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Finding Out All At Once

I didn't know I was gay until I was seventeen. I grew up in a rough area of Brooklyn. Sex was all mixed up, there were no rules. A lot of guys in the neighborhood were getting their cocks sucked by queers. It was no big deal to anyone, except maybe a neighborhood priest ranting about going to hell for shooting cum in some bodies mouth.

Yeah, they had sex education in school, but it was a joke. It was a bunch of bullshit really. Every five minutes they are telling you to put a condom on. I'm thinking, what the fuck for. I want to feel that mouth on my cock when I am having it sucked. Who wouldn't, besides, you can't give someone your cum if you have a rubber on your cock. That's a big deal for me, to give someone my cum when I have sex with them. My sex education was in the streets. Learn by doing, that's my kind of class.

I'm like addicted to sex, I have to cum every day, more than once everyday. I get along good with chicks. I got a nice cock and know how to use it. Chicks like it when you know how to do them right. I liked to please them, make them feel good so I figured I was straight. Some of the dudes I hung with kept telling me I should see what it is like to have a queer suck your cock. At that time I figured that they couldn't get any chicks to have sex with them and letting a queer suck you off was better than nothing. Jacking you cock can only go so far.

Like I said, I need to cum a lot. So it happened one day. I was feeling horny, real horny and I got hard, real fucking hard. I was sitting on the steps in front of the apartment building where I lived. Kenny was coming down the street, he was like a Ken doll for guys. Everybody knew he was queer. I was horny and needed a good cock sucking. It was prefect timing for both of us.

“Hey Kenny, what are you up to man. Doing anything.”, I asked not hiding the bugle between my legs. I wanted him to see it and his eyes zeroed right in on my crouch. When he looked up I smiled and continued, “I never had a guy give me head, man, I think I would like to see what it is like. I hear you suck good cock. You into it?”

He didn't answer right away. Maybe, he wasn't used to having someone put it right out there. When it comes to sex I don't like to fuck around. I find you get more action if you just put it right out there. I had seen Kenny a hundred times but never noticed how nice he looked. Maybe because all those times I didn't have any interest in having him suck my cock. He was 5 10, maybe 135 lbs., light brown hair, blue eyes, slightly muscular build, and a little on the femme side. I could feel my hard cock get harder, then it hit me, I was horny for a guy.

We went down into the basement. I was standing by the wall in the back, out of site of the stairs getting ready to take it out when Kenny knelt down in front of me. He touched the bugle between my legs gently running his hand over the full length of my cock. It sounded like he made a little coo and looked up at me smiling.

“Nice, very nice”, he said

“Oh yes, very nice, very, very nice”, I said as he lightly touched me moving his hand over the bulge exploring the size and shape of my cock.

I am never in a hurry to cum, getting there if what it is about. He undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and slid his hand inside touching me through my white cotton low rise pants. The head of my cock popped out and he gave me unexpectedly intense pleasure as he gently ran his finger over it I responded by gently stroking his head. He responded kissing the head of my cock and working it with his tongue and lips.

Kenny pulled my pants down exposing my fully erect eight inch cock. He ran his tongue and lips up and down the shaft of my cock giving me shivers, especially when he nibbled on the head. I couldn't believe it was another guy doing it. I couldn't believe how much I liked having another guy sucking my cock. I couldn't believe I had an erection for another guy. But I did and I liked it, liked it a lot.

I looked down and noticed the Kenny had taken his hard cock out. He looked like he had about six inches of rock hard cock. I liked looking at it. He reached down and starting stroking himself at the same time he took the head of my cock in his mouth. OMG, it was something out of a hot porn movie. He was working his tongue over the head pulling back with his lips locked around my cock just below the head. I could tell he loved having my cock in his mouth.

Kenny slowing took more and more of my cock. He would take another inch then back off slowly working his lips and tongue in ways I had never experienced. I could hear him moan as he took every inch, showing me what he could do. Then he went back to kissing and licking the shaft while fondling my balls, touching them in ways beyond anything I had experienced. Then his hands went to my cock and his mouth was on my shaved balls.

“Oh baby”, I cried out realizing I just called another guy baby and didn't care. It seemed right.

It was time. I pulled Kenny's head up away from my balls guiding his lips to the head of my cock. He opened his mouth and started sucking the head bringing me to that point.

“Oh yes, oh yes. I'm going to give you, give you”, I was breathing hard, “give you my cummmmmm”.

I began shooting my load into his mouth. I seemed to cum and cum and cum. My load was so huge it was coming out of his mouth. When I withdrew my cock he swallowed my cum and at the same time he shot his own load.

Sometimes you just know. I knew right then and there this was the start of a new sex life with other guys.

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