Finally I'm not alone

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Hot sex and love? what more could you want...
I woke up, just a thin blanket on us. The warm sun on our bodies, now 8:30am. I turned my head to the side and kissed him on the forehead, I looked back up... Just to remember yesterday.

"Fits perfect, thank you!" I said

I was admiring my new tuxedo for my final school dance, it was black and had a black bow tie. This was the last dance of my school life, we were all eighteen and about to depart to college. Our school had rented this rather fancy place which was especially made for weddings and events of this type, so it was important that we all looked our best. The Girls normally went overboard by buying dresses costing amounts that could feed poor countries for about a year.

My date attended my school and we had agreed to go together at the beginning of the year. She's really pretty too, which is a bonus because I know we'll totally look cool. I'm glad we had set that up as no one knows that I'm gay. I'm sure they just have a feeling because apart from all my best friends being girls I have never been on a date with a girl! Its just one of those things you know. I'm pretty sure I confuse people, as I'm into sports and act straighter than some of the straight guys I know, girls are just easier to connect with (as friends).

Anyways, I was getting ready with all my Girl friends and my date was discussing the topic of this guy she really liked.

"Tonight is the night to have him!" She said fearlessly.

"Hah, everyone knows what happens at the final dance, Julienne," I winked and laughed

"Hey! that kind of stuff won't happen!! - actually it probably will and I'm excited." she laughed.

We all laughed and praised her for being ambitious. What I liked about my date (Julienne) is that we both had the same needs as each other, to get into the dance so we both looked like we had a date, and then just go our separate ways! The plan was perfection.

My Girls and I got a limousine that looked really fantastic it was a black Hummer that made us look like we were the shit! All the girls, Boyfriends and Dates looked really cute in their suits and I had to stop myself from looking too much.

I got a text from my friend Rick,

"Hurry yourself down here! - gotta tell u something - R."

Puzzled there was no time to think, we had arrived.

As we walked out onto the red carpet, all the Teachers and Parents, including mine (my Mother snapping pictures like a typical mother and my Dad looking at all of the teenage girls - pervert) were all there clapping and celebrating cheerfully. My friends complaining that we better get inside fast because of the winter air ruining their expensive hairdos.

"I'm going to see u in a couple minutes Jack, time for plan: 'Get my man' is now in play." she said.

She ran off with the girls for their "touch ups", when I got a tap on the shoulder.

"Well aren't you looking sharp tonight Jack!" He said

"Oh Rick! hey, thanks you're not to bad yourself, you clean up nicely". I said touching his shoulder and grinning.

I pulled away swiftly, forgetting it'll be too 'gay'. Rick was my best only man friend. We had the same interests sports, trying out new things and just overall connecting well. I met him around 2 years ago. We were together on the schools running team, not to mention I was quite into him, but he didn't know.

"Where's your date?" I said.

His face stopped smiling and became emotion-less.

"Yeah she's here, she's actually with my parents. We aren't talking". He said, looking uncomfortable.

"Want to go for a walk?" I spoke with a smile.

"Yes, I think that'll be great." he said.

We went out of the venue and walked the gardens, red and white roses perfectly trimmed filled the area.

"Wow, it looks like a chunk of heaven." I said in awe.

"But tell me what happened Rick, please tell me you're okay". I said more seriously, and much more concerned.

"I can't be with her anymore... She's so obsessive and just a rude bitch, but I suppose, it's my fault. I've changed and it was all fake from the beginning." - He sighed.

"Don't worry Rick I'm here for you! Do what's best for you, you can't live your life where you aren't happy." I said

By now we were sitting in the rose garden that was also a very high hedged maze, we were pretty much in the middle sitting on the bench and the sun was starting to set.

"You know its all a waste, forget this, I'm sorry I dragged you here." he said looking down.

"What are you talking about, its not a waste you're free". I smiled at him widely.

By now Rick started to cry, he got up and walked to the far left rose bush, and stood facing away from me. I was so puzzled, why are the tears and emotions if he didn't like her? This wasn't the easy going Rick I knew.

I got up, ran towards him and hugged him. He hugged me back tightly

"Hey its all going to be alright, just take it easy, tonight is our night to celebrate" I said, I looked into his eyes.

He lifted his hand to the back of my head and pulled me towards his lips. Our lips touched and I didn't pull back, I kissed him for about 10 or so seconds.

"And that?" I asked so confused.

But unfortunately hiding the fact that I loved it, see I have had a slight crush and by that I mean completely mesmerized by Rick he was everything I could ask for a strong jaw line, short dark brown hair, amazing athletic and built body and of course our personalities clicking, he was kind, gentle and just amazing. I was head over heals, but had to hide it.

He looked at me, tears streaming down.

"I'm sorry" he ran away into the maze.

"No comeback, please" I shouted.

I sat down, completely distraught, what just happened? Why did he run, what the hell is going on?

I ran uncomfortably with my tux, immediately back to the dance. Julienne was with her guy chatting him up, while my Girls were all chatting with some champagne.

I walked up to Ciera, my best friend and asked:

"Hey C, have you seen Rick anywhere?"

"Hey J, nope sorry, weren't you with him?" She said

"Yeah, he just disappeared" I said puzzled.

I walked back into the gardens, but nothing, Then I was in the parking lott, no one to be seen. I walked onto the bridge and spotted him! I saw him sitting on the chairs right in the back of the gardens. I walked over slowly.

"You don't have to explain, let me just sit here by you" I said.

He rested his head on my shoulder and held onto me until the sun set 20 minutes later.

"I don't know how to say that I'm a waste of life". Rick said

"Explain to me R, you know I'm your best friend you can tell me anything" I said reassuringly

"You've probably gathered that I'm Gay already, I'm a disgrace" he said pushing himself off me.

I grabbed his hand, "Don't you dare say that, you need a serious reality check if you think that you're a disgrace or anything else negative, you're mad! You are kind, generous and the only guy whose accepted me, for who I really am"

"What do you mean?" He looked at me.

"Me too, no one else knows."

I went closer, and kissed him, electrics through my body flowed along with the collective tears out our eyes as we kissed.

The band had just started to play a song, I got up.

"Care to dance man?" I reached out with my hand.

"Thank you" he got up taking my hand with his, his warmth felt like security.

We held on to each other for dear life, like at any moment something was going to rip us apart, but I knew now that we had both found someone where we could share our problems with.

The first song had ended and I checked my iPhone, 2 messages: Cierra: where are you?? And Mom: Dad and I left for your Grandparents, get home safely see you on sunday morning, and mostly just remember to have fun!

"Shit, the dance!" I looked at Rick, who was checking his phone too.

"Thank God She left, my Parents too, they went home."

"Rick, we better get back, they're going to wonder what happened to us" I said

I grabbed his hand and we ran to the dance, as walking in we let go.

What do you know? there was Julienne dancing with her man, I winked at her and she chuckled.

"Well finally! Where did you disappear to? You missed the intriguing speeches by our Teachers!" Cierra said sarcastically.

"Oh however, will I survive!" I rolled my eyes and laughed, "listen I think I'm going to go home early, Rick is feeling a little down, I think he needs some cheering up, I might take him to my place for a while". I said

"Oh after that kiss you Guys had I'm sure he would of felt better?" Cierra said with a raised eyebrow.

I went instantly red and couldn't say anything to make the situation better, I looked down. Cierra walked over to me and hugged me while whispering in my ear,

"Its okay, I've known you were Gay, I mean you hang out with us and we all love you. You deserve your magic night too!" She said

I was just about to cry, I looked at her and hugged her tightly again.

"Thank you C, you're my best friend." I whispered back.

I decided to walk over to Rick who was sitting at one of the corner tables, I sat next to him and said,

"Wanna get out of here? My Parents are gone until sunday, and I'm sure you don't want to go back home, right?"

He grabbed my hand underneath the table and said "please, I can't thank you enough"

Trying to miss the teachers and remaining parents on the way out we caught a taxi back to my house. Arriving, I threw my blazer and tie over the chair and unbuttoned my shirt, so did Rick.

"I think a drink could be essential right now" - I poured us two fairly strong glasses of scotch while we sat in front of the warm fire on the floor.

Rick lay his head on my lap and he spoke,

"How is this ever going to happen, how are we ever going to tell people, our Parents about the way we are". He said looking up at me.

"I don't know R, I've always wanted to tell them but I just can't find the right time to do it, I'm 18 now I just want to live freely." I said with the same worried look on his face.

The time was around 11:30 when we finished talking, we were quite tipsy from the drinks so we passed out by the fire. I woke up, I pressed the button on my iPhone, 02:16. Gosh, I felt so warm and safe laying in Ricks strong arms, he was holding me while I was sleeping on his chest. With a glow still from the fire, I could see his face, a strong jaw line, shaved face, short brown hair and the feeling of his warm skin against mine, I couldn't resist, I moved up and kissed his lips again, his eyes opened.

"Hey" he spoke sleepily

"I'm sorry, I..."

"No, I liked that," he spoke

We continued making out, his tongue in my mouth, he got on top of me and took off his shirt. His body looked great in the glowing light from the fire, he leaned back down our dicks touching, both getting very hard, while his bare chest was against mine.

He unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants. Revealing my tight boxer type underwear that my cock was clearly fighting to get out. I did the same, he was wearing rather cute grey calvin klein tights.

"Nice", I smiled at him.

"I've never done this before, I hope I'm okay" he looked at me.

"I'm just as much of a virgin as you, don't worry" I looked at him reassuringly.

I pulled his head back down and made out with him again, only the thin cloth of our underwear separating our dicks and full on nakedness.

He pulled down my underwear, my cock finally released now. I pulled his down too.

"Now we're equal" I laughed.

"Not when I'm done with you" he chucked back.

I rested my head on the pillow he was using, it smelt just like him, the cologne he was used.

He grabbed my dick with his hand, I had never felt this before but nevertheless I was loving it, and then he put my dick in his mouth. And started to gently suck away at it.

"Holy shit, you're so good at this" I spoke in ecstasy.

He put my whole 6 inch in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down, I was in ecstasy and my body moving up and down with us head movements.

He carried on for about a minute and I was feeling ready for the point of no return, I put my hand on his shoulder and tried saying.

"Rick I'm gonna" too late!

Squirt after squirt came out of me fast into Ricks hungry mouth, he was swallowing best he could but a lot dribbled out. He released my dick and came back up to kiss me with my jizz still on his chin.

"So you're officially Gay now, how does that work for you?" I laughed.

"I feel... fantastic, but I'm not the only one being converted tonight, right?" Rick winked at me.

I pushed Rick off of me and made him lay flat, his dick was perfect size must of been also 6 inches. I was worried as I wouldn't know what blowjobs consist of so I just went slow, his dick tasted amazing, not at all what I thought it would be like.

I slowly swirled my tongue around his delicious pink head and went up and down, obviously he was enjoying it as he was moaning loudly. Roughly 2 minutes went by and his body started shaking he took his two muscular hands and pushed my head down my nose was in his trimmed pubes and his head right in my throat. I realized at this point I was lucky enough not to have a gag reflex, and all his warm jizz slid down my throat, he was moaning so loud I was afraid he would wake up a neighbor!

By now I was harder than I'd been in the beginning, I lay next to him. While he was gasping for is breathe back.

"Wow, being Gay seems funner than I anticipated mate". I said looking at him.

"You're not done yet. Jack, your dicks still hard, and while its still hard it's my job to make it soft". He got up, and reached for his wallet inside: Two condoms.

"Only if you want to." He got back on the floor and kissed my forehead.

"I thought you'd never ask Rick!".

"Take me Jack, I've been waiting for this day ever since I met you two years ago".

"As I have been too Rick".

Putting on a condom for the first time was actually enjoyable, I don't know why everyone else felt that it was uncomfortable. I got up and grabbed vaseline from the drawer.

I gently rubbed it onto the entrance of Ricks smooth asshole, and watched him moan, I pushed my finger inside and I saw his cock jump, I rubbed the vaseline all over my dick and before I put it in I said to him

"You ready?"

"Been ready since I've met you, J, take me".

I put the head into his tight asshole his dick now leaking some pre-cum and his beautiful face in ecstasy, pushed in more.

"Arghh!" He tensed up.

"Are you okay!?" I stopped.

"Go deeper please, faster... FUCK ME" He mouthed out.

I pushed in fully, he was now sitting slouched on the couch with a pillow under is tight ass, while I was pumping my cock inside of him, I used one hand to rub his nipple, and alternated to his cock, I was wiping the fast flowing pre-cum off his dick and licked the salty juice of my fingers.

I was moaning loudly and so was Rick

"Take me J, fuck my asshole, I've been waiting so long, fuck me, fuck me..." He was blasting out in between breathes.

I couldn't take the pressure anymore he was so tight and my dick was racing in and out I started to cum.

"YES" I screamed

I fell on my knees and back onto the floor, just paralyzed, catching my breath.

As I lay there, Rick gets up, and puts on his condom, I can't move, so Rick takes off my condom and sucks off all my cum inside of it.

He gets a pillow and spaces it under me, I'm in a trance still, I felt his manly hands moving my cheeks and butt hole, as he took a lick inside with his mouth I moaned again. He grabed vaseline and fingered it in, gently and lovingly, almost like he respected me in every romantic way.

He rubbed some on himself and he started inserting his cock inside, I moaned, as he went completley in. All this is still fuzzy but he's fucking me gently and sweetly. Its been about two minutes and Rick started to speed up, his sweat is dripping off his forehead onto my chest and I rub it in, I'm snapping out my trance more, and realize he's almost at his point of coming, right now he's fucking me while kissing me and I have my legs wrapped around him, his big balls are slapping against my ass.

At this stage did not have any vocab to announce how I was in ecstasy, I was just moaning so loudly with tears of plesure running down my face.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK" Rick screamed.

With a deep sigh and a major couple of grunts he cums deep inside of me, I just carried on kissing him its was 3am and the world was still at sleep, he lay next to me as I looked deep into his eyes, and then they close. I hopelessly grabbed the thin blanket off the couch and pulled it on us.

I woke up, the warm sun on our bodies, now 8:30am. I turned my head to the side and kissed him on the forehead.