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first time 2

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I was so excited about publishing my story; I omitted my experiences in the steam room and the sauna. So bear with me, sorry no pun intended.   I’ll try to stick to the story.

 I remembered that Guy had told me to shower before entering the sauna, so with water dripping from my naked body, I entered the sauna.   The sauna was of average size and could take about ten people at a push.

  There were two older gents sitting opposite each other on the lower benches.   I sat on the higher bench, but after a short while the heat was too much for me, so I sat down alongside the gent on the lower bench.

  We struck up a conversation, about the weather outside and the fact that I appeared to be a stranger.   “Haven’t seen you here before,” said the gent next to me.   “No it’s my first time here,” I replied.   “Well, welcome,” and offered his hand in handshake.

  We shook hands and the gent placed his other hand on my thigh and said, “mm nice strong legs.” I just laughed and said, “thanks.” He then remarked on my tanned body and enquired whether I had been away on holiday.

  “Actually,” I replied, “I’ve been sunbathing in the nude at a beach just an hours’ drive from here.”   “where is that,” the older guy sitting next to me asked.   I explained in detail how to get to the beach but they both shook their heads and said that they had never heard of it. I was a bit surprised, and painted them a picture of what it was like.   Miles of golden virgin sand, with an abundance of sand dunes where you could strip off and sunbathe in the nude.

  “Do you ever meet other guys like yourself, in the nude?” they asked.   “Yes,” I replied, quite often, and sometimes couples who like to get back to nature.   “Do you ever have fun with those guys?” “Sometimes, if I’m in the mood,” I replied.

  “Are you in the mood now?” asked the guy with his hand on my thigh.   “I’m getting there,” I said, in fact I was dying for the old guy to wank me.   I noticed that their own cocks were beginning to stiffen as I related my story.

  The fact that I didn’t try to remove his hand from my thigh, encouraged him to edge nearer to my cock, which, to my surprise was beginning to stiffen. He was quick to notice this and wrapped his hand around my stiffening member.   The other guy was now taking a keen interest in the proceedings and was stroking himself.   The guy next to me grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock and said, “wank me,” while he was busy pulling at my now erect cock.

  I was at this point the other guy came over to our side and leaning over, took my cock into his mouth and began to blow me.   I reached out with my free hand and began to wank him.   It only took a few strokes when he grunted and shot his load all over the sauna floor. “I’ll nip out and have a shower and bring some water to throw over the floor,” and so saying he exited the sauna.

  The guy next to me asked me to stand up and face him.   I did as asked and next thing he grabbed my erect cock and proceeded to give me a blow job.   I caressed his back and this got him more excited as he took me deeper into his mouth.

  Suddenly I felt my own sperm needing to be released.   “I’m cumming,” I said, the guy grabbed my bum, tight into him and sucked me even harder.   I could hold back no longer and erupted my load of sperm into his mouth. Just then the other guy re entered the sauna.   The guy that was blowing me, released my cock from his mouth and the other guy could see that I had just cum.   He dropped the bucket of water and grabbing my cum dripping cock, bent down and took me in his mouth.    He sucked the last drop of cum from me then sat down saying, “that tasted good.”

The heat was beginning to make me feel nauseated, so I said I was going for a shower.   I decided to use the open showers rather than the enclosed ones.   The older gent who had been sat next to me in the sauna, appeared.   “I haven’t cum yet.”

  “Come and join me then,” I said.   He came over and pressed his bum into my groin.   I reached around him with my hand and began to wank him.   The jets of hot water and my hand job were obviously effective, as he started to grunt and moan as he shot his load.   “Thanks,” he said, planting a big soppy kiss on my lips. I continued my shower and then went looking for the steam room.

  As I opened the door, a blast of hot steam covered my naked body, making me gasp at the suddenness of it.   I peered inside, but couldn’t see a thing; it was like a pea soup mist.

  I gingerly edged my way into the room, my legs bumping against a ledge, which I discovered was actually the seating that ran around the inside of the steam room.   Jets of hot steam were belching from under the seats as I sat down.  

  I slid myself further into the room and almost immediately came in contact with naked flesh. “Oops,” I said, “sorry,”   “It’s ok,” a voice replied.   It turned out to be a younger guy who told me his name was George.

  “Anyone else in here,” I asked, “No, we have the place to ourselves,” replied George.   At that, George placed his hand on my cock, no messing about, just straight in.   George began to wank me and to my surprise my cock became erect almost at once.   George leaned over and took me into his mouth and began sucking and licking my bell end while continuing to stoke me.

  “Oh shit,” I cried, “I’m cumming,” George wanked me harder and took me further into his mouth.   I couldn’t hold back any longer and erupted into George’s mouth.   “Mm, nice one,” said George.   “Been needing that?” he asked.   I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’d just cum about ten minutes beforehand.   “Yes,” I lied.

  George leaned over me and pressed his semi hard cock into my mouth.   I gagged at the size of it, but eventually managed to take most of his length in.   I stroked him while I was sucking.   It felt like an airbag had exploded in my mouth as his cock continued to swell.   I wanked him faster and sucked like a mad thing.

  George began bucking his hips and fucking my mouth.   He let out a roar as his enormous cock began to shoot its load of hot sticky cum down my throat.   I thought I was going to drown with all the cum that was filling my mouth, George’s cock continued to throb and discharge load upon load. Finally his throbbing subsided and he withdrew his shrivelling cock from my mouth.   “Guess you needed that,” I laughed as I said it.   George just nodded, and lay back on the seat.

  Just then we felt the draught as the door to the steam room was opened and a couple of voices asked, “Anyone in here?”   Before I could answer, George grunted, “Yes.” Two guys came in, and I could just vaguely make out that one was about forty and the other in his fifties.   They introduced themselves as Tom and Nigel.

  The steam was still dense, but it’s strange how your eyes adjust themselves to the different environment.   Similar to when you first enter a dark cinema.   Tom and Nigel on the other hand were groping their way into the steam filled room. Toms hand finally brushed against my naked body.   “Oh there you are, can’t see a bloody thing.” Tom kept contact and began to explore my body using both his hands.   I leant back on the seat, opening my legs so that he could have free access to my cock and balls.

  Tom ran his hands over my shoulders, then down my arms, gently squeezing with his fingertips. “mm, nice strong arms,” Tom as now stroking my chest and began to pinch my nipples.   I felt them harden as Tom bent down and began sucking them.

  Nigel meantime, was now kneeling in front of me and was stroking my flaccid cock, which, to my surprise was taking on a new life of its own.   Nigel took me in his mouth and started to run his tongue around my bell end, while at the same time gently stroking my cock. Tom could now see what Nigel was doing and said to Nigel to sit up on the bench.   Nigel withdrew his mouth and sat up on the bench.   Tom then asked me to stand up and bend over facing Nigel.

  Tom then got behind me and started to finger my bum hole.   His finger slipped in easily as my body was dripping with sweat from the hot steam.   Tom pushed another finger and then another finger into me, slowly finger fucking my bum hole. Nigel, now had my fully erect cock, halfway down his throat and was pumping me at an alarming rate.   Tom withdrew his fingers and then I felt his erect cock pushing against my bum hole.   I pushed back onto him and his cock slid into me.   Tom pushed hard and I gasped as his cock buried its self all the way up my hole.

  Nigel was still sucking hard and I could feel another load starting to boil in my groin.   Tom was fucking me hard and I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying this.   I got into a rhythm with Tom and pushed my bum hard onto his cock on his upward strokes. Tom gripped me hard, pulling me into him as with a final thrust he emptied his load of cum into me.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled Nigel’s mouth with my third load of cum. I fell back onto the bench, totally drained. I noticed that George was furiously wanking Nigel. I made an excuse to leave and headed for the showers once more to clean myself up.

  There were two other guys in the communal shower and on seeing me, asked if I was looking for some fun, displaying their erect cocks.   “Thanks, but no thanks, I’ve had enough fun today to last me a while.”   The two guys looked at each other and then burst out laughing. I showered and then headed to the café for a drink before finally departing.

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