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Finding myself in a steamy situation

All I could see was this big hard cock. My eyes travelled from its big knob that was steadily being coated with more pre-cum, down its 7 inch veined shaft right to its shaven base where it met up with a muscular torso and large shaven balls. As I started to move my gaze up his body, over his well defined abdominal muscles and over his pecs I woke up.

I was lying in the dark in my college dorm room, my cock was rock hard and I was desperate to blow my load. I listened and heard the deep breathing of my room mate, Max, and decided that he must be asleep. Max and I had become really good friends since arriving at college, he was a good looking guy with a nice body (he wasn’t ripped, he was just fit). Being room mates we had obviously seen each other naked, he had quite a nice cock with two really low hanging balls. At first I really wanted to see Max hard but after a while I realised he was probably straight and wouldn’t go for someone like me.

After making sure Max was asleep I pulled my covers down revealing my muscular torso, 7 inch cock and shaven balls. I knew that Max had seen my cock and smooth balls before, we had often talked about them and I once even tried to convince Max to shave his own.

I wrapped my hand around my thick shaft and motioned my hand all they way from the base right up to and over my knob. I began to speed up as I pictured the hot cock and body of my dream lover. My balls tightened, my body stiffened and I let out a small moan of ecstasy as I came.

White ropes flew from the end of my penis and landed on my stomach and torso, they kept being pumped out, one after the other, until my sac felt completely empty. I didn’t have any tissues to wipe up and didn’t really want to walk down the hall with cum all over my chest so I wiped up with my sheet and decided I would wash it tomorrow.


Max jumped up out of bed and looked over to see the back of his naked body wrapping a towel around himself. He stood at the base of my bed and said,

"Jake, I'm going to do it!"

"Do what?" I replied

"Shave my balls," he said.

I looked up at him and just smiled.

"Do you want me to come, so that when you get stuck you can ask for my help?" I asked

Much to my surprise he actually said yes, so I jumped out of my bed and walked down to the showers with him. The two showers were free so we each took one, I turned on the water and stood under it for a while, remembering the dream I had last night, and once again making my cock slightly hard. After a few minutes I heard Max whisper my name.

"What?" I said,

"I don't know what I’m doing," he replied

I figured that I couldn't really help him from where I was so decided to ask if I could come over and help.

"Um okay," he said after a slight pause.

I grabbed my towel and quickly ran from my cubicle to his and locked the door behind me. Max's body was wet from the water, which helped to define his muscles, and his cock was flaccid. I stood there admiring him for a few seconds before I realised why he wanted me there.

Before I could say anything he said, "can you do it?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and jumped at the opportunity. I motioned for him to hand me his razor and shaving cream and then put the shaving cream onto my hand. I knelt down and moved my hands towards Max's balls and began to massage the cream into them. I heard him let out long groans of pleasure and noticed his cock was growing.

I looked up at him and smiled then looked back down and started shaving the hair from his balls. By then time I had done this, Max had a massive boner that was around 8 inches long. He noticed me staring at it and said sorry, but I just laughed it off.

By this stage my cock was also hard but I decided to keep on going. I applied some more shaving foam to my hand and then rubbed it into around the top and sides of his cock. I quickly used his razor and got rid of the remaining hair making his cock look a lot longer and sexier.

I stood up and washed his razor under the hot water. I still had my boner. When I turned around I noticed that Max had his hand on his cock and was stroking up and down his long shaft. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity. I knelt down in front of him on the shower floor, grabbed his cock and motioned it towards my mouth.

I licked from his smooth balls, all the way up his long shaft and finally to his knob where I wrapped my lips around it. After it was in I reached around his ass and pulled him in closer to me making his cock go all the way down my throat. He grabbed onto my head and started to thrust his hips slowly making his cock move over my swirling tongue and his shaven balls slap my chin.

I then removed his cock and he lay down on his back on the floor of the shower.

"69?" he asked.

I lay down on top of him so that his cock was in my face and mine was in his. I felt his tongue tease my knob before he latched his lips around me and started to swirl his tongue around me. I took his cock into my mouth and we both began to gently thrust our hips, driving our cocks deeper into one another.

After 5 mins of this I felt the muscles of Max's body begin to tighten along with the grip on my ass cheeks. With a few more thrusts, his cock began to swell and his hot, sticky load shot from his penis into the back of my throat. This drove me over the edge an before I knew it my body was pumping load after load into Max's mouth.

We both lay on the shower floor for a while until both our cocks were soft. We both got up and stood under the shower for a while and made out. The taste of my own semen lined his mouth as our tongues explored each other. We eventually turned off the water and wrapped our towels around ourselves before heading back to our room.

Just as we were leaving the shower cubicle, Chaz, a guy from down the corridor, walked into the bathroom wrapped in a towel. As he saw us, he gave us a smile, loosened off his towel and revealed his cock.

"Do I qualify?" he asked,

I looked back up at his face and said, "tonight?"

As we walked past him to leave, he gave us a sly wink before taking off his towel completely, and we walked back to our room.

The rest of the day panned out as per usual. Max and I watched a few movies on his laptop and then I went out for a run.

Later in the day, Max told me about how he saw me jerking off during the night. He told me about the pre-cum that flowed down his shaft, lubricating his cock and matting his pubes against his skin, and it took all of Max’s effort not to join in on the room 45 wank-a-thon. He told me that after seeing me come, that it took all of his will power to keep his hands away from his cock and decided he would save it for the showers in the morning.

After dinner I went and caught up with a few of my mates before coming back slightly intoxicated but still sober enough to function normally. I was just taking off my clothes and about to get into bed when there was a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it to find Chaz waiting outside the door in just his underwear.

He was semi-hard and his bulge was clearly defined in the tight fabric of his boxer briefs. He was clearly ripped and he had well defined abdominal and pectoral muscles with small, hard, pink nipples. My cock quickly grew hard as he entered the room and dropped his underwear exposing himself. Chaz's cock also began to harden and grew to a whopping 9 inches, with quite a large girth. Max got up from his bed and crowded around for a look.

"Any of you guys been fucked in the ass?" Chaz asked,

Max and I looked at each other and both said no. Chaz walked over to my bedside table and opened up my drawer and pulled out my bottle of lube. He opened the lid and squeezed some onto his hand and then started rubbing it onto his hard cock before handing me the bottle of KY jelly.

Chaz made his way around behind me and put is hands on my hip. I could feel his body getting closer to mine; his wet, slimy cock touched my ass and slid in between my cheeks until it hit my sphincter. Chaz began to apply more pressure, easing his big fat knob into my ass. I let out a low moan of pain; however Chaz held my hips in place and reassuringly massaged my ass cheeks. With one final thrust, his cock fully entered causing me to groan out in both pleasure and pain.

"Now Max, you come and stand in front of Jake," said Chaz.

I finally realised what was happening and lubed up my cock, readying it for Max's ass. He stationed himself in front of me; I took a hold of his hips and slipped my cock between his ass cheeks until it came to a stop. I could feel Max pushing back against me, wanting me inside of him. I began to push my hips forward and could feel Max's hole stretching. He let out some small groans before a small pop was heard and his ass wrapped around the shaft of my cock.

From behind me I felt Chaz start to slowly thrust back and forward, his cock slowly sliding in and out of my ass. The thrusting from Chaz caused me to start sliding my cock in and out of Max's tight ass. Chaz started to speed up until he was pounding my ass as hard as he could, his cock rubbing up on my prostate making me want to blow my load. By this stage Chaz was moaning out load, his balls were slapping into my ass and I could just tell he was about to blow his load.

Meanwhile, as Chaz was fucking my ass, my cock was taking the virginity of Max's ass. His ass hole was so tight around my veiny cock that every time it constricted around my knob it sent me into spasms, making me groan out in pleasure.

With each thrust Max groaned out in pleasure and he eventually had a boner and was reaching for the lube. I reached around and wrapped my hand around his cock and started jerking him off.

After a few more minutes of strong thrusting, Chaz began to moan louder and his muscled body began to tighten. I felt as his cock swelled inside me then as he blew his load in me. The warm feeling as his cum entered me was amazing. I then knew it was time to blow my load and I stated shooting into Max's ass. Chaz's cock slipped out of my ass easily and was covered in cum, lube and my ass juices

Max and I groaned louder and louder as we neared our orgasms. Chaz got down onto his knees behind me and pulled apart my ass cheeks. I felt his warm tongue as it teased my tight hole as he licked his own cum from me. I let out a low groan and felt my cock swell before blowing my load in Max. I pulled out my cum covered cock from Max's ass and put in Chaz's mouth to clean off before I got down on my knees and licked out Max's ass which he enjoyed.

Chaz walked over to the lube bottle and squeezed some onto his hand before rubbing it between his ass cheeks.

"Your turn now Max," he said with a smile on his face.

Max's boner was still throbbing and glistening pre-cum was running down his shaft. Chaz had bent himself over the bed and Max made his way over to him and placed his cock between his ass cheeks. Chaz let out a groan of pleasure as Max's cock slipped its way in with no friction whatsoever. The sliding stopped as Max's cock hit Chaz's ass hole.

By this stage I was hard once again and my hand was slowly travelling down my body and onto my cock. Max pressed in a little bit harder and with a loud groan from Chaz I knew he must be in.

Max started to fuck harder using the strength from his abs and hips to force his cock all the way into Chaz's ass. Max was groaning almost as loudly as Chaz and causing me to spew pre-cum from the end of my cock. I couldn't take it any longer and decided I wanted a part of the action. I walked up beside Max and also positioned my cock at Chaz's muscular ass. I started to slide my cock between Chaz's cheeks, guiding it along Max's shaft until I hit the sphincter. I slowly eased my way in; Chaz was groaning out in pain but told me to keep on going. With one final push, I felt his ass give away and both Max and I were in.

We gave each other a cheeky smile and then started to fuck Chaz. We worked as one, going in at the same time and then pulling out. For Chaz it must have felt as though one big thick cock was fucking the shit out of him. Max's groans started to get loader and deeper and I knew he was about to cum.

With one final thrust he yelled, "I'm Cumming," and the feeling of his hot cum surrounding my cock caused me to blow my load.

We both pulled out at the same time, our cocks covered in cum, before we started to clean each other off in a 69 position on the floor. Once we had licked all of our cum from our shafts and sucked the rest from each of our cocks, we got up and licked our cum from Chaz's ass.

We all collapsed onto a bed and spooned until the sun woke us up the next morning.

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