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First Time - A Virgin With A Virgin

After math classes, a summer of gay sex
My dad had found a new job and the whole family, of course, had to move to a new location, a new house, a new State and, in my case, a new school. Next school year I would be a junior; I had fair grades coming out of my old school and, according to my father, could be accepted to good colleges.

I had started running cross country in my old school and had done well in competitions. At shower times, I began looking at other boys with a curiosity and a liking that was giving me the feeling that, instead of girls, I may like boys. I had read already about sexuality and had already a good understanding of what gay feelings and lesbian feelings were.

I had never questioned my sexuality until now. Now that I was looking at boys differently, I began to understand that I may be gay. I continued with my training and showering with a whole bunch of gorgeous boys and their cocks. I began falling in love with one or another and I became certain of my sexuality.

There was a particular boy that I thought was beautiful. He had a gorgeous face and a body that had no defects. He was a football player and was tall and strong. His cock was really pretty and I wanted that cock to take my virginity. Very early in my discovery about liking boys, I saw that this boy was in my math class. I had very good grades in math and I heard that this boy was having problems in the class.

One day, the teacher called me in and asked if I wanted to coach this boy to help him in the class. The teacher said, to convince me to accept the math coaching job, that it would be nice for me to do that and maybe I would get better known in my new school. She did not have to say more. She introduced us and said to the boy that I could help a lot. By the way, the boy’s name was Jim; I was Tommy. When we were introduced, Jim asked if I was in the Cross Country team. I told him I was. Jim continued, saying that he thought he had seen me in the showers after practice.

I suggested to Jim that maybe we could plan meetings after showers, in my house or his, to study math about three times a week. It was set up and we did that throughout the whole school year. I never said anything to Jim about my sexuality and that I wanted him to split my boy pussy open and take away my virginity. I really wanted Jim to get my virginity. In my mind I really wanted to give him my virginity to my two holes. Oh, yes, I wanted to have that beautiful cock Jim has in my mouth and dropping all his seed in my throat. I wanted to suck on that gorgeous head and have that head penetrate all my mouth and into my throat. I wanted that cock fucking my mouth as deep as it was long.

We finished the year and nothing happened; I was desperate. After the first week of vacation Jim called me and said that he wanted to come visit with me. I said, “That is great. We can do all stuff in my family room. You have been here and you know that I have games, a big TV and films. Also, we could play some X-Box games; I have a good collection." Jim said that all that was great. That is why he was coming. He also said that he wanted to let me know how appreciative he was for my help in the math class.

I said, “Is 1:30 PM fine?”

Jim said, “Yeah, that’s fine.”

Jim arrived at about twenty to two. I thought that he would drop out and leave me waiting but finally he was here. My parents weren't at home; they were both working.

He came to the family room and sat down like to watch the TV. I said, “What do you want to do?”

“Actually, I want to speak with you first," he replied.

I said, “Fine, what’s up?”

Then he dropped the bomb on me. The good bomb.

He said, “Tommy, I am fully aware that you do not have a social life with the girls at school. I feel that maybe you are gay."

I replied that, yes, I thought I was gay and I had been looking at him in the showers all year and wanting him to take my virginity.

Jim said, “Well, Tommy, I am not gay but you have been so nice to me the whole year and I have been observing you. Yes I have seen your eyes looking at me at shower time and it seems that I saw something there. I did not want to mess up our classes but I said to myself a long time ago that I was going to fuck you."

I said, “Well, classes are over and you can fuck me all you want”.

“As a matter of fact," I continued, "I want you to have my virgin ass, all for you; you can fuck my boy pussy the whole summer."

With that, I kneeled down in front of him and began loosening his belt. I lowered his pants and shorts and swallowed his whole cock in my mouth. His cock was not completely hard yet and I felt that as soon as I began a good cock sucking his cock became very hard. Jim was circumcised and he had a beautiful head. I swallowed that and I felt his cock skin was smooth and really soft and tender. I enjoyed that skin in my mouth. I did not move initially. I wanted to have a great moment with that head that just took my virgin mouth. Then I began to pull my mouth out without releasing that gorgeous head. I then pushed my mouth in. I was fucking his cock. Every fuck was a new sensation inside my mouth. He was simply delicious. I stopped for a second to say to him that I have been wanting his cock to split open the virginity on my mouth. I also wanted to give him my boy pussy virginity. Jim said, "Well, this is a day of losing virginities. I am also a fuck virgin."

With that, I rose to get my pussy prepared and was surprised when Jim kissed my mouth and pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I did not ask any questions, or say anything. I began enjoying such a kiss and thought that Jim was a great kisser. We did that for a while. He really made me hard. I also felt his cock hard on my belly. I stopped and said, "Let me go for the Vaseline so that you can split open my virgin boy pussy."

I came back with the Vaseline, kneeled in front of the couch and gave Jim my ass pussy to apply the Vaseline. Jim began applying it on the lips of my boy pussy. I felt a finger applying the Vaseline softly and tenderly on my pussy lips. First one finger that actually penetrated my pussy, then I felt two fingers and Jim’s action around the pussy. His fingers were applying Vaseline all around my pussy. He was stretching out the entrance to my pussy so his cock would not hurt me upon entering.

We were in a doggie style position. I felt Jim’s cock “knocking” on the outside of my pussy and in a quick way he pushed in and his cock head was inside my pussy. I felt like I was in fuck heaven. What a delicious experience that was. Jim stayed immobile for 30 or 45 seconds and then he pushed all the way in. Again, fuck heaven. His cock felt so great inside my pussy that I said to him, “Never take it out." Then he pulled back and then pushed in very fast and somewhat hard.

I said to him, “Oh, do it that way all the time. Please, fuck me again."

With this movement I felt Jim passing by my “P” spot and that felt very good. Later on, after some more fucks, Jim was able to make me cum without touching my cock. But today, yes, today, it was all for Jim’s sexual satisfaction. Although I felt sexually very well, I wanted today to be Jim’s most fantastic fuck ever. He said that he was a virgin too. Well, if I gave him an excellent time he would come back to me. He fucked and fucked, and I said several times that it would only be him who could do it better.

“Oh, yes; Jim, you are giving me a great fuck. I hope that you are pleased with this fuck. Fuck me, Jim; fuck me hard and fast."

With that, all of a sudden, he began speeding up his fuck and he said, “I am cumming. I am cumming."

“Oh, yes Jim," I said, "Please drop all your load inside my pussy." With that I felt some liquid inside my pussy. Something I had never felt before. I felt Jim’s cock throbbing inside my pussy. With every throb there was more liquid being dropped inside. The walls of my pussy felt warm. How delicious that is. It was fantastic to feel Jim’s cum inside my pussy. My pussy was all warm and I liked that feeling.

Jim filled me up completely. I was in fuck heaven feeling all Jim’s cum inside my pussy. It was FANTASTIC. Jim left his cock buried inside my pussy until he began softening up. He completely deflated inside my pussy and pulled his cock out. I felt somewhat sad that he was no longer there.

He came up to my lips and he began kissing me with a passion that I had never imagined coming from another boy. Jim loved kissing and he loved my mouth and my tongue. He was wild in his kissing. I loved it.

From then on, Jim and I had a fantastic summer. I found my man to fuck me and my man was a fantastic kisser and fucker. He eventually passed by my gag reflex of my throat and he fucked my mouth with tremendous satisfaction for him and for me. It was a sexually fantastic summer.

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