward. My fingers on my other hand ran thru his trimmed bush then up his abs, belly button, pecs, and finally reaching over into his warm armpit. I savored the feeling of my fingers dancing thru his kinky armpit hair.

Then the familiar feeling of cum rushing up into his shaft, his balls tightening one last time and the final swell of his head…He shot the first splash of cum onto my tongue. Jay pulled out and shot two globs onto my waiting lips. The final traces of cum oozed down his shaft while he stroked his foreskin back and forth over his head. Seeing the jets of cum fly from his piece towards my lips was a powerful image.

Jay used the sink to wash his hands while I used a towel to wash my hands and face. We shook hands and left the rest room. I went back to my apartment and masturbated, again. I had to cum again upon the discovery of a gift left to me by Jay. Jay must have shot a volley of cum that I didn’t see. When I got into my apartment I saw a thick glob of his cum in my hair when I looked into the mirror. It was enough cum to lube myself up and shoot another of my own loads.

I find myself sitting at the bar of that neighborhood restaurant about one weekend each month waiting for Jay to finish his shift. More to cum on that…

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