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First Time Tennis Fun

First time tennis fun.
Hi my name is Luke and I'd like to tell you a story about something that happened to me at a tennis tournament during the summer a few days after my birthday.

I'm a keen tennis player and a group of friends and I travel around England during the summer months, playing tournaments, chasing girls and having fun. Well some of us chase girls. I've always been different, I just go through the motions so no one notices, but the best part of tennis has been for me the showers afterwards. Thats where I have my fun, and it´s where this story really hots up.

We were playing a tournament on the south coast, and had decided to stay in a campsite in two tents. My normal doubles partner was sick so Declan who was new to our group was playing with me and sharing a tent while Paul and Jamie 18 year old twins shared the other.

Jamie and Paul weren't identical except in one feature, that I made sure to look at as much as possible in the showers. Jamie was around 6 foot with brown hair and as skinny as possible while Paul was a brilliant blonde 5ft 10 and well muscled. However they both sported 5 inch soft cocks, half an inch of puckered foreskin dangling and nestled in between juicy overflowing teen balls. The only difference in this area was the color of their pubes.

Anyway back to the story, we arrived on the first day of the tournament, pitched our tents and headed to the club ready for the first days action. Singles in the morning and doubles in the evening. I was up against a 6ft 5" god of a man around 25, thankfully however looks don't make you a good player and I won in straight sets.

It did take me three match points however as each time I went to win the match the thought of seeing water cascade down his body, sent a shiver through my body. I finally did it and with my cock already growing slightly we headed to the lockeroom.

Years of playing made me used to stripping off to the point that I loved being naked. Plus I had a good body. I'm 5ft 7 which is small for a tennis player but I'm lean and defined. I swim on the school team during the year. When wearing a speedo you need to keep things nice and tidy so I was completely bald and smooth, which I loved. I have a big soft cock at 6.5 inches it might only grow another inch but I didn't care. Having a small frame and no pubes I looked gigantic.

I loved to show it off, always sleeping naked and never wearing underwear. I'd won many a mixed doubles match that way. Especially if it was raining with my white shorts showing every swaying movement.

My opponent turned out to be a disappointment wearing his jocks into the showers and leaving after a few minutes. I stayed making sure I was loose for the doubles later.

After about 5 minutes of my solitary soaping Declan walked into the shower. We had never seen each other naked and he seemed a bit shy. He stood at the shower head across from me. I couldn't wait to get a look at what he was hiding behind his towel. He went out of his way to deny me. I didn't want to freak him out, but I was getting a look one way or another. So I walked over to the shower next to him to talk "team tactics" for later. He seemed awkward at first but after a few minutes he got in to our discussion allowing me the chance to begin my study of his cock.

It was incredible I've no idea why he was shy. He was around the same size as me but he was cut while I still had my turtle-neck. His head was silky smooth with the water running over it. I wanted to get down on my knees and just suck on it for ever. Without evening noticing I started to get hard. I love cock but this never happens to me. Something about this quiet shy guy was getting to me. For the first time, I'd say, in my life I left the shower first. I got dressed and went out to watch the twins singles matches.

Declan and I got a walkover into the second round and the twins won their singles and their doubles. We were all exhausted from the tennis and the trip up so we decided to head to bed instead of going out. I was very happy about this because it gave me a chance to rectify the situation with Declan. I wasn't going to let him beat me, he might not know anything about the competition but I was determined to win. I wasn't going to leave this weekend without losing my virginity and having my cock up his smooth 17 year old ass.

He was already in the tent in his bag when I entered. I started to strip, of came my t-shirt revealing my defined pecs with my nipples as hard as bullets dieing for his tongue to flick them.
Next I took of my shoes and socks all that was left were my shorts, he mustn't have know about my no underwear rule as his eyes widened as my big heavy balls and uncut cock were revealed. I pretended not to notice and sat cross-legged on my sleeping bag facing him. Giving him full few of my big soft one.

The heat in the tent meant that my balls were hanging low and resting on the bag. I could feel his eyes caress my hairless sack, as a tent slowly started to rise over in his bag. I continued talking seemingly oblivious to what was happening, but secretly delighted as I got him back from making me horny earlier.

I was getting turned on myself, but I kept my self control and stayed flaccid. However precum did start to fill my foreskin and slowly began to leak down my engorged balls.

I absentmindedly scratched revealing the blood red tip of my helmet as my skin retracted slightly. A sigh left his lips and all I wanted to do was take my cock and ram it down his throat. I decided to take it to the next level to see what would happen.

I casually said that I was going to have a quick wank before bed, and before he had a chance to react I grabbed a hold of my now sopping foreskin and pulled, my head plopped straight out. I moved my fingers back and covered it again. I repeated the actions as he started to breath again.
Then I saw a flicker in his eyes, the lust that was there changed to curiosity and in a croaking voice he asked what it was like to have a foreskin. I now knew I had him. I told him that it was hard to describe but I could show him.

I reached over and ripped of his covers, his cock was standing to attention almost painfully. I told him to get on his knees and after a moments hesitation, the last of his inhibitions disappeared. He was slightly smaller than me but still a mouthwatering 7 inches. I quickly grabbed it and I thought he was going to shoot his load then and there. I'm a virgin but it was clear that he was a total innocent.

I had a semi at his stage which was perfect for what I intended, I retracted my skin
 my head completely soaked and super sensitive. I pulled his rock hard cock towards me, red hot without the slightest hint of precum and pressed it to my dripping piss slit. I slowly slid my foreskin back up and on past my head to completely cover his.

We didn't move I just left him enjoy the wet silky feeling. He started to shiver and without touching his cock started to jerk pulling mine with it, our two super sensitive heads rubbing together making the feeling even more intense as he unleashed load after load of sticky boy goo into my foreskin. After a few minutes, he slowly went soft and his cum poured out down onto my now rock hard cock and smooth hairless churning teen balls.

His cum would be a perfect lube for what I wanted to do next as he sank onto his back spent...........

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