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First time ... and more!

My first time having anal sex with a man was more than I bargained for!

First Time ... and more!

      I was eighteen years old the first time a man seduced me. His name, aptly, was Dick and he was sort of a mentor as I was learning about cars and racing. He was twenty years my senior and I trusted and admired him, listening intently to his stories from when he was my age about cars and racing. I was very naive but not shy sexually and was always ready to party and not afraid to try something different. He had lured me to his apartment before, offering drinks and car talk. We had fondled that first time and he had masturbated me. The next time we tried oral, although more me than him. He was the first man to cum in my mouth and I found I enjoyed that immensely.

On this night, he invited me up to his small apartment after we had worked on my car's transmission. I had a drink and then he started fondling me. I was always a little hesitant to his advances at first (morality rearing its ugly head) but as my erection started to show I relaxed and started to enjoy what his hands were doing. Our clothes came off and first his hands then his mouth found my cock. I knew from our past encounters that he was merely trying to get me excited enough to reciprocate. I didn’t worry about him blowing me. It took a lot of sucking for me to cum orally but I had loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. Dick could tell how much I’d enjoyed sucking him off. He knew how to play me, how to get my blood hot and ready to do whatever he wanted and I didn’t mind … not really. I remembered how it had felt to have his cock spasming in my mouth while I swallowed his salty, thick cum. Yes, I remembered, and wanted that again. Now, eager to please, I pushed him back and began sucking his smooth slender penis. It was easy to take his whole cock deep into my mouth and I loved hearing him moan and feeling him writhe. He let me take him to the edge but then stopped me. I looked up at him confused.

"Let me try something different," he said. He positioned me on my back and
knelt facing me at my feet. One at a time, he lifted my legs to hook my knees over his shoulders, lifting my butt off the bed. In my naivety, I wondered what he was doing. He
moved closer to me and I watched him place some spit in his hand and then felt it trace the crack of my ass. Almost immediately, his stiff prick slid between my butt cheeks and his experienced hand guided his cock into me. I gasped a bit at first with both surprise and pleasure. Then I thought about the rumors I’d heard about Dick and how he liked to “corn hole” young men. I hadn’t understood the meaning then but I was getting a first hand lesson now! He grabbed my legs and began pumping his cock in and out of me ... at first easy and slow but soon building to a fast hard pounding, his hips slapping my ass, his cock
finding a hot home in my virgin ass. I watched his face. He was almost mechanically absorbed in the sensation of his cock pushing into my ass. He’d been wanting this ever since the first day we met, I thought. He was always so nice, so eager to help out, so willing to befriend a naïve boy of eighteen, and always testing with suggestive questions and jokes. As pleasure took him he stiffened and pushed his pulsing cock deep into me and I felt his hot cum squirt into me.

"Did you like that?" he asked, still out of breath. Suspended from his shoulders with his cock still buried inside me, silently I smiled and nodded. "You would do that again, wouldn’t you?" he asked.

“Yes,” I breathed with a nod.

"You like to suck cocks and get your ass fucked? You wanna be my little cum slut?" he asked as his flaccid cock slipped out of me.

I nod again and breathe, “Oh YES!”

"Then I have an even better surprise for you." I hadn't noticed that while we were drinking and fucking, there were three men waiting and listening in the next room. Hearing their cue, they began filing into the bedroom already naked, some already hard, some nearly so.

"What ...? Who are these guys?" I asked in a note of panic. I was feeling very vulnerable lying naked on the bed and still suspended from Dick’s shoulders. One of the men takes Dick's place behind me. I struggled, starting to panic at my helplessness but the two men gripped me, putting my legs over the second man’s shoulders.

“Don’t fight it, kid … you know you want it and I’m going to fuck you! We’re ALL going to fuck you! I’ve got a big load of cum just for you!” the second man scolds. He spit on his cock and wiped its head up the crack of my ass and pushed and his hard cock started into me. His cock was longer and thicker than Dick’s slim little prick and I felt it stretch my anus as the spit wore away, leaving only Dick’s cum to lubricate.   I gave a quick gasp. He worked his full length into me and started fucking my tight butt.

"You said you liked it, didn't you?" Dick says with a smirk. "I told them
if you said 'yes' they could get a piece of your virgin ass ... after me, of course!" The men all give a chuckle, save for the one pounding his cock into me. I relaxed a little and let my anus expand and his cock started fitting better, going deeper inside me than Dick had, when I’m startled by a flash. As another man straddles my face, dropping his near-hard cock into reach of my mouth I see Dick taking pictures!

"Suck me," the man above me says. "I wanna be ready for my turn." He lowered himself into my mouth and started to move in and out. I lifted my head so I could take his whole cock into my mouth letting the head slide across the roof of my mouth. I began sucking and tonguing, playing lovingly with the head of his cock. Flash! Another photo is taken, this time of me sucking this third cock, all the while getting banged hard by six inches of hard meat! As I sucked, I felt his movements quicken and heard him gasp when I take him deep into my mouth or lavish my tongue in swift circles around the tip of him. I love the power I have as I pleasure this stranger’s cock and I feverishly work the shaft and head to make him writhe and thrust above me. A hand takes mine, though I cannot see who it is, and then a fourth man's cock is placed in my hand. I start to massage his flaccid
penis, feeling it start to grow firm, and I feel the second man begin to cum. Stiffening and crying out, he bangs my ass hard with his hips, trying to get every inch of his hard cock in me and his cum shoots into my ass.

“Oh yea!” he cries, “There’s a load for your sweet ass. I told you I was gonna fuck you”   He pumps in and out of me until his cock begins to shrink, leaving his wonderful load of man inside me, all the while picture after picture flashes. I don’t care about the pictures anymore, just the need to be filled … and filled … and filled! The man on top of my face now pulls his swollen prick from my face and rolls me onto my side.

“I love fucking your face but you’ll have to wait to taste my cum,” the third man says positioning himself next to me. “I’ve been saving my cum just for tonight and your virgin ass! Let’s see you take cock number three!” Deftly lifting one of my legs he slides inside me, his cock already glistening with my spit and my asshole ringed with the cum of two men. He began swiftly moving in and out, near to orgasm already from my succulent mouth. The cock in my hand now presses against my face. I rolled onto my stomach and then to my hands and knees, keeping my ass filled with hot cock as I do, so I am over the hardened member of the fourth man. The camera flashes as I swiftly begin to suck him.
I could tell the cock behind me was nearing orgasm. Purposefully, I try to match his rhythm, trying to slow his pace but he grips my hips and forces his cock deep inside me.

“OH, here it comes! Yea … YEA! Take it all! You’re gettin’ every drop, you little slut.” He stiffens and groans and I feel his cock spasm and jerk as his cum shoots into me, his hot wonderful cum. As he squirts he pounds again and again against my ass, now
red from the slap of hips, finger marks in my sides from his strong hands holding me firmly for his wonderful cock. Someone moved in to get close-up pictures, getting every detail as he pulled out of me. His cock is sticky from the cum-bath that my ass has become. I moved up over the last man and straddle him and take his hardness in my hand, guiding him as I lower myself over his cock.

"My turn," I think, as more pictures flash. Some of the other men have retrieved cameras now and are enjoying the show, laughing and cheering. As I start to move up and down on this last firm prick I feel myself stretch to accommodate his larger size. I began to fondle myself, growing harder and more excited as I bounce up and down on this last glorious shaft. I can see his excitement growing and can feel mine welling up inside me. He holds my hips and starts pushing against me. I take his cock into me ... faster, faster ... while my hand furiously masturbates my own cock. I could feel the orgasm starting inside me and I begin moaning and throwing my head back, feverishly fucking him as cameras click. My cum shoots out of my cock and sprays hot and slippery over his chest and stomach as his back arches and he grabs my hips. I began rotating my hips while I moved up and down and tightened my sphincter to draw out every precious drop of him like a cum vampire. He bucks helplessly beneath my motions, clawing at the sheets of the bed until finally I slow, letting him catch his breath as his orgasm subsides.

The cameras flash and moved closer. I eased myself from atop his cock and bent over him slowly, licking up my own cum from his stomach and chest. I could sense someone zooming in on my cum-covered ass. I rolled over onto my back, my asshole leaking the sticky cum of four men and my own cum on my face. Dick and the other three men went into the next room while I lay exhausted on the bed. Still tingling from orgasm and tasting my own saltiness in my mouth, I relished the hot sticky sensations emanating from my slightly sore but well used ass. I heard the muffled voices of the men in the other room ... laughing ... then a door slam. Dick reentered the room and stood over me, camera in one hand and a fistful of twenties in the other.

"Did you like my surprise?" he asked with a knowing smile. I looked up with only a dreamy smile and nodded in response. I felt so wonderfully used! My mind flashed back to the feel of cock after cock inside me … one man’s after another’s spasming orgasm filling me up with hot thick cum … the rough animal passion my tight (and slightly abused) young ass unleashed in them … the pictures, the cajoling, and then smiled to myself.

“Mmmm,” I cooed, the thoughts making me horny again!

"You were very good to my friends … very good! They paid me well for your tight ass!” Dick said smiling. The thought of him whoring me to his friends was titillating.

“I got some great pictures, even some video. We'll do this again, and soon! I’m sure you’ll be good to us all again, won’t you?" Dick asked, holding up the camera half threatening.

"Oh yes ... again … and soon!" I cooed.


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