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Finding Jason

Two 'friends' find eachother against all odds.
The moment he walked in the room and my eyes rested on his familiar physique, my body seemed to spasm slightly in reaction to what I knew him by. A shallow breath escaped my lips as I pictured myself walking up to him and grabbing his dick, swallowing his tongue. I could feel the sweat starting to bead in the small of my back and on my forehead as the air around me seemed to thicken and heat up, as if I wasn’t standing in a hopelessly air conditioned house, but instead the dry summer heat outside. What the hell was he doing here?

Although everything inside me was pulling me to the left, I swiftly left the room and scanned each face for Mary’s. After minutes and what seemed like hours, I found her sipping wine out of a glass and talking dreamily to an older guy. I muttered for him to excuse us and dragged her away by her elbow. Once we found a spot where not too many people were mingling, I rasped, “How do you know Jason Steeler?”. I couldn’t tell if I was angry, upset, happy, or distressed.

She frowned and tapped her chin, holding her glass in her palm facing the ceiling between her index and middle finger. “Oh, Jason! Why, do you know him?”

“How do you know him, Mary?” I asked more loudly, becoming frustrated. I thought I was finished with this.

She frowned, hiccupping and swaying back a little. “I met him last year through my roommate that moved to Scotland. Her brother’s friend, I think.”

“What’s he doing here?” I asked more calmly, trying to look more curious than desperate.

Her mouth made a little ‘o’ of surprise. “He’s here?!” She started to stumble away as if searching for him, but I caught her arm and repeated my question. “He lives a couple hours away from here, and I didn’t think he’d accept the invitation. We must catch up...” she babbled.

My heart was pounding. I walked quickly out of the room, snaking through people and more rooms, looking for his face again. It took me a couple minutes before I recognized the back of his head. He was standing next to a small group of people, more and more coming over as whoever he was talking to got more boisterous. I only hesitated for a second before I walked up to the group, realizing with a sinking feeling that he was talking to Mary. She literally had to have stumbled out of the room and bumped into him.

Their faces were laughing and relaxed, but as I came to stand beside Mary, Jason’s face tensed up and his chest rose and fell quickly. The whole ambiance of the room seemed to change, everyone else continuing to talk without noticing. All the images I’d tried to store and destroy in my mind of him came back in a flood. The way he lay, tensing his abs as he moaned and running his hand down my torso and hooking his legs around my waist...

I’d never wanted someone so badly in my life. I wanted to lunge across the circle at him and fuck him right there, in the middle of the room. After staring at each other for a few seconds, breathing curiously heavier than we should’ve, Jason seemed to snap out of it and swallow, “Will you excuse us for a moment, I haven’t seen this guy in a long time.” He walked through the circle smiling, patting me playfully on the chest, pushing me back towards another room. It took everything I could muster not to reach out and touch every part of him back.

Every room seemed to be full of people, and in frustration, he grabbed my hand and pulled me roughly towards the stairs, taking them two at a time. We’d all been told not to even think about the top floor, but it was either this or public sex. We all but ran down the hallway, bursting into the guest bedroom. Before I could even shut the door behind us, he slammed me into the wall and started to violently kiss me. I let whatever restraint I had on myself go, placing my hands on either side of his hips as they ground into me.

The blood was pounding in my ears and I started kissing him everywhere, tugging feebly at the waist of his jeans. He already had his hand up my shirt, feeling my abs tense up as he slid a hand into my boxers. He already got my pants off?

Breathlessly, and when his mouth wasn’t attached to mine, he rasped, “Oh God, I fucking missed these. Uhhn.”

It was like he was feeling around to make sure that I was still the same. I’d learned that change wasn’t his favourite thing. I started to almost feel a little dizzy when he dropped to his knees and massaged my dick through my boxers, shutting the bedroom door with the other hand. He felt how hard I already was and instead starting kissing me through the fabric. As he pressed his tongue to the material and slid it all the way up, and all the way back down again, my knees threatened to give and I gripped the cabinet behind me hard. He looked up as I did this, smiling and stood up, giving me a breather.

Only after entwining our tongues once again did I realize how much I’d forgotten what he tasted like. The kissing and thrusting his erection into mine was too much of a tease for both of us. After probably a shorter time than my knees were happy with, he pinched my nipple, running his tongue over it lightly, and ran the tip of his tongue down my chest to my abs like he used to love to do. Once he got there, as we were both accustomed to, he started to kiss, lick, and softly pinch the skin over my abs between his teeth. I was running my hands over his shoulders and behind his head, letting myself slip away into what we had before.

The fact that he loved them so much, and was diving head first into playing with them was too hot. I tilted my head towards the ceiling, once again gripping the cabinet and tried to muffle my moans as he approached my waist, also as we were accustomed to. All I could think of was how I had an apartment completely to myself with well insulated walls. It would be the first time ever that we wouldn’t need to muffle our voices. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down almost hastily now, annoyed at the way he was taking his time.

He started by kissing my balls, running his tongue under, and then stiffly up and over them. My dick throbbed in anticipation. Instead of lastly running his tongue all the way up it like he usually did, he started at the head and took my entire dick into his mouth. I felt the head of it slide a little ways down his throat, and the muscles there tense and loosen slightly as he held it in. I could’ve come right there. I lurched forwards a little when he did this, an explosion of pleasure erupting in my abdomen.

I didn’t want to come yet and pulled him up to my face, kissing him hard and throwing him onto the mattress. I pulled off his jeans before straddling his waist, and then pulling his shirt off as well. Through his boxers I could feel him hard against me, hips moving slightly against mine. I ran my hands down his bare torso, feeling his muscles tense under my fingers with the little moans that escaped his mouth. A lot of what turned me on about him were the little noises he made. They were angelic.

Sinking down to his waist to kiss and lick him playfully, I breathed in his scent and realized again that until now, I’d forgotten what he smelled and tasted like. I slid his boxers off quickly, and sank into my routine that I definitely still remembered. As I worked on him, I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was running a flat hand up his abdomen and across his nipple, and then somewhat ran his fingers through his hair with a strenuous look on his face. He was trying not to come either. I was eager to taste him again and slid a hand under his ass, playing with the hole as I continued. His moan was broken and desperate, but he murmured a, “Nononono, stop.” I slid the tip of my finger out of him and pushing his legs back together, I lay back on top of him with my hips right against his. “I don’t want it to be over,” he whispered into my mouth. He started kissing the entire lower half of my face, electric excitement running through us. If it was possible, I was more turned on now than I was the first time we did this.

To be continued.

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