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first visit to a gay s...........

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Gay sauna


Most people spend their entire life, wondering what it must be like to???

Do something, take part in something, go somewhere, live somewhere,

experience something different, bungee jump, free fall, climb Everest, the list goes on.


I always wondered what it must feel like to have another man’s’ cock up inside of me.   What it would be like to have, more than one man, freely and sexually, doing whatever he, or they, wished to do with my body.   What would they ask me, to do to them in return?


Now I don’t class myself as being gay, but I have found myself, masturbating, to gay and sexually related stories describing the encounters between two or more males. It was then that I decided to visit a gay sauna and to freely participate in, whatever action came my way, in order to write a memo of my experience.


It was a cold breezy day with a few spots of rain as I walked past the discreet   gay sauna, taking a quick glance at the entrance door. I crossed the street and entered a book shop from where I could view the entrance door to the sauna.

All seemed quiet and normal, the few pedestrians, never gave the sauna a glance as they passed by.


I looked up and down the street, not a sole in sight.   I hurried across to the entrance door and rang the doorbell.   The door was opened by a blonde and tanned, young man. “Hi,” he said. “come on in.”

The young guy introduced himself as Guy, and asked if this was my first time to the sauna. “Yes,” I replied.   “Ok, said Guy, “sign in here and then I’ll show you around.”


Guy then proceeded to give me a tour of the premises.   It was far more extensive than I had imagined. There was the Locker Room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Showers, Glory Hole, Dark Room, Bar and Snack Bar, Relaxing Lounge, and another Lounge where porn films were being shown.


After the tour, Guy handed me a couple of large white bath towels.   “If you need more towels, then just help yourself,” said Guy.   “Ok, I’ll leave you to get undressed, and remember to put your clothes in one of the lockers and take the key with you, Oh! and take a shower before entering the sauna or the Jacuzzi.”


Being alone in the locker room, I quickly undressed, and placed my clothes in the locker and wrapped one of the towels around myself.   I headed for the showers. There were six private showers and a large communal shower which could hold about twelve people.   I opted for one of the private showers and stepped in removing my towel and   closing the shower curtain behind me.


The jets of water were lovely and warm and were having an erotic effect on my naked body.   I soaped my front and gave myself a slow wank with the frothy suds.   I suddenly felt the shower curtain being pulled back and turning to say that this shower is taken, found myself looking into the eyes of a naked and very aroused, Guy.


“Like me to wash your back?” asked Guy?   I wanted to say, no thank you, but then I remembered my promise to myself that whatever happens, I would go with the flow.   “Yes please,” I managed to stutter.   Guy didn’t wait for my reply and had already started soaping me.   His hands were gliding over my back in a much more   gentle way that even my wife had never managed to achieve.   Guys hands massaged all over my shoulders then began their journey south.


He gently massaged my buttocks, and then worked his way down my legs.   Guy began to work his way back up my legs and this time began to caress my inner thighs, running his fingers into the crack of my bum.   I had by this time an enormous erection, and was dying for him to touch me.   As if reading my thoughts, Guy reached between my legs, which I opened, and began to stroke my erect cock.


“Mmm,” said Guy, “nice cock.”   Guy continued squeezing my balls and giving me a slow wank.

Guy continued to wank me and with his other hand, began to rub my bum hole.   I felt a finger being pushed into me and my bum hole reacted by closing tight. “First time?” said Guy?   I mumbled a low “Yes,” afraid that someone else may be listening.   “Ok, be back in a tick,” and Guy was gone as quickly as he had appeared.


I was stroking my aching cock when Guy joined me carrying a tube of some description.

“Lube,” said Guy, “this will help you to take my finger.”   Cold wet lube was being spread over my bum hole then I felt Guy inserting his finger.   “Relax,” said Guy, “I’ll be gentle and if you want me to stop, just say so.”   Guy pushed his finger in slowly and as I relaxed I began to enjoy the feeling.   More lube was spread in and around my hole and this time Guy inserted two fingers.


I began to push back onto his fingers as he began to finger fuck my virgin bum hole.   A third finger was pushed into me and I wanted more.   “Want to try my cock?” said Guy.   I nodded a bit too eagerly, and said, “yes please.”   Guy spread more lube up me and suddenly I felt his knob end pushing against my bum hole.


My sphincter was not going to give in lightly, and clammed tight shut against this intrusion.   Guy whispered in my ear to relax.   I bent over slightly and opened my legs a bit wider.   Guy spread more lube and once more pushed his fingers into me.   I began to push back and forth onto his fingers as Guy fingered fucked me.   I was really enjoying this when Guy withdrew his fingers and pushed his knob end into my relaxed hole.


This time he got passed by my sphincter and I could feel his cock pushing its way up into me.   Inch by inch his cock pushed into me until I could feel his balls slapping against my buttocks.   The initial pain had gone and my relaxed hole was beginning to enjoy the thrusting of Guys’ cock.


  I pushed back hard onto his cock, each time I felt him pushing himself into me. Guy squeezed my nipples which made me wince at first.   Guy began to speed up and gripping my hips tight, he gave a final hard push and a loud grunt and then I could feel his hot sperm,    splashing up into my virgin bum hole.


Guy withdrew his cock then suddenly ordered me to suck him, I hesitated, but Guy grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled my mouth to his dripping cock.   Again I remembered my promise to myself, and opened my mouth.   Guy guided his knob end between my lips and said, “Suck me off.”


I gagged at first as he pushed his bell end into my open mouth.   Guy was in a hurry and I had to quickly relax my face muscles to allow his massive cock to glide all the way into my open mouth and soon I could feel him hitting the back of my throat.   Guy pulled my head, hard onto his cock and began to fuck my mouth.   I could feel his cock swelling as I licked and sucked his monster tool.


  Wish I could get a hard on as quick as he did after shooting his load of hot cum.   It takes me hours to get aroused again.


Guy was fucking my mouth harder and harder when I felt him stiffen and a second load of hot sweet cum filled my mouth.   I tried to swallow most of it, but cum was dribbling out of the corners of my mouth as Guy withdrew his tool.


“Must go,” said Guy, “the boss will be wondering where I am.” “Ok!” I managed to mumble as my mouth was still full of Guys cum.


I showered again and then decided to explore the rest of the facilities.   A sign over closed curtains saying, “Dark Room”, caught my eye.   Now to me, a Dark Room was where they developed photographs.


Opening the curtains, I was greeted with a dark passageway, lit only with the dim light of artificial candles.   I made my way down the passageway until I arrived at a door marked “Dark Room”.


I tentatively entered the Dark Room.   Boy it was dark, I couldn’t see a thing.   I began to feel my way along the wall and suddenly my hand brushed against naked flesh.    “Oops, sorry,” I whispered.   “Hi, that’s ok,” a male voice answered back, then I felt a hand brush against my stomach.   The hand continued downwards until it had found my semi hard on.


The hand encircled my stiffening cock and began to wank me.   “Mmm, nice,” the mystery voice said, then a wet mouth was lowered on to my bell end and then I felt my cock being swallowed up into a hot, wet mouth.


The stranger gave me the best blowjob I had ever had and I almost screamed, “I’m cumming.”

“Let it go,” said the stranger, as he sucked hard and wanked me even harder.   I felt my load rising in my cock and then with a loud grunt, I filled this stranger’s mouth with my hot cum.


“Mmmm nice one,” said the stranger and then pressed his erect cock into my belly.   “Wank me,” he grunted.   I grabbed his cock, it wasn’t very long but it was fat.   I slowly began to stroke his cock when suddenly I felt a hand come into contact with my naked bum.


Another person had entered the Dark Room.   There was no communication other than his hands began to feel their way all over my body.   He reached around until his hand was in contact with my flaccid cock.


I felt him push his erect cock against my bum hole as he began to wank me.   New feelings were flooding my body as I continued wanking the cock in my hand, while my own cock was getting attention.


This was exciting, being so dark you had no idea of the age or nationality of the other person.


“Back in a mo,” said the guy that was wanking me.   “Suck me,” said the first stranger.   I bent over and took his cock in my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down on his fat cock.

I was sucking and wanking this stranger’s cock when I felt a hand feeling for my body.   “It’s me again,” said the second stranger.


  He caressed my body until his hands had found my bum, which was now sticking up in the air. I felt a cool wetness being spread over my bum hole.   The stranger inserted a finger into me, then more cool stuff was pushed into my hole.


The stranger pushed another finger in and began to finger fuck me.   The stranger withdrew his fingers then I felt his bell end pushing against my bum hole.  


I was still wanking and sucking the first guy, as the cock at my bum began to push its way into me.

I relaxed and pushed my bum against his bell end as he entered me.   The stranger grabbed my hips and began to fuck my arse with quick long strokes.   I felt his balls slapping off my bum as he rode me.


The first guy gave a grunt and filled my mouth with his hot seed.   I swallowed as much as I could and with cum dribbling down my chin, I continued sucking him until he finally withdrew.   A moment later the second guy pulled me hard into him as he shot his load.   I could feel his hot seed splashing up into my hole.   As he withdrew, I turned and grabbing his shrivelling cock, took him in my mouth and sucked his last drop of cum from him.


No more was said, and I made my way out of the Dark Room.   I headed back into the showers to wash the cum that was dribbling out of my bum and my mouth.


I wrapped a towel around me and headed to the café for a cool drink.   Guy was serving.   “Hi, how’s it going?” “I’ve been to the Dark Room,” I replied.   “And?” said Guy, “It was fun,” I replied. “Tried the glory hole yet?” asked Guy.   “No not yet,” I replied.   “Worth a go,” said Guy, winking at me.


I sat and sipped my cool cola.   A porn film was playing and I felt myself becoming aroused as I watched it.   It was the first time that I had watched   a porno movie where two guys were pleasuring each other.   The film fuelled my mind with more ways to pleasure a guy than what I had previously thought.


Finishing the cola, I headed for the Glory Hole.   Again the Glory Hole was accessed along a darkened corridor.   The only clue to the door into the Glory Hole was a fluorescent sign, similar to the hands on a watch.   As I entered the Glory Hole, an automatic solitary light lit up the room.   The small room was empty apart from a solitary seat.   I closed the door behind me and sat down on the seat.   As I studied the interior of the room I became aware of holes in the walls about waist height.


I wondered what they were for and was about to leave, when a semi erect cock appeared at one of the holes.   I wondered how someone knew that I was in the room but putting my thoughts aside; I wrapped my hand around the anonymous cock and began to stroke it.   The cock swelled to twice its size as I stroked my hand up and down its shaft.

I bent over and took the bell end into my mouth and began giving this anonymous cock the kind of blowjob I had witnessed in the porn film.


Faster and faster I wanked his cock, I could taste his pre cum, then my mouth was being filled with a load of hot sweet cum.


I hurried out of the room, hoping to get a sight of the owner of the mystery cock, but there was no one in sight. It was then I discovered how someone could tell if the Glory Hole was occupied as the light from the room was streaming from the holes where anonymous guys could stick in their cocks.


  I decided to relax in the Jacuzzi before heading home.   The Jacuzzi was deserted so I slid naked and all alone into the steaming water.   What with the events of the day so far and the warmth from the hot bubbling water, I began to fall asleep.


A hand stroking my thigh awakened me from my slumber.   I was amazed to find that my own cock was already stiffening.   Seeing that I wasn’t objecting, the stranger clasped my cock in his hand and began to wank me.   I lay back, enjoying the sensation that was flooding my body.


Just then another guy entered the Jacuzzi.   It was obvious to him what was happening to me, and the guy began to stroke himself as he watched me getting some attention.   His cock was now fully erect as he moved over beside me.


  He pushed two fingers into my mouth and I began to suck on them.   This had, unknown to me, given him the sign that I was willing to suck his cock, for the next moment he withdrew his fingers and presented his cock to my mouth.


This in turn, had turned on the guy that was wanking me, as his stroking of my cock was becoming more vigorous.   I was too far gone and so sexed up that anyone could have done anything to me and I wouldn’t have objected.


I took this guy deep into my mouth and stroked his cock as I had seen in the movie.   I could feel my own load boiling in my groins and getting ready to erupt.   I sucked him harder running my tongue around his bell end, while speeding up my hand action.


“Ohh, I’m cumming,” I managed to grunt.   This obviously excited the guy that I was blowing as he suddenly stiffened and pulled my mouth hard onto his cock as he jettisoned a load of hot sticky cum down my throat.   My own load erupted almost at the same time and the guy bent down and sucked me dry.


The two guys wanted to try some other positions, but I was totally knackered and made up an excuse to leave.


A quick shower and then I dressed and headed for home.   I’m going back some time in the near future, so I may write about the new experiences.

Oh! I've forgotten to tell you about the sauna and the steam room, well that will be part two.

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