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Filling In The Gaps, Part Two

A third meeting held a surprise.
The personal ads had become my very best friend in my quest to supplement my flagging marital sex life. After my first couple of experiences I got a little bolder and started looking for something with a little different flavor. Perhaps there was someone just as taken with women’s clothes and lingerie.

After editing my ad slightly I found a young man who sounded like he might be fun. We decided to meet and talk at one of the city’s parks early one morning. I drove there and was waiting in my car when a young man jogged up in shorts and t-shirt.

“David?” he asked. “I’m Dean … we talked online?”

I nodded and opened the car door for him. He hopped in and closed the door. We began with some small talk but soon got more to the point.

“Do you want to see what I have on?” Dean asked.

Surprised, I just nodded. He pulled his shorts down and his shirt up. Under them was a lovely teal teddy, all satin and lace. His cock shown through the lace beautifully and I reached down and touched him.

“No time this morning,” he scolded. “The wife thinks I’m jogging. And you? What’s under those jeans?”

I undid my fly and pulled down the waist of my pants. I had black satin bikinis with ecru lace and tiny satin bows. Already my erection was trying to find a way out of my panties.

“Very pretty,” he said giving my cock a soft stroke and making it twitch.

We decided to meet at the same park, but at a less busy time. He said he had a cargo van he would bring with a mattress in the back. We agreed on two days from then and said our good-byes.

The day of our meeting I wore something special underneath my work clothes: satin and lace bra with matching panties and suspender belt, lace topped thigh high stockings and a frilly full slip, all in white. I felt pretty but I was so nervous. I drove to the park after work and parked in a secluded lot away from the main part of the park as we’d agreed. As I waited, another car pulled into the same lot.

“Oh, great,” I muttered out loud. Then I recognized the car. It was Stephen, the hotel manager. This can’t be coincidence. He pulled up next to my car and we lowered our windows to talk.

“Are you meeting Dean?” Stephen asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “Why are you here?”

“Dean called me. He told me he wanted me to fuck him. It looks like we have a party.”

Just then Dean pulled in with the van and motioned us over. We got out and went to the side door, which was open, and climbed inside. The van was empty but for a large mattress on the floor. Dean began removing his man clothes. He was wearing the same teal teddy as the time before. I took my cue from him and got my work clothes off. Stephen watched us undress and then took off his shoes, pants and boxers. His lovely cock was already nearly erect. He lay back on the mattress.

“Well, which of you girly boys wants this?” he invited, holding his cock up.

He motioned Dean over to straddle his hips and unsnapped the crotch of the teddy. Dean had a tube of lube in his hand and was covering Stephen’s cock and rubbing it between his butt cheeks. As he lowered himself over Stephen’s eight inch rod he closed his eyes and began rocking it into him. Stephen held Dean’s hips and started to thrust.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful,” Stephen instructed me. “You like to suck cocks, don’t you?”

Dean’s smallish six inch prick was standing straight and asking for attention. I leaned into it so that each movement he and Stephen made thrust Dean’s cock into my mouth. Dean began to groan and his gyrations grew wilder and faster. Stephen’s hands held onto Dean’s hips to steady him each time he thrust his big cock upward. I could tell Dean was already close to orgasm. His rhythm became more erratic. His body started to tense.

He let loose a flood of cum into my mouth, perched rigidly on Stephen’s still thrusting cock. I sucked and swallowed and milked his sweet little balls for his every seed. I felt Stephen go rigid then too, followed by spasmic thrusts to load Dean’s ass with cum. With Dean’s cock still in my mouth I felt each twitch and squirt of Stephen’s orgasm.

With both men finally exhausted and Dean’s cock shrinking out of my mouth, we all uncoupled and lay back on the mattress. Dean and Stephen were panting and weak. I lay with my head on my hand watching.

“And what about you?” Stephen asked.

“I got what I came for,” I replied.

“Next time it’s your turn,” Dean said.

We all got our clothes together and dressed. I always feel kind of sad covering up beautiful lingerie with ugly plain man clothes but it has to be done. After all were dressed we slowly opened the van door. With no one around each of us emerged, said our good-byes and drove away. I drove home thinking about the afternoon and savoring the taste of Dean’s cum still in my mouth.

“I love sex,” I thought out loud.

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