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First Time

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A welcome break into same gender sex
The first time

I was depressed and pretty much down in the dumps. In a few hours time, I had an interview scheduled for a job I wasn’t too keen on getting anyway. So having a few hours to spare and wanting to get out of the house, I decided to visit the park that played a large role in my early years. It was a large park with something for everyone to do. It was a lovely day and I decided to walk. On reaching the park I strolled around for a while in the dense gardens, enjoying the beautiful surroundings before heading for the restaurant. I chose to sit outside and purchased a newspaper to while away some time.

I ordered a bottomless coffee and settled back to read the paper enjoying the morning sun on my body, reading the paper and sipping my coffee, I had a few smokes and was about to call for a waiter to order a meal, when a man came out of the restaurant and headed towards me, he looked at me, smiled, and offered his hand, I was somewhat surprised but I took his hand and he introduced himself as Andy, he told me he had been sitting inside watching me and noticed I was a smoker, he asked if he could buy me a drink in return for a smoke, explaining that he was out of smokes, I laughed at that and invited him to sit, offering him a cigarette; and explained to him I would have to decline the drink as I was waiting for an interview.

Andy was a few years older than me and I could see that he was in excellent health, he enquired about my upcoming interview and we chatted for a while, he was very easy to talk to and soon we were pretty much at ease and talking about all kinds of things. He enquired about my relationship status and I admitted to being too depressed to be able to have a relationship currently, I told him how being fired from my previous job had ended a five year relationship with my ex girlfriend. He seemed concerned and told me that we should do something about that situation. We laughed together at that and he got a twinkle in his eye. He said he had once gone a month without sex and nearly went mad as a result. We laughed again and then Andy leaned in a bit closer to me and told me that when he had seen me sitting alone, he had watched me intently for a while, and when he saw me reach into my pocket and light up a smoke, his interest had been sparked, he admitted to me that he had a smoking fetish and certain people could turn him on just by lighting up and smoking.

I realised then that Andy was coming onto me and for a few seconds I was kind of stunned. Never before had a gay man approached me and I was struggling with it. He took heart when he saw that I had not immediately erupted into an aggressive confrontational monster. He laughed and quickly explained that he was not gay, as I was probably thinking. I certainly was. Confused, I asked him to explain why he was coming onto me if he was not gay. Andy sat back and gave me a quizzical look, then he said that he could not deny that he did find me very attractive and that he just couldn’t help himself, while watching me from inside the restaurant, he had felt a yearning to befriend me.

I was pretty uneasy with this news at first but as we talked, his words allayed my uneasiness. He explained that he had been married for many years and his wife had left him for another woman, he laughed and described how this had shattered his life and left him feeling betrayed, hurt and very bitter. He went on to explain how he had begun to sink into a downward spiral for a few weeks and how he finally managed to put it behind him and dust himself off for a fresh start. I was now concerned and curious about how he could have achieved this. We sat drinking coffee and smoking for ages and I learnt that he had never been with a man before but his ordeal with his ex wife had made him see things differently to his old way. He had started to think about being with a man and slowly he realised that his ingrained nature had always been an unconscious blockade against anything related to homosexual alternatives. Yet he realised that he was at a crossroad in his life and wanted to try the less travelled road for once and see where it leads. He placed his hand on mine as he admitted this, I looked into his eyes and suddenly I realised that this man was in much the same boat as I. I had been thinking about making out with a man for ages but I was too scared to act on it.

I suddenly felt a huge weight lift from me and I smiled broadly as I decided to jump at this chance, I let Andy know that I was also keen to try some man to man but was very unsure of how to go about it. We laughed at this and suddenly we were both rattling off about our long suppressed feelings, we were both not keen on becoming confirmed gays suddenly, but we were both intensely serious about experimenting. I told him that I wanted to be very comfortable with my first encounter; I did not want a quickie in a car or some bathroom, explaining how I wanted to be able to be totally at ease and give the encounter a decent chance. Andy was in total agreement and we decided to make a date for that night. We were to meet at his place for dinner. I took his address and noticed that it was in an upmarket suburb.

We sat a little while longer and when it was time for me to leave for the interview, we walked to the car park together and our anticipation was difficult to subdue. I was not prepared to be openly affectionate with a man and we said our goodbye with no physicality, but we both expressed how excited we were to have met and couldn’t wait to meet later.

The remainder of the day was a drag as I could not focus on anything except the thought of exploring Andy’s body. The interview went all right but I did not expect to hear from them again and did not care either. The remainder of the day was a mixture of trepidation and anticipation, But I kept telling myself to relax and enjoy the upcoming meeting.

At seven pm I pulled into his drive and was confronted by a huge mansion that sat high on a hillside, overlooking the entire area, the house was a Spanish styled building that had been modelled on a castle, there were two towers that looked over the structure and they were complete with crenulations and slot windows, giving me an impression of a medieval castle. It was an impressive building to say the least. As I approached the house I saw Andy open the front door, he was dressed in a satin dressing gown and had a huge grin on his handsome face. He welcomed me inside and suddenly I felt nervous, Andy led me through the massive home and took me to his entertainment area, it was a courtyard in the centre of the building and what I saw took my breath away, he had made the place into a wonderland, it resembled a jungle with well tended trees and foliage interspersed by walkways leading to the various entertainment areas, I was stunned by the beauty of it all and was speechlessly following Andy, he led me to a pool that had an illuminated fountain, the pool a made to look like a natural rock pool, complete with a waterfall. I was impressed and yet Andy seemed to be pretty dismissive when I complimented him on the amazing house.

He told me to make myself at home and offered me a drink, I accepted a Sauvignon Blanc wine and drink in hand, we took a stroll around the pool area. As we walked, I felt Andy touch my hand and allowed him to take it, we stopped, turned to face each other and he pulled me into him, he slowly brought his face close, I could see the lust in his eyes, His face came close to mine and I offered my mouth to him and our lips met softly yet eagerly, he put an arm around behind me and pulled us closer together. Our lips were slowly exploring, soon I wanted more, I increased the pressure and slipped my tongue between our lips, tenderly at first I pried his lips open and our tongues met and tasted each other, suddenly Andy broke off and still holding me close, told me he wants to slow it down, he wanted to drag it out and enjoy me and my body for several hours. I squeezed his hand and told him that sounded fantastic.

We returned to the pool and I took a seat on one of the pool sofas placed around the pool area, Andy excused himself and told me he has a gift for me. I waited for his return and refilled my glass. Andy came back bearing a package that was expertly wrapped; there was a large bow on the gift. He handed me the gift and encouraged me to open it, I opened it and found it was a matching set to the robe he was wearing, there was also a Speedo costume. I laughed and gave Andy a thank you kiss, he told me to put it on, I obliged, Andy sat while I undressed and he encouraged me to make a show of it. I was enjoying this and moved over to the Hi-Fi at the bar, I turned it on and while gulping down the wine I chose a dance disc, the music was fast and I started to give the best strip show I could, the wine was beginning to have an effect and there was a lot of laughing as I removed everything slowly, while trying to gracefully move to the beat, we were both laughing like crazy when I got down to my jockstrap, I moved close up to Andy and made a show of removing the last of my clothing. Andy reached out and grabbed my hips, pulling me to within inches of his face, his gaze took in my still flaccid cock, he lifted his eyes and told me I had a beautiful cock, he started to feel it and cupping my balls with one hand, he took my cock with the other and my ten inches filled his hand, and started to swell. I bent down and lifted him up to a standing position, his hands never left me as I loosened his robe and pulled it open, he had a surprise in store for me, He had on a frilly panties.

I couldn’t help myself and laughed at the sight of his rock hard cock straining the thin material to breaking point, aware that he may be offended, I quickly told him that I was extremely pleased to finally meet his cock and loved the panties, I could see the relief in his eyes, I knelt down and explored his package, there was precum leaking through the strained fabric and I found it incredibly exciting to see. We sat down together and I decided to tease him a little, I rummaged through my discarded shirt and pulled out my smokes, Andy’s eyes immediately showed me his appreciation of this move, I placed two cigarettes in my mouth and lit up, I gave him one and at the same time I gave him his glass and made a toast, I toasted our new friendship and expressed a wish that it will blossom into something special. He leaned closer to me and answered “oh I know it will” we relaxed back in the sofa and as we talked and joked, we touched and compared and just enjoyed the experience, since it was the first time for both of us, we agreed to go slowly and see where it leads us.

I got up and went to the bar; I took a bottle of Frangelico, A hazel nut liqueur as well as another bottle of wine and returned to Andy. I filled our glasses and I placed my smoke in my mouth to free up one hand, I pulled Andy’s panties to the side and grasping his cock I pulled him up and positioned him standing before me while I sat, his package was now at eye level and I wanted so bad to take him into my mouth, I took a deep lungful of smoke and took him in, I felt his throbbing cock and the taste was amazing, I exhaled smoke over his dick as I played my tongue around the head, then I slipped the whole head in and sucked, tentatively at first, I wanted to relish the taste and feel of his cock, I ran my tongue around the head as I sucked, trying to generate a strong suction, I could feel Andy responding and he took my head in his hands and just held me as I sucked my first cock, I felt myself stiffening as I enjoyed his cock, I was unsure who was getting the greatest pleasure. I started bobbing up and down and maintained the strong suction, loud slurping noises escaped when my lips rode up over his coronal ridge, it was a little embarrassing at first but I ignored the sounds and concentrated on giving him the blowjob that I wanted to receive myself.

I took his shaft in my hand and squeezed as I pumped up and down, I got a lot of saliva going and used it to lube my hand as I gave his cock a full workout, my head and hand was pumping fast and I changed angles to get him stimulated all over. I loved the sound of him groaning his pleasure and squeezing my head, thankfully he did not try to push my head deeper onto his engorged cock, I felt his body tense and knew that he was about to cum. I quickly withdrew and placing my thumb onto his urethral tube I pressed hard and cut off the path of the discharge that was ready to erupt, he was surprised and I did not let go, I kept the thumb pressed hard and then popped him cock back into my hungry mouth. I slowed down the pace so as give him a chance to calm down, but I still did not let the thumb pressure go, Andy was convulsing as his nuts continued pumping his juice, I continued sucking, to keep him erect.

I held his cock in a vice like grip and licked the frenulum whilst blowing cold air onto the wet area, then warming the whole head again in my eager mouth, I continued doing this until I felt the tension in his body subside and I released the pressure on his sperm tube. I held his cock and told him I was just warming up, he groaned and told me I was amazing, that this was the best oral he had ever had. I swelled with pride and smiled at him as I said “you ain’t felt nothing yet” I put his cock in my mouth once more and this time I placed my hands on his ass, I wanted to get every inch of him inside my mouth, I had no idea whether I would gag or not, but I willed myself to fight the gag reflex and suck him in totally, I wanted to lick his balls while his cock filled my throat.

I pushed down on him and opened my throat, slowly I tested, swallowing his cock carefully, I heard him encouraging me as I got halfway, I bit gently, more to prevent myself from withdrawing, and I started to hum, I hummed and sucked at the same time and my spirits soared as I heard Andy groaning “oh God yes, that’s fucking amazing, go all the way” I pulled his buttocks and pushed on further, I felt the gag and clamped harder so that should I throw up, nothing will escape, I would swallow it just as I intended swallowing his load, the gag was reflex was a problem but I fought hard and allowed my mind to overcome the panic, my mouth was absolutely stuffed and all breathing was through my nose, I took a moment to recollect myself and allowed myself to concentrate on the pleasure I was feeling, my cock was throbbing with pleasure and the feeling of the huge cock was amazing, I continued to plunge my face onto his cock and could speed up now as the point of no return had been passed and my inner psyche was now totally relaxed with having this huge tool impaling my throat, I decided to go for broke and pushed all the way down, I finally felt his belly on the tip of my nose. Oh God I’ve done it, I thought and then I pulled off until his cock nearly popped out, then I rammed his cock down, all the way down again and proceeded to throat fuck him, I made sure I sucked hard and started humming again as I fucked him, I twisted my face to the left and right as I pumped him all the way in,

for the climax I retreat back up to his ridge, I am so horny to get my cock sucked that I want to get him off as quickly as possible, I opened the bottle of Frangelico and pour a liberal amount onto his cock, he flinches as the alcohol stings, I smile up at him and grasp his cock to coat the liqueur all over and with my tongue straining, I suck him in again, the taste is incredible, using both hands, one cupping his scrotum and the other wanking his shaft, I go back to slurping his cock but this time the pace is quick, the Frangelico adding a totally new dimension to the experience. I immediately sense Andy building and go all out to get him to explode into my willing mouth. I am like a turbocharged suction machine and I am having as much fun as him, he is nearly screaming from the intense pleasure I am giving him, he is calling my name and I see his veins all swollen, the muscles in his neck look so tight that they can snap, then I feel it coming, the payment for my exertions, Andy tenses even further and a carnal groan issues forth as he reaches his climax and he spurts his load into my willing mouth, the spasms of pure pleasure roll over him and they peak, I continue sucking up and down, the taste of the hazelnuts still strong on his delicious cock. I feel Andy’s knees go weak and I have hold him up as I finish him off. “Aaaargh” he shouts as I continue draining his cum, I feel his cock beginning to go soft even though I am trying to keep him hard. He withdraws and bends down to deliver the most passionate kiss I have ever enjoyed. “ Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Man that was beyond description, I thought you were going to suck the life out of me” I grin like a naughty boy and we kiss again, he holds me strongly and kisses my entire face, our tongues dancing together, he is still panting and sighing.

Andy tells me that he had never gone weak kneed before and that I could suck a dick like no one he had met. I smiled at him and answered “Let’s see if you can match it then”

To be Continued.....

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