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Falling For A Sailor

Simon passionately kissed me and pushed me back on the cabin bed and I saw the shape of his erection
My name is Nathan, Nate for short. I'm a young nineteen-year-old on his first day of sea cadets, and already I was a minute late as I saw my fellow sailors all lining up in the navy blue uniform and cap on the harbour in front of a white ship. I jogged up and got in line before the captain noticed.

The captain wore black trousers and a white short sleeved shirt tucked into his trousers, and he had greyish black hair. He had a serious expression on his face as he looked at his new male sea cadets. He began to walk up and down with his back straight and his hands behind his back. He would stop, look at us and open his mouth to say something, then would close his mouth again.

I caught the eye of a tall, strikingly handsome young man my age with short black hair underneath his cap and blue eyes and high cheekbones. I smiled at him when he looked at me, and the corners of his mouth started to twitch up into a smile, but then turned serious when the captain got his attention.

"Simon, come forth," the captain commanded him.

I watched the boy who caught my eye walk forward and stand by the captain, who put his arm around his shoulders.

"This is my son, Simon. He will report back to me if any of you have misbehaved," said the captain. "All aboard the ship now and let's get going."

All of the boy sea cadets walked in a singular line onto the ship, and I was last on making eye contact with Simon who turned my way as his father was telling him the rules. I followed the others onto the ship, went into the last cabin at the end and put my rucksack down.

"Off we go!" bellowed the captain as the ship began to sail away from the harbour.

I went out on upper dock with the others and breathed in the salty sea air. I sensed someone stepping up beside me so I turned and looked. It was Simon.

"How are you finding your cabin?" he asked.

"Fine, thank you," I replied.

Simon stepped closer to me to whisper, "If you need any special requirements, please don't hesitate in letting me know. I'll make sure you're as comfortable as possible." He straightened up and looked around, and when no one was looking, he walked away.

What was that? I thought. Was the sea captain's son flirting with me? Was he gay? I watched him walk away, staring at his cute butt. Was I gay, for that matter? Yes.

By early evening, after we hit the high seas and after dinner, Simon came and found me in my cabin quarters reading a book. He knocked on the door, opened it and stepped inside.

"Yes, sir?" I said, getting to my feet and saluting.

Simon smiled at me for the first time and laughed. He stared at me longingly . Simon took a step forward towards me and then all of sudden, out of the blue, kissed me full on the lips!

"I'm sorry, that was unprofessional and inappropriate for the son of a sea cadets captain to behave." He turned to leave but, I grabbed his right hand in mine and Simon turned back to me. Both of us felt the mutual physical attraction happening between us. Simon quickly went to the door, opened it and looked up the corridor in case someone was there, then closed the door and shut the short curtain on the door.

My heart was pounding as Simon came to me and kissed me passionately, pushing me back onto my cabin bed. I saw how much he was attracted to me by the shape and size of his erected dick inside his trousers.

Simon climbed onto the end of the bed, began unbuttoning the top of his trousers and pulled them down. He leaned down over me and we kissed passionately. He helped me off with my trousers and t-shirt. Simon kissed tenderly down from my broad shoulders, teasing my nipples with his tongue, then he moved his mouth down my torso to my erected dick that was throbbing for his mouth to be over it. His mouth finally reached my cock, and I gasped as he moved his mouth up and down on it fast, sending me to heaven and back.

My left hand grabbed the back of his head and pushed it deeper on my dick, and I gasped. Suddenly, my body began convulsing as I orgasmed inside his mouth.

He leaned up and swallowed my orgasm down his throat much to my utter surprise, and that just made him grin. Simon leaned back in and kissed me hungrily. "Turn over," he told me. I turned over so I was on all fours, and he came up behind me on his knees and, with the guidance of his right hand, thrust his hard cock deep inside my ass.

I gritted my teeth. It was a combination of pain and pleasure rolled into one. I moaned softly as pleasure took hold over the pain. My balls and dick banged back and forth as the dishy Simon sped up the speed of our fucking The bed began to creak and squeal beneath us. I grabbed hold of my dick in my hand and began to masturbate.

"You're so damn sexy," Simon told me lustfully. His body pounded me at a rapid speed and I began to sweat. "I'm coming!" He grunted and groaned more until he cried out and orgasmed inside my ass.

I quickly came in my hand, breathing heavily.

Simon pulled out of my ass and began pulling on his trousers and shirt again.

I sat up and looked at him with disappointment. He came to me, cupped his hands around my face and kissed me tenderly with affection.

"I want to stay, but you know I can't," he said. I reluctantly nodded and kissed him again passionately. "I will be back later," he winked. Simon quietly opened my door and checked to see if anyone was about before leaving my cabin and closing the door shut.

I sighed heavily with happiness as I leaned back on my bed, remembering our lovemaking.

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